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Name: Asmodeus Valenti

Age: 26 | March 27, X761

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Rogue

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: -

Mode: Nightmare

Tattoo: Left Buttock | Black

Face: Sung Jin Woo - Solo Leveling


Height: 6 ft.

Weight: 195 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Light Blue

Overall: Asmodeus is a fair-skinned man with hair as black as his personality. His eyes are special - a natural and rare cyan colour that's otherwise produced through artificial means. His hair stands on the longer end of the spectrum, falling down rather loosely. The way Asmodeus dresses himself makes him seem like one to fish for compliments, despite being a lone wolf who wants nothing to do with anybody else. He has a clear fashion sense with a wardrobe to match,  donning darker and mute colours. An example of his clothes for a day would be a brown parka, unbuttoned, wrapping around a long-sleeved dress shirt. His pants range from khakis to jeans - it depends on the occasion or where Asmodeus plans to go out.

Though he has a lean build, that's only what you can see on the outside. Underneath all the cloth, Asmodeus has very visibly-toned and well-defined muscles, all of which took years of training to form.

Extra: -


Personality: Asmodeus is a man of many faces. The best word to describe his persona is eccentric. His choice of actions usually deter from what the rest of society views as irregular. Though thanks to his awkwardness, he's often called cute by females from afar. Asmodeus has a very calm demeanor, but tends to be overly theatrical or dramatic during his interactions with others. He is very adamant about presence, clearly preferring to be the center of attention, and shows a willingness to scold anyone who interrupts him. He doesn't seem to scare easily, even in the face of stronger opponents, and will typically remain stoic while confronted with aggression. He does however have a low tolerance for insults, and will usually engage in a verbal counter-attack or in some cases resort to violence in order to save face.

The next thing to know about Asmodeus is that he's hard to shove into traditional categories of good and evil. His alignment is most accurately true neutral, but it's safe to say he has a (weird) code of personal honor. In truth, all Asmodeus cares about is fighting strong opponents and seeing other people reach their potential, and then killing them at their height. While Asmodeus is absolutely a murderer, destruction for its own sake is incredibly uninteresting to him. In fact, worse than uninteresting, it's a waste. If he caused mass causalities, he might kill a prodigy, someone who could give him a real challenge. It's a true shame when you have to pick "fruit" before it ripens.

That said, Asmodeus is not quite in the business of saving random civilians. People with no combat potential are essentially useless to Asmodeus. They might have minor uses, but if they get in his way, they are fit only to be thrown away or murdered. That said, Asmodeus takes no pleasure killing people with no potential and he won't unless his hand is forced.

Now people with potential? That's a different story. Asmodeus gets some real pleasure out of fighting. Pleasure on a sometimes even sexual level. It doesn't matter if he wins or loses, he enjoys the process. Fighting Asmodeus can be super creepy, as the man will express joy, even if you seem to be beating him down. Asmodeus enjoys murdering or at least truly and fully beating skilled fighters at their potential. He also deeply enjoys even fights, and will whenever possible, adjust his power level to be close to his opponents, unless he's showing off his own true potential or he's showing off how much more powerful he is.

As mentioned before, Asmodeus does have a (strange) moral code, if it can be called that. He doesn't take rudeness well in the slightest, and he looks down on cheating. He doesn't mind trickery in combat, but he looks down on winning by threatening loved ones for instance. What's cheating and what is rude might vary, but if you cross that arbitrary line, Asmodeus will do his level best to kill you, even if you aren't ripened. With this, Asmodeus looks down on those who choose not to live up to their potential, or who refuse to train and simply rely on their genetics. This is another group he will attack without a second thought.


  • Brawl: There's no better way than to have a good old-fashioned tussle in order to get your point or feelings across. Hell, it's good for relieving stress, too!
  • Death: On a more philosophical note, Asmodeus enjoys death. Rather than viewing death as something negative and petrifying, the madman sees it as a reason to be alive.


  • Liars: Liars, cheats, con artists, phonies. They don't deserve to live.
  • Prostitutes: His mother was a prostitute, bringing home a different man every night. Though it put food on the table, the level of respect he had for his mother diminished with each passing day.


  • Strength: Improving his battle strength is enough to live another day. Asmodeus believes that he'll die on the battlefield.


  • Betrayal: This goes a bit hand-in-hand with his dislike of dishonesty. Betrayal stands on a different plane of its own, however. Having placed your trust in someone and having them toss it aside. That's what true betrayal stands for. Such could cause the otherwise-stoic man to break down emotionally.
  • Theophobia: The fear of religion. In Asmodeus' eyes, religion is nothing more than a gathering of lies. However, the religious seem to devout to a point of insanity. That scares him.


Magic Name: -

Magic Element: -

Magic Description: -


History: Slums. Even in Crocus, they're evident. Below the extravagant streets, the mesmerizing lights, and the gallant buildings was the harsh reality those living in poverty had to face. Crimes were a daily occurrence,happening beyond the public's eyes. From blackmail to rape, prostitution and murder. Morality didn't have a place amongst those who had nothing to lose. Leaving wasn't an option either - at the very least, it wasn't easy. Despite all of this, some people still had hope, wearing dreary smiles on their faces. Others thrived in the chaos. That's where our hero, Asmodeus, started off.

He was a bastard child. Asmodeus grew up without a father, like nearly every other child born into the slums. His mother numbed herself and her pain, resorting to prostitution. Every night, young Asmodeus watched as his door opened, introducing a new man. Sometimes, two or three would appear. This soon grew into hatred and disgust. Since then, the child could never see his mother in the same light. She didn't do it for anyone. She did it for herself. The slums didn't accept the weak -- it profited and rewarded those who took charge and rose up to the challenge. Asmodeus resorted to what everyone else did. If you couldn't beat them, join them. Crocus gave birth to another scumbag.

Everyone knew the story of the famed Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Asmodeus was exactly like that. Though rather than famous, he was infamous. And he didn't really differentiate between the rich and the poor when stealing. The concept of the rich and poor were a grey area. Over the years, the young man began to gain a name for himself. Killing and pillaging, that name turned into a title. That was what Asmodeus had become. Through it, he came to learn the joy of getting stronger - to never feel weak again.

Reference: -

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Apologises for the delay in the grading, there are a few things that I need you to change before I can approve this character application, firstly I need you to add one more Motivation and lastly remove the mention of an "aura" to perceive the potential of another as it implies the character has an ability outside of norms.


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This character application has been approved.

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