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Interrogation Tactics (Quest|Mariah)

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#1Mariah Lerro 

Interrogation Tactics (Quest|Mariah) Empty on Mon Jan 28, 2019 12:09 pm

Mariah Lerro
So The Martello Family had come to the Phantom Lords for their dirty work huh? Mariah was not a fan of torture, it didn't work but when she saw the job she knew that taking it herself would be best as she actually knew ways other than physical violence to get people to talk. It was all about the psychological threat of violence, and it would not work on everyone and then one could switch to a bribe and then one could switch to good cop. While it seemed an odd progression of events Mariah had seen firsthand how well it could work multiple times.

When the member of the Mafia family arrived at the chosen spot they simply exchanged nods before Mariah Lerro followed the mafiaso to the building the torturee was held in.

"Oh do I really have to wear something so hideous?" Mariah asked in disdain before being told she did for secrecy and huffing before putting the black ski mask on her head. There were much better ways of hiding one's face or disguising oneself the makeup artist thought to herself. The Phantom Lord could think of fifteen designs off the top of her head that would make her face change into a completely different one, especially in the dingy light they were no doubt keeping their prisoner in.

It seemed the prisoner was someone from the Tessio crime family and naturally Jolyne was not to mention that he had been kidnapped by their rival family. While she had thought that would go without saying the Martello goon took her to be some form of idiot.

Regardless she was correct in her assumption it would be a dingy warehouse in an oft not patrolled district of the city. Naturally these types felt the need for some secrecy when you could honestly pull this kind of thing off in a residential if you were clean about it. Goons were not expected to be clean though she supposed. So there they were in a dirty, dusty and frankly disgusting warehouse.

It could not be helped and so as she went into the re-purposed office she tried not to think of the caked on mud on her sandals. The windows had all been boarded up and two men flanked the only door in. They both nodded as the small woman went in between them and opened the door. She had also been told to use only her fists which was frankly too bad as tools had a bit more of a damaging effect to the psyche and that, not the body, was the thing to be damaged by torture.

"You know why I'm here don't beg please" Mariah said coldly as she entered into the room before the man in the chair could so much as make a sound. He was not bound, gagged or blinded so she made sure not to look at him until after she walked across to the table and chair opposite him, sitting down she would then stare him dead in the eyes.


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