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It That Watches (Training|Private)

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#1Mariah Lerro 

It That Watches (Training|Private) Empty Sun Jan 27, 2019 2:43 pm

Mariah Lerro
What a horrid state of affairs, it simply would not do at all, not at all, not at all.

Mariah was not pleased with the guild halls state of affairs and this upset her because first she needed to train a spell. She simply had to finish that first before cleaning this mess up. Before all that however, a bowl was in order.

The pale woman reclined against a smooth wall of the facility and brought a slender pipe up to her tiny lips drawing in the burning material to her lungs. Mariah held it in as she bounded up to her feet and then released the smoke from her lungs as she rushed forward eager to start work on her spell craft.

She would clap her hands and pull them apart in the shape of a rainbow giggling to herself, yes that would be a good activation gesture for this spell. Making spells was fun, she should have started this long ago.

Purple energy began to float about her and she tried to focus it on her feet, this was the hardest part, keeping a line of thought like this was a bit boring to Mariah, not challenging but boring. Still it was a part of a fun process so it could easily be forgiven for wasting her time thusly.

Eventually the aubergine glow would descend and glue to her feet giving her a nice under glow effect that Mariah Lerro thought was pretty dang spiffy. It made her feel like a child with light up shoes and so she tried rushing up the nearest wall a bit too quickly.

The spell was a bit slippery still and needed adjustment so when she fell on her back Mariah was quite surprised and a tad bit upset. Crossing her arms in a huff she would then withdraw her pipe and give it another puff before resetting her attention to the task of creating the spell at hand.

Climbing back onto her feet the magical seal would once again appear underneath them lighting the room in a soft purple light that delighted Mariah's senses with a beautiful sheen of her favorite hue in the world.

This time she would attempt scaling the wall a bit more cautiously and a bit slower in the hopes that it was a part of the key in unlocking this ability, it was a rather cool one just like a cartoon character it would let her bend the laws of physics to her whims and allow her to walk on things theoretically it could even allow her to float. That very thought brought Mariah quite a bit of joy. It was a good day, a day in which revenge was set aside in hopes the present could heal her wounds for a time.

It was only after she stopped her pondering that Mariah noticed she was now walking up a wall without falling backwards or losing her balance, it was truly a freeing feeling. This spell would be fun.


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#2Mariah Lerro 

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Mariah Lerro

Mariah needed to test out this new technique more but already the younger mage was excited in her first steps down her magical road, it was a very exciting prospect for her and her small chest heaved with excitement as her heart fluttered with internal pleasure elated at her own achievement.

She almost wanted to shout out for joy and scream to the skies above but she decided to continue her stroll up the wall instead she needed to test the kinks out of this spell. If she could utilize it properly it would help her move about and free her up from having to worry about pesky gaps stopping her curious exploration sessions.

Curiousity drove a lot of Mariah Lerro and it drove the young member of the Phantom Lords guild to do risky things from time to time, such a time was now, the witch looked up at the floor that was now below her as her kimono was still affected by gravity and quickly rushed to surround her in a dome. It was a very good thing that nobody was here after all Mariah thought to herself with a slight chuckle as she withdrew her pipe yet again, this time she spun the bowl so it would appear upside down to her so it’s plant material would not spill forth and, while her vision was blocked, she lit and inhaled another puff before continuing forward on her journey across the ceiling.

It was rather entertaining having her view flipped like this but she simply must do something about how her clothes wanted to muck about, extremely un-lady-like but for now it would be an injustice suffered for the sake of her craft.

Mariah made her way across the ceiling without any delay or interuption in the act ensuring that the spell functioned how she would want it to and this made Mariah feel even better. She was a natural at this spell making junk, maybe she really did have potential, maybe she did really matter;

Maybe she was not such a fuck up after all.

Tons of thoughts and feelings flowed through Mariah all at once as serotonin flowed through a brain so unused to achievement that it soaked up the rightfully gained chemical like a fern in the desert. This was a time for celebration the young mage thought to herself as she descended the wall opposite to the one that she climbed.

This was perfect, she did not realize how much she would enjoy this goofy magic, it may be undignified but Mariah was certain she could make it useful.

The whole trip had taken her over thousands of feet but it felt like a longer distance in her journey to learn magic, she felt she had grown leaps and bounds in that walk and that her first spell would be one of her most cherished ones for now. It was just so useful, being able to walk where you wanted would open up so many avenues of travel that Mariah was excited to test it out more.


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