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Training Near A Van Down By The River(Training|Closed)

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Training Near A Van Down By The River(Training|Closed) Empty Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:38 pm

Jolyne Atreides

So this time Jolyne needed to grow something that would help with her mobility, she needed something that would allow her to move while airborn or change direction suddenly. She would prefer to have more options on where to go then less and as such she thought of some kind of wire that she had seen used by acrobats to move about in the air. If she could copy that with a vine perhaps she could find a way to attach it to an object and change her direction on a dime. This could work, this could be her answer but before she would take time to rejoice she would need to find the proper plants for her idea. It could be that this plan may not work out or that she could not find the proper combinations of plants needed for the desired effect, though it rarely happened it had happened to her before this. Thus she was a bit cautious already going into it. Still it was something that needed to be done, and it was a risk of time she was more than eager to take to get the job done.

First however the Rune Knight began to write in her journal on her ideas about the spell in the first place. She wanted to be able to produce it from any area of her body and also not slam into whatever she latched onto. She also wanted the ability to swing from it if need be much like an actual jungle vine. The retracting ability would hinder the last part a bit but would help with momentum and the benefits outweighed the negatives in Jolyne Atreides mind.

After getting her ideas down she began to synthesize a vine with a plant whose fibers were springy, introducing a couple more varieties to it. This would be her primary basis to the first trial and Jolyne wrote the names of the plants in a tournament bracket of a chart detailing out the generations that came in, while only six the work did take some time.

While before she had conducted her experiments and spell craft in a basement of an elderly couple, for this one she knew that a mobility based spell would not be damaging and would benefit from trials so close to the outdoors more than most. This also brought her delight this day as the sun shown down on the river below through the snow covered trees. The light sparkled off of the ice in many different and beautiful ways, which entertained and distracted the Rune Knight for a bit before she finished writing up her notes.

Today was a good day and Jolyne was excited to test this out but first she had to clear and set up the boundaries, she wanted the distance to be ten meters which is longer than most people give it credit for. The radius would be as large as Jolyne lying down seven times over which if she could cross that quickly it would be quite advantageous.


#2Jolyne Atreides 

Training Near A Van Down By The River(Training|Closed) Empty Fri Jan 25, 2019 5:15 pm

Jolyne Atreides

It did not retract, the vine was rather stretchy and springy but it would not retract. Perhaps if she had something that moved when it bloomed and could trigger the bloom when the spell was activated she could get this to work better.

That was Jolyne's thought process as she dangled back and forth from a tree, her second line of thinking was about how jumping from a height was in fact not the best way to go about testing this new spell. Still it was fun and hanging about was truly not the worst thing ever, the swaying was comforting and this allowed her time to think on the next plants to introduce into the genetic line of this one. Her spells while intricate and long processed were very easy to customize due to this, and it was a trade off that Jolyne was more than willing to have. It was truly worth it when she could tinker her spell down to any minute detail from color to function.

After some tampering she was now on generation eight and going strong, this time she decided to not jump from a height but instead stay on the ground and stay ten meters from the cliff face. After forming the necessary gestures Jolyne had the magical circle appear on her extended right palm, a vine shot forth and stuck to the wall. This time it retracted, oh god did it retract, much too fast.

Jolyne crumpled into the wall.

It hurt quite a bit, but she did not break anything and it was nothing to worry about just jarring. Still Jolyne sat at the natural wall for a bit to gain her composure before standing up. She would need to find a way to have the retraction not pull the whole way and allow for a gentle stop as opposed to shooting the person through an object with their momentum. It would be difficult to tweak this but Jolyne thought it to be possible, time would only tell though, it could still be a failure.

Still Jolyne felt hopeful and this spell now owed her for throwing into a wall so she was now more determined than ever to see this spell through to it's completion. She would add this to her magical 'quiver' as it were and be able to open up her options for movement immensely. While this would certainly help in dodging spells this would also help her in close quarters combat something the Hierophant knew she was going to rely on. While she had access to offensive magic unlike some other casters, it was still more difficult and draining for her and as such she knew that being able to use her fists and legs in a fight would help her make up for the lack of 'ammunition' she would have in a gunfight.

Still she would not trade her magic and skill set for the world, being able to boost and heal others was what Jolyne was all about.


#3Jolyne Atreides 

Training Near A Van Down By The River(Training|Closed) Empty Sat Jan 26, 2019 12:41 pm

Jolyne Atreides

Vines were always something that fascinated Jolyne, the way that they moved like a plant version of a snake and could crawl most anywhere was the main draw to her. The way they would zig zag and meander in their growth brought about many various patterns that really intrigued the Mage. Vines could ascend, go sideways, crawl downwards and even spiral for no reason, it was beautiful to her and that was a part of why she chose vines as the base for this spell, granted it was also the best and most fitting choice for what the spell required. Jolyne was truly looking forward to this spell coming to fruition and becoming completed, much like she always did.

For now it was back to the drawing board and she began to splice in other plant species continuing the synthesizing process of her spell craft. Trial and error was the name of the game and soon she got to the eleventh generation of the plant having added in a few more things that she hoped would avert her last trials outcome, it was imperative that she complete this task. No Atreides was a quitter and as she was now one of the last she felt the weight of the pride of her ancestors spurring her to continue through even the darkest of hours to pursue her work. While some would view this as a negative thing Jolyne used it as fuel to drive her ambitions even further in the pursuit of her spells and helping others. The challenge drew her like a some form of fluttering nocturnal insect to some electric grid thingie, Jolyne forgot the actual saying much like she had forgotten most Florian turns of phrase.

It was coming close to time to test out the spell again, before doing so however Jolyne sat down cross legged by the river and let her forearms rest on her knees with her palms facing the sky.

Centering herself she felt the sun shine upon her face and the snow melt below her from the heat her body gave off, she could feel herself in this moment, she was one.

Blasting upwards with a burst of energy and momentum Jolyne extended her right arm where a green seal would glow. Her shoulder had brought the arm up to line with the upper part of a tree's trunk, the tree in question was eight meters and across the river from her. The vine shot out with surprising speed and tied itself to the tree creating a solid seal as it began to retract and pull Jolyne towards it. The vine did so shrinking at the same pace it set out and gently brought her to her destination, it was such a delightful surprise to Jolyne that she let out a light giggle without meaning to, she still had a bit of tinkering to do on her spell but she got the basics down, this spell would in fact work she did not have to worry about it's failure anymore.

509+1,014= 1,523/2,000

#4Jolyne Atreides 

Training Near A Van Down By The River(Training|Closed) Empty Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:18 pm

Jolyne Atreides

The success of the main aspects of the spell helped spurn the sensational mage to start anew on her celebrations for this sanctimonious stupendous day. Jolyne was even more excited, the day had just been getting better and better and now even though she was back to the drawing board for more tweaking the Rune Knight was eager to get cracking on perfecting her method for this technique. Once this was complete Jolyne was certain that she would enjoy it, it had not occurred to her before but after shooting across the river she realized this would help her in traveling and getting around and across obstacles on her way. This spell was getting more useful the more the woman thought on it, and she was looking forward to see how many different applications she would end up with for this technique.

She was now upon generation fourteen and had added quite a few plants into her mixture and now Jolyne thought she had it figured out. Overall the process had taken her the better part of a day, some spells had taken longer but this one was a little painful on a test so it was a bit more frustrating than most. Jolyne jotted down some notes in her journal, it was worth it in her mind despite the bruises she carried. The Rune Knight was confident that this newest blend would be perfect for her needs and was eager to try it out, after this she was rather certain that her process would be done and she would be able to call upon the spell when she needed it in the future.

Already she had grown so much, looking back on her parents death and her flight to Floria Jolyne thought about all the spells she had learned before this one before going out to the river banks for one final test.

Cracking her knuckles the nearly six foot tall woman assessed the area around her, which place would be the best to try this upon?

A green seal opened up on her left hip which was attached to a rock in the middle of the river, the vine shot out, attached and pulled Jolyne towards the rock, while on her way there Jolyne twirled in the air and lined herself up so that she could land on the rock gracefully as the vine detached and dissipated in a flourish of flower petals of all color the plant serving it's purpose and now dying as it spread it's seeds about. The sight was glorious to the Rune Knight though she wished she could have seen herself twist in midair and execute a land on a slippery rock, it must have been a sight to be seen.

Having perfected her spell she used it again, this time with her right palm pulling herself off of the rock and back onto her original side of the river. With a smile Jolyne walked off determined to make the rest of her day just as good.


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