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sins of the soulless - dark grim medieval-mid fantasy | eastern united states | 18+ jcink premium site

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sins of the soulless - dark grim medieval-mid fantasy | eastern united states | 18+ jcink premium site Empty Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:56 pm

sins of the soulless - dark grim medieval-mid fantasy | eastern united states | 18+ jcink premium site FAphm5y
Dark Grim Medieval-Mid Fantasy | Eastern United States | 18+ Jcink Premium Site

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"As you ponder about stepping through this portal, I will be your guide, I will tell you what this world you are about to traverse to.....The Sins of the Soulless.....a world steeped in war and death.....it is a world consumed by darkness yet in this dark fantasy, medieval world, all is not lost, not yet as the Heroes of Athrunial rise to stand ever vigilant over their world.....yet what side shall they take? The path of Order or the path of Corruption? The fate of the world is on their shoulders, they will be the ones whom decide the fate of the world, wither it is destroyed, consumed or saved.........What choice will you make once you step through the portal aspiring Hero?"

- The Chronicler

Still don't know what Sins of the Soulless you say? At it's core, Sins is a mature, dark, gritty, bloody, mid fantasy medieval roleplay aimed towards adults due to the potential of excess violence and sexual themes, this is a roleplay not for the faint of heart or people whom become offended or sensitive easily. Sins was a RP that has gone through three iterations over ten years that is heavily inspired from the chaotic and warlike nature of the Warhammer Fantasy universe, the world of the Dark Souls universe as well as other universes such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Goblin Slayer. Sins is set on a planet similar to Earth named as "Athrunial" and is set in a time period similar to the late medieval time period similar to the 1200's or the thirteenth century during the crusades in the middle east.  Sins is primary a medieval world filled with fantasy creatures, common medieval warfare is the norm and the obtaining and usage of magic itself is rare but those whom are able to grasp it will unlock the potential to become some of the most powerful individuals on Athrunial. Here, in the Sins universe,  your choices matter, any action your character performs can have serious and possibly even world altering consequences. If you put your mind to it, you can do nearly anything, the only limitations is your imagination and your character's abilities, do what you want, want to be a heroic white knight? You can, want to become a Slaver and enslave the weak? You can, want to be a monster breeder? you can, want to rise to become a noble, a king or possibly even a God amongst mortals? You can....If you play your cards right and put in the hard work! Sins is a open world just waiting for you to enter, do what you want, whenever you want. While there is a main plot or a main quest line, you are by no means forced to do it and can completely ignore if you so wish however..........don't blame us if everything goes to hell eventually ;)

If you haven't already guessed it, the world of Athrunial has been thrown in chaos as the many Kingdoms, Empires and other factions vy for power through countless war and cut throat politics, creating a world comprised of mass death, famine, and the spreading of diseases. Yet that is not even the worse of it, the one, true god whom created Athrunial, is slowly dying as his soul is used to stabilize the planet's core as well as function as it's primary fuel source yet in doing so, his soul fades away and eventually, it will crumble into nothing. Without his soul powering the planet, it would mean the death of everything. In a attempt to save their world, the greatest of mortals, heroes amongst heroes decide to make the ultimate sacrifice, sacrificing their very essence to save Athrunial itself. Even on top of all that, the worst is yet to come as the seals that keep the realms of Oblivion close, hellish dimensions that are inhabited by deamons and their Dark Lords, are beginning to crumble. It will be only a matter of time before these break and with that, the Dark Lords will be able march upon the mortal realm once more, hellbent on the destruction or domination of Athrunial and all life on the planet.

If you enjoy playing Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, Warhammer Fantasy, the Witcher and even more gentle titles like Harvest Moon and Elnea Kingdom, this may be the roleplay for you!

Site notes
- Site Discord
- Built in Site Wiki and a Fandom Wiki
-  While we do not like enforcing rules on how much to write, the standard is two paragraph minimum, we recommend you try to write as much as your partner(s)
- Basic skill system called "Masteries" to show how powerful a character to prevent all powerful, mary sue like characters, Masteries are not hard stats per say, they are only used in DM events
- DM Events, events ran by a Dungeon Master similar to a Game Master in Dungeon and Dragon like games, all story driven and faction quests, basically all the important quests are done through a DM event
- The ability to craft nearly anything and build anything your heart could desire
- We are a original universe, so originals only
- Promotion through merit alone, no need to kiss up or do favours, we promote to staff positions simply on merit alone! Be active, be supportive, be helpful, have the experience required and you get promoted in no time IF we need more people!
- Laid back, friendly community, were a bunch of people whom are laidback and friendly, just a bunch of people wanting to have a good time role playing doing awesome stuff! So leave the drama and real life issues at the portal please :)
- We are a new site about to open any day so we would appreciate If anyone joined. Those whom join will be considered a "SOTS" founder, a first generation RPer. New RPers will receive 500 free skill points or 500 Gold upon joining

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