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Bruno Corsetti

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#1Bruno Corsetti 

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Bruno Corsetti


Name: Bruno Corsetti

Age: 28 (January 2nd, X759)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Warrior

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Red Hades

Tattoo: Left Heel

Face: Zoro - One Piece


Height: 74 inches, 187 centimeters

Weight: 200 pounds, 90 kilograms

Hair: Green

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Bruno is a tall man that can be described as fairly muscular, with a scar over one of his eyes. His entire body looks as though he has been training rather well since he was born, and he towers over most mages in fiore in terms of height. His hair is a messy green, and his eyes are of a blue color. Often he will tend to wear clothing that for the most part is very casual and open, as he finds that it lets him move around easier, which is good for not only work but also life in general in his eyes. He is also very fond of the color green, appearance wise.

Extra: A scar on Bruno's left eye prevents him from seeing properly from it without eyewear.


Personality: Bruno is a man of many words. He is a bit of a chatterbox, and acts like he knows a lot of things. In reality, he does know quite a lot of things, but he is not nearly as smart as he comes off as. He enjoys to drink and tell stories of his many years of life, though makes sure not to expose too much to people who aren't in Red Hades, often completely renaming many things in his stories for people outside of it. Bruno can be very blunt and straightforward, and overall is a very easy man to figure out, with many of his feelings being very obvious the majority of the time.

Bruno is a sucker for women, but often he does not have much long-standing success with them. While appearing very appealing at first glance, he usually finds himself being yelled at about a week later. He is very smooth talking at first, but over a period of time gets perhaps a little too honest with girls, which sometimes makes him say things that most people would take as rude, even if he often means the best for most of his words.

Bruno is not one to consider any of his actions wrong as far as Red Hades goes, having been raised by people in the guild. While he once doubted it, he has a clear motivation to stay in the guild and try to raise its glory higher thanks to things that have happened in his past.


  • Tales: Not only does Bruno like to hear about stories of others, but he likes to tell his own as well. Perhaps it was due to his father's tendency to tell him many stories as a child, which Bruno was quite fond of at that age.
  • Adrenaline: Bruno is fond of a rush of adrenaline, it be recreational or serious. He very much enjoys being able to feel his heart pounding fast, and is almost addicted to the feeling of it in many senses.


  • Gloom: Outside of when he needs to do it for work, Bruno cannot stand the sight of people being gloomy, enough to make him want to try and cheer them up as soon as he can just so he can stop feeling weird because of it.
  • Secrets: Neither with himself or with the people he meets, Bruno is not fond of secrets. He hates not knowing everything, or at least most of things. As such, he often gets a little bit too nosy with some people.


  • Bringing Red Hades Further: Due to a promise to a now dead fried, Bruno wishes to stay in Red Hades long enough to become someone who brings it higher and makes his way into the record books as someone who made a difference in the organization.


  • Snakes: Despite being okay with most reptiles, snakes have always feared Bruno to death. As a child, his parents would often tease him for his fear of snakes, which just made the problem even worse and carry on through his whole life.
  • Flight: Bruno has a fear of flying, enough to the point where he often gets sick whenever he would. Luckily, he often barely experiences it. Even riding on the back of something flying would most likely cause him to throw up.


Magic Name: None

Magic Element: None

Magic Description: None


History: Bruno was born into a family who had worked for Red Hades for many years. As a child, he was often trained to become a member of the organization one day, and for the most part he did not challenge this ideal in most of his earlier years. He would simply do as he was told and just stick to the basics, not questioning what his parents told him to do.

Later in his life, specifically around when he was a teenager, Bruno started to have his doubts. Was what he was doing really right? For a while, Bruno considered leaving Red Hades. His partner in the guild however seemed to be against it, but Bruno decided to resign and go on his last mission with his partner.

On their last mission, everything was seemingly going fine until there were slightly more opponents than the two expected. Though they both got out alive, Bruno's partner had suffered a fatal wound, and would most likely die in a matter of minutes. In their last few moments together, the two talked about life, what girls they had loved (and in Bruno's case had let go) and finally Bruno's future. In the last moment of his partner's life, Bruno was asked to stay in the organization for his whole life, enough to eventually be able to bring it to even greater glory than it was at beforehand. Bruno, tears in his eyes, accepted his friend's final request and decided to stay in the guild.

Now, Bruno specializes in the department of debt, often acting as something of a repo man for those who have lent too much money from the guild. He continues to work his way up the ranks, hoping to one day get to the level so that his promise to his friend would be fulfilled enough to change something in the guild and bring it to new heights.

Reference: Zane's alternate account!


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This character application has been approved.

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