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Taking Skull [Private]

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#1Malachai Ramazan 

Taking Skull [Private] Empty Wed Jan 23, 2019 4:06 am

Malachai Ramazan

Malachai sighed as he walked through the dead streets of Baska. He'd been to this town more than once and almost all times it had been dead. It seemed lineal the life was in Orchidia for one reason or another, but Chai understood completely why that was the case. In fact, it was safe to say that Malachai had enjoyed the peace in Baska, it gave him room to think about things he hand't pondered on in a while. Like what was his true purpose in Phantom Lord? Granted his ideals would be deemed "evil" or maleficent by someone who didn't understand, he wasn't actually a bad person like most of his peers. Many of his guild mates were dark hearted and has a passion for crime, but Malachai was a man who was the exact opposite. He wanted to help people, he was kind and caring- he just wanted to destroy the magic council and the government of Fiore to recreate it. As of now Fiore was under a Monarchy, meaning he had no real voice in this country. His hate for the council was too deep because they are the reason his parents are no longer alive. Things began to make sense as the young Desiertian walked towards the graveyard. Right. Phantom Lord will be much easier to work with. Sometimes he had to remind himself why he was a member of the dark guild.

With his hands in his pocket, the wind picked up slightly, creating a chilling breeze that managed to slip through his jacket. A slight shiver was sent down the white haired mans spine. At this moment he was making his way to the graveyard he was supposed to be finding the skull of a certain skeleton at. With this being his third day in Baska, he had done quite a few small quests here and there. Per usual someone heard of him through one of his previous clients probably and requested his assistance for a good amount of money. To be quite honest, Chai hadn't even met the client face to face. A letter was delivered to his room back at the inn he was staying in and here he was. From the sound of his given directions, the client seemed like someone creepy. Malachai didn't think too hard about who he was working for though. As long as he was getting paid and didn't have to kill a child, old lady or innocent woman than he was pretty much fine with the work he found. Graveyards and other rather creepy settings never frightened the man of phantom Lord. Oddly enough he was able to see beauty in death. To him, graveyards were rather poetic. They symbolized the need for humans to hold onto those dear to them even after they were gone. Although their bodies no longer held their souls, somehow they seemed important to people. Malachai was a fan of cremation. It saved space for the earth and just seemed more of a purer way to send off loved ones.

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#2Malachai Ramazan 

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Malachai Ramazan

The graveyard began to approach Malachai's line of vision. He was unable to use his magic for supplementary purposes like to create a portable lamp or see in the dark. His magic was a very offensive one, supposedly used by his Desiertian side of the family in the beginning of magician days. Apparently his family began as warriors who managed to build a big enough family and create a legacy. The Ramazan household was so big and wealthy back home that it was almost too good to be true. Anyway, now that Chai was here he had to look for the skeleton. Apparently it was able to talk and literally the only skeleton in the graveyard. As the mage took his first steps beyond the gate he immediately began to hear strange moans. Then, he remembered another important details about this job; he had to watch out for the hungry zombies. Quickly he hid behind a tree and began looking around attempting to spot the beings moaning in agony. To his in front of his tree a few meters he could see a pool of zombies and beyond the pool of zombies he could see his target, a skeleton standing facing the rest of the world with his back towards the pool. Why was he just standing there? Malachai thought. Maybe he could talk but considering he didn't have a brain he was stupid. The last main household member of the Ramazan family quickly thought of a plan that would be very dangerous, but necessary if he wanted to achieve his goal.

With no words to speak, the Phantom Lord mage climbed up the the tree as quick as he could before hiding himself with the branches. it would have been easier if there were leaves. Either way, the night sky would make it almost impossible for the undead humans to spot him so high up in a tree. Curling his lips he whistled. Immediately the zombies turned towards his direction. Even the Skelton turned toward his direction and stood as if it were scared. The zombie seemed to be looking for the whistler but couldn't see him from his current distance. Now with the zombies moving quickly towards the area they heard the whistle, Malachai would have to think quickly. With only a couple of seconds to get his thoughts together he decided on what he was going to do. The plan was jump from the tree when the Zombies finally moved passed him, then he would zoom at maximum speed towards the skeleton and simply snatch its head off of his shoulders before leaping over the gate directly behind the skeleton and jolting back to where he was supposed to meet his client. Soon the zombies passed where Chai was and then he began. Silently he dropped from the tree but landed with a grunt. The zombies turned to see the fresh live human and began making their way towards him. The Skeleton seemed so nervous about everything while it happened so Malachai didn't think on stopping there. He jolted towards the skeleton before snatching it's head off it's shoulders and jumping over the gate. Running with his eyes widened and escaping safely with his life. Moments later he met up with his client before delivering the skull before taking his pay and going back to his room.

- END -

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