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Noah Alston

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Noah Alston


Name: Noah James Alston

Age: 22 (Born August 18 X764)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Holy Knights

Tattoo: Palm of the right hand. Sky Blue in color

Face: Allelujah Haptism - Mobile Suit Gundam 00.


Height: 1.78m

Weight: 63kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Grey (Golden when using magic)

Overall: Noah is a young man of about average height and a lean physique, similar a lightweight boxer in frame. He is decently attractive without having to try too hard at it. His grey eyes always look as if he's in deep thought about something.

By his mannerisms it wouldn't be hard to tell he was born well off, from his rather measured walk to the way he talks to people it isn't hard to tell that he's at least had basic lessons in etiquette when he was younger.

His choice of clothes are a white shirt with orange details, white jeans, black boots and black gloves. Over that he wears either an orange jacket or else a jacket with the color pattern and emblem of the Holy Knights, this usually depends on whether or not he's working. He is always careful to look very neat and presentable except for his hair which he stopped trying to keep looking tidy a long time ago.

Extra: Eyes change color whenever he uses magic. This is his magic circle's design. This is the ring he is almost always wearing.



Though by no means a quiet or introverted person, Noah has become somewhat of a quiet person. This has nothing to do with being shy, but more that he believes you can often learn more about a person or a situation if you wait and watch.

This is reflected completely in all areas of his life especially the way he fights. He tries to never be the first one to throw a punch unless he's sure that punch can win the fight; instead preferring to wait and figure out exactly what it is he is dealing with and then making a plan to counter it. He's not the smartest person out there but he does just fine.

Generally he can be friendly with anyone and will happily talk to anyone who can show basic respect to others. He tries not to take himself too seriously, making him capable of brushing off personal insults. However his fuse is ridiculous shorter when it comes to seeing others treated badly.

Noah doesn't necessarily seek out love, but he's not opposed to the idea. The fact is that the last few years have kept him too busy to really date, however now being in Fiore that could change if he found the right person to be with.

Above all Noah's loyalty and honor are never to be questioned. For someone he considers a friend or ally he would do anything to keep safe; his own loss in the past is something that he refuses to go through again if it can be helped. He considers his word to be a binding contract, he would never break his.

Finally Noah has had a big shift in heart when it comes to the dark guilds. He still hates them more than anything else in this world, but he has come to the realization that not all of its members are pure evil. Where he can he would rather rehabilitate and help Dark guild members to leave their dark past behind and focus on a better path. To those that accept his offer he treats no differently than any other friend. To those truly evil individuals that show they are unwilling or incapable of change he will do whatever it takes to stop them, no mercy can be given to such people.


  • The Church: Noah has spent a lot of time at the Church better trying to learn about his Magic. Eventually he came to like the Church. He likes the fact that the Church is ordered and structured and that it stands against the same darkness he fights.
  • Learning: A scholar at heart, Noah like to pick up new things as he travels and works. He's very interested in magic. Magic artifacts and the different styles of magic are particularly interesting to him. He seeks to know how the world works and he believes that studying magic is the fastest way to get there. But besides magic he's willing to learn about anything and everything in the world. He carries around a note book and sketch book. He'll often be seen absent mindedly sketching or writing in those books about the different beasts and abilities he's encountered on his journey.
  • Meditation: A hobby he picked up while in Joya,  Noah finds the art of meditation to be relaxing. He does this usually after he trains, before and after a missions and especially in the hours leading up to a big events. He can spend hours each week in meditation, often preferring to do so alone.


  • Dark Guild: Noah believes that dark guilds, their operations and their members should be hunted, challenged and undermined at every every possible turn. Wherever he finds them Noah will not hesitate to fight and take out members of dark guilds.
  • Recklessness: Noah has a dislike for people who rush into situations head first without thinking ahead, instead relying on skill and luck. He also dislikes  accomplishing missions while causing unnecessary or extreme collateral damage, especially if there was another way. People who have a casual disregard for life and property of others really piss him off.


  • Protector: As a Wizard, a Light Magic user, and a Holy Knight, Noah believes that it's his duty to protect the  innocent, to stand between them and evil. As long as he's still moving he will never allow anyone to lose a loved one like he lost his brother. This is his reason for living, for fighting.
  • Justice: Where Noah once sought to find and kill every last one of his brothers murderer's, he now seeks to take them in the right way. Or that's what he tells himself at least. He has to believe that. The truth is, if he ever did find them, he isn't sure what he would do....


  • Darkness: As a child Noah had a serious fear of the dark. This began to subside soon after he learnt Light Magic. Then his brother died to wizards who used darkness attributed magic. These two facts together have created a deep fear of unnatural darkness in Noah. When engulfed or surprised by it he'll respond either with reckless use of magic just so as to have light, or by totally freezing up
  • Failure: Noah's mission in life is to protect. To fail is to allow the innocent to die. Noah will do whatever it takes to keep people safe, he values their life and the life of his comrades above his own. When innocent people die Noah tends not to take it well, lashing out at people for hours afterwards


Magic Name: Divine Creation Magic

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description: Divine Creation, A magic of the Church. Noah has the ability to create and control Holy Light. Taking it a step further Noah has learnt to change the properties of the Light, essentially allowing him to create hard light constructs

Utilizing this method, Noah can make anything out of the light. He can also unleash the light in holy rays that can do real damage; alternatively he can internalize the light to strengthen himself. He can create weapons and animals for offense, shields and barriers to protect himself or friends. He can also create supplementary objects to help either in combat or out.


History: Noah was born to a well off family. Both his parents had belonged to various merchant guilds and had money. They then invested in a number of businesses all across Fiore. While not excessively rich they do far better than most. Noah was born the second of three sons. Shortly before he was born his parents moved to Crocus.

When Noah was still young he found he was capable of using magic, the only person in his entire family who could. He was discovered to have a natural aptitude for light magic. He spent the first few years self learning and experimenting with his abilities to see what he could do. Only later did his parents decide to take him for training within the Church. Even as a child Noah often went to watch the Holy Knights practice whenever he could.

Noah spent most of his days since the age of 10 learning at the Church about various subjects as well as practical application of his magic. Though an intent student, Noah found very little use in magic application beyond entertaining Alex, his younger brother, creating all sorts of toys and objects. Being at the Church often, Noah was ale to get a closer view of the Holy Knights and he dreamed of joining them one day

Noah had a very good relationship with his brothers and overall a good childhood. He often spent time playing with Alex as a kid and teaching him things he'd learnt from the Church. He also spent a lot of time learning the basics of swordsmanship from John, his older brother. For years John had been part of a mercenary guild and did good work in Fiore. Noah was 14 when Jack died

After Jack's guild helped in a series of attacks against dark guilds and the criminal underworld in general, hits  were put on some members of these guilds in retaliation. Jack was one of these people. He was found brutally murdered. His death had a devastating effect on his family, Noah included.

Noah never forgot that day and it became his driving force. From that day on Noah took his training seriously, with the intent of joining the Holy Knights and making  a difference. He also wanted to settle the score with his brother's killers. He learnt to use one of the old magics of the Church. The more he learnt the closer he got to the church and its beliefs. In it he found some small measure of refuge.

The day he turned 18 Noah joined the Holy Knights. Surprisingly his parents took it well. Though they'd already lost a son, they would not stand in Noah's way, but they encouraged him to do what he wished. Alex on the other hand took it very badly. Scared of losing another older he fought the decision for a long time afterwards, sometimes even refusing to talk to Noah. They don't get along as well as they used to because of it.

During the two year time skip Noah took a leave of absence from active duty. He chose to leave Fiore altogether, travelling west alone. After about 2 months he found himself in Joya. He'd heard of the monasteries in Joya and managed to get himself to one led by a Hatsu Tani. In exchange for offering manual labor and abiding strictly to the rules of the monastery, she would train him the basic tenets of her monastery's tradition.

He proceeded to spend a year and a half under her tutelage. The regiment that followed focused on making progress not just physically, but mentally as well as spiritually, believing that balance between all three was the key to rapidly increasing magical power. It was productive, in his free time he often spoke with Tani, becoming something like friends in the end. When he returned at the end he went to Crocus, returning to duty as a Holy Knight.

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You have mentions of the Rune Knights i.e in the motivations of Protector: As a Wizard, a Light Magic user, and a Rune Knight, Noah believes that it's his duty to protect the  innocent, to stand between them and evil. change that if needed additionally include the mention of a colour for the tattoo otherwise it's fine bump when edited.

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Noah Alston
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This character application has been approved.

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