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Kaede Scalisi

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#1Kaede Scalisi 

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Kaede Scalisi


Name: Kaede Scalisi

Age: 20 (Born December 9th, X767)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Assexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan.

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian.

Class: Rogue.

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: None

Tattoo: Back

Face: Mikasa Ackermann - Shingeki no Kyojin


Height: 1,71m

Weight: 57kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Steel Blue

Overall: A slim youth of average height and appearance, all in all she looks unimpressive at first glance, usually wearing a plain face and unremarkable clothes, her mouth often hidden behind a red scarf. In a similar fashion, She usually covers her body completely with tight but flexible clothes, warm but easy to move around in, seldom showing much skin.

Under those clothes however, she boasts a tight, athletic figure, with visibly toned muscules - sporting a defined six pack - but not in any way bigger than they need to be. She has a pretty face even with the scar on her cheek, but nonetheless cares little for appearances, cutting her hair short instead of letting it grow out, and never putting on the slightest makeup. With steel blue eyes and a narrow, focused gaze, she's always on the lookout and catching all but the slightest details. It gives her a look of cold detachment when not fighting, and ruthless ferocity in the heat of battle. She has rough skin particularly around her hands, elbows and knees, any part of her body that might be used to swing swords and strike opponents.

Extra: Has a scar on her right cheek.


Personality: Kaede is a quiet introvert whose reserve and apparent shyness contrasts with a collected ferocity on the battlefield. Thanks to an analytical mind and natural fighting instinct honed by survival, she learns quickly through every battle, her fighting style evolving to suit whichever opponent she's up against.

A cynical nihilist, she believes life has no real meaning and only the strong are allowed to survive... But not even they- No, especially not the strong are ever allowed to live in peace. She fights to become stronger, to constantly learn who she is capable of killing and who is capable of killing her. She gradually strives to bring people from the latter category into the former, not because she wants to, but because she believes her survival depends on it. She doesn't really enjoy bloodshed, but has killed enough not to be fazed by the thought of taking another life, for she understands she herself may lose hers at any moment of carelessness.

Despite this, or perhaps because of, she only truly feels alive when fighting.

Whenever she does speak up, Kaede isn't afraid of speaking her mind, and can come off as blunt, sometimes even bitchy, yet this comes from social awkwardness rather than meanness. She's not a very good liar, or even good at sugar coating the truth, which has gotten her in trouble many times in the past. While difficult to truly anger, an annoyed Kaede will unconsciously use her words as sharp as any blade on her person, without breaking her straight face for a second; when she does get to that point, it won't take much more to make her go from words to metal.

Her loyalty and devotion, however, are second to none, while she may not openly profess to friendship, she'll try to protect the few people she cares about. She has little concern for superficial things like beauty; even after getting her face scarred she simply felt relieved to be alive.

Seemingly uninterested in romance, deep down has simply not yet found the one person who could make her think differently. In the off chance she does develop budding feelings towards someone, she'll hide her face behind her scarf more frequently, maybe even blush while criticizing that person more often. At the same time, she'll also try and protect that person even from themselves. Secretly, perhaps even to herself, she's quite the hopeless romantic, and this devotion will only increase alongside her feelings towards a loved one, prompting her to risk life and limb for that person.


  • Blades: She's liked them ever since she realized she could poke someone really hard with them to make them stop moving.
  • Small animals: Kaede always had a soft spot for small critters and stray pets in her neighborhood.
  • Children: While everybody else could be fair game, Kaede would never raise her blade against a child. If forced to, she'd fight to knock out instead of grievously injure or kill.


  • Betrayal: Pehaps the main reason why she seldom lets strangers close to her or close to her loved ones, she fully understands how most people could betray her or those she cares about to suit their needs.
  • Idiocy: There aren't enough 'baka' to describe your stupidity, b-baka.
  • Law Enforcement: She might not be a street rat anymore, but living that life left her with a healthy wariness of law enforcement officers.
  • Revenge: Just a way for weaklings to not feel as worthless after letting their loved ones die.


  • Survival: Not just her own, but that of the people she cares about too. In turn this means she might end up putting her own life at risk to become stronger or protect someone else.
  • Testing her strength: A weakling can't protect herself, or anyone really. Without knowing the limits of her strenght, she can't push past them.
  • Finding her lost siblings: When the gang of street urchins scattered, they all lost contact with each other. Kaede wishes to reunite with them.


  • Loss of her loved ones: Currently this includes only her sister, but in time, may grow to include more as she finds the rest of her siblings, or even meets a special someone. She fully understands only such people let her keep her sanity, maybe even a faint measure of happiness.
  • Misery: She was born homeless and peniless, forced to scavenge and steal to survive, and dreads the thought of going back to those days, without a roof to sleep under or food on a plate.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: Kaede doesn't really remember her parents. Even her name came from the other kids, who said they found her as a baby, wrapped in the same scarf she now wears, the only memento of a father and mother she never even met. It wasn't always red, but she eventually dyed it that color, and always had it fixed everytime it got torn up. She found a family among other street rats like herself, orphans and runaways making a living on the street of Orchidia. The older kids looked out for her, and as she grew older, she too looked out for those younger than herself.

Stealing, conning people - doing whatever they needed to feed everyone - became her daily life, along with running from the authorities. Kaede never particularly liked stealing, not out any moral qualms, but simply because many of those they stole from wound up chasing them down in a fury, and some even found and beat them. One such theft gone wrong prompted her to take her first life at far too young an age, stabbing a furious merchant in the back as he beat one of her siblings. It forced them all to abandon their hideout for a new one, and started eating away at any reluctance she might have towards taking lives, kill by kill. With each one, the pit between "family" and "not family" grew wider and wider, with the former to be protected at all costs and the latter expendable.

While many of her 'siblings' simply got better at stealing, Kaede preferred learning how to wield a blade and killing her victims instead, and often had to be stopped. It took her growing older to finally understand dead bodies would mean people coming after them seeking vengeance, and result in her putting their whole family in danger. Her blood soaked scarf became a liability, so she simply dyed the whole fabric red...

This is not to say she had no positive influence from anybody outside her adopted siblings. A lady named Clara Scalisi looked out for them despite knowing they stole most of their food, and how some of them even killed. Kaede became especially close to this woman - who became her only maternal influence - and from her learned she, a former soldier turned mafia underboss, had been the sole survivor when a rival family slaughtered her own. For years she lived for the sake of revenge and eventually succeeded, but whatever gratification that gave her soon faded, while the emptiness from losing her loved ones never did. She told Kaede to grow strong, as strong as she could so she'd never have to go through that pain.

She taught her to both wield a blade properly, and approach every battle with a clear head, observing and adapting to her foes to get the upper hand. Much of this came from Kaede's natural instinct and talent, which Scalisi simply nurtured. The girl never understood why such a fierce fighter showed them all such kindness, but learned to accept it for what it was after the older woman kept refusing to tell her.

But what happened to the street kids when they got older?

Not all of them stayed with that little family, in fact, most of them left, and most of those left to join actual gangs and Mafia families. And these former street rats never forgot where they came from... Until one day, one of Kaede's siblings stole from a gang. He didn't really know who he was stealing from, yet when one of their older brothers made a homecoming, they had no idea he had only returned to reclaim what had been stolen... And lead his new gang buddies from the gang on a punitive expedition, to make an example out of street urchins who would steal from them.

Most of them fled, scattered to the four winds... But many died in the process...

And the only thing Kaede could do was kill her traitorous older brother, nearly losing her life in the process, with a scar on her face to remind her of that day. It took Scalisi's kindness to ensure at least the smaller kids survived the brutal retaliation, and help some of the older ones escape the Rune Knights when they finally arrived. She was a wanted criminal though, who had stayed out of prision by not letting the knights figure out she was still alive...

As her last act of freedom, Clara Scalisi distracted the Knights to let Kaede and one of her sisters escape... Though not before finally answering Kaede's question: As someone to whom the first kill came naturally - when it should have been the hardest - easily enough that she could save her sibling, it came down to her to use that skill to keep her family alive by whatever means necessary. Inspired by her sacrifice, she'd soon adopt the woman's surname as her own.

Which left Kaede alone with her older sister, Seraphina, just the two of them against the world. She still wanted to find the rest of her siblings whichever of them were still alive. But they'd done as good a job at disappearing as she did... Soon, the former street rat learned how valuable her skills with a blade and willingness to kill could truly be, the closest to honest work she'd ever made.

And among humans, she quickly grew into one of the strongest... But as she entered a world of magic, she understood how once again, she was a small fish swimming with bigger ones, all out to eat each other...

X785 to X787: Not much changed in two years, Kaede and Diana lived day by day, for once seldom straying too far from Oak. Why? It wasn't as if either had any lingering attachment to the city, but alas, they'd heard enough clues pointing to not one but several of her siblings currently being around somewhere in this city. They didn't meet them, however, no matter how far they looked, and even for an aloof girl like Kaede, she got frustrated eventually. But there really wasn't much more to do now, was there? As good as she could possibly make her life, it would never be worth that much without those she loved to love it by. She had Diana now, and naturally clung to her, watching over her like a hawk, protecting the one sibling she yet had left as they did what they could to find the remaining, building whatever connections they could to take more work in the future.

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#2Kaede Scalisi 

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Kaede Scalisi
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: NA
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 12 +1 New stat

  • Strength: 2
  • Speed: 1
  • Endurance: 1
  • Constitution: 7
  • Intelligence: 2

Other Changes



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