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Mariah Lerro

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#1Mariah Lerro 

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Mariah Lerro


Name: Mariah Lerro

Age: April 20th x770

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian

Class: Spell Howler

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Phantom Lord

Tattoo: Left ankle | Aubergine

Face: Medicine Seller | Mononoke


Height: 5'6''

Weight: 121 lbs

Hair: White or Platinum Blonde depending on Season

Eyes: Blue

Mariah Lerro is a physically simple girl so she makes up for it with her outfits and makeup deciding to go with ridiculously colored Kiminos and wearing umbrellas with her even indoors. She usually wears an extremely pale white foundation along with red lines around her eyes designed in archaic symbols. She will often wear a purple bandanna that covers the top of her head and her hair which she matches with her shade of nail polish. Maria while short is somewhat lanky and slender especially with her fingers which she enjoys unlike her lack of chest, luckily her lower assets were better blessed.

Extra: -


Personality:  Simply put this is a broken person, someone who had been through enough for two lifetimes already in her few years. Mariah broke two years prior at the age of fifteen, before this she was a regular young teenaged girl and had not thought her future would hold her casting spells nor joining Phantom Lords. The white haired blue eyed girl now has a very odd sense of morality and views herself as some arbiter of judgment, the only line of defense between the monsters of the world and the innocent. In Mariah’s mind it was her, not the church or the Rune Knights who would be the protectors of these people, in her mind those two organizations had failed and were filled with monsters. In her mind they were evil and anything she did against them would be justified in order to protect the people of this world from them and the other things that existed beyond the veil.

Severe hallucinogenic drug usage has also convinced her that beings exist outside of our perception, beings that influence actions and emotions and Mariah believed fully that her purpose in life was to fight those and their pets that were people in places of power. It is important to note that Mariah fears ever taking a life or else she believes when she dies she will become one of the beings she hates.


  • Comedy: For someone who thinks that the world is coming to an end soon, Mariah enjoys comedy a lot. She takes few things seriously and enjoys anyone that can share a laugh with her.

  • Autumn/Winter: Mariah loves the holidays of these seasons and enjoys colored leaves and snow so equally that she could not be forced to choose between the two. That being said her favorite holiday is Halloween.

  • Night/The Moon: The dark is something that comforts her, the moon is a much less harsh source of light than the sun and both are gentle compared to light in her opinion.


  • Self-Righteousness: The self-righteous are chief among Mariah's foes, going around showing off your good will must mean you have something to hide in her eyes.
  • Seriousness: Another personality trait Mariah Lerro simply cannot abide by, anyone who takes themselves too seriously or tries to intimidate others will always set her off.
  • The Church: There is no bigger group of hypocrites and rapists in Mariah's eyes. While killing is abhorrent Mariah wished the Rune Knights would arrest these criminals instead of taking orders from them.


  • Dante: For one reason or another when Dante came to lead the Phantom Lords Mariah's fears and problems all seemed to vanish. Life just seems easier with him around, he must be a vital piece of her life, she is certain of it.
  • Spiritualism: Even before breaking Mariah has always been a spiritual person and doing 'right' and keeping the soul pure as well as helping good spirits is something Mariah always has been told to do.


  • Certain Ghosts/Spirits/Demons: Mariah has been plagued by these in various forms for much of her life, she has still not gotten over an instinct of fear from certain spirits and is cautious around them.
  • Killing a Human Being: Nothing else is Mariah more sure will destroy her soul and cut her off from a good afterlife, killing anyone no matter how deserving would doom her and nobody is worth her eternal soul.


Magic Name: Evil Toon-force

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Description: This magic allows the caster to cast spells that a malicious cartoon character would do in a cartoon show but with more cartoony consequences. Some examples are things like dropping irons onto people's heads or being able to run up a wall without gravity affecting you.


History:  Born to a small family in Fiore Mariah had a normal life until her fifteenth year of living, before the incident everything had been normal. She lived in a normal house, with normal parents, normal siblings, normal hobbies but she always had horrible dreams. Dreams of  the Apocalypse and of monsters killing her, it was such that she often did not have a single night where she woke up in a cold sweat. This altered the young girls psyche and weakened and brittled the iron of her mind for the incident to shatter it instead of simply bending it so it could be fixed with the passage of time, no instead now it would take major intervention and work. While the incident itself will be purposefully vague as even talking about it here may upset Mariah, it is suffice to say that afterwards everything became like her dreams until He arrived.

Afterwards she had a nightmarish house, no parents, no siblings, no hobbies and just the dreams. Somehow, through some miracle the man that was Dante had pulled her through. In her three previous years living her life while joined with the Phantom Lords(though mainly in name she gained no rank and completed no quests during this time) she had never been so inspired. It started as an act of teenage rebellion and shifted to a new family when she lost hers but it could not fill the hole, not until He arrived.

It got better then, in her dreams He chased away the monsters. He was Mariah Lerro’s savior, her knight in shining armor, her personal Messiah. Due to this she grew motivated for the first time in her life and has begun the process of learning her magic and wants to climb the ranks of Phantom Lords if only to be at Dante’s side.

Reference: Jolyne Atreides and Jyu

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Hey there, and welcome back to FTRP~

While for the most part your profile checks out, the special feature of your magic detailed below is something we can't allow, so please remove this (basically you start with a normal magic without any gimmicks, even if it would be quite entertaining to see)

Someone could be literally flattened like a pancake by a spell cast and survive with the same amount of damage a spell of it's rank would do. While it may be psychologically jarring to be flattened to a pancake it will not inflict additional physical damage at all, in addition to this the victim of a spell has to roll on a wheel. On the Rolls 91-100 they will not receive any damage from an offensive skill from this magic, this does not apply to debuffs or positive effects just offensive spells cast towards someone. This chance is due to Mariah's fear of killing.

Mariah Lerro MHKs2Uu
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Mariah Lerro
Fine Esper I won't cripple my magic :P

I'm just glad my magic seal gets to be Killer Queen, that's fine right as it's a purely aesthetic thing?

Either way edited as specified, thanks for checking my app.

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Ah sorry I derped there, no you'll still have to have a normal magical circle~ Else you could confuse other people with the nature of your magic element and such.

Mariah Lerro MHKs2Uu
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Mariah Lerro
Even if it's the color of the magic and the size of the seal? Genuine question, if no I will be sad but I will remove it.

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Nope, regular magical seal sadly, but who knows what Dante might teach you someday...

Mariah Lerro MHKs2Uu
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Mariah Lerro
I know can't blame a girl for trying, thank you for dealing with me. Completely Edited out.

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This character application has been approved.

Mariah Lerro MHKs2Uu

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