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Tsukiko Himura

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Name: Tsukiko Himura
Age: March 2th, X770
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
Ethnicity, Father: Joyan
Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan
Class: Hierophant
Race: Human
Rank: C-rank
Guild: Midnight Cult
Tattoo: Right shoulder, red cpmpr
Face: Matou Sakura - Fate/Stay Night


Height: 1,56m
Weight: 46kg
Hair: Violet (white when magic is active)
Eyes: Violet (red when magic is active)
Overall: Standing at 1 meter and 56 centimeters tall Tsukiko is a young lady with violet hair, which she styles with a pink ribbon on the left side and violet eyes. The ribbon that she uses to decorate her hair is actually a memento she received from her elder brother as a child shortly before she got sold as a slave, a gift to cheer her up that she has kept wearing since then. Although she might not voice it openly, she is actually quite fond of her hair, perhaps an explanation why it is usually cleanly brushed and tidy whenever she gets an opportunity to relax a little.

While she might be modest of height, physically Tsukiko has been noted to be fairly well-developed when it comes to her bust size. While her usual choice of clothing consists of a pink cardigan, a white top, and a long cream-colored skirt, it is more likely that people are more prone to see her different look.

Being infected by a mysterious parasite that serves as the source of her power, whenever Tsukiko succumbs to this tainted influence her hair turns as white as snow, and her eyes a bloodish red. While she retains her trademark ribbon, suggesting a small part of her consciousness remains even during those moments of possession, it seems to turn purple in color during her transformation.

One trademark of her magic is that her body becomes covered in a long black dress made of a mysterious black substance that is trimmed red, the length of the makeshift dress and the length of the ribbon-like form of the substance it is composed of tend to vary.

As result of this corrupting influence, her face, dress and legs tend to get covered in red markings, making it easy to identify her corruption.

Extra: Due to the mysterious properties of her magic Tsukiko's appearance tends to change whenever she allows it to influence her. However, this is merely cosmetic.


~It's easier to be nice than to be mean~
Despite having experienced the world and its inhabitants at its worst, Tsukiko is a surprisingly nice and sweet girl. The type of person who is willing to go out of her way to assist others and answer a plight for help, some might even say she is a bit too eager to please. However, this part of her is actually not merely selfless, it is a way for her to seek redemption and atone for the sins she commits while under the influence of her magic. That and everyone knows a world without kindness loses its worth entirely.

~A voice as gentle as a spring breeze~
Despite her eagerness to help people, Tsukiko is quite soft-spoken and might outwardly even appear a bit shy to others. She is not the type to quickly raise her voice or get angry at people, suggesting she has a mature and open-minded outlook on situations and a willingness to be understanding of the problems others might face. However, rather than sounding insecure she actually seems quite persuasive in her ability to settle arguments with words alone. Still, let her soft-spoken nature not fool you into thinking she is weak of will.

~As stubborn as an ox~
If there is one thing people can easily say about Tsukiko, then it is no doubt that once she has made a decision, she can be quite stubborn about it. As a result, she is also the type of person who, once she has made a decision will try to see it through to the end. She simply dislikes the idea of having something be left unfinished, and as a result, she is often prone to even become a little forceful in her attempts to help others.

~ I might forgive, but I won't forget ~
Despite her kind nature Tsukiko is the last person you want to slight. Perhaps it is because she is the type who doesn't drop a grudge easily, but once you wronged her or left a very unfavorable impression upon her, you can expect things to become quite difficult for you to handle when it involves her. Some might even describe her as spiteful because in her opinion the moment someone wrongs her, they have shown their true colors, and at that point, it is quite difficult to change her opinion into a more favorable one.

~ Chaos in the mind, chaos in the heart ~
Due to the mysterious parasite that serves as the source of her magic Tsukiko's mental state is quite bipolar in nature. While some might label it similar to a mental illness, or perhaps even suggest she has a split personality, it is no doubt noticeable that when Tsukiko uses her magic, that she undergoes a remarkable change in her personality and appearance. Some suggest that those emotions she shows are the suppressed feelings of the young lady, in a way one could even consider them the 'shadow of her heart'.

~ Where was your mercy when I cried for it? ~
In her transformed state, Tsukiko tends to show some rather selfish, cruel and sadistic characteristics. Perhaps the result of her pent-up anger at how she was never shown any mercy when she begged for it, the cruelty she shows to people might be considered heartless to most, but the truth is that she isn't simply a selfish and brutal person, rather it is her way of lashing out at the cruelty of a world she knows she can't change by herself, a world that has forsaken her.

~ Pulling your strings like a puppeteer ~
Deception, lies, half-truths, acting, all is fair when it comes to playing mind games and manipulating people. While this is less of a natural personality trait of Tsukiko, it is actually a sign of her genuine distrust toward the world. Even if she tries to show an open-minded and understanding outlook toward others, deep inside she always feels distrustful of them, knowing all too well that the moment she lowers her guard they might betray her, and if she turns her back at them? Then she might as well expect a dagger to follow.

~ I am thou, and thou art I ~
While most believe her transformed state to alter her personality, there is one particular aspect of her mannerisms that might make someone question that reasoning. While Tsukiko refers to herself as a typical feminine 'Watashi' in her mother-language, in her transformed state Tsukiko refers to herself in a third person. This actually subtly suggests that there is more to Tsukiko's magic than a mere personality change. However, what that might be remains open for debate.


  • Household Chores: : Raised in a society where females tend to be responsible for supporting the family, Tsukiko is quite fond of trivial things like shopping for groceries or cleaning.

  • Her Brother: Considering he is the only family she has left, Tsukiko cares immensely for her elder brother, and some say that he is the only one able to keep her sanity in place.


  • Nobility: Associated with her suppressed thoughts that nobles are all greedy people that feed on the efforts and suffering of those beneath them, Tsukiko dislikes the nobility caste unless they prove her wrong in her assumptions.
  • Slavery: Having been a slave in the past Tsukiko, to put in bluntly despises slavery with a passion. Being forced to abandon your freedom is one of the most cruel things someone can experience. It's almost the same as ceasing to be a person


  • Traveling the World: One thing Tsukiko really wants to do is see the world at large, to discover different countries and civilizations, meet all sorts of people and just spend time alongside her beloved brother


  • Her Inner-Darkness: Both a blessing and a curse, while she knows the parasite that grants her power cares enough about her to try to keep her safe, she still dreads the thought of 'what if I succumb too deeply to her influence and do something I'll truly regret'?
  • Her Elder Brother: Tsukiko fears being abandoned a second time, what might explain why she is so clingy toward her elder brother


Magic Name: Corrupted Parasite

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: The power granted to Tsukiko by the mysterious parasite that inhabits her body doesn't only cosmetically alter her appearance, it also allows her to manifest a mysterious substance from within her body which allows the young lady to bestow restorative powers upon those in her presence. However, it also is known to possess a much darker and vile aspect that is yet to be uncovered...


~ Prologue: The Forsaken ~

As you enter the tavern you see several people gathered around a fire hearth, surprisingly unlike most places you might have been used to, the crowd is eerily silent, their attention drawn toward a tall man, a mere glimpse at his clothes suggest he is a traveler, but not just any traveler. No, the stylish outfit and the lute in his hands no doubt belong to one who performs in the entertainment industry, the one people call a 'bard'.

The storyteller looks up at you from amidst the crowd and beckons you to come closer, an inviting smile on his lips as the soft melody being played by the strings of his instrument draw you in.

"It seems we have a most fascinating guest today. Are you here for a story? Then please stay a while and listen."

It all began in a distant land, far beyond the borders of the Fiore we know. In this faraway land existed a civilization quite similar to our own, and yet so different. From their architecture to their traditions, their language or their religion. It is in that country our story began.

If there is one thing every civilization shares, then it's without a doubt that some form of caste system exists. Nobility, the regular middle-class citizen and those who lived in poverty. The girl whose story is about to be told was someone who was born in the last part. Her family were simple farmers, working for the noble that owned the land their farm was situated on.

Tsukiko they called her, an odd name isn't it? However, I quite like the name. It actually holds a special meaning in their language. You see, the name is actually made up out of two fragments 'Tsuki' which means moon in their language, and 'Ko' what is the term that could loosely translate to 'Child'. So in their language, she would be called 'Moon Child' or 'Child of the Moon', a fascinating name, right? I even heard she was born on a full moon what makes it even more entertaining to tell her story.

So Tsukiko, as mentioned before was raised in a small farmer family alongside an elder brother. Living in poverty is always difficult, but it becomes even more difficult when one considers the harsh circumstances those people live in.

And yet, even lacking in luxury and comfort that most of us take for granted, the girl never complained. In fact, she used to be so happy and cheerful, while her brother and father would go out to harvest the vegetables or visit the local market to peddle their wares, Tsukiko would aid her mother in tending to the household and feeding the animals.

There was no doubt that the girl's happiness came from the fact she was living with a warm family. While her father was harsh and strict, he always prioritized the safety of his family and the thought of leaving food on the table over all else, what was quite an important thing for the head of a household to do.

Her elder brother often told her about how one day he would become a proud samurai. What is a samurai you ask? Oh, forgive me, I should explain that a bit more. Samurai are hmm... a lot like Rune Knights in a way. They are soldiers that serve the local lord that governs their lands. The reason he wanted to do it was not for fame or glory, he wanted to become a samurai so he could help his family live in more comfortable circumstances.

To be honest, the girl admired her elder brother a lot, for him to have such a solid goal and a noble intention. She wished she had one of her own, but all she wanted was to live peacefully with her family and support them as she always did. But it appeared that life wouldn't be that kind to her.

In the wake of a war fought between two lords the one who governed the land Tsukiko's family was involved in, and a harsh winter that came afterward caused a sharp decline of harvests, and in the wake of that taxes were raised to a point that Tsukiko's family couldn't pay them anymore.

And everyone knows what happens when you can't pay taxes. At a tender age of ten, the girl watched a group of armed sellswords barge onto the farm demanding the taxes to be paid.

Of course, her father pleaded for them to be understanding, to give him the time for spring to arrive and repay the taxes in full with the next harvest, but the sellsword wouldn't hear about it.

His eyes glanced around the farm, a cursory glance at her family being made before he made an outrageous offer: Sell your daughter to us and we will consider the tax paid. Her brother snapped, lashing out at their leader, and they were helpless to see the young man beaten up to a pulp as a result of his defiance.

In the end? Her father was forced to give in to the demands of the sellswords. In the end, he would either lose his daughter, or he would lose his entire family.

And so it was, that the greed of mankind had forced Tsukiko away from her family. At the tender age of ten she was forced into slavery, and while one might say that she was a sacrifice for the sake of her family, the child obviously thought different about that.

"Papa sold me." Although a part of her still remembered the tearful look in her mother's eyes, and the infinite apologizes her father made as she was dragged off, all the girl thought at that point was: I was abandoned by my family.

There was no denying that after those tragic events, that the girl called Tsukiko had truly become one of the... Forsaken.

~ Power comes at a Price ~

And yet, as tragic of a story that it might be, it did not reach its ending. In the wake of the events that led her to become a slave, Tsukiko found herself experiencing the thing, every slave had at some point: being sold.

It was almost akin to being an animal sold on the market. Wearing only rags as she was dragged onto the platform. According to the stories, the bids that were given involved outrageous sums, understandable because even as a child Tsukiko looked quite nice, and surely she would mature into an appealing woman. However, perhaps it was the lack of life in her eyes that made people believe she had become a puppet for one to play with.

Or maybe it was the fact that she had no longer held a desire to live, that led the girl to draw the attention of 'him'. An elderly man dressed in the type of clothes only a noble could afford walked toward the crowd, his eyes looking only at the child and yet his presence was enough to make the crowd make way for him.

"One Hundred Million Jewels." The man stated calmly, and after such a bid he obviously had won. After the auction was handled the man who became called her 'Master' took her back to his residence.

Tsukiko's master was a peculiar man, despite his elderly looks there was an intimidating and powerful aura about him, almost unnaturally so, and even if his residence was large enough to house multiple families, there was nobody else aside from the two of them, well unless you count the mysterious human-like familiars the man possessed.

A lot of times alchemists refer to them as 'Homunculi', but I'd say they were more like puppets. But why did Tsukiko's master decide to buy a child like her? Surely not because he had any questionable fetishes.

In fact, Tsukiko's master was a Dark Mage, one who specialized in an unusual type of Augmentation Magic. However, even in his state, one that had made him surpass an ordinary human being's lifespan, Tsukiko's master was not immortal, and so he wanted to do something that went beyond the concept of a taboo.

He wanted to transfer his entire wisdom, his power, his life work as a mage onto the girl. Perhaps in one way, people could call it 'Reincarnation'. However, the ritual he wanted to use required a vessel, and as one might imagine the vessel he had chosen was Tsukiko.

Why Tsukiko? Because she was young and according to him possessed the best aptitude for receiving his power. But above all, she lacked something most people didn't have: She no longer held any attachments toward life itself. Most people, even if they said otherwise still didn't want to die, they often subconsciously reached out to the concept of 'I want to live!'. But Tsukiko? She felt like she had no reason to live, especially after what she perceived as being abandoned by her family, her mind had been broken.

Five years he spend training her, teaching her the ways of a mage. It was rather quickly that he noticed her affinity toward darkness magic, just like him and so on the day she became fifteen he decided to give her a 'birthday' present.

People said that something peculiar happened in the region. In the middle of the day the sky darkened as if something was turning the sun's light away from the land, and while screams of pain came from the residence Tsukiko stayed at and a blanket of a shadowy mist had crept through the town.

Seven days and seven nights the sun remained absent, till finally the shadowy mist disappeared from the town and the sun returned. But what about Tsukiko? The girl had undergone a change some might call a transformation, others a metamorphosis, but I'd say that the poor girl had been corrupted by a magic none of us would understand.

Red markings trailed along the skin of her arm, leg and cheeks, her irises turned as red as blood and her violet hair became a pure white color. However, above all, she obtained a mysterious ability: the gift to conjure shadows and give the substance a solid shape.

Tsukiko's master was satisfied with the experiment, and yet as he turned his back at her and dismissed the girl back to her room he had been oblivious to a gesture that would spell his doom: she smiled.

The truth is that Tsukiko's master his magical source come from special parasites, and as one imagined he tried to maximize their efficiency by implanting the Queen of those parasites into the poor child. However, it would later be revealed that while this action was very effective, it would also spell his downfall. In the end, emotions are both a weakness and a strength, a curse and a boon. For a parasite that was meant to make the girl become 'perfect', it was understandable that the parasite would fill what the girl lacked, and in this case, the thing Tsukiko lacked was a 'will'.

As the master schemed his rebirth, the apprentice started to develop a will of her own, the parasite feeding on the suppressed negative emotions of the girl. Anger, resentment, sorrow, jealousy. Too many to describe, and in the end, our story was about to reach its conclusion quite soon. One year ago at the time of Tsukiko's master, his rebirth was at hand.

The ritual was prepared, the pieces were all set in place for the event to succeed, and then both sides played their cards. Just as he was about to activate the spell that would start the ritual, leaving him momentarily vulnerable the girl manifested a tendril of solid shadows, grasping a hold of the nearby ceremonial knife and plunged into the chest of the man.

The puppet turned against the puppeteer.

~ Light can't exist without darkness ~

Although he was vulnerable, Tsukiko's master was a mage beyond ordinary human capacities, and when the knife stabbed him in the chest he retaliated. A violent conflict between the two dark mages followed, but in the wake of the events, something happened neither of them could have anticipated.

Shadow clashed against shadow as both strived for dominance, yet it was clear that even with her newfound power Tsukiko couldn't overwhelm her master. Slowly her foe gained the upper hand, slowly backing her into a corner when at the last moment, right before their clash would be settled the paper door was cut down, a man clad in the armor of a samurai barging into the room.

A mere glimpse of the area was offered before he turned his blade at Tsukiko's master and moved with an agility that would make most knights unable to follow the motion.

Metal danced through the air as the blade sliced the man into half, the corpse of Tsukiko's master collapsing onto the ground. Of course, the girl felt threatened by the dangerous strength of this man, lashing out at him, However, to her surprise, the man didn't attack her, rather he grasped a hold of her hand and said something quite unbelievable.

"It's alright imouto, I am here for you now."

Confused? Understandable, for imouto is actually the word they use to refer to... a younger sister. As the samurai removed his helmet the tender expression on his face brought back memories of a distant past in Tsukiko... that samurai was her elder brother.

Breaking out in tears as she felt the control by the parasite lessening she cried out, asking why the betrayed her, why her family had forsaken her, but in the end, the truth couldn't be further from that. In the wake of their separation, her mother died from grief, while her father worked himself to the point he died to make enough money for her brother to become trained in the art of combat.

For five years he served in the military till he was promoted to the samurai caste and his first request was the permission to search for the one person who always remained on their family's mind: the daughter they had been forced to abandon.

It had been a difficult journey, but he had finally succeeded, and promise to protect her for the rest of his life. In the end, the two of them started to travel together, a girl with a cursed power that is not her own, and the one who contains the key to her sanity.

They left their country and started wandering the world, experiencing countless adventures together.

As the story ends you find the bard smiling mysteriously at you. "You wonder if this story is real?" The man mused softly, raising a hand to his chin as he seemingly ponders for a moment.

"What makes you assume that this was just a story?" As if on cue a thick black mist starts to spreads from the entrance to the inn, like a blanket covering the ground as two hooded figures enter the inn. One of them is clearly taller and more muscular, a young man in his early twenties, a sheathed katana on his belt while next to him is a much smaller figure, a hand raised to their hood as its pulled down, revealing a white-haired girl with red markings flowing from her cheek down to her neck, a playful smile on her lips.

"Every story carries a grain of truth and fiction in it, but it is up to you to find out where the story truly begins..."

It has been two years since her brother disappeared from her side when the rifts first appeared. According to the parasite there is someone who is able to help her find her beloved brother, all she has to do is find a mysterious book... All will be revealed by 'her' in due time...

Reference: N/A

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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand:NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: NA
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 9 from quests + 20 from C-rank which was never obtained = 29 in total

  • Strength: 2
  • Speed: 2
  • Endurance: 3
  • Constitution: 11
  • Intelligence: 11

Other Changes


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Class: Hierophant
Race: Human
Tattoo: Remove this: "if she ever was to leave MC"


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This character application has been approved.

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