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Name: Genzo Shimada

Age: Seventeen | January 18th X770

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Desiertan

Class: Hierophant

Race: Human

Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Phantom Lord

Tattoo: Between his shoulder blades - Icy Blue

Face: Toshiro Hitsugaya - Bleach


Height:  5' 6" / 168 cm

Weight: 126 lbs / 57 Kg

Hair: White

Eyes: Turquoise

Overall: The Shimada has caramel coloured skin and keen eyes the colour of the ocean. A crease usually sits between his brows which is in stark contrast with his arrogant and seemingly challenging smirk. His hair is as white as snow itself but no one can mistake that to be a result of old age, given the way he holds himself, the fit youthful state of his form and his body. He stands at a fairly average height for a man, definitely isn't a towering presence, but he isn't a short man either, besides he still has time to grow some more. He has a few faded scars from his endeavours while he worked under his father, but nothing too significant.

Extra: -


Personality: Much like several other young men, the Shimada is filled with the raging spirit to prove himself. This urge drives him to do well and train hard. In the era of battles and conflicts any person who doesn't seek to invest in themselves in a manner that makes them more powerful, so that they may defend what is there and conquer what isn't, is asking for trouble.

Genzo possesses a sharp mind and he has picked up several tools of trade from his father's organisation. He is prudent when it comes to assessing enemies, and can remain rather cold and shrewd in the way he operates. Ironically, while he is not very collaborative because he believes himself to be better than the others, he is very accustomed to working in groups and will always seek to take the role of the leader.

Genzo is usually in a hyper-aggressive state around those whom he knows and is supposed to work with. The better he knows another, the less wary he is and the more he expects out of them. He often makes the plans and perfection in execution is all he expects and all he accepts. This standard is applicable to both himself and others around him. While quick to temper, the ability to illicit a reaction from him and to bait him into displaying that temper as an uncontrolled flare, resides solely with those who have worked with him for a while and have earned his criticism by deserving it.

The boy embraces his freedom, but only till it doesn't contradict the traditions, duty and values of his family. He tries his best to be an ideal son and do what he needs to do to make his parents happy. Despite the shady nature of his father's work, he has never once doubted the man's integrity or mettle. He believes that the family work is an extension of survival tactics that everyone must employ. He's fiercely protective of anyone related to him by blood.

Given his upbringing, he doesn't have much regard for law enforcement and believes that they just exist as an illusion of protection for those who are too weak to protect themselves. He won't go out of his way to break laws, but won't hesitate to do so should they be in the way of his missions.


  • Diligence: No matter what the task, if one remains disciplined and perseveres, they are likely to move towards success. Sure, some take longer and some don't complete that journey at all, but at least diligence serves to kick things in the right direction.

  • Intelligence: The presence of intelligence marks the ability to be able to quickly make connections, derive reasoning and make a calculated move. It is what separates being good from being great. In his mind, it is also what allows for introspection and being able to spot weaknesses in himself more accurately, so he may cover for them or work towards eliminating them. Additionally, the same perception against his enemies leads to better exploitation.


  • Incompetence: Genzo believes that if you are not good at something, you shouldn't do it. If you really want to do it, practice and get better (much better) before you engage in something sensitive that requires that skill. This is particularly the case if you have others relying on you. If incompetence is going to risk the chances of success, its better left behind.

  • Drones: If all you can do is follow orders and don't possess the sense to adapt when the situation demands, you're replaceable and largely useless in the eyes of Genzo. The yes sir, no sir mentality is relied on by those who don't know better.


  • Being Worthy: He recognises that there are several flaws in him and despite accepting them and even channelling them to his advantage, he does seek balance. So that he may be truly worthy of the wisdom and the honour to lead others towards their goals especially if they're aligned with his. He needs to earn the forgiveness of his parents, so that the curse that has been placed upon him can be lifted.


  • Mediocrity: He fears that he'd never be strong enough. Not just in the conventional sense, but given the curse his mother put on him, he is afraid that he will not be able to prove himself in time and earn her forgiveness so that she may reverse it.

  • Failure: Failing makes him hurt. It is not that he has never faced this outcome, it is what becomes of him when he does. He spirals down a dark cycle of feeling worthless and pushing himself beyond what he should, which can often leave him more broken than before. It takes him a while to accept set backs and move on.


Magic Name: Freeze

Magic Element: Frost

Magic Description: The magic is fairly standard, it bestows the user with the ability to cool the atmosphere around them and then condense it into solidified objects. These objects can have different properties based on the intent and the proportions of the magic supplied while making them. The coolness supplied by the magic, for example, can often be used to alleviate pain and repair other forms of injuries. While other objects made, can be used to deal damage and for other utilities.


History: For the most part, Genzo has lived a charmed life. Any danger that he has ever faced has been of his own accord. The boy is the child of a wealthy woman from Desierto and a wealthy man from Joya. While his maternal family had settled themselves in Desierto, they bore a strong streak of Icebergian blood going up their generation which was fabled to be the source of their inheritable magic.

Both his maternal and paternal sides are infamous for being affiliated with mafia organisations. While his father possesses no magic and seemed to be averse to it, he still chose to marry Genzo's mother despite her being a frost mage, perhaps it was because she was a healer and that served him well, given his exploits. Their union was fixed after his father's previous wife and daughter left him. The reasons for the first family breaking were never truly shared with Genzo. As he grew up, he made his fairly accurate assumptions, but never dared to ask about it in detail, believing it to be a sore spot for both his mother and father.

His family comprises of his parents and his younger brother Hanji, so far. But his protective instinct has always left him curious about the half-sister he lost to circumstances before he even had a chance to get to know her. Other than that, he quickly discovered that he has inherited his mother's magic and was quick to begin training with it, while also learning as much as he could from the samurais that aided in keeping his father safe and the family business running. Soon, he opted to help out his father by taking on small tasks for the organisation, which swiftly became bigger and bigger. As his role became more significant, he got more arrogant and his mother's worry began to peak.

Given his relations to the head of the organisation, no one dared to argue with him and he took on the role of leader in small missions. Usually he actually had the luck (or perhaps the skill and wits) to succeed. This only made matters worse. He became something of a child prodigy and apparently that gave him the rights to reprimand people working alongside him if they went off his plans or if the messed up the mission in any manner, sometimes even violently. While his father joked about how his son ruled with a firm hand just like him, his mother was increasingly unhappy with the change in his demeanour. Especially when the people who accompanied him on missions returned more injured because of Genzo, than because of the enemies.

Hanji had not yet displayed any significant signs of being a mage and in general seemed to be a gentler more carefree soul than Genzo. Regardless, having seen nothing else he wanted to follow in his brother and father's footsteps. So, despite Genzo's reservations, Hanji was allowed to accompany him and the squad on a relatively low profile mission. Unfortunately, due to the shortcomings of another on his team, the mission went awry. His usual temper provoked him to send a spell sent towards the underling who was the cause of this trouble, and Genzo as per habit wanted them to pay for their incompetence. Unfortunately for the brothers, the man who had had enough of Genzo's temperament, dodged in a manner that left Hanji bearing the brunt of the damage before Genzo had time to dismiss the attack.

Genzo was ashamed at having hurt his brother and having failed the mission, but his guilt was not enough in his mother's eyes. She used a very special ritual to diminish Genzo's physical and magical capabilities significantly. In addition, she said that every time he lashed out at an ally, not only would he be unable to hurt them, he'd instead heal them, or in other cases empower them. She said this would force him to learn to rely on others and aid him in learning to be a true leader. While he was crushed at having what he'd worked for stolen from him, watching his brother suffer at his hands helped him bear the curse with honour and no complains.

He asked his father for just one boon, that he may be allowed to serve on missions that were not within Joya, so that his reputation here may not be squandered. His father too, wasn't too happy with the decision of the mother and decided to offer his son this chance. It was supposed to be a relatively easy mission. A few people from a secluded village had requested aid in finding and eliminating a certain healer, last rumoured to be in Fiore. Genzo eagerly accepted this mission. He was silent about his secondary motive, which was to hopefully run into his sister as well and perhaps reconcile the broken family as an additional token to be forgiven.

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