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Baska To Crocus [Horse]

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#1Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
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The lively wind that had returned to the town of Baska. No longer were people wildly attacking each other and waging war on one another. Rather, the confusion and devastation of discovering dead and injured bodies had brought them pain. Some may thing that it was a bad idea to do what they had done but the pink haired female didn't think so. She was happy and proud of what the doctor and herself had accomplished.

Although the people were devastated, they also worked together to treat those who had managed to survive. They cleaned up the streets together and with the help of the doctor, aided those in need. They found out about the cold colliers and decided to take care of those thugs themselves. They thanks the knight and reminded her that now they were strong enough to take care of their town themselves; that she had already done so much for them. They sent her off warmly and proceeded to devise plans to deal with the thugs. However, she wasn't worried because where there is a will, there is a way. She was sure they would find a way to take care of the cold colliers themselves.

The black beauty that stood before her leisurely ate the grass that grew at the outskirts of the town. The townspeople had gifted the horse to her as a gift which she gladly accepted. It made things a lot easier. It was a rather beautiful horse. With a dark black body and yet shiny hair that could make anyone jealous, it was calm and collected and minded it's own business. The female walked up to the horse which noticed her steps and looked at her.

Gently, she raised her hand and brushed the horse's hair which it seemed to quite like. They didn't take much time to bond with each other. Xandra had always been good with animals and despite the changes circumstances brought in her, her affection towards animals never subsided. Mounting the horse, the two set off to another city, a city which the knight had in mind. It took them days of travel and rest to get there but they did. The travel wasn't bad at all. She always liked travelling but it was often lonely when she would stop for rests. Now, she had a companion who was very much appreciated, as well as her thoughts which sometimes directed to what she would name him.

As she entered the city of crocus, she thought of the perfect name; Leilah; a black beauty.
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