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Kincaid Bishop

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Name: Kincaid Bishop

Age: November 7th, X769 (20)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother:  Savannan

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: Red, Tongue

Face: Ikuya Kirishima - Free!


Height: 5'9" | 152.4cm

Weight: 165lbs | 74.8427kg

Hair: Teal

Eyes: Golden Orange

Overall: Kincaid may be 'drop dead gorgeous' to some people but he has never much paid attention to his own looks. His teal locks often falling messily around his unique visage, a striking golden orange hue that reflects his determination but lazy disposition. With eyes devoid of any real focus he always looks to be sleepy or tired when he is in fact wide awake.

His skin is a nice olive tone and he is on the average height scale, standing at 5'9" and happily so; not wanting to draw to much attention for his height or weight. He might want to be the guild master of Fairy Tail but he isn't interested in standing out every day. A normal height for a currently normal boy, or so he believes.

His clothing is right on point with his actual personality as he tends to wear whatever is comfortable, rather than looking to be some fashion icon. With a comfortable t-shirt, some ripped jeans, sweats or shorts and often over sized jackets and the like. A pair of sneakers or sandals glued to his feet with every outing, keeping it casual and nice. Though he may dress comfortably, his 165lb frame of toned muscle speaks words about his passion for wizardry.

Extra: --


Personality: Kincaid is a man who is comfortable in his own skin, and you can see it on his expression. A constant look of disinterest or boredom on his face, one might assume he doesn't want to be wherever he is even if he is jumping with joy. He's just not a fussy man, and he never has been, rather keeping calm and enjoying his life with at least some form of dignity.

This isn't to say that he has no passion, as you wont find anyone more passionate about being an amazing wizard. He simply wants to remain in a state of emotional balance instead of letting every little feeling dictate his actions, and it's kept him safe so far.

A man who isn't for meaningless fights and conflict, he is able to get along with most anyone. Seemingly having an inviting aura to others while others would just let him sit in his own bubble of peace. He is a great listener, advice giver and friend whenever he can be; sharing his opinion when asked for it. It's why he's so popular with the fellas, a kind heart and hot bod never lose!

Kincaid is a protector at heart however, and despite his not having interest in conflict he won't hesitate to put others in their place. When it comes to Fairy Tail he isn't one to let insults or threats slide, especially not ones from potential threats. When pushed to his emotional limits his expression could make a snow man shiver, becoming cold and almost distant; as if bordering on a much darker person within begging to be set free.


  • Nature: Maybe it's because of his earth magic, but Kincaid loves nature. Animals, hiking, camping, anything that involves the big open world makes the young man happy! Except boats, never boats!
  • Sweets: Unfortunately Kincaid has an undeniable sweet tooth for smoothies, candy, cakes, anything with some sugar. He can't get enough of treats and always seems to have some stashed on his person somewhere.


  • Water: No, not like that. Kincaid will drink water and bath and all that good stuff, but he doesn't like water deeper than 5 feet. It's why he steers clear of boats, and anything else of that nature, as he has yet to learnt to swim.
  • Repetition: Who honestly like repeating themselves or having the same thing told to them over and over. Kincaid definitely get's easily irritated when it comes to repetition and won't hold his tongue about it.


  • Guild Master: Kincaid dreams of one day being the guild master of Fairy Tail, it helps to motivate him to become stronger. He considers Fairy Tail to be his family and wishes for nothing but to become their protector and top member.


  • Dark Guilds: There's something about that sinful energy that just strikes fear into the mages heart. Kincaid is quite afraid of dark guilds and places riddled with dark mages, avoiding them as best as he can.
  • Heights: Kincaid is NOT a fan of heights one bit. He would rather have both feet planted on the earth whenever he can, as any earth mage would. Being up high makes his knees weak, his stomach turn and takes away his ability to focus clearly.


Magic Name: Herald of Gaia

Magic Element: Earth

Magic Description: Herald of Gaia magic is just a fancy way of saying earth magic. It allows Kincaid to control the earth, bending and using it to his every whim for offense, defense, supplementary and even self buffing purposes. These attacks often coming in projectile form with the occasional weapon formed from pure stone, and the defense coming in walls, domes and rock armor.

This magics versatility is almost 'groundbreaking', allowing for heavy focus on offense with the other uses taking the sidelines. It allows Kincaid to take the front lines with ease or assist others from the sidelines with devastating results when taking advantage of a distracted or vulnerable foe.


History: Kincaid's entire home life has always been about zen and finding yourself. Raised by what most would consider hippies, the young boy was never fussy or overly excitable. Instead he was more like his father, calm and cool and never seeming to take anything to heart. He was just a normal child, with what some considered to be a normal future ahead of himself.

At the age of 10 he discovered magic, taking an interested in the art much like his mother. Her use of earth magic being what inspired him to take up a magic of similar origin, feeling a natural connection to the elements around him. He was no prodigy however but he seemed to be incredibly effective at offensive spells, despite his calm demeanor. Something that impressed his mother, maybe all that aggression was transferred to his magic instead.

By age 16 he was already training harder with his mother, expressing interest in joining a guild to help others. His mother, a former Blue Pegasus member was more than happy to hear this and recommended her own guild but he decided he'd rather join something akin to Fairy Tail. Their rowdy energy combating his own, hopefully bringing him out of his 'shell' if he stayed long enough.

So when he'd turned 20, after training and helping his parents with their own bills and the like he was off. Ending up at Fairy Tails doorstep and quickly joining the guild, ready to embrace a new family and one day become it's protector.

Reference: --

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Unfortunately wizard saints are not canon to the site at the moment so you'll want to change that motivation to something else, otherwise, you're set to go.


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This character application has been approved.

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