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My genius (maybe) idea

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My genius (maybe) idea Empty Thu Jan 17, 2019 10:42 am


Name: ???

Species: Glowing Baby Slime

Element: Light

Quantity:  Limited

Mana: 150

Strength: 1

Endurance: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Intelligence: 1

Size: 10 centimeters diameter.

Description: Baby slimes are made of a gelatinous-like substance, are shaped like a sphere and are born very small. Only through their owner's care through different snacks can they become stronger and larger.


  • Through the use of snacks, baby slimes may learn spells, up to a max of 2 for each rank excluding S-Rank, using a basic magic of their element. They can only use offensive, defensive and supplementary spells. These spells are made by the user for the slime. The slime can only use a certain rank of spell depending on their size.

    • 10 CM+ Diameter: D-Rank
    • 20 CM+ Diameter: C-Rank
    • 40 CM+ Diameter: B-Rank
    • 60 CM+ Diameter: A-Rank


  • -


  • The user must not have any weakness to the element of light.

What is this?
This is my own idea, the baby slime. It is meant too act as a companion of sorts on the forum. I'd reccomend it be priced at around 500k jewels at first. I want there to be one for each element. It's easy to do that, since you can just recolor this or any image of a slime.

Why is it so weak?
The point is to buy snacks for it from the shop (that may have a cooldown to avoid powerleveling) that would increase its stats, size and let it learn spells.

Why is this a good idea for a companion?
It allows the user to grow with their companion, different than in the past where people were encouraged to simply buy the best companion on the get-go (legendaries). It allows the user a long term investment that they see growing over time, rather than a superpowered beast right out of the box. In addition, it gives freedom to how the user wishes to make their slime like, as they can either focus on stats, spells, etc - or a mix of things.

Okay, what are the snacks like?

I was thinking something like this:

-All Snacks can only be purchased twice per week, meaning that you can get either two power snacks or one power snack and one speed stat, but no more than two snacks can be fed to your slime per week.

  • Strength/Speed/Endurance/Intelligence/Constitution/Mana Snack: Increases the slime's stat associated with the name by 3. Mana however is increased by 30 for each snack. (100,000 jewels).
  • Size Snack: Increases the slime's size by 10 centimeters in diameter. (100,000 jewels)
  • Spell Snack (D-A variations): Lets the slime learn 1 spell of a certain rank, created by the user. (D = 100,000 jewels, C = 200,000 jewels, B = 300,000 jewels, A = 500,000 jewels)

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My genius (maybe) idea Empty Thu Jan 17, 2019 10:46 am

What level can it beat the Orc Lord?

Hi I'm Caius

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