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Kutari Aldrich

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#1Kutari Aldrich 

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Kutari Aldrich


Name: Kutari Aldrich

Age: October 9th, X768 / 19 years old

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Asexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Phantom Lord

Tattoo: Left side of right ankle | Lavender

Face: Joker/Akira Kurusu - Persona 5


Height: 6’0

Weight: 148lbs

Hair: Charcoal

Eyes: Dark Gray

Kutari Aldrich Tumblr_pajjoywQ581vgzd4so1_400

Kutari is a tall lanky teen possessing phantom pale skin with charcoal black wavy hair, however despite his clean-freak mentality he typically has his hair unkempt. His eyes are a dark gray which usually portray an endless abyss foretelling little chance of luminous and carry a sense of absence or intensity.

Usually wearing one of two outfits, he wears a black trench coat with long outstretched collars over a gray vest with eight golden coated buttons distributed evenly throughout the garment. With black dress pants and shoes, he counteracts the classy goth look with a pair of bright red gloves. At times he may carry around a black and white face mask which is focused around eye level, though this is only when he needs to hide his identity or is simply in the end.

In his more casual clothing he dons a black blazer with red buttons and red plaid pants with black dress shoes once again. Underneath the blazer a white turtleneck can be perceived, and the boy may wear round spacious black glasses with a clear lens. Typically he wears this when he’s not expecting any sort of combat or wishes to unwind, though at times it’s easier if he doesn’t want to attract much attention to himself in comparison to his more extravagant outfit.




Typically seen as a ghastly construct deprived of all proper emotions, Kutari could best be described as the physical representation of a human body once it’s soul has successfully abandoned the vessel. A person caressed by what could easily be described as a twisted and satanic past, it’s a miracle that Kutari escaped with even a slither of sanity, though such an origin could never allow one to remain unscathed as he displays a nurtured apathy in regards to life and all it’s bleak treasures. The pale teen lacks the values and morals commonly found throughout humanity as they’ve been stripped from him years beforehand, typically associated with a meek reaper or otherworldly presence which possessed the vacated body. Due to this, Kutari has little qualms with ending any sort of life or wrecking havoc despite the consequences so long as they align with his interests, his blunt gestures and vocal tones harboring no regret or guilt in the situation of taking a human’s life. Expressed as a cruel and “troubled” individual, he acts on his own interests tries to refrain from associating with too many people as they only get in the way. Outside of his cold and calculating demeanor lies a malicious intent which isn’t typically his primary driving force in his actions though it’s wicked texture is easily discernible to those with a keen eye.

Accompanying his vulgar traits, Kutari has been deemed an extremely manipulative character, willing to utilize others to get closer towards his goals and potential schemes. As an already established observer towards his surroundings and cunning methodology, watching the tendencies and social cues over time has enabled him to successfully take on a persona of his choosing and act out emotions and interests he’s lost long ago, blending into society to avoid detection when he wishes to remain hidden. Willing to go to great lengths with these tactics and reel others into his plots, the superficial man can wear any mask to an outing and retrieve what’s needed, an effective actor in his camouflaged state.

Expanding upon the calculating expression he so oftenly holds, the hunter is an intelligent and psychologically driven being as he focuses extensively on analysis and information to better piece together a hazy reality or successfully build a profile. Operating similarly to a detective, -he dives deep into the reasoning and backing of individual’s actions and tries to always stay one step ahead of others, playing a great role in his various battles as he always acts with a cool head. Usually refraining from speech and residing in his mind, a vast amount of thoughts and reasonings may very well run throughout his head depending on the situation, in groups he’d easily be found absorbing the information based on the ones around him and attempting to figure out how they operate. A tinkerer of sorts, Kutari has always held a vast interest in what made people tick and the foundation upon their tendencies, typically becoming bored and uninterested after solving the puzzle as they hold no value any longer.

With all these traits in mind, Kutari is still nothing more than a suffering teenager at the mercy of his own past having little fond memories or people to rely upon, actively blocked out of such a luxury. Over the years, his steeled mind and weariness of letting others get close out of fear has caused him to sink into a deeper hole that is seemingly inescapable. A person too afraid of death to take part in commencing it, though continuously throwing himself in it’s clutches in an effort to gain his wish. He struggles with sleep and will often be found awake during the day and night, his past engraved into his eyelids as his waking moments consistently involve causing trouble to pull his thoughts away from his pursuing truth and it’s tranquil tempo of chase; knowing well there’s no escape from his past, calmly chasing as he watches the inevitable demise of the shattering boy. As he knows no right direction to take or what to do with his life, on his current road Kutari simply tries to stall for time until he draws his last breath.


  • Seafood: When it comes to eating, one of Kutari’s favorite types of food would be seafood. Enjoying the various textures and tastes which different sorts of food from the sea wield, he can be found ordering some type of cuisine fitting this description whenever he gets the chance.

  • Tidiness: A natural born clean freak, it irritates the teen when a room remains unclean or someone fails to keep their living quarters in check. A sublime passion to keep everything tidy and in order, he’s had urges in the past to begin cleaning other people’s living spaces which he’s deemed untidy without their consent in the matter, gaining a thrill and enjoyment seeing a newly fitted room.

  • Observing People: Easily defined in the terms of a “people watcher”, Kutari has been seen spending hours watching passersby and people’s daily lives at hand, observing it all and taking the time to figure their psyche out or the reasoning behind their actions upon a sudden event, at times acting like an experimenter as he inspires a particular event to take place to see how they’d react. Though he typically loses interests in people quickly and moves on, it’s pleasant to treat each person as a puzzle until they’ve lost their luster for the boy. Including keeping his mind off of the thoughts which haunt you daily as he remains focused on others lives without becoming too invested with them personally.  

  • Combat: From a young age Kutari held a grand interest in combat, at the start of his combatant adventure he lacked natural aptitude though possessing a great potential given the proper training and foundations instilled within him, he’s now a vibrant connoisseur in the art of  combat and enjoys every second of it. Possessing that of a warrior’s heart, he enjoys melee combat more then magical combat, though he understands the value of the latter in a multitude of potential situations. An active strategist commonly comparing the act to the board game known as chess, he’s always focused on how to triumph in battle and overcome his foe, gaining a thrill from the process in every way.

  • Mischief: Kutari engages in mischief pretty commonly, always willing to cause some bad outcome that hopefully will make two forces infuriated with one another, in which case he laughs at the two as he once again successfully played them in his schemes. It typically doesn’t matter whether his act incorporates physical harm to others, though he would never shy away from joining in on a plot of such a nature. An easy way to pass the time, the hunter enjoys making others lives more difficult.

  • Artistic/Musical Appreciation: One of the few hobbies Kutari retained from his early life would be the appreciation of various artistic applications such as paintings, sculptures, musical expression and much more. Introduced into the variety of art portrayed through cultures evident by the Caelese thanks to his mother, the teen possesses a great appreciation and passion for art despite typically not showcasing that side of himself.


  • Quiet Zones: Though he appreciates the tranquil settings of quiet areas such as a lush meadow or empty forest, basking in such environments for too long comes with its consequences as his isolation from civilization causes the teen to depend on himself for enjoyment and pleasures, in which case his internal strife comes into play and he becomes tormented by the various memories that run rampant in his mind when alone and peaceful. Zones that incorporate this common theme typically are bad news as he attempts to refrain from at least staying isolated in such places.

  • Apricots: For some reason, Kutari genuinely hates apricots and all the states in which they may be served. Though they possess a unique taste unlike most fruits, they’ll usually make the boy want to feel sick or something close to it. When asked, he’ll blame the disgust in apricots upon genetics or something similar.

  • Himself: Unable to rid himself of the memories of his past and effectively haunted by them, he views himself as a sort of enemy and fails to accept what he is. Often bashing his own image and wielding a self destructive position internally, he submerges the thought of who he is by acting as if he was a separate person then the one residing in his body, an unorthodox coping mechanism but one that allows him to turn away from his own self image and still effectively operate.

  • Demons: Though it generally can be described that the hunter dislikes demons, his unique outlook on the race and all other dark races is bewildering in the context of his class. Despite being a hunter, Kutari is quite indifferent when it comes to the topic of the supernatural beings which can be quite problematic to a class that’s built around the destruction of such lives. Holding a buried grudge against demons for effectively causing his life to spiral into hell itself, Kutari could care less about attempting to eradicate the race as a whole and any other supernatural beings, a matured mind lacking any emotional attachment witnessing the entire act as a trivial matter not worth his time. Though he’ll use his abilities and training to kill supernatural beings if they stand in his way, this statement can’t truly be prioritizing as he would do the same to any being in his way. Typically standing on the sidelines regarding such a battle, he’d only get involved if it benefits him.


  • Death: At this current point in time, Kutari is merely motivated by the idea of ultimately dying one day, be it by the hands of someone stronger or suddenly dropping one dead and drawing his last breath. As he escaped a treacherous past and was instantly cast into a world alone and with little direction other then the teachings he was given, he has little other reason to continue moving forward outside of having grand battles and trying to enjoy the rest of his days however he may.

  • Strength: Though he in fact wishes to die, the respect he holds for his teacher who gave him the tools to survive and become stronger could never allow him to give up without a fight. He constantly wishes to grow in power and skill, in order to fight stronger foes and become a being unable to be stopped out of respect for his late teacher and his warrior’s soul telling him to continuously push forward and strive for the strongest life to best himself. This will of his causes the boy to never waiver in such a choice and reach a greater strength to one day find his teacher and challenge him once again without little restraints, hoping to carry out the dream he inherited from his teacher, having pride in his lessons and power as he wishes not to fail the man’s expectations.  


  • Past Regrets: Kutari resents his past wholeheartedly, at times comparing his current life to that of a lengthy nightmare, wishing to finally wake up and return to the cheerful life he vaguely remembers. The victim of a past he never wished to walk upon, he’s forced to live with his actions and memories as long as he lives and tries to run from them any chance he gets.

  • Relations/Connections: A person betrayed by the ones he held dearly and adept at taking on a persona to carry out his intentions, Kutari is encased in paranoia as he knows first hand what could happen if he allowed people to get too close to him, typically working out against the boy and holding him back. Wanting to keep a good distance away from those that could hold such power if they got close, he fears making true connections with people and actually having relationships with others that involve who he is and not another facade, disappointed with what he’s become and fearing they’ll do what he’s so used to doing and take advantage of the boy. Recognizing relationships as nothing more than a favorable nuisance, he’s decided to rid away the concept and keep to himself on his own journey, or at least attempt to  do as such.


Magic Name: Lightning Magic

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description: The manipulation and incorporation of lightning in various spells and combative tactics, the magic intends to take advantage of the natural properties instilled in lightning and project them onto others through the various magics available to hunters. Able to produce lightning utilizing his own mana reserves or even naturally lightning with his mana as the director towards his will. As a strategist he uses a combination of the rambunctious power enabled in lightning alongside more discreet and concentrated representations of the magic.



Born to a happily married couple of Boscosi and Caelese descent, Kutari would make his mark on the world within a grand city encompassing the artistic wonders of the Caelese culture cherished by his maternal family members residing in the country. A childhood worth remembering, there were very few encounters and events which transpired that could be detrimental to the boy’s health. A city heavily protected by law enforcement successfully oppressing criminal activities, and a thriving community which help pride in being great samaritans. During these days, his parents would be the light which illuminated all darkness, easily able to smite down any opposition and come to his aid with little doubt in arrival. His father, Takashi, would teach him the traits and morals which were dear to his own heart, wishing to invoke these same values in an attempt to craft a great citizen. Instilling him with the importance of honesty and cooperation with those close to you, the man taught Kutari the value of trust and connections with others, the bravery to protect those he held dear and expect the same compassion he portrayed himself. Though a gentle and kind hearted soul, Takashi wished to at least help the young child recognize the significance of setting his foot down and sticking up for himself, needing to summon a strong will to combat those who may lay in his path. Shayumi, his loving mother who held the same sympathetic mentality would guide Kutari into the world of fine arts just as she once was, reasoning that their similar tastes and qualities showed potential in his enjoyment of the art structures. Without a doubt the young child would be overjoyed by the world he found himself in and explored it to his heart's content, continuously  diving deeper and researching more to the point that even his mother couldn’t keep up with  his intensity. Taking the time to begin comprehending various instruments, he mainly took lessons and learned how to utilize the violin and piano, two wonderful musical tools that he fell in love with, the violin being his first instrument which he dedicated himself to learn before the piano made it’s presence clear to his soul.

For years Kutari and his family resided within Caelum and it’s comforting and secure homelands, though as time moved on his father began to become homesick. Years away from his own family accompanied by a great distance difficult to travel and a lack of communication would  strain the relations he held within Bosco; not only this, but the prideful man felt as if he was doing his son a great disservice as he was neglected of the Boscosi culture and wielding poor Boscan. Expressing his worries and feelings towards his understanding wife, the family decided to move to Bosco and live within his hometown in order for them to embrace all proportions of their families origins now. Though it was overwhelming to begin preparations to leave Caelum and all that he grown up with knowing, Kutari tried his best to look forward to this clear obstruction in the midst of the road and prepare for a new chapter of his life; luckily his parents informed him they’ll likely live in Bosco for a few years before moving back, which was a great relief to the anxious child as they began their voyage to his apparent homeland.

As he traveled the lands and sea to their destination at hand, Kutari was able to witness the world in a new light, no longer shackled down by the city he naively perceived as the world at large, gaining a sense of thrill and adventure as they traveled far and encountered various locations and encounters across the way. One of the most memorable times of his younger days, the sheer amount of excitement and new findings he happened upon only aroused his anticipation to arrive at his new home for the next couple years, the world so far seeming to be an interactively fun and open playground housing no boring sites. These seemingly invincible thoughts and beliefs all came crashing down as they exited the final stagecoach planned to be ridden for quite awhile, as the mellow plains and lax countryside atmosphere acted in complete contrast to his recent adventures which easily fell down the drain. A well-kept village with an irrational ratio of new faces to livestocks heavily favoring the livestock, his new home came off more like a perfect place to retire and end your life adventure rather only beginning it. In the middle of nowhere beside a mountainside and expansive forest, there’d be little to really do in this place other than sit around and twiddle one's thumbs. A fair few of new faces would suddenly come up to the trio and welcome them to the village, smiling with cheer as they focused on his father as they’ve been for the man to return for a long time. Taking interest in Kutari and his mother, a few would introduce themselves as Kutari’s paternal family and welcomed him home, though the unknown faces and simply content expressions would suggest this place would be far from the concept of home.

As the month’s rolled by, Kutari would struggle to fit into his new lifestyle, growing up in a city caused him to be viewed as “odd” in the way his mannerisms and expectations would be seen by his peers, not including the fact the culture he grew up in was quite different from that of Bosco, finding it hard to communicate and express with his age group and converse with Boscan. He spent a multitude of his days inside his smaller home and with his mother who was also adjusting to the new living standards, albeit a bit easier than the eleven year old boy suddenly tossed into this position. With the majority of his belongings back in Caelum outside of his Violin which he brought during their travels, the child’s boredom skyrocketed alongside a lost in enjoyment for the violin, though he still cherished it’s wonderful tones the village he now inhabited had little variety in sheet music as they lacked value in such arts in comparison to the expressive Caelum, dissatisfied with the only sheet music he had at the time. He began to pick up books to pass the time, enjoying the stories and tales the pages portrayed to him as it also was a great way to settle his days, furthermore the village had an abundance in books which meant many stories soon to come. A grand fondness for literature would soon commence, alongside exploring the nearby forest whenever he got the chance and enjoying the breathtaking scenery this would be the main way Kutari lived his life.

Though bestowing an opportunity to appreciate and witness and entirely different culture, at the age of eleven such a sudden shift in living conditions was far from easy, and though they tried their hardest it was clear to his parents that the boy wasn’t taking his new life well. The other villagers would be aware of this dilemma and wish to help, however Kutari’s introduction into this world was rocky and harsh and without a trustworthy hand to guide him he remained distant and secluded in the safety bubble he wrapped himself around in books and his home. Feeling the need to take responsibility and aid his son out of the shell he cultivated himself, Takashi decided it be time to begin introducing Kutari to a way of life his Boscosi family implemented into his own life and made him the man he was today, the foundation of combat and magic. He’d notice the twinkle in the boys eye whenever there happened to be some sort of combatant contest underway in the village on numerous occasions, the Bosco people strong and proud of their own capabilities in a multitude of fields, the most common typically being the art of combat. Taking a chance to construct a gateway to bonding with the other children of the village and take pride in his own blood and maybe even the culture he’s surrounded around, the man would in form the boy that shortly they’d begin training and working on formulating his inner warrior. Another sudden change in pace as he would soon take on the beginnings of combat, though as he was surging with nerves an exhilarating sensation would wash over the boy as he could feel his blood pumping, excited to travel down the current option in front of him. They’d begin training almost instantly within the next few days,and though he lacked little combatant strength starting out it was clear he possessed a soul that knew the ways of movement in battle and a sharp mind that was in tune with its surroundings, a vast potential that’s been waiting to be tapped into finally having it’s moment to shine. He’d train intensely for months as this form of dedication would take over his days, continuously working on formulating his own magic and researching the properties of battle and mana to better himself as a fighter. As time went on he grew in strength and gained the appreciation and respect of his peers and family members, beginning to form a pleasant bond with them as they easily saw the determination and heart he had instilled within him, the radiance from his blinding light a captivating source to mingle with. All seemed as if it was taking a turn for the better as he finally found his rhythm in the new society and his efforts were beginning to pay off.

Though the life he thought he knew to be true would soon come crashing down, replaced by an everlasting nightmare that seemed to be inescapable. A brisk morning would invite a strange passerby with feeble looking adventurers with peculiar stares and obscene intent. Looking to be housed and pampered by the locals as if looking down upon them, the villagers oddly complied with suspicions upon where they originated from and their purpose as the majority of their faces remained hidden and worn odd clothing. Though the villagers treated them with respect, they did nothing of the sorts, talking down upon them as if they were already property, the ringleader of this band of individuals being the main preacher as he carried a brash voice. Soon tensions would rise beyond belief and the band were expected to leave, though after surveying the village they spoke with a cryptic spite, foretelling of a great doom surely to come. The villagers filled with a great pride accepted their warnings and were prepared to fend off their lands from various attacks throughout the night, though what was to come would truly be unexpected regarding the type of enemies likely to arrive. Kutari could feel a chilling sensation during the late night as they were all on their toes ready for warfare, though as a horn galloped throughout the wind breaching the sound barrier around, over the hilltop looked to be an army of demonic and twisted figures prepared for bloodshed. In swift moments they all came raining down, looking to create chaos over the once peaceful and welcoming village, laying waste to the majority of the village as they took joy in the act.

Upon the behavior of their forces, the village took charge to defend their land against the foreign invaders, though stood no match against the strength in numbers and magical prowess which these demented beings possessed. Kutari would watch as his world turned upside down, witnessing his peers be massacred in cold blood, little reason given outside of the forces utter malice taking form. The village leader and his forces attempting to fend off the opposition but proving to be little match and killed themselves. The home he only just began to become accustomed to would be bathed in blood and sin, all while his fear struck body would struggle to even blink as he watched all that transpired. It was clear to him that day of one universal truth: no amount of emotion of righteousness could ever triumph overpowering influence. The few that were still breathing would be apprehended as the spoils of war, his parents included as they were rounded up and thrown in compact cages for later use, Kutari unable to say a single word as his parents cried in agony separated from their unresponsiveness child as they wore magic suppressing shackles hearing the corrupted laughter throughout the victors, disinterested in materialistic objects or currency with their methods, instead solely intrigued with acquiring lives for their deranged plans.

A few days would pass as the victors celebrated and prepared for their next movements, watching the prisoners and enjoying the sight as their minds deteriorated including their strength and reasoning. Kutari would be in a deep daze as he attempted to comprehend what all just happened, convinced he was in a terrible dream as he looked at his captors faces and their troubled expressions, unable to believe such souls actually walked the scathe of the earth like this. He was frightened and unsure what would happen to them, wanting to go back to Caelum and regretting ever traveling outside of his hometown, wanting to reverse the clock and escape the hell he was currently in. If he were to die like the ones that he was beginning to cherish around him he’d at least want to do so with his parents. The same night they were rounded up in front of the leader of the evil-doers that stepped into their villages just days beforehand expecting them to grovel at his feet, his eyes reflecting a crimson red and possessing otherworldly features. He’d walk in front of each of the villagers kneeled down before him, acting as if it was all a game in his playground as he spontaneously decided if he would kill one or let the other live, or worse: convert them to his cause. Kutari watched as a makeshift ritual would commence in front of him, one of the kinder people of his village undergoing a surge of pain as she was becoming possessed and taken ahold of by a dark energy, one that changed her physical appearance and revealed the demonic nature that would be taken control of to do a higher sources bidding. It was clear at that point where these people came from and the reason why their magic remained so powerful, originating fro Demons doing their work and causing destruction upon the world wherever they chose, the number of their forces said they’ve been growing their numbers for awhile, pillaging and taking over as they put effort towards their cause.

It came time for Kutari’s judgement, as the man revealed his blade as he deemed the boy unworthy of living and intending to kill him off. Though before the blade ended the boy’s life, his parents would screech out and plead for him to live and offered their lives instead, the demon understanding the connection between the three having a sadistic idea. Soon, Kutari was forced in front of them as they prepared the ritual symbols, inflicting his two parents with the curse as they began to convert them into Daemons, two of which would have special access to Kutari and provide a spectacle intending to entertain the others around. A traumatizing sight as he watched the effects of their bodies and weakened minds turning right before him, unable to say a single word other than broken sounds as he cried out to wake up from the nightmare before him, losing both his parents in such a graphic way, fearing the two that would replace them and their gracious smiles that he held so closely. As the two finally turned and became Daemons, Kutari watched unable to speak, unsure of what was to come and expecting the worst. The two sadistic souls fully aware of situation at hand would play along with Kutari and act as if they were perfectly fine and retained their previous feelings, before betraying the boy and beating him down and abusing the child as he could only whimper. Nothing more then the two Daemon’s plaything overshadowing a much greater force, this would spark Kutari’s spiral into a great abyss that no sane man would wish to tread down.

Kutari would be enslaved to the Daemons and their accomplices for four years, each and every day treated cruelly and forsaken out of a sick pleasure for those in misery. During this time he’d work daily with little rest alongside other enslaved people who fell victim to this force, stripping away the personality which once radiated within the boy until he was a broken shell of his former self. Where he once wept and cried for it all to end and him to die alongside his parents, the sickening faces of his parents in that state would send him in a deeper frenzy, killing off his emotions with haste to protect himself and no longer feel as much pain, overtime falling out of sync with those thoughts and expressions and fulfilling what the demons had envisioned for him just like everyone else. He grew up quickly with his perception of the world and how he viewed those around him, having no clear interest or feelings towards demons as a whole though obviously housing hate and malice towards the one that took what was close to him, though what did it all matter at this point? He conversed with the other prisoners whenever given the chance in Bosco and would make deals to keep his survival like smuggled goods or items that the Daemons didn’t catch as they continued their conquest for whatever reason it may be and simply fended for himself, where a flower waiting to truly showcase it’s colors would be devoured just as it only began. Those four years remained harsh on the boy and in time he succeeded in offering the best protection for himself by simply no longer housing any feelings unless necessary for his goal of survival, though the life he lived was hell in of itself as the boy wished for death but failed to truly get it, witnessing before those who died would simply be resurrected back to life for the Daemons, a consistent cycle that’ll never be broken.

Though one day the stronghold the Daemons inhabited was attacked by an order of hunters that got word of the their base of operations, battles quickly ensuing as the hunters rushed to kill the demonic presences and free the prisoners. Kutari watched as his cell was popped open and he was led out of the area, though as he was leaving he attempted to fight the Daemons himself when given the chance though witnessed several hunters fighting as well, a few standing out more than others. Now rescued and freed from the grasp of the Daemons, Kutari received refuge from the small order as they constantly took in those that they saved and provided shelter, though the pale boy wanted more then to just receive food and be sheltered the rest of his pitiful life, he wished to train and become stronger, as strong as the hunters that were able to easily overpower the ones that dominated his village so swiftly. He expressed wishing to be trained to become a hunter, learning long ago that power was of the utmost importance in this world and until he woke up and was finally freed he’d need to become stronger, in which case he entered their training program and began to be taught in the ways of the Hunter. He went on to have a few specialized and more established hunters tutor him as he came off as a rarer gem worth the time and effort compared to the typical people entering the training, though for the most part the teacher and student had terrible chemistry and didn’t work well with one another. This all changed as the main hunter that intrigued him during his raid offered to train the boy, albeit after he insisting to have the man teach him a thing or two.

He was known by a few names, though suggested such things barely mattered as he was nothing more than a man doing his job to right the wrong in this world, going so far as to dub himself the janitor in hopes of portraying his intent to clean up the trash of this world but expecting to be replaced by Kutari. They trained together for two years and traveled far as a nomadic teacher and student, the teen learning a multitude of hunter knowledge and combatant capabilities along the way, absorbing the lessons like a sponge through his sheer determination to get stronger and conquer his foes whenever necessary. A teacher that complimented his skills and mindset well, the student viewed the man as a dear friend that he’d make sure to follow through and make proud in his stead while he wasn’t near. Recognizing the foundations of what was needed to be taught have come to a close, the janitor would cast Kutari out into the world to strengthen himself alone and become a valuable warrior worth fighting one day, sure that their paths would cross once again. Thankful for his teachings not only on the battlefield but outside of it to get what he needed and operate efficiently, Kutari would begin his own travels alone out in the world, particularly catching wind of quite a few events taking place in Fiore and sounding like a place worth visiting. There he settled down in Oak Town after deciding to join up with the guild Phantom Lord, appreciating their motto of handling their own business and lacking a focus on team unison, as he shined more working alone anyways. Their values lining up perfectly with Kutari and what he needed out of a guild, caring little about the type of work they get involved in and viewing this guild as his best chance of expanding his contacts and his own craft.


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