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Mediatory Prey [Closed/Shin Sekai]

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#1Hikaru Nakamura 

Mediatory Prey [Closed/Shin Sekai] Empty on Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:31 pm

Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru was doing something he had picked up in Bosco. It was something to keep him at peace. There was only one way a man could survive from being separated from all that he knew, all that he loved, and attempting to live an alternate life. It was draining, he was forever a different person. Moreover, some memories had fade and he had lost precious thoughts and friends he had made by doing what he did, but he was a man that was a firm believer in the an ideology. That ideology is not to ask what the country could do for him, but what he could do for the country.

His Sanity was kept by saying he was observing religion and meditating daily. He knew enough about the church to claim their beliefs and the way Hikaru played it off often times was saying he was repenting for all the sins he had committed in his life each time he meditated. Really that time was used for Hikaru to focus on a simple thing. Retaining who he was. He would focus on what he did that day and separate it from who he really was and attempt to imagine it as if he was actually home. It was something special he had picked up.

Two years later, and he still found himself meditating, even in these harsh weathers. The only saving grace Hikaru nakamura had was he was wearing a jacket. The Rune Knight wore a heavy coat, a snug beanie, and what looked to be jeans and boots. He laid layers of blanket on the floor and then a chair on top of it so his clothes would not get wet. Hikaru coulnd't do the full amount of time he usually did, but he did 30 minutes. This meditation however was different for the one he was pulling in bosco. Hikaru believed he was truly finding peace. Something so simple had become a part of his daily routine, and he needed it to survive. As snow drops dropped on his head Hikaru kept his head forward. focusing on bettering himself as an individual. Some would think he was crazy, but he didn't care what other's thought. He cared only about meditation. That was until a predator was approaching.

The mage was so lost in his thoughts he didn't realize that the wolves were sneaking up on him.

#2Theo Kaguya 

Mediatory Prey [Closed/Shin Sekai] Empty on Thu Jan 17, 2019 8:10 pm

Theo Kaguya
Theo had just left his room and decided to enjoy the snow while it lasted even if it meant building a snowman by himself Oh man this is gonna look so cool he thought to himself looking for the best spot to build his masterpiece. It was like he was a kid again with all the snow that was falling and the streets light up as everyone was closing up for the night to only repeat the days work again but Some knights still walked the streets finishing up their patrols so they could head him home or finish any reports they may have left around. He began to think about how this creation would look once it was created and it was amazing I can see it now it was truly something to behold in his mind that is.

As he found the perfect spot he could see a man with pink hair wearing a beanie "Excuse me sir I'm looking for the best place to make the perfect snowman? Sorry I know its a stupid but with the amount of snow don't you think it's a good idea!" The knight smiled at the man who gave off a familiar vibe. From afar the man seemed nice but something about him reminded him of Leean but she was something that he never wanted to deal with ever again. Theo was too focused on the snowman building that he wasn't really paying attention to the surrounding.

#3Hikaru Nakamura 

Mediatory Prey [Closed/Shin Sekai] Empty on Sat Jan 19, 2019 8:42 pm

Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru could hear footsteps approach him. It was a man. He opened his eye after hearing the words excuse me. Hikaru looked to his side only to see a man with golden hair in front of him. The man had to be younger than him based off appearance. Hikaru looked at his golden hair and his eyes as the man came out with his question. He asked HIkaru about finding a place to make the best snowman. That confirmed his theory, he didn't know many adults who still wanted to build such things, nor did he remember the last time he did one himself.

Hikaru listened to the mans request before thinking about it. Hikaru figured maybe this was an area common for some people to relax in, and maybe it would be unfair for him to utilize it only for himself and his own personal gain. "Yeah, I don't mind if you do it right here." Hikaru said looking at the man as he thought about it. He went back to his meditation pose thinking about it. To himself he thought it was childish, absurd, and ridiculous people wanted to still build snowmen, but at the same time. It was relaxing, therapeutic and most of all simple a great experience that he hadn't felt or done in years.

"You know what... Do you actually mind if I join you?"" HIkaru said thinking about how ridiculous he sounded. 25 years old and he wants to go outa nd play with the snow. However, sometimes it was the little moments like these that made life worth living. It was the things that put you outside of your comfort zone which usually led to the most fun experiences or most relaxing. As Hikaru stood up to talk to the man about where their adventure would take them Hikaru decided to elaborate. "I know I have no right to talk since i'm joining you, but why snowmen?" HIkaru said questioning that man's motive. He was curious what his reason was for He was sure maybe this man was someone similar ot Hikaru. Feeling a bit of nostalgia.

#4Theo Kaguya 

Mediatory Prey [Closed/Shin Sekai] Empty on Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:07 pm

Theo Kaguya
When the man replied to the question it blindsided him as he didn't really think he would be so polite to him though he could feel that he was dealing with something, why else would one be alone outside while it snowed? then again he was outside and alone till just a moment ago so it could apply to him as well maybe their meeting today was fate?

"What real!? Sure you can join in!" this was a shock he took the man to be too grown up to even have any of his own questions. This is gonna be soo cool! he thought putting on his winter gloves so he could just dive right in and start building his best snowman ever.

Theo paused as the man asked him a question "Oh well it's simple Snowmen are my favorite winter creation next to snow angels." he gave the man a cheerful smile as he started to pill up the snow. "Oh I'm Theo Kaguya but you can call me TK its super nice to meet you, sir." he said with a nod packing the snow down to get the base big enough for the rest of it. This man didn't remind him of Leeann anymore, couldn't have been due to overall deminer or was it something else but that didn't matter anymore it was time to make the worlds greatest Snowman!

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#5Hikaru Nakamura 

Mediatory Prey [Closed/Shin Sekai] Empty on Wed Jan 23, 2019 3:57 pm

Hikaru Nakamura
The man seem ecstatic that Hikaru would be joining him. Hikaru was happy that he could at least impact one persons day positively. Hikaru listened to the mans rationale about why he wanted to build a snowman. Hikaru listened and he said it was simply his favorite creation to make during the winter. Maybe it was something that was implanted in his child hood or something he had been doing every year. Some traditions impact you so much in your childhood sometimes those are the fondest memories. Hikaru smiled thinking abotu the purity in his comment. This blissful joy that the other male had for something made Hikaru really admire that about his new found friend. Hiakru would nod as the man described that he preferred the winter creation over the classic snowman. Hikaru couldn't help but agree more.

The man introduced himself to Hikaru. His name was Theo but he went by TK. Hikaru was curious where the K came from, and he just assumed it was the last name so he didn't really question it. Hikaru took a moment thinking about it, and realized he hadn't said his name so he quickly responded. "Oh, my bad. Hikaru Nakamura, but you can just call me Hikaru." Hikaru said. Hikaru crouched over to where the man was packing snow. He joined him in the packing process while continuing his dialogue. "So what brings you to Orchidia?" Hikaru questioned.

#6Theo Kaguya 

Mediatory Prey [Closed/Shin Sekai] Empty on Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:43 pm

Theo Kaguya
His last name sounded familiar but he couldn't place his finger on it but he could felt like he knew heard it somewhere before, it wasn't like there weren't people with the same last names in the world after all. As Hikaru helped him pack down the snow he introduced himself and asked a question regarding his reason for being in Orchidia, it took him a second for the question to register in his head "I was asked to come here by my supervisor to bolster the ranks." he stopped packing the snow and looked at it making sure it was too his liking. "Mr. Hikaru, what brought you here?" a fair question given he didn't think anyone would think about being out with the weather the way it is.

"For some reason, you reminded me of this woman named Leeann but your nothing like her at all." his smile turned to a frown as he thought about all the times that they interacted with one another, each time feeling that she didn't like anyone. Am I angry at her? could it be that she managed to get under his skin or was it just that she reminded him of his sister? He began work on the second part of the snowman "Could you make another ball of snow to go on top of this one Mr. Hikaru?" this way they could do double the work in less time.

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