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Bianca Fleur

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#1Bianca Fleur 

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Bianca Fleur


Name: Bianca Fleur

Age: March 14th, X759

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: S-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Black, on her tongue.

Face: Tharja — Fire Emblem


Height: 6’

Weight: 150 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Purple

Overall: Standing at a towering height of six feet, which is considered quite tall for a female, Bianca is part of the population that does not have to worry about not being able to reach something or getting teased for their height. She has beautiful amethyst eyes that are always observing/calculating and thick, raven hair, currently shoulder length. She has enough curves to compensate for her height and still be considered voluptuous. Normally she would wear outfits made of quality material, since she had a rich background. With her sweet melodic voice and the way she carries herself - with an air of grace and elegance - Bianca is able to charm many strangers and give a sense of warmth to anyone she interacts with. This might be one of the many things that adds to her mask of innocence.



Personality: Bianca, during her early years, was rather calm and introverted. She rarely spoke with anyone and the fact that she wasn't allowed to interact with outsiders or strangers made her a shy person. She was like her mother; very polite and well-mannered. Despite the fact that she went haywire later on in her life and lost her humanity which seemed to have taken a bit of the politeness away, she still behaved like the lady she was taught to be. She respected anyone who respected her and did not pick fights with people unless they meant harm to her. In the time that she was one against the world, her confidence and self-respect grew immensely, believing that if she didn't depend on herself, there was no one else to depend on; an independent woman, she became.

She was always a woman of few words, only speaking when she felt the need to. Bianca enjoys tranquility and can be usually found meditating in her free time, if not burying her head in a pile of books with a cup of tea. Tidiness is very important to her. You will never find her room (or her hair) a mess, and she will find the time to organize anything that is out of order, which doesn't include just her room or hair. She doesn't like noise, which is quite obviously the reason she likes to lock herself up in her room most of the time to avoid the commotion outside. All she wants is to finish reading all the books that ever existed in the world.

Bianca is, as stated, quite a shy person and isn't usually the one to approach strangers and if someone did approach her, she normally doesn't know how to act. This may have improved over the years of independent living but deep down, she is still shy and easily flustered when embarrassed although she tries to appear as cold and heartless as she can.

Everyone has a dark side that they don't like to show. Bianca may have allowed her demons to consume her mind time and time again as if to keep up with her title, but even she tries to keep it as hidden as she possibly could, because when Bianca goes to that place, there is no going back; she would replay the scene of her sixteenth birthday all over again, and it was not pretty. In this state of mind, Bianca knows nothing but violence. Her mission is to kill, and her end goal is massacre, unless there was someone or something stopping her. Most of her true characteristics are a mystery since she seems to display multiple personalities at different times, but for the majority of the time you can find her in her calm and civilized state.

A kawaii homicidal girl who may slit your throat.


  • Beauty: Like most females, Bianca is fond of taking care of her skin and body. She spends fifteen minutes at the very least in front of the mirror everyday before going out.
  • Rain: Ever since she was a child, Bianca loved the mood that the rain brought. The rain improved whatever mood she was in, be it positive or negative.
  • Books: Books are her main source of knowledge. She can be found browsing the library and archives trying to find out as much about everything as she can.
  • Cookies: Cookies are almost like healing nectar in a different form for her. Without a jar of cookies wherever she lives, she probably wouldn't survive.


  • Hindrance: Bianca is normally a very productive person and does not like to be hindered in any way. Any hindrance to her goals will be removed.
  • Delay: She hates waiting for anyone or anything. This is due to her lack of patience and a sort of habit from how she was treated before. She always got what she wanted, when she wanted it.
  • Noise: Any form of disruptive sound will drive her insane since Bianca is very fond of peace and quiet environments, such as the library.


  • Ethereality: Bianca once had a vision showing the future of all beings and that they were all growing towards ethereality. Until she experiences this herself, she has yet to thrive.


  • Death: Who knows what comes after death? Only theories and beliefs that could not be proven existed. If her vision of ethereality was nothing more than a figment of her imagination, she feared of leaving this world.
  • Coulrophobia: The fear of clowns. Bianca couldn't remember when exactly she developed this fear, but whenever she saw people dressed in clown costumes, all she knew was that she was afraid.


Magic Name: Blood Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: Blood Magic is a non-elemental caster magic that enables the user to create and control their own blood. Although Blood Magic is not exclusive to vampires alone, they are the only race that can utilize bloodline spells—extremely powerful spells that teach forbidden techniques, which are otherwise not obtainable.


Bianca Fleur - only child of the Fleurs family was born on the day Fiore was struck by the biggest cyclone that led to the death of a few hundred people. As a result of this unfortunate event, the poor child was rumored to have been cursed since the day of her birth, and everyone believed she was the cause of the cyclone, however stupid that may sound. She was nicknamed 'the Flower of Death' by many, referring to the Fleur family name. The Fleurs had to make sure that their daughter was guarded at all times, and had no choice but to home-school her. She was forbidden to interact with other children for the sake of her safety and thus her only friends were the characters in the books she read. The Fleurs had a giant library which became Bianca's personal playground. Her childhood was a tragedy compared to the others, but she had no regrets. It was better than taking the risk and getting murdered by ignorant people who believed in foolish theories. If she was the Flower of Death, then so be it. She would wear the title proudly. Because her life did not end there, it was only the beginning.

flower of death

On her sixteenth birthday, the Fleurs received a death threat from a cult within their town of residence. The threat came in the form of an envelope with the contents being nothing but black sand. Normally this would have been a difficult message to interpret, but since knowledge on the infamous cult's ways wasn't unpopular, the Fleurs requested to negotiate. However, the witches of said cult would only settle if their daughter was dead. They would either kill all three of them, or take Bianca to use her as some kind of sacrifice. Neither of the choices were in their favor, so the parents decided it was best if they let them have the girl since she was an ill omen to their existence.

Realizing that her parents were willing to give her up for their own lives angered her to the extent of killing them. Bianca was only sixteen when she turned into the monster that everyone was dreading. Murdering her parents wasn't the only thing she did to prove she was truly a curse upon Fiore. Since everyone seemed to expect her to bring the apocalypse or something, Bianca decided to turn to the dark side. She left her hometown and ventured out into the real world.

As time elapsed quite quickly for the so-called 'Flower of Death', she came to discover her hidden powers - her magic. Bianca was a wizard and wielded a rather dark magic, one could say. Her powers were evil in nature and drove her into committing more malicious deeds, but this did not stop her. In fact, the moment she found out about this, Bianca began to learn about her magic and practiced it until she could use it. In her later years, she joined the dark guild Phantom Lord since it was the only guild she knew that accepted her for who she was. Most of the people there were pretty much like her, and it gave her hope. Bianca now lives in Oak Town where her guild resides as a dark wizard who went by the title 'Flower of Death'.

the time garden

It was a strange happening in her early teenage years; one that she would be constantly reminded of. Everything that she saw seemed to happen in a flash.

"Do you seek ethereality?"

A metallic female voice spoke in her mind, the echoes surrounding her. Bianca blinked rapidly in an attempt to rid the stinging in her eyes. Her head felt heavy and her vision quite blurry. She could tell that where she was now was completely foreign to her. It was a flat landscape, one void of vegetation and elevation. When she could see again with crystal clarity, she was almost blinded by a brilliant light at the other end. What separated her from the light seemed to be a glassy river of black water. It was not flowing.

"Do you wish to free yourself from this wretched shell?"

The sound like that of water trickling and dropping into a puddle rang in her ears. She listened on, guessing the voice had more to say, when distorted figures emerged from the river, limping, almost in slow-motion, towards the light. Bianca remembered widening her eyes and gasping in shock at the sight of such hideous creatures. Goosebumps erupted all over her skin as she stumbled back, falling on her behind. She watched as the figures reached the light, and at that very moment, if her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her, the light entered their bodies, filling them to the brim and spreading out. The creatures became the opposite of what they were previously - they became beautiful. Even from a distance, Bianca could see their faces that were now lit up with happiness and the expression of liberation. She saw that and began to nod vigorously, remembering the lady’s voice.

"Your mind and body."

Bianca gasped once again as the heads of those creatures turned to face her with reassuring smiles before blurring and blending in with the light as she was brought back to reality. Her head started hurting again, making her grunt. The voice was barely a whisper now while she transitioned from the otherworld-

"...grow towards ethereality..."

-back home.

During the two years that passed between her leave from Phantom Lord and now, the vampyress went on a self-discovery journey to a different land, and picking up the basics of a few languages from outside of Fiore, though not enough to be able to hold a proper conversation with natives. Her goal was to find herself again after everything that she went through in the past few years. There were a few times she considered just offing herself, but in the end, she never found the courage to do that. Bianca stopped feeding after meeting a guru and letting him guide her on a ‘spiritual journey’ to becoming a ‘good person’, and in the year X796, she slowly began to lose her vampyrism. It was a rough phase, since she suffered extremely from the withdrawals of starving herself from the one thing that helped her survive, sometimes on the verge of losing her mind, but with enough determination (and help from the guru), she was able to endure the process of becoming fully human again. Currently, she resides in an apartment in Baska and tries to help around town to maintain her somewhat good reputation.


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Bianca Fleur
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: -
  • Weapon: -
  • Off-Hand: -
  • Head: -
  • Body: -
  • Relic: -
  • Race: Refund / Vampyre [750,000J]
  • Companion: -

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 298

  • Strength: 84
  • Speed: 61
  • Endurance: 61
  • Constitution: 61
  • Intelligence: 31

Other Changes


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Akira Shimada
This character application has been approved.

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