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Moment of Reflection.(Open)

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#1Regis Karlinius 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 8:37 am

Regis Karlinius
Regis arrived by the river just for something else to do himself just to maybe allow himself to grieve because still he was yet too, He left himself to just stew in it for that period of time, So even if numbing himself from such feeling for so long he would allow his mind to grieve in his own manner. Walking at least to where one spot he could remember from the main path he knew to a river edge by the water, Not knowing that he had this in common with his sister Judina and his brother Waylon, That they all would sit in the same areas to relax.

But he would arrive just slightly after sun rise to this area and find a place to sit, Hearing the birds and the move of moving water felt like a numbing effect was working for him for the moment it was peaceful.

Even to make sure his eyes were not cover in this moment of quiet Regis even took off the helmet just to see evening to not cover it in a shade of darkness sat cross legged on the ground and while the sounds were numbing him, his vision would blur finally as his mind started to process what life events in some manner as he could.

Regis hated these feeling, He felt powerless and it just continued his bitterness and desire for just more power, After all his mind would lets his mind cycle to that evening he changed, he still felt in his hands what he did to kill his wife and daughter. How he scream as well as they did or one of them it was a bit fuzzy was still to him, The pains he felt under that curse, The emotions of backstabbing his own family he was ready to just yell loudly in the woods.

He hated he fought his sister, He hated killing his wife and daughter, he hated having what happen forced upon him with out anything he could do about it, He hated all of it....it left him better it manifested in him in ways he was yet to see.

But to anyone who would find him at this point would just find him sitting on the ground tuned out of reality around him, it was that build up no one would know how to deal with if he were to explode on them.

#2Chloé Leclair 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:19 pm

Chloé Leclair
After resting in a small abandoned building for the night Chloé managed to sneak out of the town just before the change of the watch at sunrise. The fact the town was not walled and full of overgrown plants certainly helped in that regard. She could probably go back in the evening as long as she didn't come to close to any rune knights she probably wouldn't be recognized.

The question being of course, what would she do in the mean time? In the end she heard there was a river nearby. She had her belongings with her, neatly sorted in a backpack on her back. In case she couldn't come back to the city anymore. Maybe taking a dip in said river would be a good idea?

After walking for a bit she arrived at the river. She wanted to remove her ribbon and take out her swimsuit to change into, but noticed someone else sitting at the lake. A armored man who had removed his helmet. He didn't seem to be with any of the knight groups she knew about, but she should still be wary of him. They were out in the open after all. She would watch in the forest at the armored person for a bit, before realizing she didn't really make an effort to be silent earlier so he might have already heard her approach. Chloé had no ill intentions though, and her guild mark wasn't visible. So unless he was some kind of bandit or crook she'd probably be fine. And even then she had a surprise of her own. No sense in just standing here looking suspicious.  She went towards the river and the armored figure, again not trying to be stealthy or anything. Coming closer, he seemed to be deep in thought.

''Um... Hi!' she said shyly, whether he had noticed her already or not.

#3Regis Karlinius 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:58 pm

Regis Karlinius
Hearing some one greet him Regis turned his head around slowly. He part of his mind was reminded of his life so long a go for a moment. He also had wanted to let out a very loud yell for no reason then to just get it out of his system but since this little lady was here he would not.

So Regis was really not sure what else to say but figured he would start out by at least greeting some one else."Greetings." He started off then it would continue on for him with him asking."Did you require this spot for something? I will move if needed." Regis was oddly polite for that withered armor he was wearing, But the heat build up was a bit of a pain some times for him too.

He was unsure how else to go about this situation for the moment it seemed so...calm. If he was still a mindless monster he would be more scared if something would happen with his mind not being in place."If i am not feel free to go about your matters, I will not bother you." He did sound like he was still dealing with his thought and being polite just not talking about it with a stranger which was normal and polite in his mind.

He was at least happy he was sore, his bones did not hurt his mind did not burn anymore, His thought were settling now as well so he could relax now, He did not need to blow up around some one he did not know if there was a risk for it."I will move as well if needed." Even if he felt like he was repeating himself too but she seemed unsure about him so he would mention it again.

#4Chloé Leclair 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:00 am

Chloé Leclair
"Eh... no that's not necessary." she assured the armored man. True, she came to take a dip in the river, but the day was long and she probably would spend most of her time today outside the village anyway. Chloé was not in a hurry and did not have anything specific to do either.

"If... you don't mind me asking what are you doing out here?" She asked before sitting down next to the man in armor. Now she was close she could get a better look at the armor. It looked very old and worn out. Did this man went through a lot of battles? Of course, if he didn't want to tell why he was here she would understand that. It wasn't that she wasn't hiding anything herself either.

"It's fine, I don't really have anything to do right now." She said right now. Of course, she did work a lot last night. Nobody but she and her clients knew of that though and she wanted the keep it that way.

"If... you don't mind my presence that is?" she asked the man in the worn out armor shyly. She just hoped Lyse would keep quiet today, she had been rather quiet lately. Which actually turned Chloé more on guard. Because she knew Lyse wouldn't simply leave like that. But this man next to her was armed, he would probably be fine if Lyse decided to do anything funny again.

#5Regis Karlinius 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Thu Jan 17, 2019 3:41 am

Regis Karlinius
So it seemed, they would most likely not bother one another. So begins the series of questions which was normal for people to meet one another."I am settling my mind or trying too for having a short fuse over many years of events I could not control."He mentioned to her he did not seem like the shy type then again maybe because what else would there to be to do that? Nothing would he could do with a mind of of burning rage would that would help him figure out what to do with his thoughts at least he could manage to relax.

"But such events are a long and woe ridden story."
continuing the conversation."So i will spare you the details unless you really wish to know."This is how he was normally he was very polite and well mannered and just often seemed to be here and barely troubled anyone, It was almost a slightly sad at first sight for an even sadder person who was bitter and unhappy about everything. He got use to just being in an area and almost being not noticed so this was only slightly new to him.

It would be the part of what he would say next."I do not mind you sitting here and talking, I am normally often just sitting here ignored by most people and not a lot of other people seem to speak to me." He mentioned that part."It may be the state of my armor...i may have to change that when i can." He mentioned that like he was taking note about it maybe with in a few changes in his life Regis would change his armor or do something with it to make it not as grim looking as it does.

#6Chloé Leclair 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:12 am

Chloé Leclair
"Events one cannot control huh."She said. She too knew about events one could not control. Lyse taking over her life was indeed an event she had no control over. It did brought some solace that she wasn't the only one struggling with such problems, even if they were different in nature.

"It's fine... everyone has things they don't want to talk about." Chloé said while shyly smiling to the armored man. She knew she could never tell anyone about Lyse, so she wouldn't force the armored man to tell such things to her either.

"That's sad... but I guess it can't be helped." She said. She knew the feeling since she usually also didn't have anyone to speak with. With a dislike for her own guild, but she couldn't hold back her giggling on the statement after that.

"I think that's good idea." She confirmed the obvious statement. Here they were, two broken people having nothing apparent in common sitting next to each other.
She would just stare at the river as she didn't really know what to talk about.

"It's so peaceful here." Chloé said while leaning backwards, resting her back against a patch of gras.

#7Regis Karlinius 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Fri Jan 18, 2019 6:06 pm

Regis Karlinius
He just sighed for a moment."A few hard hitting ones as well." Regis kind of quietly admitted as well, then again all of them hit in some manner, just more were painful in his mind then others. But this helped. A lot more after that moment to relax and breathe.

"Kind listening stranger, should not worry about my problem,for the moment." He mentioned but was unsure what else to 100% to talk about if he were to try to anyway.

"It can't...but I an hang on to the only thing i desire too." He started that part off with."To find whoever caused my woes and snap their neck" it sounds darker then he first thought but he had nothing to hide his thoughts nor a way to distract it either. But he did not mind mentioning that part it still helped him feel for the moment.

"It is i will give it relax and almost enough to sink my troubles away." But it didn't it just attached to him more and more for the moment, But went back to peaceful shortly afterwards it was all as he came here to see it was nice.

"Shame, there is not much else of my liking here but i have not really explored yet."
He would mention that and start to leave it back to quiet again after all it seems like they both enjoyed it more then speaking to one another. But that could just be meeting here.

but he was happy, had a smile for a moment and event things it helped he was happy for now, she seemed okay hopefully to be a bit more happy.

#8Chloé Leclair 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:44 pm

Chloé Leclair
"Must have been what done in the armor... She tried awkwardly to lighten the mood. She knew she wasn't good at that though, but she had to try at least.

"It's okay... I know the feeling." She said completely honestly. Nothing needed to be said, because she could understand him completely. His secrets, his pain, his burdens. Even if she didn't knew what they were she could understand them.

"At least it's something to look out too..." It sounded pretty grim how he said it, but Chloé was used to such dark events or conversations by now. In contrast the one that ruined Chloé's whole life was present here in herself, and could not be beaten simply  by "snapping their neck".

"Oh let's find out then, maybe we do find something interesting!" She said as she leaned forward again before stand up. Looking around it was mostly stone and a patch of grass here and there. However the river stood out the most in this quiet place. Searching or not she felt much better. Since no matter what there were people in the world with their own problems, just as bad, worse or less worse didn't matter, but everyone struggled with them. this made Chloé feel better, even if it sounded selfish.

#9Regis Karlinius 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Mon Jan 21, 2019 1:42 pm

Regis Karlinius
He seemed have no secrets, Nor really much noticeable shame anymore about it. He still felt guilty and knew he did."It was...however when i can afford it will be gone."He seemed just to carry on with the conversation at hand like it seemed he was a bit more comfortable and fine with it.

He felt better about the empathy of another person, But then again she would not have been the first person too but it helped and he did feel better even if it was only for a moment. But the peace he had now would only just settle him for now.

What else could say but what he feels other than."I feel only to achieve my goal to fulfill that very wish of some kind of revenge."So he mentioned, Which was mentioned a bit more implied up until this point. It seemed it was all out what he wanted but still seemed a bit more tamed.

Maybe just maybe when that all was finally in place he could figure out what was next for him to do, But what would happen next after that plan was over he was unsure, he did not think aside from that goal.

Regis seemed to at least intend to follow only to get pass the time and settle his thoughts a lot more then normal, A few face and a empathic one as well, Helped this some what mad and bitter man.

It made him wonder what his daughter would be like if she were still alive now younger then the person before him now, It left him with still a few things to wonder. Quietly getting up and slowly to wonder where she may wish to go"What is interesting to you?" since he could keep a normal thought it was interesting to learn.

#10Chloé Leclair 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Tue Jan 22, 2019 11:23 am

Chloé Leclair
"Right... Nothing lasts forever, so it could happen at any time." She was a little concerned about what the man would do once his vengeance was achieved. She was pretty sure that his revenge would not bring him any salvation or joy. It would not bring back what was lost nor will make feel anyone better. But it was not up to her to decide what another should do, and even if she managed to stop him it would only leave him a broken man anyway.

"I think it's good your trying to face your past... That at least was true, even so she couldn't and shouldn't say any more about it.

"Anything could be interesting!" She said while running towards the river. Looking around the side of the river she saw some movement inside it's waters. She sat down on her knees to look down seeing a small school of fishes taking refuge down the bottom of the river. She probably could try to pull one out, but she'd rather not disturb the fishes. Any sudden movements now would probably cause the fishes to scatter.

"Look over here, aren't they cute?" She asked the armored man, unsure whether he could see the school or not.

#11Regis Karlinius 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:59 pm

Regis Karlinius
Oh well even if unhappy or unsure how to deal with something currently even to feel about her and anything in general he would take this moment to heart, to actually relaxed and settled so it would be good for him for now anyway, her words would not be any less truthful.

He wanted to yell out about the fact the voices he heard had never gone away he hear them quite often in the attempt to to deal with he often wish for it all to do and settle so he could move on.

They would look at the fish, he had almost considered catching some at some point if he needed too, It was nice to see something so peaceful again. It was a good chance and moment for him to feel like he was just watching over someone. Would this yet again be life if his daughter had not passed on by his hands.

So far the school of fish seemed to plain and like nothing was going on with between them yet. But Regis did not want to touch to them so he was fine with that. Either way watching was good, He was content.

But he did not have much to say."I never could figure out how fish are cute." Regis mentioned but nice about it he had not reason not to be nice, He was given proof that he could relax, That he could be just here with out feeling rage and bitterness.

"But cute in the small and almost pointless in being there way."
He would follow hat up and admission it like that so it felt normal about it. But he watched and enjoyed being lost for that moment to almost study them even if it was not even anything huge.

#12Chloé Leclair 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:37 am

Chloé Leclair
She could hear the armored figure approaching. She wanted to watch the fishes a little longer, but it seemed the man didn't share her opinion. Most of the cute factor was because of the tiny size of the fishes, not their color palate. She slowly raised herself as to not scare the fishes, so they wouldn't have to look for a new home. Even if it was just momentary this fishes have brought her a small moment of realization and joy. Even if her world had fallen apart, the natural order of things was still going on.

"But they're so small..." She said more to herself than to the man. She wondered if there was anything nearby this man could be interested in. The river was an obvious eye catcher and thus something to easily look at a various of things.

"But aren't we all?" She asked with a shy smile. Contrary to the what the question implied she was smiling a bit. Implying she didn't consider that to necessarily be a bad thing. No matter what happened to the people on it, the world wouldn't stop because of the tragedy of a single person and that was fine. It meant someone else could be happy and it was no excuse to sulk around. After all, happiness was limited but not static and thus constantly shifting. As her seeing the school of fishes showed. It was only for a moment, but she felt genuine happiness seeing the school of fishes.

#13Regis Karlinius 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:38 pm

Regis Karlinius
He realized maybe he just had a problem letting go, He had a problem or not relaxing even if he intended. It was still because his mind could not look at it that way. But in a way Regis felt comfort with this situation and her trying to make him feel bit better and forgot a few things on his mind that were lingering, Maybe once Regis felt a bit more normal as this went on he could seem a bit more of a person rather then a build of a negative emotions in a steel cage laying in wait.

He had not fixated on the fish just mostly the sound of moving water just kind of helped him like things where just piecing his mind to a calm setting. Maybe she was speaking in something large then he could get right away. He just seemed to slowly feel that peace he could not admit it right away because it had felt that slow.

But it just seemed to prove he was coming around Regis seemed to put out a lighthearted chuckle, The main bundled up with rage is settling down now what the normal peaceful Regis was would be showing now."Maybe such small things, Even in high views of things to take into heart to enjoy." Regis mentioned, He seemed to be starting to get it and settle nicely.

Maybe he might not have gotten it fully but Regis seemed to be a bit more settled and a lot less bitter, It was the escape from reality Regis wanted . But what else he could do Regis was unsure since he was not on his mind his mind was just about him finally feeling that small moment of peace he wanted that moment of feeling not angry or bitter.

#14Chloé Leclair 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Sun Jan 27, 2019 12:08 pm

Chloé Leclair
She wasn't really trying to help the man as much as she was trying to help herself. Helping someone else was just a bonus. Her entire life was hell, but she still could find joy in simple things like this. The mere realization was enough for her. Even when she felt it, she knew the feeling would go as fast as it came. Even so, the fact it was possible meant not all was lost. It also meant that even if everything would turn to hell that was only for herself, the rest of the world would just continue on with it's everyday lives.

"It's a start at least..." At any rate, the one thing Chloé really could take joy out was the fact that Lyse could only possess her so long each day. As long as that was the case she believed she still had a chance. She just wished she could have saved those she had to sacrifice to get there. But alas, she was almost certain that to attain her goal she had to kill or otherwise ruin the lives off more people in the name of her survival. She saw something in the distance and ran towards a tree close to the river. She grabbed the lowed branch and climbed herself up. She was certain she saw something moving up there.

#15Regis Karlinius 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Mon Jan 28, 2019 6:00 pm

Regis Karlinius
He seemed to take his time to slowly get up mostly out of being curiosity on why already she seemed to be running off. Then again with that maybe Regis would keep in mind it might be some one who would want something form her. He stop it was not anything to dangerous, he assume she was safe and innocent, He would still see to it at this point.

He seemed to still slowly take his time to get up while she walked off, still thinking how he could keep his mind thinking forward and nicely, How the fish were pretty and just realizing it now.

She would not much greater distance from Regis at this point and he would just slightly start trailing behind, Even taking his steps slowly to get himself balanced to walking in his armor, It had been a while since he stood up.

Then starting to walk towards where she went now, The slow steps would follow, Since he had done nothing bit some how he managed to keep himself quiet while he did so far it just seemed like much better situation for the moment, just hoping nothing else went wrong while he had his her company.

there was not much build up at this point he could hum a song he heard in his past, the normal walking seemed to be nice while he was just trying to think clearly, But also what was the noise and why here of places, So gar harmless thoughts, He assumed nothing would really ruined the moment eve if she just. It was a gone moment that was nice. Then he just focused on trying to watch where the young girl was going, Why he had no idea anymore but he did, and followed slowly to, like many things before in his life.

#16Chloé Leclair 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:36 am

Chloé Leclair
"Oh... right. Climbing in armor is probably not possible..." Chloé said as from her branch as she heard the knight approaching. Sadly as he finally started to follow her and try to take in the nature around them. She would still climb up the tree to find what made that small noise and climbed up there.

Chloé herself didn't speak much with other people and so far she usually had to regret trying to make friends with others so far. So she just remained from a distance and learned to relax in nature with even the simplest things. It was one of the few ways she actually could let her guard down for a bit. As long as she didn't try to befriend the warrior there would be no problem. She all she really could do was explore places she hadn't yet, since she couldn't return to Orchidia town just yet.

Upon reaching about halfway up the tree Chloé's eyes went wide. Up there were the most adorable squirrels she had ever seen. Maybe it was because she never saw squirrels up close at all. Only about 3 branches up. After looking at them sheepishly, and saw them looking back as well she went back down, not wanting to disturb the animals. Unless of course the armored man had tried to climb up and actually managed to follow her in that armor.

#17Regis Karlinius 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Thu Jan 31, 2019 5:06 am

Regis Karlinius
He would just stay there."It is possible, But I do not wish to break the branches of the trees or risk breaking bones from an impact of a fall." He mentioned, then again he could admire how she manged so quickly. But while he waited it seemed more he just did not want to risk it as well. Damaged tree would ruin the liking of this area he had, He would just stand close by the tree, They had no reason to trust one another, or even considering befriending one another. But Regis would not want her to fall or hurt herself from climbing the tree.

So Regis would wait until she had at least made it safely down, while he thought about what else was around or even to mention, Being a man of few words was a bit annoying that he was quiet and a bit weird sometimes, Then again he was just use to it from at one point not speaking for many years, it was working on it. Then his hand felt a bit too warm, His armor had a lot of heat build up.So he would time the time to start unstrapping the gauntlets from his arms as to feel like they could breath.

What else would he do beyond walking over to edge of the water and putting next to his already gone taken off helmet and put his gauntlets next to it being by the lake he put his hands in the water, It was winter and super a lot more colder then he assumed, But he just wanted to feel how bad it was in general. Generally no one should be swimming in this super cold winter water. None the less his back was to her and he did not seem to mind for the moment.

#18Chloé Leclair 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Sat Feb 02, 2019 2:19 pm

Chloé Leclair
As the armored man didn't follow the red haired girl up the tree Chloé could climb down without having to worry about trouble the man. The branches were hard and she didn't want to think about what would happen if she messed up here. She made her way slowly down the three which went great until she was about 2/3 down. Her foot slipped on one of the branches and she started to plummet down the tree. The other branches kept breaking her fall making her slow down a bit, but each of the hits hurt when they hit her.

She was panicking. Her scream could be heard through out the river area. Her vision was hazy and it was a miracle her head wasn't hit at all. Desperately she tried to grasp one of the branches she used earlier to climb up bit it was all in vain. She missed the last branch and fell bellow to the grass where the armored man who had removed his helmet and gauntlets was waiting for her. As her face was facing upward she couldn't see it but she was falling straight on the spot the armored man was standing.

#19Regis Karlinius 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Sun Feb 03, 2019 9:16 am

Regis Karlinius
Was it fate that lead each of them to this moment, was reality playing just as cruel of a joke on them in some manner sometimes just as it seemed to do before, Regis was a lot more aware then most people use to think he would, But now the situation they where in Regis at least knew how to act.

The screaming almost for some reasons froze his thoughts it reminded him of his daughters for the time she had fallen when she was alive. He would turn his head up towards the screaming, It would seem almost like a effortless reaction of Regis for what was too come.

Regis did not jump to catch but got himself in the position too catch even making sure to take into account the force that could happen and preparing himself for any knock back on impact, After all these kind of things were things he remembered. It almost like a flash back in his mind crossing over into the currently moment in front of him, Only difference now is Regis would not panic over this moment over when his daughter had because it was the first time ever he had it happen.

He could count the moment it came to end, The moments between and the space. Upon the sound of her lands in some manner he hoped safe in his arms his reaction would be that of like a father checking over his child."Are you okay M-"He seemed to stopped himself from saying whatever name he was about to say to her."Are you hurt do you need medical attention?"Regis seemed to be already going over everything like he had been through this before but more prepared and ready to act on what he needed too to help.

#20Chloé Leclair 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:29 am

Chloé Leclair
"Malthus!" She screamed crossing her arms. That was all she could do. Was this it? Was it going to end here? In her fall she completely forgot about the armored man waiting bellow the tree. The winds were roaring aside her airs and all she could see were the lower branches going further away as she neared her doom. Until she fell but only felt two spots, her back and her legs hitting the ground.

When her vision became clear again she looked around and saw the armored man holding her. Well, this was embarrassing, but right now her body was her primary concern. She took a few deep breath's to calm herself down. Her back was hurt, but she didn't think it would be that bad.

"Yes... I think I'am fine. Thanks" She said with a smile. Her clothes were torn on multiple places around her body, but the girl herself would probably be fine with just a few bruises. Might need to get stitch these clothes... again. She sighted in relief and dispelled the dark aura surrounding her body, that protected her from the fall.

However it seemed she had felt relief too soon. It was true that Chloé herself was alright. But because her guild mark was partially visible. She rolled out of the man's hands and landed on the ground, and she quickly tried to hide the Red Hades symbol. Hoping that she could hide it before it would be seen entirely.

#21Regis Karlinius 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Wed Feb 06, 2019 2:38 am

Regis Karlinius
He would wonder what she thought yelling that name would do, if it was that it was some one she was attached too, But he would not pry it was just happy she was okay and a live. Regis thought she would have been a bit more in pain or hurt from fall an landing on him.

But alas she was safe and fine so, Not much else for him to worry about, Unless it something else would have came to show. Regis then seemed to let out a small smile and felt a bit more relax with that situation being over.

"Well, That is wonderful to here."Regis seemed to sounds like the worry in his voice was still slightly there but leaving slowly now. Even if the reaction afterward Regis wanted to nose in about being use if she was hurt or not, But since she was already up and moving felt unneeded.

Regis almost felt like maybe because of torn clothing she felt embarrassed most likely, So he would asked."Do you have any spare clothing?" Regis would ask for the moment, It was his only worry he did not care about any tattoos he would forget them. Also he did not pick up on it because that was not his worry. He would most likely try to  figure out something if help if she did, But then again if she said no he would not do anything else about it.

But even then Regis seemed to be acting still more as a slightly worried father, Then some one who would give anyone trouble over who side they are on. Regis would even look up to look away if she was shy and worried about it still. being polite about it still even if he shouldn't.

#22Chloé Leclair 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Wed Feb 06, 2019 12:39 pm

Chloé Leclair
Luckily her spell had protected her from the fall. Otherwise she might have had some broken bones. Since her guild mark was hidden now she was a little careful, and would wait to see if the armored man would react on it. It wouldn't be the first time she was attacked simply for being in a dark guild.

From his words it seemed he either didn't saw, or didn't care. Either way, Chloé had to be careful. She realized he could be feigning ignorance, but from the tone of his voice she didn't think so.

"Right, I'am fine. Thanks for being concerned." She would react normally. Since he didn't seem to act hostile she shouldn't give him reason to do so. He didn't seem to be an aggressive type, despite being clad in armor. So maybe she wouldn't have to fight him?

"Not here no, but I have some spares in my room. Don't worry about it" Chloé checked the rest of her clothes. Aside from that the damage to her clothes was minimal. It wouldn't be too hard to repair her clothes with a needle and some thread. That was, if she ever actually would be able to get into the city again. Then again, there weren't many guards and the rune knights didn't have a lot of presence here. So maybe she could sneak inside without too much trouble.

#23Regis Karlinius 

Moment of Reflection.(Open) Empty Fri Feb 08, 2019 2:46 am

Regis Karlinius
Regis then seemed to mention."Then maybe the best idea we should get you there to change, It is winter and the cold takes effect quickly."He seemed odd normal this way, Regis was almost feeling like he was living something almost in his past if anything else of what is going on.

"That is if you wish so,I know a few short cuts around most people since I often do not need to or really wish to speak to them."Which that was the case and he did not wish he might have fought a few people before maybe even torn an arm off maybe in the past.

But Regis was still only offering just out of his thought of maybe making sure anything was not so bad, Regis did keep in mind maybe she did not need to go really around people or so he would assume. There was many things that were more of his worry then most likely her worry.

But nonetheless he was more suggesting, He would pick up the gauntlets and started to put them back on, He seemed to have each step in an image to do over and over. because he was picky when putting them back on.

Having a routine Regis would put the right one on first, looping the first lower strap, making sure it was tight enough to stay in place, but not tight enough to effect movement or bother him. Evening at one point putting one of his fingers around the strap and pulling it slightly as a test. While doing the very thing with the second one, Regis seemed to remain quite only because he was unsure what else to do or say, so maybe that quiet for the moment was helpful even if slightly odd at the same time.

#24Chloé Leclair 

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Chloé Leclair
"Right, that's obvious... I guess I'll be going then." She said apologizing to the man. She could change herself and she knew the way back herself. Though there was still the question of how to get into the town itself. She probably would manage to sneak in as the town wasn't walled and provided many hiding spots.

Oh? Right, that would be great, thanks! She takes the man up on his offer.  She went away from the river, but waited after a few steps until the man had put his gear back on. Of course she didn't mind to.She actually had all day to mess around after the work of yesterday.  As long as she laid low it probably wouldn't be a problem? She hoped. If anything now would be a good time to run, so why didn't she do so? By the time the man would have his gauntlets back on she could be back in town already. She decided against it. Maybe if there was someone with her she would draw less attention if someone did happen to notice her.

"Ready? Then lead the way." She would say after the man seemed to have all his gear and appeared to be ready. She would wait for the man to take the lead. After all, he offered a few shortcuts. She wanted to see if those were actually useful.

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Regis Karlinius
He would put on his helmet and would just start walking but different way for the most common path. It's signs where covered by bushes and as well a bit of the snow. Moving a part of the bush for a moment to check if this trail has been used recently, Even if it was how long since it had been used. Only sign being the imprint of Regis' own boots.

Even looking to see if maybe some one put anything near the path it's self. Almost seems like Regis was paranoid too, or too worried....one of the two.

Regis made his own paths he had been in the woods so long that he knew what to do for making them normally and effectively. After his check he seemed to continue on his way. Much like he did for so many years way track and follow so many things so quietly. Regis seemed to almost make no noise while traveling like this only reason he seemed to make a sound is because some one was close enough to pick up the sound of moving metal. He no longer worried and lingered about the thoughts he carried while he did these things. Even if it was thoughts of his past being stuck out here and sleeping under trees.

It would almost seem like a maze in other people eyes that did not know this was a trail he had planned out. But not too long after it almost felt like an endless trail there were houses close by and they were close to the city and houses.

Leaning forward and around through some bushes that marked the end of his trail Regis then walked forward into the streets of Orchidia, He had done exactly what he said, Which maybe wasn't odd to either of them at this point.

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