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The Rematch kinda {Training w/Kyam}

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#1Theo Kaguya 

The Rematch kinda {Training w/Kyam} Empty on Tue 15 Jan - 17:14

Theo Kaguya
Sometimes there comes a time in ever mages life when they need to improve their skills and learn some new ones right? Well, that was the mindset that he put himself in when training or doing something that requires his full attention. Seeing that Kyam agreed to help him after sparing with him it only seemed fair that he spars with him and see what he can learn from this experience. As Theo waited by the for his friend by the park he thought back to his fight with him not too long ago I’ll just have to get even stronger if I want to have a real rematch with him, he thought to himself stretching. With the way that his last fight with Kyam went, it seemed like this would seem more like this rematch than anything else.  

Now that his arms have finished healing up it be best if to push their limits in some way I have to push my self even more if I want to surpass them this was now his personal goal that he had to reach no matter what it took. Though it was a relief that everyone was doing well back home with everything that was going on as of late but none of that matter right now he needed to get his mind focused solely on the match. Theo rolled up the sleeves of his jacket and "You got this TK just remember spacing and what you learned already." a nice little pep talk before a fight never hurt anyone. The day was young so they could go for as long as they wanted to assume one didn't get badly injured in the midst of it. With the knowledge of what Kyam's spear can do it would be best to leave it out of this fight and just put their magic against one another. but that could be explained when he arrived.



The Rematch kinda {Training w/Kyam} Empty on Wed 16 Jan - 8:20

Kyam yawned as he began walking through the streets of Orchidia coming from his apartment. It wasn't too long ago that he found himself in this same park sparring with folk before TK showed up. Of course he beat the shit out of the Rune Knight but he also made sure to tend to his wounds after. His intentions weren't to put his life in danger, they were to reveal the gap between their power and that fight did just that. Although TK had used spells, Kyam's spear alone was enough to handle the Light mage. From the fight he picked up that the Knight was a ranged fighter which was to be expected honestly. Most mages were ranged fighters- even Kyam himself was a ranged fighter most of the time. After TK woke up he finally asked Kyam for a that favor and it was to train him. The Savannan normally wouldn't have done it but he agreed on it before him and TK fought and he was no liar- or at least he tried not to be one. With his spear on his back and his white sleeveless combat suit on, he slowly took a left where he could see the empty park up ahead. it was pretty cold out which was probably the reason nobody had been outside. Kyam could see TK in the park standing and probably waiting for Kyam to show up. In a few moments the fallen prince would approach TK with a smile, almost devilish. "Yo!"

#3Theo Kaguya 

The Rematch kinda {Training w/Kyam} Empty on Wed 16 Jan - 14:12

Theo Kaguya
"Kyam thanks for coming here so early oh and thanks for helping me last time." Theo went to greet Kyam with a nice and friendly hug assuming he was allowed to do so even though it was slightly chilly outside it felt perfectly fine and by the looks of it, the same could be said about Kyam. With the greeting, all done with it was time to lay out the rules of this su-do rematch "Okay so to make this fair no weapons only magic and our fist if that's all right with you that is?" though the rules had been set it was really up to Kyam to follow them or not. TK would be trying something new by training with someone that wasn't apart of his family or the knights and after the last time, he could learn so much more than just what he needs to improve on.

The knight placed a hand on his own chest and then held his left arm Kyam was the second person that I managed to lose due to my lack of fighting experience he knew that even with what he knew about his fighting style would not guarantee anything it was all about being two steps ahead of your opponent and using their weakness against him. The more he thought about it the more he wanted to jump right to the fight. "Oh ya I won't be holding back this time." even though Theo lied about holding back last time he wanted to see if it would spark something in the gentlemen to throw him off just a little.

Now that the formalities where done it was about time that they get started with this I can't let him get in my head like last time something that he nearly always happen but maybe this time will be different it had to be different this time even if he managed to deal some damage to him it would be enough.


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The Rematch kinda {Training w/Kyam} Empty

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