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Tall to Doll [Quest | Levi]

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#1Levi Mahlet 

Tall to Doll [Quest | Levi] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:24 pm

Levi Mahlet
Levi had been more than satisfied with what she had done up to this point as far as the matter with Elaine Latimer was concerned. She was one step closer towards having control of her husbands business, and Levi was one step closer towards having Elaine in her bed, enjoying everything that came with it. But, for as much progress as was made, things were being delayed, much because of a development that had come to recent realizations. Levi did not know of it at first, nor did she figure that anything would have happened next, rather that she would eventually return to Elaine to celebrate her new success, though it did not seem like it was going to happen any time soon. She was in the back room with one of the women who worked at the bar, along with bartender, just finishing up a little game between the three of them, when she came out to find that there was a man, a weak meager fool who looked like he had no business ever stepping into a place that had women there, let alone someone who was as impressive looking and lovely as Levi was. He was completely and utterly flustered at the sight of Levi, and she could not help but take delight in this, laughing at the man while taunting him, kissing one of the women at the bar without any provocation, all to get a further rile out of the man who appeared like he would be barely able to stand after seeing what she had done up to this point. Somehow, he had managed to muster enough strength to reach into his satchel and pull out what appeared to have been some sort of envelope, one that had a seal on it, a seal that she was able to recognize only for the sake of being around Elaine for so long. It was very clear that this was intended for Levi, likely written by Elaine herself, to which she suspect would have been an invitation to join her in her bedroom tonight, the reward that Levi had been long working towards and was very nearly in a psotion to capitalize on for herself. When the man would not approach her, she sighed and grabbed the note from the man’s weak grasp, the force at which she grabbed it caused the man to fall to the ground in shock and fright. Levi rolled her eyes at the man, believing him to be someone that did not deserve to live, and she wondered just why Elaine would have sent this man to speak with her hrather thant he hand maiden who Levi had become accustomed to, not just in their interactions, but also by the time of enjoyment and pleasure that they had shared together a short time ago in the same back room that Levi had just finished with the other two lovely women only a bit ago. That made her wonder what Elaine wrote.


#2Levi Mahlet 

Tall to Doll [Quest | Levi] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:25 pm

Levi Mahlet
She broke off the seal of the letter and began to read it carefully, ensuring that whomever might have been around at this point, certainly the man who was just getting up to his feet, having been crippled in disbelief and his own relief that the sithg of someone like Levi showing such passion to another woman being something that was completely outside the realm of possibility, would not read it. She scanned it, looking for the invitation to the bedroom, but it was not within this. There was a consolation prize though, a chance to join a special party being held by the Latimer family at their mansion, with Levi being the special guest on bhelaf of Elaine. While she might not have gotten her in her bedroom, at least they were having a nice date before then. And no matter how nay date she might have gone on in the past went, she always had her way with the woman joining her, in one way or another, and this was going to be no different. She imagined though that there would have to be little force on her part to ensure that this was going to go exactly how she wanted it to. Reading deeper into the note though, she realized that there was another reason for her invitation beyond just the obvious chemistry and attraction between the two, being that somehow it appeared that the useless husband had gotten wind that Elaine might not have been faithful, which led to her wondering just why it might have been that she thought that. Yes, he was right to worry, but that would be with Levi, not with a man, and based on what she knew of the man who had once upon at ime loved her, that connection was long gone, which made her wonder who was feeding that information. It was a shocker, and it made her wonder if there were someone who could not be trusted in Elaine’s circle, something that was clear that even she was worried about, her letter explaining even the reason why the man had been sent to give her the letter. Apparently he was a servant of the husband, a man who the man had come to trust greatly, a loyal friend, but one who was very awkward, one in which was going to be a complication, not only at this party but moving forward when Elaine continued to enhance and build upon her own ltitel plan. Levi made sure that she read it appropriately when it said that this man was to be killed once the letter was read, its contents destroyed, and the small vial that was within it to be treasured by Levi as she would come to use it later on at the party. Levi delighted at just what the woman’s plan was going to be, but she knew she was going to have fun, both at the party and with killing the man standing before her.


#3Levi Mahlet 

Tall to Doll [Quest | Levi] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:25 pm

Levi Mahlet
Putting the letter away, Augusta was pleased with the request that Eliane had asked of her, what she wanted to have dealt with the man before her. She turned around, expecting to see him, only to see that he was seated at a table, patiently waiting for Levi, to which caused her to wonder why it was that he was still there. It wasn’t as though she wanted him gone, as she was all the more ready to see this man killed, and she was damn sure that she was going to be the one who killed him, but it none the less was surprising to see that he had stuck around. Levi had asked him why it was that he was still there, and he had explained that Elaine had asked for him to stick around and waiti for Levi, which was nice. He knew that he had a task to take care of something and was to await for Levi to complete it, though he was not aware though of the fact that what she was going to be tasked with was the fact that it was to be the person who was going to end up killing him. She smiled, asking the man to have followed her, which left him stunned, perhaps at some point due to the fact that Levi had spoken with such a seductive voice, one in which most people would be unable to go ahead and resist, let alone someone who was as weak as this man had seemed to have been. He eagerly followed Levi, stumbling over himself in the process which caused a bit of laugh between the women who were there and watching what was going on, no doubt some of them having the idea of what was to happen next. No matter what, they had to believe that Levi was going to do something in which was not going to be particularly nice. It wasn’t known that some people were particularly kind to others who were so far out of their element within Dahlia, and this place was no exception. There was an expectation of the type of people who happen to come in and enjoy what was going on there, and this was a guy, even in spite of him possibly having some degree of power, had no business being here, regardless of whatever it was that he might have been there for or who he might have been to see. Once they were outside, the man looked around, wondering what was the point of him being out there. It was a back alley, with the scent of blood, vomit, and urine filling the air, but this was not unique to right there, but rather was something that was throughout the areas of Dahlia. IT was clear that this man was not used to this scent, and while Levi was not keen on it either, she had a far gerater tolerance towards this kind of smell and odor.


#4Levi Mahlet 

Tall to Doll [Quest | Levi] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:26 pm

Levi Mahlet
The man was confused, perhaps even a little afraid now at this point. Levi had said not a word to him at this point, other than ordering him to follow her, and now they both stood out there, in the ugly part of the area, with only the disgusting outside of Dahlia around them. Nobody there. No stray animals. No witnesses. Nobody to interrupt Levi’s little game that she was about to have with this person. He was looking around with a cautious state of mind, which was smart, but he was not worried about Levi, which was a fatal mistake that he was going to know very well in only a matter of moments. Levi, on the meanwhile was looking for something, something that would be applicable to kill this man. There were no shortage of things that she could have used, whether it be a pipe, a brick, something to that effect, but there was something else that she wanted to use, something that would send more of a message to this man. After what seemed like forever though in reality lasting little more than a minute if even that, it appeared that she found exactly what it was that she was looking for, a broken bottle, one in which seemed to have been thrown a while ago, the hints of liquor stained on the broken shard of the glass, even a bit of rust that seemed to have rubbed off on the glass from the nearby metal. Putting it behind her back, she walked up to the man, which at that point he noticed her heading towards her and asked what it was that she wanted him out there for. Levi said nothing, though she simply looked at the man, seeing the fear that was in his eyes, and she then stated plainly that it was for this reason, and without a single warning or indication, leaving the man with no time at all to react, she slashed the man’s throat with the bottle, completely and utterly severing his vocal chords, making the chance for him to scream out utterly impossible. He fell to his knees, Levi a bit surprised that he was still alive even after the amount of force she applied to that attack, but he looked up to her, thinking nothing more than the fact that he was dreading what was happening, wondering why it was that it was happening to him in the first place. He almost had a pleading look upon his face, like he wished that he would do something to spare him, or at the very least, explain why. Levi saw this and smiled in glee, wiping the blood that had fell upon her hands with a towel that she saw laying about. When she turned her attention back to the man, she leaned down to look right into his eyes, saying that he had served his usefulness, that this was his parting gift. She then stabbed his eyes out.


#5Levi Mahlet 

Tall to Doll [Quest | Levi] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:27 pm

Levi Mahlet
She arrived at the party in a lovely black dress, one that would make Levi all the more irresitable, whether it were by the women or men there, married or not. It was a beautiful sight, to see so many influential and wealthy people all drooling over Levi, but tonight her eyes were set towards the woman who appeared in an equally lovely purple dress, Elaine. Though she tried to hide it, Levi could see the lust in the woman’s eyes, how much she desired Levi right now, and Levi ate it all up. She was going to have Elaine tonight, and the look that the two shared, the sheer lsut that was shared as the two locked eyes onto each other, it sealed that to be fate, to be their destiny. But there would have to be something first which took place before that could happen. The man who stood in Levi’s way was to suffer an unfortunate accident, and Levi was going to delight in the entire thing, orchestrating it, and then carrying it out to the fullest degree as she had been instructed to by Elaine. Before she could go ahead and get started, she began to mingle with the people there, getting a feel for who was there, building a rolodex of names of women who at some point or another she would end up sleeping with, establishing who was worth exploiting for their wealth or other reasons, who would suffer the most as far as the husbands who stood to see their wives leave them for Levi, as well as fetching out information from them as far as what they could tell her about Henry, the man that Elaine had married and had planned on killing tonight. From what they could tell, he was a notorious drinker, someone who had spent years on heavy drinking binges, causing those close to him to worry about his health, especially at parties like this. From what Levi was able to find out, it seemed that each time he had gone to one, there was always a bit of worry and panic in the back of everyone’s mind that it would be his last night alive, and this was no exception. Levi knew that this was perfect, and there was no reason to think that if he were to die tonight, the people would think anything other than this was just something that was destined to happen. Similar to that of a drug addict who had overdosed, this would be another such example. She sipped on great champaigne, stuff that she had not had for what seemed like since she was in Bosco, and enjoyed the company of the beautiful women, all the while enjoying the sexual tension that was building between her and Elaine. The same tension she was going to capitalize on after she took care of the man who was going to have an unfortunate accident once Levi was done with him, and it’d be soon.


#6Levi Mahlet 

Tall to Doll [Quest | Levi] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:27 pm

Levi Mahlet
It was no exaggeration that the man Levi was going to kill was a heavy drinker, as she herself was atching as the man downed drinks at a record pace, something that she could not deny did impress her. But it also presented a key oppurutnity as the man would never turn down a drink, regardless of who it was that may have offered it to him. That this man, with this bad of a problem, had survived so long within this sort of envirotnment was nothing short of impressive and shocking, but it was also something that made it very easy for her to spike a drink and present it to the man. And that was exactly what she did, grabbing a drink that she had found and discretely pouring the poison into it, she did not know how it take as far as how long it would require to settle in, how fast it would work or anything, so to make matters simple, she simply placed the spiked drink amongst those of the few that the man had gathered, thereby making it impossible to tell just which drink it was and who might have set it. After a few minutes, she watched as it began to take effect, the man beginning to slur his words even harder, his body becoming a bit more frail and unresponsive, and as people began to express concern, Levi offered to escort him to the room, indicating that she were a close friend to the family. The man, already half paralyzed but fully aware, was unable to challenge her words, and was largely left to relying on Levi to guide him up the stairs. Once they had reached the top of the stairs, Levi could see that the paralysis was in full effect at this point, but his eyes showed the terror that he was feeling. Once out of sight of everyone else, Levi turned to the man and stated exactly who she was, that she was the one who had kidnapped his son, that she was the woman who was going to be sleeping with his wife, that the two of them were going to be making hot passionate love for the rest of her days, and that her only regret was that he would not have the chance to see the woman he loved fall into her hands. It brought a tear to her to know that he would never get to experience such heartbreak first hand or in a fully aware state, but she dismissed it as saying she couldn’t wait to bring the wife pleasure he could never bring himself, and then she accidently tripped the man, causing him to fall down the stairs, the sound of his neck breaking once he fell to the ground being heard throughout. It was a tragic sight for everyone but Levi and Elaine, who watched as the corpse of Henry was escorted out and the party ended. At least, not Levi’s party.


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