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Done-Dun [Quest | Levi]

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#1Levi Mahlet 

Done-Dun [Quest | Levi] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:45 am

Levi Mahlet
Levi did not get quite what she wanted from the woman. There was no sex, but there was a moment that it was very clear that if she were to push the matter harder, it would have been something that could have been done. There was a clear level of attraction between the two, with Levi coming to find out some of what mystified her about the woman. The child she had been asked to watch over was not her own, but rather that of the man she married, whose wife died suddenly. That was what she said, and Levi did not have to think twice to know that this woman was responsible, which upon hearing this only made her wish to make love to the woman even more. She was cruel, deceitful, and arguably just evil, all three things Levi loved in a woman. It was as though they were a natural couple, and Levi was going to make sure that even if they could not be together, the time that they would spend in bed would make this woman wish for that encounter to happen again and again fro the rest of her days, much like how Levi had done for so often before. She also came to find out that the child meant nothing to her other than a means to an end, a way to make it appear as though they wer ea happy family, one in which they could portray and sell to the people that everything was all good, when in reality it was nothing short of a miserable life. The man she was married to was not good in bed, ugly, old, and nothing more than a man who was destined to die so that she could stand to inherit everything that she wanted, his money and his company. However though, with them being so distant, it meant that her ability to negotiate and work her way into an agreement that would give her control would be one in which was going to be all the more challenging and difficult. Therefore, after a while, she had begun to hathc a plan, and upon meeting with Levi, she very soon realized that this was the perfect woman to get the job done, one who was as cruel as she needed to be, and one who had as much desire to cause pain to those who wronged her as this woman was feeling towards her husband and her former husband. TO hear that the woman had multiated the man, cutting off his private parts while condemning the man to suffer, it was something that Levi could only take utter delight and joy in. It was something special, to know that she had influenced both of them so well to the point that physical damage was caused to one, and it was only right that this woman walk out unharmed. Had she not, Levi would have personally slaughtered the man, making his suffer the entire time.


#2Levi Mahlet 

Done-Dun [Quest | Levi] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:47 am

Levi Mahlet
After talking for a while and Levi attempting to make a move multiple times only to be weakly resisted, the woman told her of what her next plan was. With them being so far apart now, she had to force her husband’s hand, making it so that she would get what she wanted without having to waste any more of her years on his useless life. Levi knew that as soon as she got what she wanted, her husband was dead, and she had no problem with that. That would mean that they would have time for each other, and a part of her hoped to meet the man, only for the chance to show off that she would be the one who conquested his wife, not the other way around. She hoped that his last moments would be him having sex with his wife, her moans of pleasure and delight being enough to cause him to die in agony and sorrow, a sight that she always enjoyed no matter how many times it seemed that it happened. To execute this plan, it would take several steps, the first one being that the biggest obstacle had to be dealt with, that being that of her child, or at least, her step son as he was approprkately titled. He was a risk, as the husband loved him more than anything else, and would do anything to see that he would be safe, yet that was not going to be the case. At least, for the time being. He would be safe, although he would be taken by Levi, forced somewhere for the time being as a means of forcing the husband’s hand. It would be a simple enough task, as Levi had still good recall of what she saw and remembered following the boy earlier. He was carefree, stupid, and ignorant to what the city posed to him as far as risks went, and Levi was more than able to capitalize on those attributes. She had done a few kidnappings before, and usually they went well. Sure, a person might have been killed, or someone else might have gone to jail for the crime, but Levi never came out of it with issue. Every time, she had prospered, whether in terms of wealth or of physical satisfaction, and there was no reason to believe that this was going to be any different, especially given the fact that from what she had seen of the weak Rune Knight presence within Dahlia Town, they were as corrupt as the people and engagements that went on in the city. She had already flattered one of the Rune Knights, and it would not be hard to turn others if it came to it, make them look the other way in exchange for something else, which Levi knew neither would object to. She was perhaps the most equipped for this kind of job, and seeing how excited the woman was when Levi accepted, she was eager.


#3Levi Mahlet 

Done-Dun [Quest | Levi] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:47 am

Levi Mahlet
The child had a pattern throughout the day that was routine, it never deviating in spite of what might have happened, which made Levi’s life much easier. When there was inconsistency as far as what a person might have done, ti meant that there were far more variables and challenges that were presented as a result of it all, and yet, it was not something that she was worried with this. What made it easier was that it was a child, which meant that they were going to do things that a child would do, which generally were ignored by the people as a whole. If a child is screaming because a person, like a woman like Levi, happened to be taking them, it would appear at least as though they were a child that was being disciplined by their mother, not a child that was being kidnapped for the sake of tormenting the father or forcing the woman to submit herself to Levi. Either way, it was not as though this was her first rodeo, and the fact too that it was clear what the prize was in the end of this, she knew that this was going to be something that would not be hard or challenging for her to get away with it. So in the morning after having spent a lovely evening with the bartender, Levi departed for the streets, intent on meeting up with the child at his usual first spot, and form there, she would determine when it would be best to take care of things and take the boy hostage. Whether or not it would be as easy as that was left up in the air, but she had no reason to think that it would have been all that challenging. It might have tken more of the day than she perhaps wanted to if it came to it, but at the very least it would be very clear and certain that she would have this child alone at some point and then he would be left vulernatble, certialy vulernatible enough that Levi would be able to take him without much resistance. And if he ewre to resist, it would be as easy to say that his father was looking for him and because most people were stupid, and all children were stupid, it would be an easy feat and one that all but guaranteed that this kidnapping was going to be on one in which she came away as a successful participant, much like how in the past she had succeeded. Walking through the town with the boy just a little bit ahead, she wondered how long it would be before the woman would be willing to surrender her body to Levi, and that was something that made her mind wander at points, but it did not wander enough that she got distracted at the task at hand. This child was waling about Dahlia without a care, but that would not last.


#4Levi Mahlet 

Done-Dun [Quest | Levi] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:47 am

Levi Mahlet
Even though she knew what to expect of this child, even though she knew that this boy’s route was nothing impressive or something that might have warranted a reason to be concerned, she was surprised at just how much more difficult this was turning out to be. For whatever reason, every time that it felt like now would be the perfect chance to take the child and bring him to the location that his step mother had set up for Levi, it would be as though someone would appear and start a conversation, want him to play a game or something, just do something that would have interefered with her attempted heist. After a short enough time, an opportunity finally presented itself and as she was ready to make her move, she was stopped by a storekeeper who got in her way, wanting her to go ahead and buy something, though she persisted, this man also did. Finally, she forcibly pushed him out of the way, only to see that the child nearly got away form her, though she would catch up to him and make sure that such a scenario would not happene again. There was another attempt that she would make to take the child only for a few of his friends to appear, distracting him for a while and making it nearly impossiblef or her to grab him at least right now, though eventually and to her benefit, the kids left, leaving the boy alone again as he began to head towards an empty alleyway, one in which Levi could not help but delight in the conveneicnce of it all. Once the child was alone int eh dark, Levi made her move, grabbing the child and placing a blindfold over his eyes and a gag in his mouth, making it impossible for him to resist or otherwise fight against her. Not as though he would have anyways, as he was a young boy who did not know how to fight or resist, nor did it seem that most people in that situation did, and within seconds Levi was gone from the alleyway wit the child in her possession. She could not help but delight in the situation, that he went down an alelwyay that connected to the location that he was to be placed in. From there, it would just be a matter of waiting for what would happene next, when his father would get whatever sort of ransom demand that would be placed for him, and to ensure that the child was delivered. But that was outside of Levi’s concern, nor something that she had reason to be worried for, both because the step mother made it clear that that wasn’t her problem, and because she didn’t give a shit about the child. She just wanted to make love to his lovely step mother, and it was only a matter of time before she would get that wish. She left the boy, alone in the dark.


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