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Intercept The Package [Private]

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#1Malachai Ramazan 

Intercept The Package [Private] Empty Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:55 am

Malachai Ramazan

What a beautiful day it was in the town of Orchidia. It seemed almost as if winter had flown by for the Phantom Lord mage, probably because it actually did. Malachai had spent most of his time as a member of the Phantom Lord guild but hadn't done anything much really. To be quite frank, not many people from his guild knew or acknowledged him. No-one was to blame but himself for that though. While he was always kind to his irrational guild members it saddened him that nobody knew him for his strength. Of course now that all would change. Malachai was in Orchidia for one reason - and no, it wasn't to live up to the stereotypes of the typical Phantom- it was was to simply enjoy life! For too long he had been down and depressed about his family but an entire seven years had passed in the blink of an eye and still he hadn't done anything worth feeling proud about. Orchidia had become such a popular place in the last few years, especially after that big flower festival he was too depressed to take part of but here he was, finally breathing in the fumes of the delicious foods that didn't belong to Oak town for once. It honestly felt good to break out of the shell he'd been hiding in. With his eyeglass sitting perfectly on his right eye and his jacket comfortably on his shoulders, he officially felt like an entirely new man- almost.

His hate for the magic council was still vivid in his heart, that part of him would probably never fade until they were all dead. Even then, his hate for this entire country would dance around his slightly tainted soul. With a small smile perched upon his lips, the Phantom Lord member slowly walked through the market streets. So many items of absolutely no value were on display, nearly making him chuckle as he noticed them. One out of the numerous amount of things his father taught him was to spot when something was cheap. After all, he came from a family who loathed in luxury for so long how couldn't he notice the value of things?Malachai had hoped to see more rare and unique magical items around the town but of course there was nothing for him there.

As he strolled, however, he did spot something interesting. About ten meters beyond him there were two men arguing about something or another. Although it wasn't his business he couldn't help but to notice them considering they were shouting and at each other. For the town of Orchidia this seemed to be a rather normal thing. Not one person but himself stopped to gaze upon them. Instead everyone went about their day minded their godforsaken business. Out of both of the men in front of him only one of them seemed to be really upset. This man had long shaggy hair and honestly looked like a very modest man. The other man looked like he was an asshole. Sure it wasn't wise to form assumptions based off one's appearance but it was also wise to do just that, otherwise how would people choose their loved ones. Appearance had a lot to do with everything and that was just the facts.

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#2Malachai Ramazan 

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Malachai Ramazan

One thing about that he couldn't stand was how he had to work for things. He had absolutely no way of contacting his family from Desiertio and his parents bank accounts had been frozen before they were executed. Since then he had to take small quests here and there just for some pocket change. This was mainly because he didn't want to spend too much of the money he had left despite the fact that it was well over ten million jewels. Still, in a country like Fiore that could vanish in a blink of an eye. If it ever got to that point he'd eventually force himself to sell the jewelry he had on his wrists and around his neck but at the moment none of that was necessary.

The man in front of him walked away from the arguably asshole-ish with a frown obviously on his face. "Oh, I guess they've settled that then." he muttered under his breath as the angered man began to look around. Almost instinctively, Malachai too began to look around wondering what he could have been looking for until he turned back to see the man staring right at him. With a nod Malachai stared back until the man waved over. No doubt this man had a proposition for him. Easily putting two and two together, this man could have wanted someone to teach his opposer a lesson. The Desiertian looked at himself as the man walked away, wondering if he looked like a typical thug. If he did, then he'd have to make some major wardrobe changes.

With nothing else to lose and only something to gain, Chai simply followed the man a short distance down the road until he turned to face the Phantom. "Hey listen, I know this may sound strange since...well, you know... I don't know you but-" "You don't need to say anything else, how much are you willing to pay?" The man seemed surprised by Malachai's response. He then introduced himself as a cashier and insisted on explaining the issue so he wouldn't sound like some super bad guy who was doing this out of spite. Sincere enough, Malachai could tell that he was lying and so he easily agreed to partake in these antics. "No problem, friend. I'm Malachai." The man nodded giving the Desiertian more details on where he could find the merchant and what he needed done. The task wasn't complex at all and would only take about a half an our-if that.

Quickly Malachai moved to the the gats of Orchidia where he stood for about ten minutes until he saw a Caravan approach. Waving his hand at the man moving the caravan he approached with a warm smile. "Greetings, brother! I take it you're here to deliver the package!" He assumed. The caravan driver looked Malachai up and down before laughing.

"You're the merchant here to pick the package up?"

"Why, yes I am my friend. I knew you wouldn't take long, I can never complain."

"Hmmmmm...I don't know, you don't look like a merchant." Malachai chuckled and raised an eyebrow confusingly.

"Why don't I look like a merchant? Is it because I'm brown? I thought racism was dead in Fiore."

"N-no! It's not like that at all, I just-"

"I know, I know. I'm only kidding friend. Anyway, just let me sign it off and send you on your way, I don't want to hold you up."

"Haha! Okay but first I need you to confirm what's in the package so I know you're the guy."

"Of course of course. It's the Bone wand, or at least I hope it is."

The man squinted his eyes and for a moment there was silence between the two men. Malachai spoke confidently still with a gentle smile perched upon his lips. With a chuckle he hopped off of the Caravan handed Chai a clipboard to sign and grabbed the package before handing it off. "Thank you!" He exclaimed before bowing lightly and walking away to where the cashier was waiting. When he approached the man his eyes widened in happiness and he gladly fished out money to pay Malachai for his time, waving off as he skipped happily through the town. The end.


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