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Malachai Ramazan

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#1Malachai Ramazan 

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Malachai Ramazan


Name: Malachai Ramazan

Age: August / 19 / X764 | 24

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Desiertan

Ethnicity, Mother: Stellan

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Phantom Lord

Tattoo: Inside bottom lip

Face: Thoth Caduceus - Kamigami no Asabi


Height: 6'0 | 1.8 meters

Weight: 150 lbs | 68 Kilograms

Hair: White

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Malachai is a tall young man for his age, standing at a daunting five feet, eleven inches and weighing around one-hundred-fifty pounds. His size are traits passed down to him by his mothers side of the family. His hair is short and straight usually in a ruffled style. Unusual for a Stellan but very common for a Desiertian. Just like his mother, his eyes are a blaring blue. His skin tone is brown but not too dark, similar to that of caramel. Malachai usually wears a blue jacket with a white shirt underneath and cargo pants with a chain hooked from the belt loops for fashion. Just from his repetitive clothing people around him find it obvious that Malachai doesn't care about how he dresses.

Extra: Various scars over his entire body (excluding face)


Malachai can be pretty hard on himself sometimes. He always wants to become better so little mistakes may frustrate him. Malachai's parents have pushed him to the edge countless times to build him up to the point where he absolutely hates failure. He has a very alluring and kind aura which unintentionally draws people towards him. That  and his swift mind are reason to why he'd rather take the lead when it comes to fights and missions, not to mention that he has a lot of experience dealing with certain situations. Malachai understands how to be a good team member even as a person who usually works alone. However, from constant criticism from his parents he isn't very good at taking criticism from other people. Needless to say that he is a pretty confident person. In truth, he just wants to become stronger so he often uses his own negative feedback as fuel. Ever since he was a child he knew that he had potential. One of his main objectives is to become one of the worlds strongest mages so that he can change the world, so it is only natural that he expects more of himself.

Growing up in a very wealthy environment, Malachai is, and will probably always be a level-headed man. He often maintains a calm and collective persona even in the heat of almost any situation. His ability to remain calm and focused is admittedly one of the best parts of himself. In many ways he is thought to be a prodigy, and his abilities both mentally and magically are sure to back up that theory.  Despite his normally calm and laid-back attitude, there has been a few situations where he has lost his temper like most normal people. Being part of a wealthy family at one point, Malachai was raised to treat all people equally, and with respect- making him one of the kindest people anyone could meet. His outspoken nature is one of the many reasons why it is so easy for him to communicate with his peers. People who don't truly know him will often say that he is too content of a person. Someone who smiles and enjoys life as much as him must be hiding something right? Sometimes When people think too hard about who he is, they become cautious. Of course because he is a rather conscious young man it's easy for him to read people and actually understand why they feel this way.

It's also easy for him to empathize, which is why those close to him and those who trust him are able to speak to him about their feelings and problems, however, he hardly ever speaks about his. Even his strangely calm and happy aura isn't enough to stop the haters. Close peers view him as care free, similar to that of an eagle. Many wonder how someone like him could partake in dark quests but it's all because of his odd love for killing, fighting, blood and destruction. Malachai loves the feeling of utterly destroying his competition and killing is just something he has grown to love. In addition to a strong spirit, his willpower allows him to continue fighting or doing any task until it is completed, not to mention his dedication to promises. When it comes to his enemies he will often like to test them to see where they stand in comparison to him but he will do his best to make sure that it always ends in his favor.

All in all, Malachai is pretty tough individual. He holds himself up to a very high standard. His self respect and pride is something very important to him. His mother would always enlighten him of what it meant to be alive, often referring to living as a gift from god.

Usually Malachai is willing to do what he can to help in whatever he is doing but if it's something boring, it isn't likely that he'll find interest in it - like guarding a building for example, or watching a baby. Tasks like those he usually strays away from because he'd rather be in action. Even as a believer in Illumin when money is involved he'll do almost anything because he is a man that understands money is equivalent to power in this country- if not the world. Many of those around Malachai know that he is a very humble, kind, and respectful to those who show the same respect towards him. He has a very warm heart for the people who are close to him and has no problem admitting that either. He doesn't even boast about his abilities because of how humble he is. He is quick to fight even it means risking his own life depending on the circumstances making him extremely loyal to his comrades as well.


  • Fighting: Although his heart is kind, Malachai is a firm believer of action instead of words. If a fight can be avoided he still wouldn't go out of his way to avoid it.
  • Honesty: Malachai isn't a very good sport when it comes to taking feedback, especially from someone who can work of themselves a lot harder, however, he does respect honesty no matter the situation.
  • Drinking: Not an alcoholic, but drinking makes the world appear to be a better place sometimes!
  • Magic: As a mage he has grown to love the world of magic. Seeing different magics in use and even using magic is quite a beautiful thing.
  • Meditation: Malachai is a very spiritual man. Although he doesn't follow the "word" of Illumin, he is very in tune with the world itself as he likes to say. Meditation, chakras, crystals, he enjoys reading and learning about all of it.


  • Liars: Malachai despises liars, or better yet people who lie to protect themselves.
  • The Council: Chai has no problem with Rune Knights and the people who simply work for the council, but he absolutely hates the council, after all, they are the people who found it just to execute his parents.
  • The Government of Fiore: Kings and Queens are more than often people who loathe in their power and only are about themselves. A democracy would be a much better world.


  • Removing the Council/Government: It wasn't that long ago that his own parents were executed because of the council. His hate for the council is purely out of his need to avenge his parents. His main priority is to get strong enough to remove them wether that be by political means or using violence. Removing the government would only allow him to change Fiore for the better.


  • Himself: Yes. Malachai fears what he could become if his hate grows. He fears becoming epitome of hate and chaos if he continues aiming for his goal. Because of this he practices meditation and attempts to continuously show kindness to others.
  • Falling Inlove: Falling inlove would only be a distraction and a distraction that he could not afford.


Magic Name: Ramazan Magic

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description: Simple lightning magic that stems from ones own body. Specifically this type of magic takes a golden color. Throughout the Ramazan bloodline gold colored magic is typically used and is thought to be because of the family's deep connection with the first person within their bloodline who was able to use a specific light type magic. This magic, however, is purely lightning that takes a golden color.


Being birthed rather easily, both of Malachai's parents knew from the start that their son would be a prodigy. From the moment he was born his magical presence could be sensed from meters away and at this moment the his father knew as the head of the Ramazan family, that he would have to start training his son early. Being the only child of the main household in Desiertio, Malachai had it very easy growing up- if you didn't count the constant beat downs and super intense training his father gave him. Besides being rich, getting anything he wanted at any given moment, his father made sure to humble him in any possible way. Chai's mother wasn't easy on him either. She schooled him herself in the teachings of Illumin and when he would get something wrong when approached with a question she would often beat him. However, Malachai's father practiced the Zharian religion so his mother would only school him on Illumin behind closed doors. While normally this would make a child confused, Malachai liked to believe that both gods existed somehow.

Unlike many others in his predicament, he did not abuse that privilege. Despite only being a child Chai was a very conscious or "woke" child. He understood that not everyone had "it" as good as him making him a very humble person.

Every day for the next 8 years starting from the age of seven, his father made sure that Chai would have at least 5 hours of training time a day. Even if the young mage did not want to train, if his father commanded it, then it would be done. Naturally his mother disapproved because of how hard her son was being pushed but there was only so much she could say to a very stern father, especially in Desiertio. At times the prodigal son saw that his father was too stern and always wondered why.

When Malachai turned 15 his father and mother decided to take their lives to Fiore. Seeing as they had the money to live perfectly fine there would be no problems but upon their arrival to Fiore, Malachai's father had introduced him to the family business. The business that made them so rich the young mage would have nothing to worry about for his entire life. In Desiertio his father was the head of a rather huge family that sold magical tools and drugs internationally. Items and drugs, potions that could turn average people into something more somehow. Moving to Fiore was the next big step in securing their family. After a few more years of selling illegal items, Malachai's family would never need to work again. This was the reason why his father had trained him so hard; he wanted his only son to be able to protect the family at all costs.

Malachai was never forced to sell these illegal items. In fact he lived perfectly fine without doing so until he was 16. From the age of 15 his father taught him about the business just in case anything would happen to him. It only took Malachai one year to understand the family business but after that his family would suffer a terrible fate. Malachai's father was only able to continue his line of work for one year before he was finally arrested and handed in to the authorities who later raided his home and snatched his mother away from him.  While his parents were in prison the government assigned him to a family. When he was 17 he was finally able to see his family. However, this was only a short visit for they met an even worse fate. Publicly, his mother and father had been executed by the request of the council. His parents were brought up on murder chargers, and much more that would build Chai's hate for the country and how it was ran. From the day of his parents execution he was certain that the council had to be wiped.

Malachai later abandoned his foster family, joining Phantom Lord and taking small quests until he was finally able to start getting serious. Now, Malachai is on a mission and nothing is getting in his way.


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