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A Page in a Diary [Quest | Levi]

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#1Levi Mahlet 

A Page in a Diary [Quest | Levi] Empty on Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:08 pm

Levi Mahlet
The bar that she had first seen, the one that advertised high quality alcohol and fine women was not an exaggeration, and Levi was glad to have had a chance to return here. The women were of good quality, some of them being slightly less desirable in her sober state, but there was little to believe that she would not have slept with some, if not all of them, with a few drinks in her. That could have been said of nearly every women who was working here, including that of those who Levi would have no problem sleeping with immediately, drinks or not. One especially, the bartender, was a woman who Levi found herself enthralled by. Attractive, about her age, with lengthy brunette hair, and with a devilish grin on her face, Levi knew that it would not take much for her to have her, after maybe a drink or even less than that. One could have cut the sexual tension between the two of them with a knife, and Levi knew it as soon as the two locked eyes. For the sake of appearances, she bought two of the most expensive drinks available, one for her and one for the bartender, intent on this being all she needed to have her right behind the bar. However, before she could have a chance at tasting this woman, she was interrupted by a familiar face. The hand maiden who she had helped earlier for the beautiful woman with the white hair, requesting her aid again. Though Levi was upset to have to leave this bartender, she knew that the seed was set, and all she would have had to do was return for a chance to enjoy what this woman had to offer, in more than one way. But right now, Levi had a different date, one with a woman who apparently had wealth, beauty, and was seeming to fall under the spell of Levi already. Blowing a kiss goodbye to the woman, Levi followed behind with the hand maiden, though only after declining an offer to have a drink with her, to which left Levi disappointed. Though, she felt a bit optimisitic given the resistance, or at the least the internal struggle that was apparent on the woman’s face, something which Levi was going to take advantage of at some point. Whether it were with her master or not was not a question as she would eventually have them both, but for the time being, she knew that she were closer to breaking than that of her master. It would be all but a certainty really, that this woman was going to eventually be pretty for Levi, though that would have to wait at least for a short bit, until she heard that she was going to meet her master in a hotel, something that caused the gears in Levi’s imagination run wild with excitement. She expected to arrive there, finding the woman undressed and awaiting her unforgettable touch.


#2Levi Mahlet 

A Page in a Diary [Quest | Levi] Empty on Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:08 pm

Levi Mahlet
When she arrived to the hotal though, she was disappointed to see that that was not the case. While she expected and hoped to have seen the woman in the nude and awaiting Levi’s touch, she was instead dressed down, one that made her look no better than a commoner, though Levi knew better and that beneath those rags there was a wild woman who was longing to be tamed and controlled by Levi, and soon enough that would be the case. However, this was but another step towards that eventual scenario occurring, and for that reason, Levi was willing to play laong a bit longer, knowing that with each action she did in favor of this woman, the closer she would be to earning her heart, and her body. Not to mtention all of the benefits and glory that would come of this, as it was apparent and obvious that this woman had wealth, wealth that Levi would fin dherself wholly suited to take advantage of. When she spoke with her future lover, Levi came to find out that she was actually a mother, having a child whop apparently was of a somewhat reasonable age compared to that of Levi, which made Levi wonder just how old this woman was. She may not have been as young as she might have hped, but she looked great for her age all the same, and Levi was always partial towards older women anyways, so it was not a problem for her. Per her request, Levi set out to follow her son throughout Dahlia Town, which presented another benefit in the fact that she would be able to see more of the city, get a better feel for it than that of what she might have been forced to endure and suffer through. Keeping a close eye on the boy and making sure not to be seen, she did not see anything that was out of the ordinary, nor did she much find any reason to be overly worried or cautious than that of what was going around otherwise. It was hard to tell what was normal and what was different within this city, a place that Levi did not know herself what to identify yet. Though, as she followed him on still, she began to piece together pieces that told a more full story than what she might have gotten on her own, as there were enough establishments and vice for her to keep occupied to the point of her visiting these more run down parts would end up being nothing more than food for thought than that of actuality. Eventually, she figured this was enough information to have gotten, and within a short amount of time she returned to the boy’s mother, telling her just what she was able to find out. Though she did not let on much as to what it all meant, she was thankful for Levi carrying out this task, the two sharing a farewell kiss.


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