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Levi Mahlet

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Levi Mahlet


Name: Levi Mahlet

Age: Twenty-Three | February 9, X764

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Boscosi

Class: Sorceror

Race: Human

Rank: A-Rank

Guild: Red Hades

Tattoo: Pelvis| Blood Red

Face: Velvet Crowe | Tales of Berseria


Height: 170.00 cm | 5'7"

Weight: 57.153 kg | 126 lb

Hair: Black

Eyes: Yellow

Overall: To say that she is beautiful may as well sound like an insult towards Levi. Blessed with an incredible figure that would have many a model throughout Earthland envious of, Levi is nothing short of what one might consider to be the living personification of beauty. Tall, fit, slender, having an impressive bust, and a face that has caused many a women to question their own sexuality and men to question if they had married the wrong person, Levi is never afraid to flaunt her flawless beauty, and always a candidate for the best looking person in a given area at any point in time. Beyond just her figure, Levi's beauty can be attributed to her long black flowing hair, often extending well beyond her chest, at points going as far as down towards her knees and lower, save for parts of her hair which are braided by what appear to be like a bandage than that of a typical hairband, giving it a slightly exotic appearance.

In spite of living a life of luxury in Bosco, Levi tends to wear an outfit that far more resembles that of what a mercenary would wear versus one of nobility. Though there stand to be small variations at times, whether they be additional articles of clothing or other garments, there is usually a consistent look that she rarely detracts from. The outfit is composed of a revealing ruby-red corset, exposing her midriff and the top half of her breasts. Beneath that is a weathered leather belt resting just over her hip and above her torn, black jean trousers, having been torn apart to the point of looking like shorts. A thin metal chain as well as multiple small belts wrapped around her right leg and a few which spiral towards the lower half of her left. Over her corset, she wears a black jacket in the form of a robe with red-velvet lacing; the jacket is ripped towards the bottom and is tightened towards her chest by the belt.

In addition to this, she wears protective armour on her footwear as well as one extra armour plate on her right shin. On her right arm, she wears a protective gauntlet of a similar style, which rests above the same material as her coat, extending beyond what the gauntlet covers, up through and wrapping around her middle finger, highlighted by a rhombus-shaped piecing. In place of any armor on her left arm, she instead has it covered in a material resembling that of bandages, covering her entire hand and extending upwards up to her near her bicep.

Extra: At times, Levi tends to wear a leather choker around her neck, tight enough that it almost appears to be suffocating her, yet at no point does this ever seem to be the case, nor do there appear to be any bruises or contusions to suggest it is actually too tight, instead only appearing to be.


Personality: If you were to ask Levi what she thought about herself, she would tell you that she is the only important person in the world and everyone else exists purely for her own delight, pleasure, and most importantly are disposable as soon as Levi believes so. An accurate assessment of Levi is that she is a complete narcissist, fixated purely on her own personal goals, her desires at any given time, and how she may achieve said goals and desires. Anyone who might stand in her way of this has forfeit their life, as far as she is concerned. Anyone who belives themselves to be on the same level of Levi, barring her own willingness to allow someone to be at such a high position, has forfeit any right to speak, a right to express themselves, any right to be anything more than whatever slave-like position that Levi might view them to be.

But Levi's case of narcissism is a bit of an oddity, in that while she herself is far and away the most important thing in her life, she does express some degree of compassion. Yet, even then it is completely based on her own set of standards and what she stands to get out of a given scenario. A woman who Levi might be sexually attracted towards should be treated as a woman of royalty, similar to how Levi should always be hailed as. In that same scenario, anyone who would challenge Levi's perceived view of someone or otherwise does not agree is as much fault and is viewed as negatively by Levi in the same manner that she would if a person were to challenge her own stature. And even while she express kindness and her own variant of respect towards a person, it does not mean that it will last forever. It is far from uncommon that Levi might show respect and dignity towards a person on day, only for her position to take a complete change, viewing the person as worthless as anyone else. In addition, someone who might have challenged Levi's position towards a person of interest that she later discarded will not be viewed warmly to her. As far as Levi is concerned, as soon as someone challenges her world view, it doesn't matter if down the line they may come to agree on a particular matter.

Beyond just being narcissistic, Levi embodies a form of sexism that as much seems to be influenced and molded by a form of classism. There is no hiding the fact that given Levi's sexual preference towards women, she views them in a much more positive light than she would a man, regardless of how attractive one might find them, or how successful they may be. Her regards towards society can be most easily broken down into 3 main tiers. At the top of this perceived ladder are the women who she might find either sexually attractive or otherwise hold some level of value, whether it be their appearance, a talent or skill that they may have, or an indistinguisable trait that Levi is just drawn towards. Beneath this society tier, there are the men who have a purpose and can be of benefit towards Levi. Whether they are a merchant or craftsman that may create a good that Levi wants, a chef who may make a particular meal that she likes, or someone in a position of power like a merchant king or a politician that can assist her in some manner. For these individuals, their value and status with Levi is exclusively tied to what benefit they stand to bring to her. Once their value has been depleted or can no longer benefit her, they are as useless as she views the rest of society. And in Levi's view of society, everyone else falls into this third and lowest tier. Here, the purpose of people are to simply exist to serve Levi in whatever capacity she wishes, whether like that of slaves, servants, people that she can kill for the sake of killing, it doesn't matter. Most people who fall into this category, within Levi's eyes it is nearly impossible to ever elevate themselves, save for a radical change of fortunes.

Levi's stance towards society is not one that suddenly developed out of nowhere. Whether historians are willing to acknowledge it or not, she is of Boscosi nobility, having grown up in a powerful, established family, having been nurtured and groomed within this environment and atmosphere for years. And while whatever prospects or hopes that there may have been within this higher society for Levi were destroyed when she fell to corruption, it did not erase the arrogance and the superiority that this culture exhumed and leached itself into her. Her mannerisms, the minor nuisances to her actions, her choice of words, they are all to a degree influenced by her high society childhood, albeit significantly degraded to the point that she is living in within a high society that only she knows the truest customs for.

There is no hiding how much sex and violence play a role in Levi's mentality and her outlook of the world. It would be fair to say that they drive her motivations, that she as much thrives off of sex and violence as much as she finds herself needing to be exposed to it, the pleasures that come from sex and the pain and anguish that her violent actions cause to other people. Particularly, as far as the violence goes, Levi has no problem with escalating a situation for no other reason than to see more violence and all that is derived from it. Panic, fear, terror, pain, suffering, sadness, all of these elements feed Levi's desire to cause more violence. Unfortunately for Levi, sex and violence go hand and hand with each other, thereby fueling what is in essence a perpetual cycle that Levi will forever allow to exist, so long as she gets what she wants or takes delight in, regardless of whom is hurt, who suffers, or what it lost or destroyed in the process.

As to just where this violent and perverted cycle began with Levi, the earliest possible pieces of evidence link back towards her immediate family growing up. Levi was born to a noblewoman in Bosco and a wealthy, albeit weak, merchant of war based in Bosco. Hardly what one would consider the prototypical happy family, Levi watched her mother berate and belittle her father, treating him like he was less than a person, displaying from an early age the perceived stature that man was inferior to women, only further enhanced by her mother's perceived view of men which from an early age was ingrained into Levi's own mentality. But far worse than influencing how Levi viewed men as a whole, Levi's mother was solely responsible for corrupting Levi and turning her into the monster that she is now. From an early age, Levi had found herself engaged in an incestuous affair with her mother, lasting from a period when she was a young teenager until an unspecified time later, leading those who have suspected such affair to wonder if it ever did stop. But the consensus is, for however long it lasted, this affair was the catalyst that created the monster known as Levi.

In spite of the negative annotations surrounding her, Levi is far more complex than simply just someone who acts upon violence, sex, and vanity. While it may appear that she simply acts on impulse and her own desires at a given moment, she is also calculated, cognitive of a given situation and able to deduce and react in a manner that most enables her to maintain whatever control over a situation she is presently within. What also contributes to her lethality is a combination of her intelligence and her lack of empathy. She feels no remorse for what she does, as whatever sort of suffering might come of her actions to others, it does not affect her at all. Even if it were someone who at one point might have associated with her, she would attribute whatever hardships might affect them as their own fault, their own failings, not something which she should feel guilty for. Levi is also very adept at reading people, possessing what seems at times to be an otherworldly sense of intuition of certain individuals. This talent, developed and refined over a number of years, has allowed for Levi to manipulate situations accordingly, often times improving her own fortunes while forcing her enemies to suffer.


  • Self-Indulgence: Beyond anything, Levi most cares about herself, and will do whatever she has to in order to satisfy whatever she may be wanting at a given moment. Sex, violence, good food, drugs, seeing a person in despair, whatever she may be interested in at a given point is enough to motivate and drive her towards a particular goal, so long as she gets the desired payout. Whether ethical or not, she wants what she wants and will stop at nothing to get that.
  • Women: Levi's delight in the female body is two-fold, and both reasons go back to her warped and perverse relationship with her mother. As her first sexual encounter at a young age and heavily influenced molded that relationship, Levi has come to view the female body as the only thing in which can generate her own sexual satisfaction. In addition, having seen her mother demean and treat her father like garbage to the point of having him killed, only for Levi to repeat the cycle years later by killing her step-father, she does not view men as anything more than an expendable resource. Both she and her mother illustrated that fact, that they - or more specifically a female - were the dominating actors who should dictate how things went.
  • Her Mother: The most tragic element of Levi's life is the relationship she has with her mother who remains in Bosco. Growing up, she was the clear and apparent focus of her mother's affection, far exceeding that of what she may held towards that of her own husband. After Levi's father was killed by her mother, the two grew even closer, to the point where it turned into a sexual relationship, from some point in Levi's younger life to perhaps even still to this day. It's not entirely clear, and arguably only Levi and her mother know the truth to that. It's also very likely that sick type of love was a motivating factor for Levi to kill her step-father, perhaps viewing him as a rival or feeling that only Levi could be there for her mother.
  • High-Quality Cuisine: Levi grew up within a noble family in Bosco, and as such, was enamored and accustomed to the quality of life that typically was only reserved to those of their social standings. And with that lifestyle, one of the things that stood out to Levi more than anything, particularly at a younger age and growing up, was the food that she was exposed to on a consistent basis. Meats were typically the highest quality cuts available, often times even being that of endangered creatures; not necessarily for the taste, but the exclusiveness of it. Wines were always made with the best grapes available, often times them being labels that had long been out of circulation or otherwise costing exorbitant prices, even for collectors. And anything else that Levi may have had, it was almost always something that most people would maybe get a chance to sample, let alone be able to eat on a consistent and frequent basis.
  • Seeing People Suffer: Perhaps to a degree influenced by what she saw of how her mother treated her father, or perhaps just growing up in Bosco, using her family's position and prestige to escape any sort of punishment, whatever the reason Levi has come to enjoy seeing people in a miserable state. It as much reinforces her own belief that she is better than everyone else as it does strengthen her belief that anyone who wrongs her in any sort of capacity deserves to suffer. And watching that become reality is as much of a high for her as any actual high that a drug would induce within her.


  • Ethics: Having grown up as a child in a noble family in Bosco, the rules seemed to never apply to Levi, no matter what it might have been. Much of this was out of fear of how her mother, a powerful war supplier, would react to any sort of punishment levied against her daughter, but as a younger child, Levi more interpreted it as she was better than everyone else and the rules didn't apply to her. As she grew older, that did not change, and if anything, only became more solidified to her. Now, the idea of ethics, having to obey any sort of custom or law that may be in effect, that may have applied to everyone else, but not her. Nor would she follow them if it was demanded of her, because she has never been had to before, so why begin now?
  • Men: To put it in the nicest of terms, men are a cancer upon the world that Levi believes serve no other purpose than to behave and exist as slaves essentially to people like Levi, her mother, and those she views as superior people. They also have another purpose to her, and that is to mate and breed with the women that she considers to be garbage in the hopes that they should have a daughter that grows up to be someone that Levi eventually takes to bed. Outside of that, men have no purpose, nor does she see any reason to give them purpose.
  • Poor People: Levi has always been spiteful of poor people, or even just those who were not of a high social class. This ties into her own development as a child, as the poorer kids who played in the streets and the poorer elderly were often the ones that she victimized, whether it be physically hurting them or even just blaming them for any sort of crime that she had committed. It did not matter to her who they might have been to the people, how much good they may have done, or how kind they may have been to others. As far as Levi was concerned, they weren't people, but things that she could do with as she wanted.
  • Fiore: In spite of now living in Fiore, she hates the country and she hates the people who were born here and who live here - with the exception of her. There's no shortage of disdain and hatred for the country of Fiore within Bosco, particularly within the elite class, who for a medley of reasons have come to view them as second-rate. Levi grew up seeing this disdain firsthand in multiple ways, not just with her mother's war empire being met with routine resistance into expanding out into Fiore, but also with her step-father being of Fioren descent and appearing to Levi to be nothing more than a waste of life and a burden upon her and her mother.


  • Building Her Own Empire: Levi grew up in the company of many of the Boscosi elite who shared an attribute that her mother possessed; they were powerful people within their respective fields. They, much like how Levi's mother had done, had created an empire within their practiced trade, effectively monopolizing whatever they dealt in and maintaining control with an iron fist. That was her inspiration growing up, that she could do exactly that, but it was a question of just what would she come to take over. Now aligned with the Red Hades Guild, Levi believes that she can establish her own empire of sorts within Fiore, capitalizing on any number of the various vices that the guild involves themselves with.
  • Returning to Her Mother: Levi never willingly arrived in Fiore, but rather was forced to flee Bosco at the behest of her mother, engaged in a serious political and trade war with a number of rival companies that sought to dethrone her. While the actual risk to Levi's life was perhaps much lower than it was made to appear, Levi nevertheless agreed to leave Bosco for her mother's sake. But that did not mean that she didn't hate the decision and eagerly sought to return home, back to where she felt she belonged and back to her mother - and lover.


  • Radical Change in Bosco: Levi knows that for as long as Bosco remains in the present state that it is now and has been for as long as history can remember, it means that her mother and her empire, one in which could only stand to exist within Bosco, will be safe. While some of Levi's asylum was based on the threat that stood from her mother's competitors, she also knew it were due to what was being perceived as a political revolution, one in which threatened to completely destabilize what been in place for so long. She hoped that it would not turn out so, though nevertheless it was something that she worried about.


Magic Name: The Smoldering Heart of Mahlet

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: The fury and wrath of Levi's blood manifests itself within Levi's own Magical capabilities, manifesting itself in the form of aggressive flames which appear unstable and indiscriminate in their destruction, much akin to Levi's own demeanor towards the life and suffering of those beyond herself. With this Magic, Levi can masterfully utilize this Magic to create destructive offensive spells, as well as possessing the capability to manipulate this Magic and the flames produced by it into other types of spells to a lesser degree of efficiency.


When all is said and done, when the only things remembered of a person are the stories and fables in which immortalized or demonized them, what historians will be forced to reflect upon moreso than what happened, but how could it have happened? What mistakes were made along the way, how could things have been changed, were society at fault, or should the blame be focused upon a select few individuals? 

Maybe all explanations given will hold credence. Perhaps some of the justifications, the excuses given would sufficiently explain away everything. Or maybe just enough to ease away the guilt or consequence that came with one's history and the legacy they left behind.

It may not ever fully known what could have been done differently. There will be countless theories as to what might have been the cause, how fate could have been altered to prevent what had already come to pass or what stood to follow; but one thing is perhaps more likely than anything else.

Even if circumstances had been different, there may be no reason to believe that Levi would have turned out any different. 

That in the end, she would have turned out just as she may end up becoming known as.

Unforgivable. Soulless. Corrupted.

Levi's childhood was at first glance something that many, if not all parents would hope for their children. Born to a young Boscoli couple, a beautiful heiress to a wealthy family within the country and a young Boscoli man that had risen up from the commonwealth into that of a powerful merchant that had begun to develop a trade empire expanding through the country, Levi found herself more privileged than what most could say. Hardships that were commonplace to many within both the country of Bosco and the rest of Earthland were almost entirely void from her earliest days. Worries over things such as her health, nutrition, proper education, career potential, there were nonfactors; things that Levi would seemingly never find herself in risk of being deprived of.

It was the perfect life. At least to those only saw the mirage painted before them.

In truth, Levi grew up amongst one of the most fractured homes imaginable; heavily attributed, if not entirely attributed, to the poisonous relationship that her mother and father had. Levi's mother had grown up in a similar manner to that of her daughter, into a house of nobility, with much of the same privileges and benefits afforded to her being passed down onto her daughter. In contrast, Levi's father had worked his way up from the poorer regions of Bosco, spending his days studying and learning everything he could from those more successful in hopes of one day establishing a better life for himself. It would take time, many years infact, before he had begun to elevate himself in both the financial and social ladders of Boscoli society. That gradual rise drew notice towards many, including that of one of the more wealthy families who had no offspring save for their beautiful daughter.

Mutual interest between the two of them was immediate, and as Levi's father continued to build upon his business, there began rumblings of a potential marriage between the two, combining his growing trade network that seemed destined to expand beyond Bosco with the connections, wealth, and influence that for so long had existed within his lover's family. As expected, it was not long before the two of them were wed, he over a decade her senior, and nearly a year following, their only child, a daughter named Levi, was brought into this world.

Levi had all of the opportunities and benefits that a child could have wanted, the combined wealth and prestige that her family now carried allowing for anything and everything to be afforded to her. But it did not mean that her parents were happy. Not in the least. While she loved her daughter with every fiber of her being, the same could not be said towards her husband, Levi's father. The feelings Levi's mother held towards her spouse very quickly soured, to the point where it had utterly dissolved from a marriage stemming from love into one that would more resemble that of domestic abuse, with the male being victimized. Concerns and reluctance to grow out his trade empire beyond the country of Bosco, or to venture into other more ill-reputed markets like those of mercenaries and weapons, became a serious point of contention and began to have Levi's mother view her husband as weak and spineless.

The toxicity only grew more as she began to orchestrate deals behind her husband's back, using her family's connection to reach out and establish relationships with various mercenary groups and arms dealers littered throughout Bosco and other independent states near Bosco. All of this occurred while the husband was left in the wind, pensively trying to grow out his company in the manner that he always had, though he was slowly learning the tactics that he had once used to rise from the slums were no longer applicable in order to grow in the way that his wife had demanded of him. To him, it led him to believe that this great vision his wife had for his trade empire was unfeasible, and unknownst to his wife, he gave up on all future endeavors to expand beyond what he had already made for himself.

As all of this infighting went on between the two, Levi grew up under the watchful eyes of her mother, very quickly coming to view her mother as her favorite parent, and as she got older and her mother's cruelty towards her husband became more obvious and transparent, so too was Levi swayed by this, coming to view her father as weak as well. By the time she was on her way to becoming a woman, she had come to view her father with as much disdain and hatred as her mother had, though whether her father did not realize this or was just wanting to believe it was not true was hard to tell. He hoped to believe that this was simply a phase, one that would have been rectified by an eventual annulment of their marriage and a possible separation, with him taking Levi with him.

Similar to how his wife had orchestrated deals and was building her own type of trade empire in secret, Levi's father began to set in place his plans for when he would leave her, and take Levi along with him. He knew that due to their closeness, Levi would never agree to this, nor perhaps ever forgive him for what he had done, but he knew that in order to save her from becoming like her mother, it was a necessary act. An act of love. That was what he tried to explain to Levi on the eve of him carrying out his plan, hoping that she would understand and be able to see that it was for her own good more than anything else.

But Levi did not understand, nor believe him. Rather, it only seemed to wholly affirm everything that her mother had felt about him, everything that she also had come to think of him. More, it caused her to hate her father, to despise everything about him, that he would be so selfish as to tear Levi away from her mother, all under the false pretenses of trying to save her.

It perhaps should not have been a surprise then that Levi had confided everything her father had told her to her mother. Though she had expected her mother to be angry, Levi was instead met by a smile, the same kind that she had come to fall in love with. What followed would be what would forever redefine Levi as her mother brought in for a kiss, not one like those that the two often shared, but one of passion, one that she vaguely remembered her mother and father sharing. But now, she was the one who would share such a moment with her mother, cementing an already established love that Levi held towards her.

Perhaps she knew what was gong to have happened after she spoke to her mother. If she did, it is doubtful to believe that it would have changed anything. As much in spite of her father as she felt, she could not help but delight in the fact that she had sealed her own father's death warrant. Per exactly what happened to him, it was not entirely clear to most, only that he had what was described as an "accident." But Levi could recall exactly what happened, even years later. Seeing her father be confronted by her mother, as well as several of the mercenaries whom she had arranged contracts with already. She can still remember the terror in her father's eyes, knowing that everything he had worked for, that it was all going to come to an end.

But more than that, Levi relished in seeing his eyes make contact with her own, knowing that in that moment that she was the one who killed him.

There were no service held as there had been no body; the remains of Levi's father likely having been disposed of in some manner, whether it be burnt or tossed to sea. It weren't as though there would be anyone who would have mourned his loss anyways. Whatever business partners he had that hadn't already aligned themselves to Levi's mother very quickly fell in line with the rest. And it was not as though his family would have mourned him either. Rather than waste a day pretending to feel loss towards what a useless father she had, Levi instead spent the day in bed with her mother, the first physical encounter of what would eventually become a lengthy, incestuous relationship.

From that point forward, things between them changed forever. Levi's mother came to be as much of a lover towards Levi as a mother, and the empire that she had taken from her husband only grew. Mercenary groups from within and out of Bosco began to make contracts with her. Weapon dealers and revolutionary thinkers sought to garner favor, offering services, exclusive contracts, weapon prototypes, and various other resources in an effort to integrate themselves into what they felt was becoming one of the most powerful entities the Earthland war theater had ever seen in recent generations. Yet in spite of her growing power and influence, as well as her own cruel tendencies towards those who might have rallied against her, Levi's mother never changed in respects to her daughter. Together, they had become closer than what any parent could have ever hoped to have been to their child, and neither she nor Levi had any objections to their new lifestyle.

As the years went, so too did Levi's relationship with her mother. Now in her teens, the differences between the two had begun to evaporate away, Levi having become arguably as cold and cruel as her mother could have been. With their power now at its peak within Boscoli society, Levi was to a degree considered infallible, able to do whatever she wanted, or whomever she wanted, if so inclined. Her sexual predilections, heavily corrupted by this point, combined with her status and near untouchable status meant that she was living within essentially her own little playground. During those years, the rate of murder and violent crimes amongst the poor, and reported incidents of sexual assault skyrocketed to levels that had never been witnessed before in Bosco, much of it all at Levi's hands.

But any sort of reprimand or punishment she undoubtedly should have received was never carried out, much out of fear for what her mother may do in retaliation. It were no secret that she had emboldened her daughter to unbelievable levels, some even believing having gone so far as to encourage or help Levi perfect her particularly choice of "craft." And whilst her behavior and actions were vile amongst many the people in Bosco, far too often had it been illustrated what would happen if one were to try to stop her. Witnesses of her sexual deviance were often arrested and charged in place of her. Those who sought to bring about vengeance for something Levi had done to them were never granted any form of justice; rather instead being found killed, their families executed, or in the cases of the women that Levi had a particular fancy towards, their abuse often continued, at least until Levi was done with them. Then, their fates were often the same as what everyone else would undergo.

Whilst Levi had her own fun in Bosco, her mother was continuing to have her own variant of fun as well. With Bosco in effect under her control in a manner of speaking, she sought to expand her reach even further. Suitors from the various neighboring countries paraded themselves in hopes of securing a hand in marriage to one of Bosco's most powerful widows, all the while being blissfully unaware of what she was doing behind closed doors or what she had enabled and encouraged her daughter to do. In time, she would find a satisfactory suitor in the form of a powerful noble from the nation of Fiore, one whose resources would enable her empire to expand into a region that was so desperate to be recognized on the world stage. Further, her bringing her private military would give her reverence in a part of the world that likely would have never been exposed to her otherwise.

That wasn't to say that there was any earnest feelings towards the man though, neither from Levi nor her mother. Both recognized that any sort of relationship or marriage that was to be had was one of singular benefit, not of mutual love or admiration. Both of them had around found love with each other, and a man had no place in that picture. The man would have a purpose, and once that purpose had been complete, there was little doubt that he would meet the same fate as the man who had been in his place prior.

The ceremony was an impressive one, with numerous nobles from not only Fiore and Bosco in attendance, but also those of other nations who still sought to build alliances with Levi's mother, in spite of her impending marriage. Levi also found herself enamored with no shortage of suitors herself, though she had no interest in any of them, nor what they might have provided to her. She had her mother, her growing empire, and eventually that would come to her own at some point. There was nothing that anyone could offer that might have detracted her from that belief, regardless of whatever prestige or title they may have held.

Shortly after the marriage was official, whatever sort of illusion Levi or her mother may have presented to the man quickly faded away. So desperate to be loved by his new step-daughter, the Fioren noble was blind to the spite and contempt shown by Levi. Even just the idea of imaging her mother in bed with a man that she viewed to be as weak as her actual father made her sick. It made even the sight of him, that something so detestable had the right to claim he was married to her mother, let alone lie next to her, was enough to build so much rage within Levi that the prospect of killing him at the first opportunity were aplenty. But, it would have to wait, at least for now. She knew that it would only be a matter of time, and she so eagerly awaited it.

For months, Levi was forced to wait, having to endure living with such a weak man as a supposed father-figure, one who demonstrated nothing but weakness and frailty to her, and worst of all, deprived Levi from being with the one she loved. In an effort to cope with this, Levi's appetite seemed to grow, as did the frequency at which she sated these urges. During the months during the marriage between Levi's mother and the Fioren noble, the frequency of sexual assaults reached an all time high, far eclipsing that of the record numbers Levi had committed in the past. There were consentual encounters as well, as Levi during this period had quite a number of various girlfriends, sometimes multiple at once. Given her prestige, despite her notoriety, many whom were involved with Levi recognized the potential value that stood with being romantically linked to her, even if for a short period. Such a distinction carried weight, especially amongst their own peers.

Yet for Levi, these relationships only seemed to temporarily fill the void that was left as a result from her mother's unfortunate situation. The woman whom she come to idolize was miserable, Levi could see plainly enough, as eagerly awaiting for when the sham of a marriage could cease as her daughter was. It felt like an eternity, but eventually the opportunity would finally present itself, at long last.

It had taken months; much, much longer than what she had initially anticipated it requiring, but eventually Levi's mother was able to establish a satisfactory contract between her company's empire and that of some various groups in Fiore that would handle the distribution of whatever they were able to receive. It was during that meeting, one in which Levi was present for, that she appeared the most pleased, the most uplifted that Levi could recall in the past several months. Beyond just this deal having been reached, Levi knew as well why it were that her mother was so happy.

Because finally, the need for her husband, for her and Levi to be burdened by this weak man, had ceased. They finally were able to be free of him forever.

That night, whilst those involved in the deal were celebrating their success, Levi approached her step-father under the guise of wanting to give him something. A treasured keepsake as a means of finally accepting him as her father. Having been met with resistance from Levi since the beginning, this sudden change of heart was rationalized by her step-father as finally something good to come of this marriage; an opportunity for them to truly be a family.

Without a second thought, he followed behind as Levi led her into the room that she had been calling her's since the marriage. Closing the door behind them, Levi began to search through her things, looking for exactly the right gift while her step-father looked around the room, not a worried thought in the least. Once she had found just the right gift and he had turned around, he felt what she had given him far before ever seeing it. The pain radiated through his body as he looked down, seeing the evil smile upon her face, blood pulling out from the deep wound in his chest, soaking the rest of the knife and her hands which clenched it as tightly as able. Stunned, he wanted to scream out, but Levi would not allow that opportunity, having retracted the knife and thrusting it with all of her might square between his eyes.

His body fell to the ground as Levi simply looked on, her upper body now covered in the blood that had sprayed from the wound, a wicked smile upon her face; a smile that came with the releasing of months of rage, anger, and sexual frustration. Even though she was all but certain that he was dead, she could not help but further sink the blade into his body, as many times as able, her hatred towards the man echoing out in impassioned cries. She wasn't sure just how long she had been in this moment of blind rage, but at some point her venting was interrupted by a welcome sight, her mother with of pride upon her face. Walking towards Levi, her mother said nothing, instead simply bringing her for a passionate kiss, one that Levi had so greatly and desperately missed.

Words could not described how much Levi had missed this, the feeling of her mother again. It was beyond incredible to once again be reunited with the woman that she truly loved and to be finally rid of the only thing which stood in the way of her. And while Levi did continue to have various affairs with other women, some of whom she had resorted to during her mother's absence, it was only her own flesh and blood that she truly loved.

Things would not remain as the fairy tale that Levi had returned to however. Even prior to her mother's marriage, contention began to grow towards what had been built, the military industrial complex that had to a degree become a de-facto ruler of Bosco. While their frustrations had amounted to little more than a bit of talk, things rapidly began to change, as what had been a silent minority was quickly becoming that of a full-fledged revolution. Violence became a normal thing, beyond what had once been considered normal for the people of Bosco. Those affiliated with Levi's mother began to feel the strain as trade began to slow, establishments, warehouse, and ships which ferried their goods fell under siege.

It would only get worse as a growing faction of families began to turn on Levi's, severing ties and ceasing any further support, instead shifting it towards those that sought change, hoping to remain on the right side of history. For what felt like the first time in what any person could have remembered, it was looking like Bosco was heading towards a civil war, and Levi and her mother lay directly in the cross hairs as some of the biggest targets. The protection and feeling of invulnerability that Levi once carried with her seemed to matter less as pressure began to mount with one of the most vocal demands of those within this revolutionary group being the apprehension and punishment of Levi. All of the crimes that for years she had been allowed to carry out without concern, believing that she was forever safe, suddenly were staring right back into her.

An attempted attack on their manor was the final straw. Revolutionaries had attempted to storm the manor, leading to the first wide-scale confrontation between them and the military industrial complex's forces. By the time the final death count had been determined, the number had already long been in the hundreds, but it would not mean that the threat of another attack was not impossible to believe. A successful attack on one of the warehouses which stored military ammunition and weapons all but guaranteed that there would be another attack at some point, forcing Levi's mother to make an impossible decision.

Despite all of her pleas, Levi found herself being forced by her mother to leave Bosco, to seek refuge in Fiore, the one nation in which she had built up enough influence and support to assure her that Levi would be safe. It broke Levi's heart, the thought of again being separated by her mother and while she wanted to stay, to be my her mother's side until the very end, it did not sway her mother. She could see that the decision broke her mother's heart, this being the very last thing that she would have ever wanted to happen, but the risk at this point was too great.

For Levi to be somewhere safe in Fiore was worth whatever heartbreak the two would suffer from as opposed to the idea of losing the other in the violence that seemed inevitable to come.

After a final night together with her mother, Levi made the hardest decision she ever found herself forced to do and departed for Fiore. With the assistance of the Red Hades Guild, one of the few Magic guilds that become a significant ally to Levi's mother, Levi was able to reach Fiore safely without any incident. Distraught and alone in a new country, Levi was offered the opportunity to join with the Red Hades Guild, as a small way of returning the favor to her mother. Without any other option, she accepted, joining with the guild.

But in her heart, she knew one day she would return to Bosco, to again be with the woman that she loved. To be by her mother's side to see all of their enemies laying dead at their feet.

Reference: Augusta's Scoop Character

#2Levi Mahlet 

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Levi Mahlet
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: NA
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 176

  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 31
  • Endurance: 21
  • Constitution: 61
  • Intelligence: 62

Other Changes

  • Epithet: Seductress of the Smoldering Heart


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This character application is approved.

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