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Cleanup Crew [Quest|Sage]

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Cleanup Crew [Quest|Sage] Empty on Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:56 pm

It was a new day in Orichidia, the glinting sunrays peeked through the curtains of Sage's motel room. Sage could be found laying half-naked on his bed when suddenly a bird perched on his window sill and began to chirp. Sage groaned to the sound of the chirpings and stood up from laying rubbing his eyes afterwards. He then yawned and lifted his hands up, arching his back to stretch his body. He then opened his eyes and looked at the window, he noticed the bird that chirped earlier and smiled at it. Being a half-elf he had good relationships with nature, he liked every bit of it as he also enjoyed the presence of nature. He hopped off the bed and went into the bathroom to bursh his teeth and wash his face with some ice cold morning water. After that, he grabbed his thin yellow shirt and put it on along with a pair of black slack. He then walked outside of his motel room and stepped into the Orichidian streets, taking a full breathe in of the fresh morning air with a bit of ah as he released his breath.

He then started to jog around Orichidia as he needed to keep himself in shape if he wants to reach the higher rank among the holy knights. After a few rounds of jogging, he met across a lot of familiar faces as he had been there once and he had stayed for quite a while then. He then was passing the horizon apartment and he saw an old woman outside of it. Her face seemed to be quite distressed and her hands were holding onto her waist. The sight of it made him uncomfortable and worried about the old woman and so he decided to check what the issue was. "Excuse me, but what's the matter here?" he asked with a kind tone but it was a mistake to ask behind her back as she immediately jumped a bit but the turned around, she sighed but then answered, "Well, there is this new apartment that I bought... BUT WHEN I GO THERE IT WAS A COMPLETE MESS." her voice from trying to restrain her anger blew up and she shouted with anger. This made Sage worried a little but then he tried to calm her down by offering his help, "Well, maybe I can help you clean it up if you let me of course.". The old granny then turned to see his face then looked at him from head to toe, "Hm, come with me," she said after a few moments dropping her hands down from her waist and walked towards the apartment. Sage followed her and the old granny stopped in front of a door, she then turned to Sage, "This is the room, I'll be back by sunset and make sure it is properly cleaned." she said to him with a rather strict tone but with a little bit of gratitude behind her tone.

Word Count: 500
Total Word Count: 500/1000


Cleanup Crew [Quest|Sage] Empty on Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:26 pm

Sage then smiled at the old granny and replied, "I'll make this place as clean as possible!" his tone filled with enthusiasm and his smile warm. The old granny then smirked a little and walked pass Sage heading outside of the building. When the old granny was out of sight, Sage wondered on why the granny smirked like that. He then shrugged and turned around to face the door. He reached the doorknob with his domain hand, his right hand and turned it around. He added a little force to his arm and pushed the door open. As the light from the outside entered the room it left Sage in shock. No wonder was the granny so pissed off of how bad the condition of the apartment room was. He reached his right hand for the light switches that was located on the wall beside the door. He flipped all of the switches as he did not know which was for the lights were. The lamps started to flick and it then illuminated the entire room with white light. What Sage saw before him was leaps of trash everywhere, with unknown liquid splattered all over the place. It seemed like they had a big party of some sort. he sighed and went to search for the cleaning that was left inside the apartment.

When he found where the cleaning equipment was stored, he took the plastic gloves and put it over his hands, he then placed a mask over his face. He grabbed a few plastic bags and a long brooming pan to use it as a shovel. He shovelled all of the trash into the big plastic bags, he didn't care what was inside the heap of trashes as he wouldn't dare to even touch it. After all the trashes were cleared he took a mop and a bucket. He filled the bucket with soap and water, along with soome clorox to make sure all the germs die. He then dipped the mop into the liquid inside the bucket and started to mop the floor, cleaning all the liquids that were there. After he did some extra work of brushing and et cetera he cleaned the cleaning equipments in the toilet and he looked outside. Just about time it was already sunset and the sky was orange with a little bit hues of red and yellow. He had finished cleaning the apartment and he gave it a look. He was proud of what he did. He stepped outside of the apartment to throw out the trash. After he did, he threw along his plastic gloves and mask. He then washed his hands at the apartment's sink. The old granny came knocking on the door and walked in. He gave the apartment with a surprised and satisfied look. A smile then etched across her face. She walked towards Sage and thanked him. She reached for her pockets and paid him with money. She then took a basket filled with cookies and gave it to Sage. He accepted both things and thanked her, making his way back to his motel room after that.


Word Count: 522
Total Word Count: 1022/1000

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