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Final preparations [Training]

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It was odd how significant training had become to her in recent days. In the past Esperia would have disliked training, after all such exercises and hard work were unbefitting for a graceful lewdling like her. Then what in the world had happened that had motivated someone like her to take up the act of training, and so diligently at that also? The answer was simple: It was out of necessity. The news about the encroaching tide of demons that would slowly swarm Earthland once the demonic incursion began made it clear to the purple-haired lass that there was no time for pleasantries, nor to just sit back and wait for someone else to clean up this mess. Earthland would need each and every person to succeed in repelling the tide of demons.

It was a sad truth, but one which still left Esperia quite restless. She wasn't exactly like Alisa, a hardened veteran who could walk along a battlefield without feeling a thing, she simply lacked the experience, and possessed too much emotion for her to be able to ignore the savageness of a massacre like this. A gentle sigh escaped Esperia's lips as she found herself walking amidst the trees of Orchidia, although today she had come here for a more special reason, namely the act of honing one's magical skills. In the outskirts of the forest, far away from where most people would travel Esperia knew she could practice in peace, without anyone getting worried about her practicing magic, especially in her transformed state.

There was at least one more spell she wanted to master before the incursion, a spell which could easily turn the tide of the battlefield. She had already learned to make a spell which could enhance Alisa's offensive strength, now all she needed was a spell which could create an amplification of the woman's speed, so that she could easily overwhelm any form of opposition send their way. It was a solid strategy, but it wasn't that easy to just create such enhancement magic out of thin air.

The first step to mastering the spell was to gain Asmodeus' her cooperation after all the Demon Lord of Lust was the source of power that her magic relied on. Fortunately for her, the Demon Lord of Lust was quite fond of her, and as such all it took was a simple request for her to gain Asmodeus her assistance in this endeavor. It was for that reason that she had decided to reach out to Asmodeus again.

"Asmodeus, are you awake?" Esperia whispered softly, upon which the raven-haired seductress manifested as a mental image in front of her eyes, a soft smile appearing on the demon's lips. It was curious how Asmodeus could remain so calm and in control on the surface no matter what was going on, and yet Esperia also knew that perhaps it was to be expected from a master manipulator like Asmodeus.

"What is it that you need my precious little lewdling?" The Demon Lord inquired with a hint of amusement in her tone, awaiting Esperia's response.

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How could she best approach this situation? The knowledge that she needed Asmodeus' aid if she wanted to help keep the people of Orchidia safe was something which frustrated Esperia slightly, the knowledge that she had to rely yet again on someone if she wanted to protect those dear to her. In a way, it reminded her of just how powerless she truly was. Heaving a sigh Esperia raised a hand to her chest and balled it up into a fist, a look of determination in her eyes. "I need power Asmodeus. The power to repel a demonic invasion like this." The demon lord raised a hand to her cheek, a single fingertip tapping lightly against it as she mused softly. "Well... it's true that you are developing at an astonishing rate lately, and with just a little bit more time would likely be ready to obtain all my power and ascend as the next Asmodeus, I don't think it would be wise to undergo this transformation just yet."

So she was still not ready to ascend into her role as Asmodeus? It was somewhat infuriating to hear, but holding her tongue on the subject she instead shook her head lightly and inquired in a calm and collected tone. "Then what about your magic? Is there any spell you might possess which we can use to help fight off the demonic invasion?"

Whatever power she could obtain, whatever means she could possess to turn the tide of this war, she needed to figure out a means to help the people of Earthland stop this incursion! It was odd, she had no reason to care so much about those strangers, and yet for some reason Esperia felt compelled to try to keep them safe. "Well, there are some spells which we had yet to properly use..." Asmodeus admitted with a soft smile as she stepped over toward the purple-haired lass. "You learned to use that spell to amplify someone's strength by enhancing the lust within their being, correct?"

Indeed, she had learned to create that pleasantly scented smoke which seemed to allow her to enhance a person's strength by gently stirring the desires within that individual. Seeing the light nod coming from Esperia Asmodeus had the answer she needed and soon continued her explanation. "Well... There is another spell similar to that, by amplifying the desire inside a person, you can't just strengthen them, but also cause their body to produce a special substance, a hormone of sorts which makes them much more agile than normally."

So she could enhance a person in different ways by manipulating their desires? That sounded like quite a typical magic from someone who was called the Demon Lord of Lust! However, remembering how worried Alisa was about the nature of her spells and whether they could hinder a person, Esperia couldn't help but inquire just to make sure.

"Does it have a drawback?" Esperia's question caused the Demon Lord to grin at her, as if she had expected the question to arise for sure...

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After a moment of tense silence the demon finally answered her. "None at all~ The amount of influence you stir into their desires is just enough to make it similar to how someone might feel if they are motivated to try their best. However, there is a drawback to it... Well, to a degree at least, but that drawback is a burden that you'll be carrying my dear~" Asmodeus' words quickly raised alarm bells within the lewdling who shook her head lightly to try to banish the worries and instead continued to inquire further on the matter. "And that is?"

Asmodeus stepped closer and slowly bend forwards, the way her cleavage was right there in front of her eyes making Esperia's cheeks flush up lightly, the beauty of the demon lord still being quite difficult for her to ignore even after all those years. Asmodeus clearly knew this, for her smile had grown even brighter and a glint of mischief lingered in her eyes. "Well, simply said: this spell can become taxing for most people. It's quite a high-ranked spell and most would find their mana reserves drained in a matter of minutes. However, you my dear are different from most~"

Slowly, and sensually the demon lord stepped to the side, an arm gently raised as she pulled herself behind Esperia's back, a tender embrace, and once more those delightful soft pillows distracted the poor lewdling as she felt them pressing against her back. "You possess something which only a few mortals do." Asmodeus whispered softly, her breath almost ticklish warm against her ear as she continued. "Your mana is so rich in particles and so large in quantity that a spell like this would be likely trivial for you. You might even be more than capable of maintaining it during an entire battle without feeling even a sliver of exhaustion from it." That was a reasonable drawback, and surprisingly enough not one to worry about at all!

Like Asmodeus said, over the last two years it became quite evident that she had an immense mana reserve, to the point that the guild master Belladonna considered it unnatural for a girl of her age to have such a large amount of mana. Nonetheless, it was clear that the spell would be relatively easy for her to use should the need for it arises.

"So, how do I cast this spell?"

Asmodeus paused for a moment, thinking on the best way to answer it when an idea started to rise up within her thoughts. "You just need to remember it my dear~ Remember our past... our origins~"

As if on cue the demon lord disappeared from view, and without even chanting the phrase a surge of mana exploded from within her, the purple-haired lass feeling a sharp headache overcome her while memories of a distant past started to flood over her. It all began there didn't it? The start of her current journey, the origins of what made her Esperia... the events which turned her into the person she was today.

It was all because of 'her'...

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It was as if a haze started to clear up over her thoughts, shimmering outlines turned into reality as Esperia felt one memory after the other flood into her, filling her with a sea of feelings. "Fi....a" Tears gently rolled down her cheeks as she collapsed onto her knees, a soft sob escaping from her. "What happened to Fia Asmodeus? Why is she not at my side?" Fia would have never willingly left her, they had made a sacred oath, a promise even so then why... why was she no longer here at her side where she belonged?

"She is... gone." The sober tone of the demon lord was enough to send shivers across Esperia's body as she shook her head violently, small sparks of obsidian-tinted mana erupting around her. "What do you mean gone? She can't-" Yet Asmodeus' words sliced into her heart like a hot knife through butter. "She was murdered, the demon lord that opposes us within the abyss is responsible for this. The one who claimed our territory, the one whose servant attacked you during your training with Alisa, he is the one who made the Barone family disappear."

Esperia couldn't help but find her body trembling lightly in a mixture of sorrow and anger. "It's why you took up the Barone name Esperia, to carry on her name." Slowly the raven-haired demon rose onto her feet, her hands balled up into fists. "Asmodeus, when you were at your strongest you were incredibly powerful right?"

Asmodeus paused for a moment at the question, thinking about how to answer it. "You're not wrong there, in my prime I was powerful enough that I had legions of followers. I was one of those who ruled over the abyss alongside six others."

Yet Esperia shook her head violently in return. "That doesn't matter, your strength, did you ever lose something you held dear to you?" Esperia's words made Asmodeus start to realize just what Esperia was aiming toward, what type of thoughts she was having. "I never lost grasp of something I held dear, nor did I ever not obtain that which I desired."

So the Demon Lord of Lust was powerful enough to not lose the things dear to her? Then her path was quite an easy one to determinate. "I see... Then we'll destroy those demons invading Orchidia and find a way to enter the abyss."

The words seemingly surprised Asmodeus who felt the subtle surge of demonic energy spark within Esperia's being. Almost... the connection was almost strong enough for them to... "I will not lose the last person I hold dear."

Stepping along the trees a look of sheer determination and fury had been kindled inside Esperia. "I will become the Demon Lord of Lust, and 'NOBODY' will take away Alisa from me like they took Fia."

If this was what she needed to prevent history from repeating itself... then so be it...

Albeit, little did Esperia notice the subtle smile lingering on Asmodeus' lips at that determined statement....

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A-rank spell Blessing of Asmodeus trained

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