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Chloé Leclair

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#1Chloé Leclair 

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Chloé Leclair


Name: Chloé Leclair

Age: 18 / April 1st, X769

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Minstreli

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Red Hades

Tattoo: Shortly bellow left breast. It's color is pink.

Face: Ritsuka Fujimaru [Female] - Fate/Grand Order


Height: 1.59 m / 5.21653543 feet

Weight: 52 kg / 114.640376 lbs

Hair: Red

Eyes: Brown

Overall: Chloé has brown eyes that used to be full of hope. Now they don't tend to radiate much emotion. If Lyse is in control, her eyes tend to be a little brighter, giving almost a gold like shine to them. Otherwise she's around average height for her age. Her skin is soft and her slender body has decent and not too big curves, though her clothing make them look smaller than they are. Her hair is red and just doesn't reach her shoulders, and is usually neatly brushed, with a single hair that sticks out and doesn't want to sit right.

Chloé's general attire consist of a simple white vest with a blue ribbon near bellow the collar. She wears a blue skirt that goes down till just bellow her knees. Underneath are black stockings. She wears practical brown boots.

Extra: -


Personality: Normally Chloé comes over as a shy and timid person. She has no real desire to work in the guild she works. However, when she was a child she became possessed by an mysterious sentient monster named Lyse. Which resides her body and can take control at will and used that to join the guild. The only reason she doesn't does all the time is because it would tire her out. But Chloé is too afraid of the consequences disagreeing with her ridiculous demands would bring. While the personality of this creature is mostly unknown it seems to like the principles of Red Hades and therefore doesn't seem to mind working for them. It also seems to enjoy seeing others suffer and Chloé in particular. This also makes it trying to keep her alive, as when she's dead it can't see Chloé suffering anymore.

Outwardly Chloé may act polite and gentle, but she's also bitter inside and completely tired of trying to resist Lyse's temptations and orders without pushing it too far. If anything, Chloé wanted to become a legal mage or maybe even a rune knight. She wanted to help other people with their lives and not destroy them. She surprisingly does not dislike conflict, in fact she actually enjoys the thrills her jobs give her, she just hates it if she has to ruin the lives of others for it. The core of who she is has not shattered yet. She's still not someone to hold grudges or feel strong hatred for someone else and genuinely wants to help other people. While not really hating them, she envies rune knights and legal guild members for having a life she could not.


  • Dancing: The fluid movements remind her that her body is still her own.

  • Working: So long it doesn't conflict with her dislikes or fears she usually tends to enjoy her work even if she doesn't always like the people she works for.

  • Alcoholic beverages: After another depressing job one can usually find her drowning her sorrows somewhere.

  • Helping others: Seeing someone else happy makes her happy too. So it should be no surprise that she likes helping others.


  • Merciless acts: Especially when she has to do them herself for her work. She's outright disgusted when someone else does them on their own initiative. It's one thing to do your job, it's another thing to do it while kicking every puppy you see.

  • Being Alone: Even though she doesn't like everyone, anything is better than being alone with Lyse. Of course, Chloé is never truly alone.


  • Reclaim her life: She wants to reclaim her lost life. While she knows the chance is low, due to everything she sees or hears, Lyse sees or hears too. She's not sure what she'll do if she'll ever gets free.


  • Lyse: Having someone inside you who can control your every move does that to you. That the one inside you seems live of your pain and sorrow doesn't help.
  • Loneliness : Being alone for long periods of time, except Lyse who often goes long periods without saying anything.


Magic Name: Darkness Overload

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Description: A magic that uses the powers of what possesses Chloé. It cannot be conventionally learned as Lyse is the source of the magic. The magic does not come with proficiency and must be learned through experience. On cannot study to learn this magic. One must use and experience the magic to become good at using it. Lyse can take control of her body, and while more used to using this magic she cannot generate more magical power than the host can. As long as she is possessing this body she is just as powerful as Chloé is. only a more experienced fighter, not unlike other wizards.

Generally speaking this magic uses the dark power of Lyse to enhance the body in multiple ways. Stronger, faster or give special effects to the attacks they perform. While using this magic a dark aura will cover the affected body parts. Certain spells may cover the entire body instead. If multiple areas are effected the aura will become intenser around that part.


Chloé was born in a peaceful small village in Fiore. The climate was mild the whole year long, and there were little to no dangers in the surrounding area. Chloé's father was a wizard of little renown, because he operated in different countries a lot. He belonged to no guild, mostly because staying in one place was boring to him. Traveling a lot meant he had less time to do a lot of jobs. And since guilds usually worked in one country that wasn't an ideal work environment. As a result Chloé grew up mostly with her mother and barely knowing her father. Her father was often on faraway jobs helping people.

Around age of 10 their village was under attack. Nobody saw the attackers coming, but they were certainly human. Many died and a lot of children were kidnapped. Chloé was one of them. They were blindfolded, bound and muffled before being carried away. The whole long time she could only hear the person carrying her walking. Whoever the attackers were they were not talking to each other. Once her blindfold was removed she could find no trace of the other children. But she was lying in the middle of a huge drawn circle. None of this sat well, but being bound and muffled there was little she could do to resist.

6 People gathered around the circle and started to do some kind of ritual. A feminine shape rose from the side of the circle where she could see it coming. Chloé did not know what it was, but every hair on her body was telling her it wasn't human. It walked casually to Chloé and... entered her body. As first it seemed like hugging, but she didn't stop at her skin and went in entirely. Never mind that Chloé was smaller than the creature.

After the ritual one of the cultists unbound Chloé and asked her if their "Lyse-sama" was alright. Before Chloé could wonder if that was the name of the creature that entered her she answered on her own.

"Yes, thank you." Her arms and voice worked on her own, quickly killing the cultist in front of her with power she had never seen let alone used. Chloé could only see, hear and feel how her body killed someone without her consent. Chloé quickly made her escape before the others found out what happened to their companion.

Arriving back at her town she couldn't find anyone anymore. Maybe some others had escaped and didn't dare to come back? Maybe they were doing similar things to them? They weren't in the hideout she was held. She was the only prisoner there. She couldn't know and Lyse didn't want to go find out. Instead she was to live.

The following years were a living hell. Fighting, training and hurting people she would much rather help. Whenever Chloé didn't meet Lyse's demands or refused to do something her body would do it without her will and usually in a much worse way than if she had just done it herself. This broke the young girls will very quickly. Eventually Lyse got her inside a dark guild named Red Hades. She didn't belong there. She knew that better than anyone else, but now she had no choice.

Reference: Google

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Hello! Your application is well done. Just a few minor edits and you should be good to go.

  • Tattoo: Give the color of your tattoo.

  • Faceclaim: I think this will be better listed as 'Ritsuka Fujimaru [Female]'.

  • Extra: If you don't have any tattoos, scars, etc., just leave a '-' in this section.

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Chloé Leclair
bumping the app!


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This character application is approved.

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