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Victor Artheron

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Name: Victor Siegfried Artheron

Age: August/15th/X756

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Left breast with the guilds official color.

Face: Trevor Belmont - Netflix Castlevania


Height: 186cm

Weight: 80kg

Hair: Chestnut brown

Eyes: Light blue

Overall: Victor looks very “manly.” Or that is how most people describe him. His hair looks rugged. Like a raven black colored mop on top of his head. It looks so because it never really gets cut by any professional. Instead Victor cuts his own hair usually with a sword or knife. This causes it to look very uneven but also gives his hair A “wild” look. He also has a very unkempt beard resting on his normal wide grown up chin. He has light blue almost grey, sharp eyes with nearly no bags under them. His nose looks like it has broken once or twice as it has been slightly twisted. Victor has normal large almost skin colored lips that hide A coffee and tobacco smelling breath.

Usually Victor is hungover which causes his overall stance to look slouchy. Only on a good day where he isn’t hungover will you find him standing tall with a straight back. Victor likes to wear many different types of clothing ranging from both finer foreign clothes to a normal everyday tunic. Most usually you will find him wearing a heavy black coat with a top half covered in white fur. With a form of leather cross fastener.  (The fur is used for keeping the wearer warm during winter time.) He also wears bracers that have had their inner side insulated with fur. Other than that he wears pretty normal clothing. Tunic, pants and boots.

Get him out of his clothing or see him out of it and you will quickly notice that his entire body is riddled with scars. Hunting scars, battle scars and other. The most prominent ones being a scar from a sword, bear claw and a spear wound. He only has one scar on his head and it sits nicely across his face. A vertical scar that goes from his left forehead over his left eye and down to his left chin.

Extra: A vertical scar across his face and left eye.


Victor is one of those people that grew up with a kind and loving family. He isn't really a mean mouthed person as well as he is not silver tongued. He gives credit where it's due and does not go out of his way to be mean to people.

Victor is a heavy drinker. This is proven by the smell of his breath and the fact that during his free time he is almost never sober. While drunk he is the type to chase skirts or do anything dumb enough to have the guards screaming and chasing him.

He does not particularly like evil but is by reasons unknown drawn to it. Like a voice at the back of his head. He himself thinks that this is because of how exciting breaking the law is but while in actuality it is caused by an ancient curse upon his family.(This voice/curse will grow stronger over time and causes corrupting changes in Victor's personality.)

While sober he is found to be more serious, calm and collected with a constant goal in his mind. The goal of course being to do something fun. Fun in Victor’s mind usually being anything that excites him. Fighting, Reproducing, Gambling, Drinking or any other thing that gives him an adrenaline boost.


  • Alcohol: A cold beer on a monday after work or a glas of wine to the friday dinner. This is something considered to be acceptable. Hell... Wine is in fact even considered to be more something you drink for dinner rather than to get drunk. Not that Victor doesn't like getting drunk, no in fact he likes alcohol so much he would rather drink alcohol instead of water or tea any day.

  • Excitement: An adventure. Monsters to kill and treasures to be found! Beautiful young women to save and excitement to be found! Why live if there is no excitement in living. Why loop every day like the day before never doing anything but eating, sleeping, drinking and shitting. If you never find excitement why live at all?


  • Liars: People that lie about their abilities often have nothing to show for. It's similar to how when people that threaten others to do things and then don't do them you say "All bark and no bite." If you cannot follow through on your words then do not say them.

  • White knights: White knights, people that stand up for the downtrodden. People that meddle in the business of others. Sure they aren't bad but they ruin everyone's fun in different ways all of the time.


  • Fame/Infamy: Victor would surely like for people to know who he is. Not because he wants to write autographs but because he does not wish to simply be any other person in the fold of a thousand. He wants to be out of the crowd and he wants to be known for whom he is. Whatever person that might be.


  • Stagnation: Victor fears stagnating. Stagnating means that you stop doing anything and looping everything day in and day out, never developing as a person or becoming skilled at anything. Stagnation is the living sensation of being dead. There is nothing good with stagnation and there never will be.

  • Dying: Dying is the end of everything. When you die you can no longer walk through the park or eat a fine meal. You can no longer have a drink with your friends or kiss your lover. Dying is boring and dying before reaching your dream is dreadful. If Victor could choose he would like to avoid dying for as long as possible and possibly he would like to never die.


Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: Hero/villain is a magic that draws on the users wants and feelings to create magic. If the user is evil the magic looks dark and sinister and if the user is good the magic shines heroically.
The magic is capable of using spell types described by the users class.


Siegfried was born to a middle aged couple of adventurers that were from an old and fallen noble family from Fiore's western areas. A house that ruled in western Fiore long before the age of the current king. They were renowned as monster slayers and heroes. they defied all authorities but their own and did things the way they wanted to. Which of course also was the reason for their fall. Some hundred years down the line Siegfrieds father Adonis III married a woman called Guinevere. Upon their wedding night Guinevere got pregnant and nine months later the mountain winds blew through the forests of Fiore and the trees whispered the name Siegfried. The boy was healthy at birth and his parents cried tears of joy as Siegfrieds first scream was heard by their ears and their ears alone.
Siegfried grew up running through the forests around Oak town playing with sticks and small wooden swords. His parents ever watching over him fed him as best they could with what food they had. Guinevere gave him a mothers love and his father gave him the stern discipline of a father he also however told him the stories of their house and what had happened to it. Stories of dragon hunters and vampire slayers. Stories of glory and fame. Stories of love and happiness.

Siegfried grew up to be an adventuring monster hunter much like his father. He searched for treasure, got in bed with women and ran from guards. He was a scoundrel, but a good scoundrel at that. He didn't care for what the world thought of him and he bowed to no authority but his own much like his noble house had done so many years ago. Finally when he reached a mature age of 25 his father and mother both passed away from old age and on their death bed Adonis told Siegfried about his birth. "My son. The very day you were born the very forests of Fiore whispered the name... Siegfried. My child I've watched with pride as you have grown into a fine man. Remember our line has always ruled with wisdom and strength and I know you will show restraint when you exorcise your great power. But the truest victory my son is stirring the hearts of your fellow people." He was left alone to carry on the legacy of his family.

Timeskip 2 years

Victor had spent the last of his money on alcohol, been tossed out of whatever living he had, lost all contact with the world, gotten addicted to drugs and fallen into depravity. He decided he was done for a while. And like a bear during winter he went out into the forest. Built himself a home of wood and dirt. Hunted, gathered, ate and slept. For a long while it was hard as the hazed state had become a habit. He would have attacks of fever, cold sweat and regular hallucinations. He would see things akin to demonic beings walking around in the area around him. Otherworldly shadows in his surroundings. Fast rot of any vegetation around him. Talking animals or trees that form faces. Several things that would make a normal man shit himself.

All of this was entirely against what he believed in. And it was the moment when all of the drugs felt as if they were finally entirely gone from him that he remembered why he had started doing them. A voice at the back of his mind was talking to him. Telling him to do terrible things. It was the twisted voice of both a man and a woman, young and old at the same time. Dark and light. It told him. It told him to do unspeakable things. He stopped sleeping, he stopped eating, he stopped doing all the things necessary for survival. However when he could no longer bear it he blacked out.

When he woke up again he was back in the city. He was chewing on something, It tasted weirdly. So he spit it out. All that came out was a large toe nail. It was not his. He could feel all of his own toe nails. Victor looked around only to find nothing. The toenail was gone. He once again slept on the streets of the city. He had not become insane. Just damaged. Something told him he couldn’t leave. He couldn’t go back out. He ate and drank just like he had before. But he did not do any drugs. Victor had left that behind out there with his other self.

Reference: N/A


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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Weapon: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Off-Hand: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Head: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Body: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Relic: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Race: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Companion: Refund / NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 94

  • Strength: 30
  • Speed: 13
  • Endurance: 20
  • Constitution: 20
  • Intelligence: 11

Other Changes

Mention any other changes that you may need for S2, such as Auras, Guild Levels, Titles, Epithets, etc.

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Akira Shimada
Hello, I'll be reviewing your app.

You're missing 4 attribute points in your total points to be distributed.

Bump when edited!

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Akira Shimada
There still seems to be a miscalculation in your attribute point distribution and total

  • Your total points = 81 + 1 + 11 + 1 = 94 (Please list it as so, still says 90)
  • Your distributed points = 30 + 17 + 20 + 20 + 11= 98 (Please correct the distribution to reflect your actual total)

Bump when done.

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This character application has been approved.

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