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Riverside Spirit (Quest| Jolyne)

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Riverside Spirit (Quest| Jolyne) Empty Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:29 am

Jolyne Atreides

While it sounded like she was going to be dealing with this same oddity this time she was set to reassure the fears of someone else, Dacol Lubex, someone who was reportedly of the less superstitious nature. This time perhaps Jolyne should figure out a way to deal with this thing so people would stop bumping into it every other night, perhaps she could lure it to somewhere far more secluded where it would not be interrupted.

Dacol had reported that this time it was appearing more human which made Jolyne ponder her last thought carefully as it did seem this creature had a will of it’s own and she did not like stealing others free will and choice. That being said Dacol was also justifiably worried about the cities safety and something had to be done or Jolyne would perpetually be here. The thought of that alone upset her a bit simply due to the thought of being part of a stagnant wound was so distasteful to her.

“So you will be able to take care of this yes?” Dacol asked with grim determination almost looking like he was intending to kill the being, which the Atreides woman did not want to happen even amongst some of the worst case scenarios. Still she could see the fear and anxiety in the man’s eyes, it was not a fear for self but a fear for others which could drive a person even further in what they would do to ensure their loved one’s safety.

“I believe so, but you mentioned a plan when you reached out to me?” Jolyne asked genuinely curious about the man’s intent.

The two walked together and Dacol discussed his plan, it was notes yet again, it seemed like this society was based around study but lacked the action to follow up on it that allowed one to sort through theories and facts. Jolyne was hoping this would not end up with a never ending cycle of her having to wipe the citizens pants after they had given water and waste to the earth, it really made her think of leaving as soon as this demon thing was taken care of. It was important to note that it was much akin to this everywhere however and that after proving herself on missions like this she could help out with more actual problems than a lack of communication between two species, as important as that would be if either species placed more importance on it.

Upon arriving Jolyne was able to confirm that a change had indeed happened in the cyan colored spirit she had encountered before. It seemed to shifted into the shape of a small child, why she could not say but now standing before her the being was glowing while playing on the banks of the river they had met at before. Jolyne wondered for a bit then if perhaps the encounter before had shaped the being before them. Was it some sort of young spirit?


#2Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

The being while small seemed to be the center of the picture of the forest in the night, it’s blue glow cast shadows among the trees, the soft grass and the other small plants that were behind it across the river. It seemed extremely calm and at peace as it slowly brought it’s ‘head’ up to regard the two humans that slowly approached it.

It spoke but not with words, it listened but not with ears, it was a telepath. That being said it spoke in alluring tones through the mind and was attempting to lure them both closer, while the urge was immense Jolyne had fought against far worse in her sleep and broke out of the glamour immediately with severe anger coursing through her.

“You will not strip my choice from me being, I will approach only after you cease imploring me to do so” she growled her tone lower than most would ever hear it, her sharper tones hissing out of the sides of her terse mouth like an irate teakettle.

After calming down Jolyne turned to Dacol who urged Jolyne to remember the mission and communicate with it for him while he took notes.

Sighing she turned back towards the being as she remembered just how much help the man was going to be on this mission and she began to move forward as the spirit once again touched her mind. This time however it was explaining rather than beguiling.

The spirit spoke of a great many things but primarily it spoke about how it had lived long ago and now they had become a spirit of the surrounding area, the trees and the river, perhaps even the animals in the forest as well. While not a new species and while human, this was also not something one encountered every day and Jolyne wondered why it seemed to only manifest now though it did not have an answer for her. The spirit claimed to be semi-tangible and Jolyne wondered how well the spirit could control said ability, but the spirit again did not have an answer for her.

Now the spirit not only stated it had two tasks for her but asked to meet him the next night. It seemed her worst fears had come to life and she may never be free from this cycle.

“Why not now”

The spirit said nothing, sank into the ground and faded away.

“So much hate, I just oh god is this a headache from that, I feel weak” Jolyne moaned as she left with Dacol and recounted the entire conversation so that the man could catalog every detail of it.

“Make sure to contact Inspector Nilan about this visit and any subsequent ones, we need to be up to date on this” Dacol stated as he finished up his notes, sliding the pad back into his coat jacket.

“Yeah, I will, I just wanna sleep” Jolyne murmured as the two said their goodbyes and departed.


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