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Investigate the Weed [Ren & Addy: Quest]

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She was actually doing something else when someone rapidly knocked on the door of her well office was a strange word for this specific place. It was a shared combination of a place for the Holy Knights and she was only using this as she was reading something upon a new investigation that she wanted to invest more time at. The thing was that she looked annoyed at the person who dared to disturb her in her thoughts. "Yes?" she decided to ask as that was politer than just the word: what?

Some stuttering girl giving her a note. If you had a message, just give it and not some ridiculous cowardly act towards colleagues, how would you fight some other darker races. All this Alice did not say out loud, she just watched with her golden eyes like a hawk and took the note with a nod and opened it. The inspector asking her to come again, noting down that Ren had been asked as well to come. She got up from her seat and adjusted the breastplates of her armour before she would put the belt with the special sword around her hips as well. Once done, she walked out of the church with a quick pace towards the location of the forest that the inspector had written down on the paper. He had drawn a little map with it.

As soon as she arrived, she noticed he wasn't alone. Even if she did not spot Ren yet, there were enough people in lab coats and they seemed to be all yelling things at each other, that she already regret that she came. She waved at the inspector to get him towards her, she did not plan to march into the field of whatever that all was and they should perhaps wait for Ren.


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Ren Liath
Ren! Hey Ren! Someone is at the door here looking for you!" called a voice in the Rune Knight barracks. Just coming out of the Kitchen Ren barely heard what his fellow knight was shouting about so he did not bother heading in the direction of the door like he was asked. He did not feel like investigating it either since he had just brewed himself a nice hot mug of tea and was planning to enjoy it before starting some work. "Hang on I'll go get him for you, won't be a minute." The knight said with a small polite bow before turning around and storming off to look for Ren. He seemed to look rather annoyed as he stomped to Ren's room, as if the woman at the door had annoyed him with something but because he was trying to be polite he did not show his annoyance to her. The knight rapped at his door until the dark haried mage emerged, still holding his tea in his hand, a blank expression on his face.

Before Ren could ask why he was pounding at his door the knight spoke to him. "Oi! Where have you been? I've been calling you for ten bloody minutes?! Aren't you supposed to do everything a superior says? Even if I am just an apprentice, I still outrank you, Page." He said crossing his arms, looking smug at Ren, as if his words were so sharp that they would leave Ren a bloody mess begging for mercy. Ren however bowed as a sign of apology. "i'm sorry to have made you wait. If you could tell me why you were calling for me that would be very helpful." Ren replied, ignoring the surprised look of the apprentice knight before him. The man stuttered before Telling Ren that there was a young lady at the door looking for him. So, Ren drank the rest of his tea before exiting his room and walking down the hall to the girl who was still standing in the door frame. The girl held a note in her hand which was addressed to Ren.

She explained the mission to him, while stuttering an annoying amount but eventually Ren got the message. Ren wondered why she did not just leave the note with another knight to give to him or why she did not just slip it in under the door. Regardless of the girl's reasons, Ren made his way to the quest location. "I see you were called here too." Ren said to Adelaide as soon as he came closer. He wondered what the mission was about since so many people were hudled around arguing.

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Before Adelaide could get the attention of the inspector, she had been helplessly waving, she heard a voice next to her and turned to look at Ren. "Ah there you are, I assumed the inspector called for the both of us indeed." she said smiling a bit because she reminded herself to do so from time to time. Especially considering what all was happening around Orchidia and Fiore but she wasn't sure if a Page was already informed about that. She turned to look at Nilan, who must have spotted them as he marched towards the two of them. "I hope the inspector can give us some news because I have no idea what this is all about." She waited patiently and even if the distance between her, the scientists and thus inspector Nilan wasn't far away, she looked around a bit until he was in front of her and Ren.

Now that she looked around, she noticed that the forest was much more closed off by leaves and other twigs made by a plant she did not know. It was like the beanstalk, she had not seen that before and she had lived her fair share of months in Orchidia because their house was here when there was still a their and not just a her, alone. She wondered, if she had been in this part of the forest with Evangeline with the anklebiters accident but felt no need to further investigate now that the inspector was here. She greeted him politely and waited for his explanation on the case at hand.

"The overgrowth that you see here," the inspector started after greeting both Ren and her, "Has to do with the beanstalk from before. I have no idea how it got here and I need more samples, hence the scientists here but it comes from deeper within the forest and they don't seem to want to go any further within, I hope I could count on you two again to do that for me. I got some sampling device, it should be safe." What a reassurance and yet the scientist all walked around with masks as if the plant would give some great stinky gas at their faces, at the moment she clearly smelled: nothing. "I don't see a problem in that as long as you pay." she went straight to the point.


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Ren Liath
"More like someone was sent on behalf of him." Ren replied, taking her words very literally. He smiled back to her, thinking it was a little strange seeing her smile in a moment like this, considering neither of them knew what was going all. Just moments ago she was waving to try and get their attention. Maybe that was why she was smiling, because it was such an odd beginning to a request. "Me too, it would help a lot." Ren said with a smirk. It was rather odd seeing them all argue and run about. How long would they need to wait for info?

As they waited the Rune Knight noticed the Holy Knight look into the forest. He followed her gaze and also saw what state the forest was in. There were far more leaves and branches weaving their way around the trees, making it seem like the forest itself had made a barricade for itself.

Ren's attention was soon taken back to the inspector. He began to say how the forest is very similar to the large tree they got rid of before. May of the scientist were doing tests but did not want to venture in any further, hence why they asked Ren and Adelaide to come. "I agree with Adelaide." He said with a nod, looking at Adelaide to lead the way

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She wondered why the inspector did not send out the scholars, after all, why were they working here and not actually doing the job. As the man seemed to agree with the price to pay, Adelaide looked at Ren and held on to the sample devices she got and the other devices given to Ren. Three each and Nilan hoped it would be enough. She strongly hoped with him. At this point, she had not noticed yet how eerie the forest looked and how dark and grim it was deeper within. She just walked on and did wonder what to say to Ren. There was nothing particularly special going on in her life and especially right now she was not yet in the state of sharing such random things with Ren.

She used to be different, she used to do that when she was younger, more carefree and not with an impossible task in front of her. She did not try to think about that but she felt quickly a form of tiredness. She wasn't tired, but something was pulling onto her while she picked up a strange zebra patterned leaf with the sample device. If Ren had not said anything or asked her anything, she would not have said anything at all and would try to get his attention now. She had the idea something or someone was watching them but did not want to point that out, "Do you feel that too?" She asked and would wait for a reply, if that did not come, she would form the question differently. "It's like the forest takes my power." Her energy and strangely she felt as if her magical power, which she did possess albeit no magic, was getting lower too. She held her left hand on her sword while trying to find other strange samples that she needed, a normal mushroom but with strange blue beadles on it and she found a bright lilac twig. When she had all three, she confirmed with Ren if he had something too and suggested to get out of the forest as soon as possible and not talk about it. Well, Nilan could know but not the town. When she handed the samples to Nilan, he gave her a price for it and she simply nodded and said to send a letter when more information was needed or if he found an answer because she was rather curious now.


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Ren Liath
Both Ren and Adelaide were given some sampling equipment to use for their mission. Ren looked puled at the rather simple looking device. Perhaps this was just a small portion of the actual contraption used to test what the leafs contained? He could only wonder. Seeing his Holy Knight partner turn to head into the forest Ren was about to follow suit until he heard the other scientists begin to argue. He had heard their murmuring squabbles but this type of argument was more distinct and vocal. Surmise to say that they decided to yell at this point since their conversations were getting more and more heated. "Why are you all so afraid of a little vegetation?! We are Biologist! We study what is in the bio sphere! And that forest is taking up a lot of it at a moment so we should all be in there!" One of the younger scientists shouted while the others scoffed at him. "You cannot be serious? If whatever toxic fumes that forest is producing gets into us and we become sick from it and have no cure, well then we will die and no one would be able to make a cure before that illness spreads!" Another older scientist shouted. As Ren turned to follow Adelaide he could still hear them arguing wondering if they would still be at it when they came back.

The walk to the forest was a silent one. Even in the forest as they picked oddly coloured leaves and branches from the ground it was relatively silent. Ren had a strange feeling that he could not quite put his finger on. Since he was not sure what it was he kept quiet. Thankfully Adelaide spoke up. She explained that the forest was sapping her power away, or at least thats how it felt. Ren nodded, now realizing what he was feeling was a wave of fatigue, something which he had never experienced before. Luckily they two were done collecting their samples and were payed by Nilan once they had given them to him.

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Investigate the Weed [Ren & Addy: Quest] BWhZdfi

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