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Vesta Valentina

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Vesta Valentina


Name: Vesta Valentina

Age: October 31, X767 | 21

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Bellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Bellan

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Midnight Cult

Tattoo: Tongue | Black

Face: Akuta Hinako - Fate Grand Order


Height: 164cm

Weight: 49kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Overall: Allure that overshadows the darkness is a gift that makes the feeble deadly and Vesta is lucky enough to be blessed with it. She stands at five feet and four inchest tall and weighing 112 pounds. Her willowy build, filled with delicate features and generous endowments, is covered in a pale complexion that's both soft and cold to touch. She has a jet black hair that flows gracefully down to the small of her back and asymmetrical bangs that frames her slender face. Bright red eyes poses for the windows of her soul and are crowned with long and lush lashes; powerful, expressive and completely out of sync with the cold indifference seemingly fixed on her serene beauty. The dissonance in her features creates an otherworldy charm that's both captivating and unsettling to most beholders.

Extra: -


Personality: Admittedly Vesta doesn't own the cleanest hands; she's killed before and she's gonna kill again if the situation called for it. Everything she does is done for a reason, and rarely would she ever do things- especially those with more dire consequence- just to entertain herself. This young woman may have strong, dark feelings nurturing in her heart but it's never an excuse to not be smart with her actions. After all, every decision will yield into a result which may or may not hinder her way sooner or later, and Vesta hates nothing more but being stopped in her tracks. It makes her snap. Everything that strikes her nerve prompts a sudden outburst of frustration that takes form of brutal violence. There are no warnings, there are no signs. The serenity would be broken as fast it would return.

Silence can be deadly and that's what makes Vesta a fore to be reckoned with. She keeps her cards close to her chest, not letting up until she's one hundred and one percent sure that they're on her side. She tends to act secretly and by herself, allowing no one to 'get her back' unless she's one hundred percent sure that they're on her side. Even so, she continues to take caution. A little paranoid but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Despite the suspicions that run in her mind, Vesta knows to keep her face straight, to remain unpredictable and unreadable. There's calmness that radiates from within her that graces her with poise and a clear mind, giving her the ability to keep herself together even in the face of danger. This confidence borderlines arrogance, but it's not baseless. This young spellhowler makes sure that she can win every game she plays.

Seemingly dangerous and perhaps difficult to trust, Vesta is someone you'd want on your team. She's a servant who pledges with her heart and soul. Her loyalty is eternal; only death can sever her bond once she chooses a master. Picky with whom she'd serve, naturally, but nonetheless she's someone very efficient in different kinds of errands. Her systematic and organized approach to work mostly yields clean results. However, her temper is something watch out for. There are very few things that can make her lift a finger to fight or deviate from her goals, but when she does get sidetracked by her anger then things will fall apart very fast. Tread carefully around this flower for the most beautiful blossoms has the sharpest thorns.


  • Flowers: Tiny, fragile things that Vesta can't help but to simply adore. The petals, the colors, the fragrance all give her a sense of relaxation and a pleasant stirring inside. It reminds her that she's human like everybody else. The last drop of innocence that she unconsciously refuses to let go from.
  • Meat:  Any meat dishes is her favorite dish. Aside from something that she never get to eat a lot before, the texture and flavor is incomparable to any vegetables or fruit. It doesn't even matter where the meat came from or how it's cooked.


  • Delays: It goes beyond dislike. The feeling is more... passionate. Vesta hates wasting time because everything has already been organized. Please don't get in the way of her errands.
  • Alcoholic Drinks: The stench is too much for her to handle. Also, the taste is revolting and it turns smart people into idiots. She often wonders how people enjoyed something that's almost poison.
  • Betrayal: Once Vesta pledges her loyalty to you, learn to reciprocate. A word of caution: entering a covenant with her is for life. Till death do us part, right?


  • Master's Will: Vesta is a servant. She was born for the job, spent the majority of her life serving a master and has accepted that she'd die doing what she does. She was made to believe that it's her destiny, so unless she finds something else worth living for then she's going find a master and fulfill their wish.


  • Deep/Open Water: Looking into a large body of water and seeing no bottom is enough to make her heart race. Drowning looks like a very unpleasant way to die; it's a slow death and your body gets drifted away, unable to find a decent resting ground. The suffering is eternal.
  • Blind Rage: Vesta is very well-aware of her horrible temper, but not with what she can do once she snapped. It's fine if she got hurt, but what if it was her master or the people she chose to protect? She doesn't want to feel the pain of losing the person she loves... no, not again.


Magic Name: Bloody Mary

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: Bright red crimson blossoms; its petals cursed to never meet its leaves, abandoned and unprotected forever. Red Spider Lilies bloom at Vesta's command, spreading the hatred and madness she fostered in her heart. The glistening spores that captivates attention and the sweet subtle scent that ensnares the senses will plague her victims with curses.

Vesta can summon vines to do the more physical bidding; it can grab targets, and slither around their bodies to keep them immobilized and, most importantly, hurt victims by violently whipping at them or impaling  them with its sharp ends. The large and thick roots have a similar function, working by sprouting from the ground and holding the target in place (the roots are more reliable than the vines in this regard).

Every part of the flower is functional and Vesta sees to it that she uses all of them to her advantage. Last but not the least, the leaves are enchanted so that it could offer protection. The large, long blades can endure both physical and elemental attack, but has a clear weakness against darkness. The leaves cannot exist with the blossoms at the same time, just like how the real flower works.


History: Have you ever heard of sad tale? Oh, Vesta's little story is rather tragic. There weren't much who loved her but a protective mother- a mother who wanted nothing more but the best for her child, but fate wasn't on her side. She and the child in her womb were plucked from the streets by a man wearing a fleece white as can be. He talked gently, he smiled warmly but most of all he offered her a place to stay: his own home. He had a noble cause and the kindness in his voice didn't fail to reach her heart, so she believed in him. She believed in everything he said. He was very good at making things sound like a good idea, even the ones that would put you in your grave.

Months had passed and it was too long that a lovely baby girl was born in the middle of a stormy night. She had lovely pale skin and a pair of red eyes; she was the exact copy of her mother, and just like her mother she carried a curse in her vein. Spellhowler-- the little girl named Vesta carried it in her blood. Her magic manifested in an early age and became stronger as she aged. It would have been a good thing but the child had no use for it... it was true, but the master of the house had. The mother would have probably yielded fast results, but her heart and mind were uncorruptable. She was a genuinely kind woman, the person he disliked. However, the child was fresh, soft and malleable; still very easy to manipulate and so he did.

As a a child, Vesta was given so much love by her parent that asking for more was impossible, but a father figure would make her broken family complete. The master skillfully worked his way into the girl's heart, showing affection and filling the void that a mother could never provide in order to create a strong bond and a faithful servant. He made sure he capture her heart, became a hero to her eyes. But, he didn't stop there. Plans to break the relationship shared by the mother and daughter were devised, he intentionally made his ill objectives look clear to the woman so that she'd pull the girl away from him. And, it did. Every single thing went according to plan; all he had to do was sit back and watch their relationship crumble until it reached the point of no return. At the tender age of 16, Vesta killed her mother out of a fit of rage after attempting to separate her from the her beloved master.

The young woman was regretful- broken even- after realizing what she had done. But, there came her master who comforted her, twisting her confused mind to make her fall deeper in love with him. It wasn't even that much later that he began to give her dangerous errands that often included taking someone else's life. Vesta's fear of losing the person she loved was used against her to make her willingly commit dirty deeds-- those that of her late mother would have never let her done. What was a little sacrifice to the person you adore? For Vesta, her master was everything: the sun, moon and stars. He was more important than her own life so she blindly used her gifts to bring harm to others.

This brilliant plant lasted for quite sometimes. The greedy master became richer as his enemies get taken down one by one. Again, all he had to do was sit back and watch as their worlds crumble at the hands of his weapon. It was something that he could do forever but, alas, nothing stays forever and no secrets ever remain untold. It was during one stormy night when Vesta was forced to retreat after being intercepted by her supposed target. She walked along the empty corridors of the mansion, towards her master's chamber, when she heard an unfamiliar voice. Instincts pushed her to charge at the room, though was stopped in her tracks upon picking up on what seemed to be a conversation with her own beloved master. Mocking laughter, trains of insult but most of all a confession of a crime. The Spellhowler stood in disbelief as she was forced to listen to the things she tried to convince herself as a lie. However, the thought of being betrayed by the person you love the most-- rage, resentment and guilt overwhelmed her logic and ignited a great fire within.

It only lasted for a few minutes. Screams spilled into the night but the roaring thunder masked them from anyone who could hear. The workers who witnessed the slaughter and managed to live to warn the others rushed out of the house, sparing no mercy to the wicked master of the house. Two bodies laid lifeless on the floor, heavily mutilated and almost drowning in pools of blood was the outcome of the little tantrum. Pent up feelings and what-ifs that had been shoved in the deepest corner of the mind blasted in one deadly show. Vesta's heart sank at the sight, at the realization that she killed the only person left in her life. Once again, the person that she love the most was ended by her own hands. Vesta left the mansion shortly, learning to live once again... finding a new master to serve.

Reference:  Baron.

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Akira Shimada
Hey there, welcome to the site! I will be reviewing your application. It is almost approval ready, just a couple of minor edits.

  • In addition to the location, please add the color of the tattoo.
  • Your magic descriptions mentions that its weak to fire. On this site, the element of nature is weak to darkness, not fire.
  • You can leave the reference section blank, if nobody referred you here, or you may add where you heard about us.

Bump when edited.

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Vesta Valentina
Bump! Done editing :)

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Akira Shimada
Almost ready, just missing the tattoo color. Add that and we're good to go!

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Vesta Valentina
Ah! Sorry, I overlooked that one. It's there now.

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Akira Shimada
This character application has been approved.

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