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Creatures of Habit [Káilètte]

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Creatures of Habit [Káilètte] Empty on Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:56 am

If anyone ever wanted to find Odin, provided they knew which town he was in, it wasn't incredibly difficult. Ignoring the fact that he was probably the most famous Lich in existence, which often made it quite easy to ask for his location, Odin was a creature of habit. If there was a well respected, highly rated pub in the town, then you could bet a limb that's where he'd be. Odin himself would happily bet a limb on any deal, since he could simply replace them if he happened to lose. But, in this case he would have certainly won, as that's exactly where the Lich found himself today.

'Beauty and the Beast', interesting name for a pub for sure, as Odin entered through the main doors. When everyone's eyes looked his way, he wondered if it's because he was the beauty or the beast. Assuming it was because he was gorgeous, the Lich paid it no heed, instead heading towards the bar, grabbing a bottle of red wine and a glass, and heading to the nearest empty table, which was located right in the middle. Odin's days of sitting in the dark corners and hiding himself were through, the world knew of him, and he wasn't going to shy away from the world. If people wished to hate him, then they could try and do it to his face. He noticed a few men in the bar with clenched fists, the only thing keeping them alive being their wives telling them not to try anything. Pouring a glass and taking a sip, Odin wondered how long that would last.


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Kai walked through Orchidia casually as she was talking with some town girls. Her hands were clenched against her mid-pelvic section, her motherly smile was bright while her blonde long hair flowed aback from the winds crease. The girls were asking her questions about beauty, her faith and her work being noticed from the Church and the Guild. Her head turned to them as she listened to both of them even though her mind was more on where she was going. 'Ugh, can we get rid of them now?'. She heard the darkened voice speak in the back of her mind as she then chuckled out of no where.

They were there anyways now, outside of this interesting Pub. ''Alright girls, I must say farewell and let myself enjoy some time alone.~''. She waved her hand and nodded. The girls first both frowned, but they then smiled and said their goodbyes. Her body turned to then open the door to enter in. Kai was wearing a long, satin-red bodycon dress with off-shoulder straps. The dress fitted perfectly against every curve and the color matched her crimson plump-hearted lips. Her golden eyes mirrored everyone's reflection as some of them gazed. They knew who she was, but only by 'The Wyvern'. She peacefully went to the bar itself and sat on the stand, not looking at everyone around her, but something felt odd. Then she cornered her eyes to see she was sitting by a Lich. Once she got her usual drink when she came here, she took a sip and cornered her eyes shyly as she has never seen a Lich up front before. Her heart was pounding quickly as she looked at him secretly.

Did her heart know him? Did the person, 'Arisa', know him too? The heart belonged to Arisa, but now was with her as well as her 'body'. So her feelings were now her own, but these ones were strong unlike the other people.  'Just talk to him already.'. She heard the thought, but her face was semi-red as she then looked back at her drink. ''I-I...'' She started out, her hands gripped onto her glass tightly all nervous.  Curse this heart. Her head turned to look at him as they were about the same height, ''How are you liking Orchidia?''. 'That was a dumb question...'. She flustered in her mind as she then looked away to take another slow drink. Maybe he'll pretend she never say anything. By their reputation, they were 'bad' and quite mean, but she never knew. Kai didn't want to judge yet, and instead wanted to trust her heart.


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The red wine was actually quite nice, despite the fact that it tasted like dust to the Lich. Everything tasted like dust to Odin, one of the 'perks' of who he was, but eventually he had grown used to it. It had taken a few years, but now he could tell how good someone was by the dust. Some dust tasted better than others, of course it was nothing compared to the real deal, as far as Odin could tell. He had almost forgotten the taste of good food, but he knew what it looked it. And he was an impressive cook for someone who could never actually appreciated their own work.

A voice interrupted his train of thought, a voice Odin recognised, as he turned to his side to see Arisa. The question was an odd one, but Odin just responded instinctively, giving her the truth, "It's not changed much in the last few years, despite how much I have. It's strange, somehow I always end up back here no matter where I'm wanting to be."

Pausing for a moment, Odin took a sip of his wine. It was in that moment that he realised the situation he was in. This was his first time seeing Arisa in two years, hell Odin had died during the time they'd been apart. He'd tried to kill himself permanently partly because he had lost contact Arisa, and had thought she had left him. If he could cry, he wouldn't be able to hold back the flow. Instead, he just sat down the glass, and spoke to her, his voice quivering with both sadness and delight, "I've missed you, friend. I've needed to see your face for some time now, I'm glad it finally happened."


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Her eyes gazed at the Lich as she felt shy, nervous and unsure of what to do and say. Her heart knew him for sure as it was trying to beat its way out. These memories were pounding within her mind as her head began to feel unbearably painful. He began to stare at her with his hallow eyes as he technically had none. As soon as he began to talk after a pause, the words spoke to her and Arisa whom was still within her. ‘Odin...’ A voice spoke with sorrow within her mind. Kai didn’t understand why, but her hand uncontrollably lifted up to graze her soft hand against his cheek. Without realizing it, a tear fell from the side of her right eye as she smiled as if her prayers were answered. “As I you...”. It was as if she was playing another person, but no, she was indeed two people with the same problem and body.

A beat of pain rose as her head pounded. Suddenly, her hand palmed against her forehead. Her eyes realized her hand was still against his cheek. Swiftly, she pulled her hand back and looked away shyly. “I-I am sorry. I didn’t know what came over me... I just feel so many things right now, but I ... I don’t remember much other than small details of one night.” She had to be honest. She had to... Mostly if she wanted to know him and the feelings they shared if any.


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Odin, over the past few years, had become a broken man. He was no longer the same man who joined Grimoire Heart, he was barely the same man who left it. Life, specifically that of those closest to him, had changed who he was. To see Arisa, it had brought out a part of Odin he had long since buried, a part of him he had missed. The days with Arisa, the flower festival, days of happiness and joy for the Lich, memories of a happier time came back to Odin, and wished for nothing more than for them to stay forever.

That was what made her next few words even more crushing. She had raised an unfamiliar hand to touch Odin's skull, before quickly removing it and shying away from him. He couldn't understand why she was acting so strangely, until she told him. She had no idea who he was.

That revelation hurt, even though Odin knew it could not be her choice. He had finally reconnected with one of the few people to show him love and to bring him hope, and she could not recall ever knowing him. Looking away for a moment, Odin finished his drink, before pouring another from the bottle, deciding now to speak to her.

"So, you have no idea who I am?"


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As the sands drain my life.
Wish I met you at another place and time

Her eyes searched his face, her thumb rotated clockwise on the palm that touched his face as she equated and processed things. Something was familiar with him and things felt close. Kai, with her free hand just grabbed her drink and took a sip out of it to hopefully get drunk, but it wasn't quite working. While things went silent she looked at the bar tender without looking at Odin, ''Can I have one of those bottles that had my name on it?'' She questioned. The bartender laughed and nodded. He walked towards the back and brought out a bottle with a red ribbon on it, the color of the liquid was black like the darkness of no return and it was large. ''This one, Wyvern?'' He asked curiously. His bushy eyebrows arched in question.

''Yes please.''. Her hands grabbed the bottle and nodded in thanks. The man just went on with his business. Her head turned and presented the bottle to the lich. ''I've had this bottle for some time and it had a name on it... with the name people call me by.'' She hugged it close and looked away from him. ''I may sound crazy, but the voice I heard spoke the name of the bottle when I looked at you. Odin?'' She wondered with curious eyes that then gazed right at him. The bottle was from Mag Drug's Magic Shop as it was written in gold cursive letters. She never opened it as she felt like it was for some occasion and it was important for Arisa. ''I may not remember you, but I feel like you are important to me.''. In this case, to Arisa, but her and Arisa were the same in a sense. They shared the same body and feelings for two men she didn't know. If this was one, who was the other and where was he? Was the second one the man Judina spoke about? The one who she had kids with with her other body or? It was a mystery that she hopes to solve.
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With her hand on Odin's face, Arisa asked for an interesting item. 'One of the bottles with her name on it', Odin had no idea what that could mean, he assumed it would just be a special wine she liked to drink or something. But the man brought a bottle that the Lich recognised, one that he knew Arisa wouldn't know the origins of. A potion from the Mag Drug shop in Magnolia, one of a collection Odin and Arisa had dabbled in one night. That night, watching the fireworks in Orchidia and just enjoying life. It was the most tranquil night that had ever existed for Odin.

The bottle's very existence meant that there was a part of Arisa that knew who she was, or at least knew how to get more answers. She held the bottle close, before turning around and saying Odin's name. Something deep within her knew his name, his friend was still there somewhere.

"That bottle is one of a collection. We bought a few and tried to see what effects they would have one night. It did some interesting things to both of us. That might be the last one of the bunch."

Taking a deep breath, as well as a large sip of his wine, Odin decided to explain who he was, "Okay, we've met many times before, through three different faces for you, and two for me. Over the years we've become very close, and you are one of the only people I'd call my friend. During the Orchidia flower festival two years ago, we tried some of these potions. One turned me from a Lich back into a human, if at least briefly. Another caused me to always tell you the truth. I am Odin", he outstretched one hand, his skeletal face softening as much possible as he smiled, "Pleasure to remake your acquaintance."


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As the sands drain my life.
Wish I met you at another place and time

She held the bottle close to her like some comfort stuff animal as her eyes looked up at Odin nervously. Her heart was beating like any human's as she felt like she could throw it up about now. She watched him drink and wondered now if it even fazed him at all, but right now that wasn't truthfully important. He started to speak to her about where the bottle originally came from and the 'old times'. As he was talking about it, it was slowly processing...

The scenes of each time they met rather it be to train/fight or the fact they always ran into each other for some socialization. Even if Odin was never the social type nor the type to really get close to people, but Arisa somehow got to the man's heart. As she was getting flashbacks it was becoming hard for her to breathe and then he offered her a hand of his. Her eyes swelled up as she slowly let her shaking soft hand touch his to shake it as if they were meeting for the first time. Her mind felt like it was opening as it created immense pain. She remembered it now, remembered him as all those times were precious. Perhaps she will remember who she was, but was that even a good thing? Was there something that was locked in her memories for a reason? ''It's good to see you again as well, Odin.'' She spoke in her original soft voice that was like sugary honey. Her smile was bright, but her eyes teared up. It was like no one else was there besides the two of them. Kairisa leaned towards him, her head against his bony shoulder as she held the bottle. She felt so tired, exhausted because of the impact from her mental state. ''Can we go somewhere else and enjoy this bottle? Perhaps a fire in the woods or something.'' She spoke as if she was herself from years ago when they did their camping trip. If he didn't want to then that'd be fine as she nervously then sat back up and apologized. It felt so good to find a friend... A friend who will be there for her forever, or will he?  
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Odin's words had clearly had a large effect on Arisa's mental state, as she started shaking and tearing up. He wouldn't say anything more to her for now, as this would be enough. Even if she didn't remember him completely, this was a good starting point, and from here they could work through the memory loss and help her find out who she was, and who she is.

She took his hand, saying words that Odin had been wanting to hear for two years. The voice that came out was the same as the one that had been speaking previously, but with a distinct difference. Before, it had lacked the vibrancy that Odin knew his friend to possess: the love of life and all things. The voice that spoke now, however, that was Arisa. His friend had returned to him, she knew who he was, even if she didn't know who she herself was. In that moment, the smile that spread across her lips was the most beautiful thing in the world. Her tears were not of sadness, or of pain, not in that moment. She was, for lack of a better word, divine.

She asked if they could go to the woods, a place they had usually frequented in their previous times together, to enjoy the bottle and see what effects it would have. It was just like the old days, and caused Odin to finish his bottle of wine in an instant, downing all the liquid from the bottle itself, neglecting the glass entirely. It wasn't like the alcohol would affect him anyway.

"That sounds like a fantastic idea, let's go."


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As the sands drain my life.
Wish I met you at another place and time

Once her offer was out there, she watched for his expression and answer. At that moment it was as if he was really looking into her eyes. Usually, people gazed at her because of her strength or even her body, but he saw her for more. Perhaps there was something he wanted from her, but she didn't know this of course. Kairisa was actually excited that he agreed to go. It felt like she was herself, felt like Arisa's old self before whatever happened in the past. Perhaps they will find out more about each other during this gathering between the two. She immediately left the bar and waited for him outside like some excited child.

Once he was outside, her left hand carried the bottle as she hugged it against her body. Her right hand grasped onto Odin's as she lead him into the forest. She had a nice spot in mind as she found it during her little adventures. She didn't want to take anyone there because she didn't know who to trust and she felt like it was her Sanctuary. She heard the crunch sounds of the snow, the winds breeze that hit her fair beautiful skin. Her eyes of gold watered due to the wind till they reached a cabin in the middle of the woods. Slowly she let go of his hands and opened the door to reveal a medium sized cabin. The second floor was half-sized as there was a single sized stairs that led up. It was roomy enough to have bed, rug, dresser and lamp. Downstairs was where the maroon leather sofa with fluffy pillows and the kitchen. In the middle of the room there's a brick built campfire ready to be set a-flamed. This was a good enough spot to stay away from the wind, but still enjoy the cold, flames and alcohol with a friend. Her eyes widened in surprise as she forgot to ask him if this was fine. ''Oh! Is this fine, Odin? It's not exactly outside, but it'll prepare us in case a blizzard appears.'' She assumed he won't get harmed by it, but she will... Kai-risa walked to the couch that was closest to the campfire to then start it with the logs already there and a kit. Her eyes mirrored the flames as she then offered him to sit in the couch where he'd face her, or the seat next to her.
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Arisa seemed pleased with Odin's response, always instantly leaving the pub and waiting for him outside. Upon joining her, Odin's hand was taken and he was led away, a feeling of adventure he had not experienced in a long time flowing through him. He was taken away out of the main town and into the forests, but they weren't just going to a clearing this time. Arisa brought Odin to a cabin, hidden away in the woods, nearly impossible to find except by those who already knew where it was, which the Lich figured would only be the two of them now.

Having a cabin brought Odin's attention to the weather for the first time. Of course the two storey cabin would be needed: the weather was ridiculous at the current time, being in the height of winter. Odin had long since cared about the weather, as it didn't affect him anymore, but of course his friend would need warmth and comfort. Looking at her with the softest eyes his skeletal face could manage, Odin gave her the reassurance she needed, "I think it's perfect, Arisa. This will definitely keep us safe in the event of the snow trapping us. Now, shall we have a look at that potion?"


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Once the fire started and she sat down, he reassured her on the things she questioned. The bottle was now in question as to what the aftereffects were. She wasn't even sure as she held the bottle close to herself and stood up since he never bothered to sit down by her or the other side of her. Her body was toned a flaming color as the flames were also reflected by her golden mirror eyes. Her eyes gazed at Odin though as she then nodded, biting her lower lip nervously as she twisted the bottle. 'Do I want to try this first?'. She wondered and looked away, but then looked right back now at the bottle. A pop sound was heard as she used the cap's tool to get the cork off. ''Alrighty then.~'' She took a deep breather as she tilted her head back and started to take a drink.

The taste was strong, strong enough for even her as she could feel her body feel an intense warmth. She suddenly stopped drinking it as she then stood there for a second.


She sneezed, causing her wings to appear as they glow a golden white. The flap and then curl to fold as she sniffled. Her eyes winced and blushed embarrassed. ''Ss-sorry... I don't know what was in that drink. ... Mmmm...'' She started to blink a few times as she then felt funny in a good way, but still funny. Her heart felt like exploding as she gazed at Odin. 'What is going on with me?! I feel... I don't know this sensation.'. She spoke to herself in her mind as she couldn't really materialize her wings back. Her cheeks were red as her eyes became soft, Hiccup~, ''I.. I don't know what was in here, but it ... I feel funny, Odin.~'' She giggled and twirled about as she had one foot on the couch and then the other. ''I'm the Queen of the Mountain, yknow?~'' She teased and then looked at him. Something was getting to her mind though, something that was ruining the affects of this drink. What kind of drink was this? Out of no where she now felt somewhat in a serious mood. She stopped and then sat down and gazed down coldly... ''Odin?...'' She couldn't stop herself as her heart was speaking for her. ''I -'' she stopped herself as her hands acted to cover her mouth. With one of those hands she just gave the bottle to him. Maybe the affects/effects will be different with him.


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Well whatever was in that drink, it certainly had interesting effects on Arisa. She decided to drink it first, leaving a healthy amount for Odin to try if he so decided, and almost instantly her wings sprouted out of her back, and she seemed almost intoxicated, her beautiful cheeks blushing red as her words became slightly slurred. Odin couldn't quite tell what this potion had done to her, but he saw it as his opportunity, a sad, sad opportunity that it was.

SHE had requested feathers from a nephilim, and here was Odin's friend, drunk or high or perhaps even something more with her wings out, easy to steal just one feather, but he had to pick his moment. He hated betraying his friend, but it had been HER request, and SHE came above all else in Odin's life. But he had to choose his moment wisely, and he had to blend in with the situation.

He took the bottle, unsure of how to react concerning Arisa's mountain comment, and drank the remaining contents of the bottle. Instantly, the weirdest thing happened. Odin collapsed into a pile of bones, literally. His skull fell on top of all that he was. He could move as a heap on the floor, and still move his skull, but it was slow and difficult. He didn't know how to feel, and it was strange.

"Well, this is new."


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As the sands drain my life.
Wish I met you at another place and time

Her body, her soul and her emotions felt like a fuse that when ignited, it'll change. Her heart on the other hand continued to beat fast as she felt nervous when her beloved friend, but once again something felt off. Her heart felt something wrong, but couldn't quite put her finger on it. It was like her heart, her 'muses' were warning her of something, but didn't know what it could be. She felt odd though after drinking the liquid of the unknown. Her eyes watched as Odin start to drink it - the rest of it and out of no where his 'body' collapsed into a pile. Out of no where it made her laugh contagiously, arms wrapped around herself and looked at him with a bright smile.

''Looks like you didn't have the stomach for the alcohol.~'' She teased with a smile as she plopped her assets down on the couch and scooted closer to Odin who was in a pile. Her hand reached for his skeleton and as she leaned over, her amulet slipped out of her shirt as it revealed itself. ''Hey hey, I'm the only bonehead allowed here.'' It spoke as their diamond eyes glowed. It glared at Odin as she picked his skull up enough so they were face to face. Her golden mirror eyes reflected him. ''Are you lonely? Because it looks like you have no-body.~'' The amulet spoke in a snarky attitude towards Odin. Kairisa's eyes widened in surprise and glared at the amulet. ''Shush or I'll take you off.'' She spoke as a mother would while scolding their child. Her eyes once again looked at him softly as she scooted back against the couch. ''So I guess we will have to wait till the stuff wares off.'' Her eyes sparkled with the flames on the corners of her eyes and questions started to hit her. ''Odin? I wondered... and I know I asked this before, but... '' She questioned herself on rather or not to ask him. ''If there was a cure, a way to make you not a lich - would you take the offer or stay as you are today?''. She didn't ask what she wanted to. This will have to do. It was another run of questions for the two, but how will this round go? Will it be like last time for better or worse?... Even though she didn't realize it, her memories slowly seeped back into her mind, Arisa's and her own.
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It seemed that Odin, in his current state, was to be the punchline in everyone's joke. No sooner had Arisa made a comment about Odin's lack of organs than another voice called out, this time demanding it be the only 'bone head' allowed. Odin started chuckling at the comment, partly because of his ridiculous predicament and partly because he was being insulted by a necklace, even if it was in the shape of a skull. "Well aren't you a rude one. I'd ask why you have a bone to pick with me, but you're just a skull. Unlike me, you can't really afford to lose any bones. And where, exactly is your body? Mine is just over there."

The humour of the situation soon left the two, as Arisa asked Odin a question he still wasn't sure of the answer to, even after so many years of being what he was. If he had the choice, would he change back, return to a human form and become mortal once more. The only answer he could give was likely also the closest one to the truth.

"Honestly I don't know what I'd do. Becoming a Lich granted me power I needed to reach my goals. And, if I'm honest, what would there be for me as a human again?"


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As the sands drain my life.
Wish I met you at another place and time

The skull glares at Odin as it then smiled. ''I'm a lich you fool. My body? I need no body, but her bosoms are a plus.''. This made Kai's face blush madly as she gets flustered. ''H-how dare you! I mean.... That's not rude, but it's uh-unnecessary!'' She speaks as her eyes water and looks at Odin straight into his eyes as she listens to his answer. Her eyes gaze away

And, if I'm honest, what would there be for me as a human again?

She wanted to frown, she wanted to give him the answer that came from her heart, but her eyes just closed slowly, her head tilted downward. All that came from her left eye was a tear that fell onto his cheek. She felt it too late as she saw the tear on his skull. ''I-I'm sorry!'' She wiped it off his cheek bone (literally) with her sleeve softly. 'That was a stupid question, was it not?' She thought, her eyes darkened as she gazed at him. She remembered him before he turned like this. They weren't close at all... so what happened? What made them this close, what made her feel closer? She wanted to tear up, but she didn't want to annoy him or anything so she held her feelings, her emotions. Her body twisted and put his skull on the cushion beside her as she then used one of her hands to hold the necklace in a clutch.  ''If you must ask that question then I have no answer for you.'' She coldly spoke for once as she turned her head to look down at him. Kai felt that being cold was the only way to not show how she really felt, but the tears  from her left eye showed differently. It didn't matter though, right? He had his mind up already about his goals and life.

She slowly remembered that she had someone in her 'past life'. In Arisa's life, but the words Odin said on that camp starry night still spoke to her. It was hurting, her heart was hurting. Perhaps she should just follow the dreams she was given, the words that were spoke from him before she woke up from the 'coma'. The Holy One. Her hair slowly slid down as her long beautiful hair hid her face as she cried silently. Her hands clenched into fists even while one was holding the amulet.

''What changed? I still... Don't understand.'' She whispers ghostly.

''When we were just two stupid humans... You always acted like you disliked me, hated me... was annoyed by my existence, but somehow... somehow...'' She spoke while being flustered - confused and frustrated. She got up slowly and turned around to look down at him. Her eyes were now a smokey topaz color With the blazing fire, her light brown eyes glistened. Her heart was spilling out, but could it be the drink causing this or perhaps her mental state at the moment?
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Odin's words were clearly not what Arisa had anticipated, and overwhelmed her. A tear fell from her eye, landing on Odin's cheek before she wiped it off, apologising. He could tell she wasn't really apologising for the tear, or at least that wasn't all. The mood drastically changed in that moment, as Arisa put Odin's skull on the cushion away from her, looking away from him as she spoke cold words. Cold and heat were not things that could hurt anymore, but these words hurt him more than he could've ever imagined. It was in that moment that he realised a few things about his life, and Arisa. He felt that there was more to her feelings for him than simple friendship, a subject that hadn't been approached since their time in the flower festival.

Her eye still cried, Odin could tell even if he couldn't see, as she asked more questions, each one laced with a venom that hurt the lich to his core. When they were humans, when Odin was hurtful, cruel. He thought about the man he had been then, with his olive hair and his links to the demon Lucifer. Odin could easily tell Arisa that it was the demon that had made him do those evil things, and be that way, but he knew that was not entirely true. Lucifer had influenced Odin of course, but he had only added onto the way the Lich was, not changed it.

As Arisa spoke, Odin's skull started to shake. It was silent, but the bones started to reform into the tall form that Odin possessed. Arisa turned to face him after she had spoken, her eyes full of pain, but what she turned to see was not hurt or pain or anger. Arisa turned, and was wrapped in the cold bones of a Lich. Odin hugged her tightly, with more affection than he had ever shown anyone in his life.

"I can only apologise for who I once was. I was cruel, and you had to see that part of me. I'm not that man anymore, I'm barely a man as it is." Odin's chin was resting on the shoulder of Arisa as he hugged her, as he didn't know if he'd be able to speak while looking into those beautiful, golden eyes. "I'm so glad I met you, even if it took me until now to prove it. I...I think I love you, Arisa."


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Don't say it,
don't say what you don't mean.

Once she turned she felt bony arms around her that were covered in cloth from his clothes. This embrace felt oddly warm coming from a Lich. All she could feel as of right now was pain and loneliness in this world since she doesn't even know who she was. Why was she this way and what was she exactly? She felt like an experiment of someone's. This hug though and the words spoke afterwards brought her out of the darkened thoughts. There were no excuses from his words as he spoke about how he wasn't that man anymore nor technically a man at all, in the way of a body. Suddenly, her should felt his chin against her shoulder and words that flickered a switch were spoken.


Those words meant the world to her, that and loyalty. She desired so much, but the one thing she wanted the most were those two things. Her heart was beating fast and it caused her breathing to become uneven, but hot. Kai'risa's arms tightened the hug as her hands clenched into fists. ''D-don't say that unless you mean it...''. Her voice muttered softly as her face was blushing red. Her eyes glowed gold and heart-shaped pupils formed. She tried to calm herself down, but when it came to this, it was dangerous for both of them.

Possession, love, Loyalty... She had to be the only one in his life... 'No one else.' A darkened voice spoke and echoed in her mind. ''Why do I feel like there's another woman in your life? Is there, Odin?~'' She whispered alluringly in her Rich French accent. Her memories remembered back then, that camp night and what he said to her. About how he was undead, she was like an angel and so they'd end up fighting each other. Killing one another somehow. If he stayed as a Lich then she will have to no matter what she tried. She held her words as she wanted to truly know if he did in fact love her or if there was someone else worth more. Selfish as it was, she wanted to at least be selfish with him, with love...
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her mental state.


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Arisa felt the compassion through Odin's actions, but didn't quite believe his words, as her arms tightened the hug while her hands became fists. She wanted to make sure he wasn't lying to her. For what seemed like an eternity, they just stood there, in each other's embrace. The Lich and the Nephilim. One sworn to kill the other, one unable to die. What a pair they made, and what a sad life they had both led. Getting to where he was now, Odin would never again regret a single thing he had done. He had done terrible things, lost people he had thought he would never lose, and yet every interaction had brought him to where he was now, to this moment.

Then came another question: if Odin had another woman whom he loved. The answer was both yes and no, each depending on how he viewed the question. For one, Arisa was the only female on Earthland that Odin had ever felt so strongly for, and was the only mortal he would ever love. But, in the other instance, there was HER. SHE had saved Odin's life, and due to that the Lich had sworn everything to HER, to serve HER every whim, in the hopes of bringing her into the world and being with her. In a way, Odin was devoted to HER, but that didn't mean there was love between them. SHE understood his pain, the sadness of living forever, and watching your loved ones die without you, but Odin didn't believe that to be love.

He then felt a familiar tug in his mind that he hadn't felt in years. It was faint, having dimmed with the passage of time, but there was still that bond of truth that he had sworn to Arisa on that hill. Part of Odin felt he had to tell Arisa about HER, to come clean about everything and see what her reaction would be, but that was a mistake he knew he couldn't make. As much as it had destroyed him, the time Odin had spent away from Arisa had weakened the magic. Their bond hadn't been as strong, and so it could be ignored.

"I can say this truly once more to you, without any doubt in my mind. I love you."


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Crazy In Love
Love, my love...

Within the sands of time, this time it was frozen as they stood there together with an embrace. Her shoulder felt his bony chin as her head leaned against his skull gently. Whilst his bones were cold, to her they felt warm as her heart rate increased. Her face felt hot to even him as her cheeks were a rosy color. Without him seeing her eyes they were still heart shaped as she didn't let go of  him as much as he didn't let go of her. She listened to his sweet words that was like nectar to a bee. He said that he loves her and as he did, her memories seeped in.

The potion, the drink... it was indeed special as the real effects didn't kick in till after he answered. Her memories came back fully, just hers though - not Arisa's other than one detail about the bottle they just got done drinking. She flash backed to when she ordered a mixture bottle of all the bottles her and him drank during that camp night plus more. The more part was that it was stronger and Kairisa felt it for sure. A cat tail formed from her tailbone as it was fluffy, cat ears that formed on her head as she just kept holding onto Odin. Her face blushed more as she now felt embarrassed. Suddenly she realized that the drink that had their name written on it was some sort of a trap from the past her and her other soul. She saw the list in her memories of what the Mag's shop gave within the bottle.

Required/Acquired Features

    ☑ Memories Returning
    ☑ Feline features
    ☑ Intense Emotions
    ☑ Eternal Bond Pack
    ☐ Human Features (Denied)

What was the 'Eternal Bond Pack'? She was unsure what Arisa and Odin experienced with the bottles from that camping trip, but they would experience now, with added things. Did that mean it'd last longer? By the way it had 'Eternal', she guessed it meant forever, soul bonded. So now their souls were bonded. If one dies, or in this case if she died he would be able to find her reincarnation if any - vice versa. It was intense for sure and she wondered how he'd react. He'd notice the feeling as neither of them could lie to each other. ''I'm... sorry.''. She whispered with some tears because she feared he won't like this. There possibly was a way for her to find something to cure it if he didn't like it, but for now it was this way.

Her cheek nuzzled against his though even if she felt like he was hiding something. Maybe it was because he hid things from her in the past and now he could again. ''I love you, Odin.~'' She whispered erotically sweet as she wished to feel his skin touching hers, their lips to kiss, but alas she couldn't. This part tore her a little. Because of the potion she automatically spoke what she thought. ''I want to feel your skin against mine, your lips against my own - I-I want you to only belong to me, be with me for eternity.. I sound crazy even, but I'm scared.''. She bit her lower lip and stepped back after trying to escape his embrace and looked down.
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The moment they shared, it was true bliss. Euphoria flowed through Odin's body, he finally knew what love felt like, true love, and it was with Arisa. A girl he had known for his entire life as a mage, a girl he had once thought insignificant. If the old Odin could see him now, well he'd probably have a lot of questions ignoring the love thing. Odin felt a powerful bond between the two, as if they could never be separated, no matter what. Not even death would keep them apart now. Arisa could pass on to the next world, and be reincarnated into a newborn. And somehow, through love or fate or some magical potion, Odin would always find her. Their paths were linked to each other, and that was a bond that could not be severed. It was old magic, powerful magic.

Arisa first apologised, but then, as her cheek nuzzled against the cold bone of Odin's skull, she returned the sentiment. She loved him too, and that was no lie. But it wasn't going to be enough for her. She loved Odin, but she wished to feel the touch of her skin on his, her lips on his. She wished for him to be human again, something Odin wasn't even sure was possible.

"I don't even know if there is a way, but I don't know if I could go back to being weak. I'd need time to think."

While he spoke, barely in a whisper, their bodies still locked in embrace, Odin felt a hollow chill. He wanted to cry, even though he knew he couldn't.


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He seemed accepting at the moment as even with her trying to step back their embrace didn't break. There was no backing down even if she wanted to as not even death could make their love discontinue. She listened to his soft whispers that escaped from his mouth which fazed her by none. Her lips curved into a sweet small smile as she wrapped her arms around his bony figure that was wrapped in the clothing is was wearing. ''Even if you stay like this forever... It won't change my feelings.'' She spoke in a happy-sweet tone. 'But if you betray me... and choose another ahead of my own being...'. The darkest voice echo'd within the back of her mind.

Her head tilted back to look where his eyes were located if they existed. Her heart was beating quickly, her body felt heated, but she controlled herself to do anything 'chaotic'. ''Ss-so are we... together then?'' She blushed and looked away. It was a stupid question, but maybe it was the fact she had to hear it from him. 'What were they?'. What are they... ''Ss-so are you open for dates and urm...'' she started to be flustered and nervous as there was a small hint of silence after he answered - if he answered. She didn't want to let go. Even if they can't do anything like making children, etc... they can still travel places and do other things.


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If Odin had lungs, he'd be breathing a deep sigh of relief at Arisa's words. Even if he stayed a Lich, her feelings for him would not change. She may have wished for him to become human once more, and for their love to be more physical as well as the emotional bond they currently shared. They would have a long life together, even if they couldn't do things that other relationships may have been able to do. "You have made me so happy, Arisa."

She then brought her head back from their embrace to look Odin in the eye, or where his eyes would be. Her golden orbs were even more beautiful now than they had ever been. It could've been the light, or some other physical reasoning, but Odin suspected it was something more than that. His love for Arisa, her love for him, they were both now out in the open, and it caused the nephilim to shine even more brightly in Odin's eyes.

The questions that left Arisa's lips caused Odin to laugh a little. Not a malicious laugh, but one of love, like his girlfriend had just said something cute to make him smile, "I'd like to think so. I'd say it's a yes to both."

To that end, Odin removed two bones from his chest, two of his ribs from opposites sides. He placed one in his pocket, and offered the other one up to his new partner, his new girlfriend.

"I can't really give you my heart, but the sentiment is there. I give you a part of me."


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She heard words from him that warmed her up. She made him happy by something most saw as simple. She accepted him as he accepted her, not much more to it. She felt like she has been waiting for this type of thing for a long time, as if a spec of soul left her, a soul that was there. How long will that last though? Everything turns out wrong in the end, so will this hold on from the strong tides? Her eyes start to well-up, her heart starts to beat faster than before as she wishes to express how happy that made her feel to hear she made him happy. Soon after he started to take out a rib from his own skeletal form, giving her one.

It was romantic in it's own way, mainly the words that came with it. She took it happily and attached it to her hip belt. ''I... Where do you wish to go do first? '' She wondered happily with a cheerful smile and then looked away, ''I mean, not now of course, but like tomorrow!'' She mumbled and perked up, blushing in a stumble of words. Her hands clenched nervously as she then looked back up at him. ''I have some places I'd like to go... travel with you... If you want that is! I...''. She bit her lower lip unsure on what to say as she honestly started to feel tired all of the sudden.


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Giving Arisa a part of Odin's body, as he couldn't give his heart or soul, went down about as well as could be expected. She accepted the gift, understanding the romantic importance of Odin giving himself to her. Perhaps he wasn't 'alive' as such, perhaps he wouldn't be able to love Arisa in the same way someone else could. They wouldn't be able to have a physical relationship, not just now at least. Perhaps, some day many years from now, Odin wouldn't need the power anymore, and could change back. Return to his human form, or at least a form that gave him flesh and blood once more. When that day came, he'd only hope that Arisa would still be there. He didn't want to make her wait, he would love her as much as he could in his current form, but Odin wasn't able to give up his form, not yet anyway.

Her words, from the minor pauses to the stumble and blushing, only caused her beauty to radiate more, as the fire crackled with heat, illuminating the dark cottage that belonged, in this moment, to only them. This was their place, and woe betide any who tried to take it away from them.

"Anywhere I go with you is where I want to be. Where do you want to go first?"

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