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A Serene Evening [Social|Ren]

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#1Sage † 

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] Empty Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:18 am

Sage †
Sage locked the motel room he stayed in while he was in Orichidia. He walked down the stairs, along his left shoulder a small black backpack hanged on it. He strode along the lobby to the exit, pushing the glass door with his right hand while his left held the strap of the backpack to avoid from it falling onto the ground.

His body and hair smelt like strawberry as he just had his shower before going out. The sun was still up and its shining rays reflected against Sage's magenta eyes. His hair dangled like usual covering his forehead, it swayed back and forth as Sage strode towards the forests of Orichidia. As a half-elf he had little trouble making his way inside the forests and arrived at his destination, the Orichidian river.

There was a few wooden stools that was laying around the area. He noticed this before during the morning and planned to have a nice tea there. He had always liked to have tea surrounded by nature and the river was the perfect place. The sun could still be seen but it will be setting soon. Sage took his backpack and placed it on a round wooden table which was surrounded by the wooden stools. He took out a tea tray and two tea cups. He didn't know why he brought two but it wasn't that of a hassle.

He took out his thermostat which inside contains the tea added with honey instead of sugar. He love honey, he practically puts everything with honey. He pour the honey tea to one of the cup and put the thermostat on the table. He sat on one of the stool and faced the sun. He took a sip of the tea, its warmth and the mixture of its bitterness and the sweetness from the honey filled his mouth and traveled down his throat.

He let a slight,
"Ah~" out, pleasured by the taste of the tea. The sound of the river was calm and the birds was chirping. A slight breeze went pass through the forest and the trees rustled together. A warm smile etched across Sage's face.

#2Ren Liath 

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] Empty Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:37 am

Ren Liath
After fixing himself for the day, Ren exited his room. At the moment he was staying in the local Rune Knight barracks. Thankfully the magic council seemed to have many accommodations for their travelling knights which Ren was very thankful of. He ran his hand through his dark blue hair as he walked down the corridor to the kitchen.

It was one of those days where Ren had nothing to do. No mission was requested of him, no other knights to formally meet and no responsibilities for the day. Usually this would bother the young mage, however the longer he spent in Fiore the more he began to know what to do with himself on days like today. His first instinct if he were at home in Joya would be to train, to prepare for another evening of grueling work. In Fiore however he much rather proffered taking nature walks and reminding himself of his home country. In fact that was what brought him to the kitchen in the first place this fine morning.

Usually Ren would leave the barracks and make his way to the river and listen contently to it's rapids. Today was slightly more special however. As Ren entered the kitchen he was glad to see a fire had already been kindled on the stove. This would cut out a lot of work for the Joyan. Turning on the tap he would fill up the kettle before leaving it on the stove. While it slowly began to boil, Ren would go around the kitchen and get a few items. Primarily a thermo flask and some condiments. His preparations would be completed rather quickly and once he was ready he took his make shift bag full of supplies and head out of the barracks.

Opening the door to the rest of the world the sun streamed in, hitting Ren in the face. He lifted his hand to cover his eyes. Well his left eye in particular. The blue pigment in that eye had faded considerably after an accident and at times it was somewhat sensitive to light. Thankfully to never lasted too long as to blind the poor boy but it was an annoyance from time to time. Once his eyes adjusted Ren made his way to the river, a small smile on his face.

A gentle breeze blew through Orchidia. It was a little cool in temperature however Ren enjoyed this. it would make his tea that much more comforting. Turning the corner to the small area that had a few wooden stools and tables Ren noticed someone else sitting down enjoying a hot beverage, as indicated by the rising steam. The knight stopped for a moment and looked at him, his megenta eyes seemingly catch Ren's blue ones. Felling somewhat obligated now Ren approached him. "Hello there. Mind if I take this seat?" He would ask, putting a hand on a stool.

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] BWhZdfi
#3Sage † 

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] Empty Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:03 am

Sage †
His magenta eyes caught a pair of a blue one, but the left was quite unsaturated than the other, a scar could also be seen there. When the figure approached him and asked if he could sit there he didn't response for awhile as he was lost in the eyes of the figure in front of him.

When he noticed he left him hanging, he mumbled for a moment, shifting his gaze away from the man for awhile and looked back at him when he gulped his lost words. "Yeah sure," he answered finally accompanied with a warm smile.

He then noticed that the man brought his stuff and questions started to emerge in his head.
"So you always have your evening tea here?" he asked as one of the first questions. It was the first time he drank tea there and he wasn't inside Orichidia for long and so he wasn't familiar of the everyday things that was going there.

His magenta eyes traveled along the man's long navy hair. He also noticed that the man was slightly taller than him by a few inches. The things that excites him most about the man was his left eye. He wanted to know the story behind it, he loves stories and it would couple along with the tea greatly.

#4Ren Liath 

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] Empty Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:22 am

Ren Liath
Ren did not mind the young man staring into his off coloured eye. He had been used to it, even some of his siblings would gawk at it when they saw it but that could have been for other reasons. Still, Ren realized quickly that his scar caught most people's attention and would captivate it for a while. Ren blinked a few times as he waited for the other person to respond. Just before he was granted permission, Ren felt an urge to tell the young man not to stare. However he said "Don't worry, I don't bite." A small grin formed on Ren's face as he recalled the holy knight Adelaide say the same thing to him when they first met. After she did say it, Ren felt a little more comfortable. Maybe that was why he blurted it out, so this blonde haired man would feel a little more comfortable too. Regardless Ren took his seat once granted permission.

First he set down his make shift bag and untied the knot that bound it together. As the sides came down, inside was a rather elaborate tea making set. It was rather old looking and nothing like the tea leaves kept in bags like they were now a days. It was very old timey in appearance. It seemed to be made out of a brass coloured metal which was slightly stained with rust. The filter was rather standard, but the tea leaves Ren put in them were in their own special container. As he stood up to get the flask of hot water, Ren was asked a question by the magenta eyed man beside him. "No actually, this is my first time. First time in a while I had enough free time to even take a walk let alone enjoy a cup of tea." Ren admitted to the boy as he began to pour the hot liquid over the tea leaves. The colour changed from clear to a deep brown as it came through the filter, soaking up all the nutrients from the tea leaves. Underneath a mug caught the water and was soon filled up. Once he was done, Ren sat up on a stool, both his hands wrapped around his mug to heat himself up. Ren sniffed the wafting steam from his tea as he took a sip, looking extremely relaxed with a soft smile.

Ren's eyes soon shifted over to the person sitting next to him, his pale eye being the one closer to him. "Sorry, I have yet to introduce myself. My name is Ren. Nice to meet you." he said setting his tea down on his lap and offering a hand to shake.

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] BWhZdfi
#5Sage † 

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] Empty Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:48 am

Sage †
The grin he got and the phrase the man said made Sage chuckled a little, it was quite a funny line and it was silly for him to be too intimidated by another man.

He looked at the man's tea set and it seemed quite old, when antique itens are paired with long hair it usually indicates that the person is from the family of samurais based on Sage's previous expedition around the globe, but he didn't want to touch on that just yet.

The answer Sage got caught him off guard. He expected the man to have to come there often but no. His expectations and predictions usually came true and so a little bit of false expectation tasted slightly bitter for him.

However, he also wondered what kind of job the man had that he couldn't find any free time at all. When the man introduced himself Sage felt a little bit silly as he didn't introduce himself at all and asked questions first, he can get rude without knowing it sometimes.

"Oh, nice to meet you Ren, you can call me Sage."
The half-elf replied with a grin whilst shaking his hand with Ren's, releasing briefly afterwards, physical  contacts with strangers tend to get a little bit uncomfortable for him but he was trying to get used to it.

He then took another sip of his tea before asking Ren more questions,
"So what kind of job do you have? If you don't mind me asking," with a rather curious tone accompanied by manners as he failed to do so earlier.

#6Ren Liath 

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] Empty Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:36 pm

Ren Liath
"Sage you said? A very nice name." Ren commented letting go of his hand. Ren returned the pleasant grin that Sage gave him as they talked. It seemed that whatever awkwardness that was in the air when Ren entered the area left as the handshake ended. Taking another sip of his tea, Ren was silently proud of himself for managing to do this. For the most part he was as dull as a stone and could not carry a conversation to save his life, yet here he was stopping any awkwardness in a conversation right from the get go!

The Magenta eye'd Sage seemed curious to know what kind of work Ren did. More than likely in response to the young mage saying that he did not have too much free time these days. "I'm a Rune Knight actually. So between quests and being on patrol or on call I don't have too much time to have a nice cup of tea in nature. One or the other but rarely both."
He said taking another sip from his cup, hoping that answered his question. "I definetly prefer to enjoy both together. It reminds me of my home back in Joya." Ren admitted. He had noticed how curious Sage had been, so indulging him would be the nicest thing to do.

Ren shifted his gaze from his tea back over to Sage. "And yourself? What kind of work do you do?" Ren asked, returning some of the curious energy Ren showed him.

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] BWhZdfi
#7Sage † 

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] Empty Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:04 pm

Sage †
He could only smile and blush a little as he was complimented, he had always been weak to praises and flirtations and there was nothing he could do to change it. He saw it both ways, that it was his main weakness but at the same time showing his vulnerability like that, it could gain other's trust quite easily.

Ren answered his question by stating that he was a rune knight. He was busy with taking on requests and patrolling that he had little free time to take a nice break like this one. He then stated that he was from Joya. Sage had been there on one of his travels, it was one of the beautiful countries he had been in. It also explained Sage's intuition that the man before him was somewhat from a samurai like family or some sort of thing like that.

He took a sip of his honey tea before Ren asked what he did for a living. He gulped the bitter sweet tea in his mouth and proceeded to answer,
"I just started off as a holy knight, but I take requests from time to time," whilst his usual smile stayed intact on his face. He wasn't that proud of the title yet as he was still a low ranked knight. Although he do wish to climb the rank, it was his dream to do so.

#8Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
"Ah I see. I suppose we are both starting out then." He said realizing that he did not mention that he only recently came to the country, let alone join the knights. As he spoke Ren took out his relic from under his clothes. The Rune Knight pendant was around Ren's neck but he never felt comfortable enough to wear it out in the open but with Sage it seemed like he did not mind. Ren had thought that since they were from opposing factions that Sage would be a little more skeptical to say he was a holy knight. The magenta eyed young man either did not know of the strife between their factions or he simply did not care. Either way Ren was glad that no more tension was between them both.

Taking another sip from his cup. His eyes soon trailed to Sage's cup. As they did another curious spell was cast over the Rune Knight. "So what kind of blend is that? if you don't mind me asking." He asked trying to see if he could gather any hints from what Sage had with him or any smells coming from his tea. The only thing he could smell was his own tea as his pale blue eyes moved to meet Sage's magenta.

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] BWhZdfi
#9Sage † 

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] Empty Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:04 pm

Sage †
Ren's response indicated that he too had just started off as a rune knight. Plus the amount of mana he possessed wasn't that much either indicating that he probably had just started to use magic too. He was aware of the feud that was going on between the two factions but he didn't see why things were that way and instead, he believed that it would've been better if the two factions unite and beat the demons that were appearing everywhere.

The question asked by Ren peaked Sage's interest. he looked at Ren, his magenta eyes filled with enthusiasm, "The tea itself is earl gray tea. A bitter black tea induced with the sour lemon. I also added sage honey, it adds the rich and light taste of sweetness. It also leaves an elegant floral aftertaste." he described the tea carefully. It had been his favorite drink since he was a child.

He then looked at Ren's cup and wondered what was the recipe to his tea. Sage wasn't the kind to cut people off so he would find an opening in the conversation before asking, "Well what about your tea?". He was a very empathetic creature and he wants to avoid discord, especially discord of the tongue as far as possible hence the reason why he didn't like to bring about the topic of the dispute between the holy knights and the rune knights. Although a mature conversation would be allowed but not for too long though.

#10Ren Liath 

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] Empty Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:13 pm

Ren Liath
As Sage described his tea, Ren's mouth began to water. His explicit detail stimulated Ren's taste buds, making the knight practically taste the hot beverage in his own mouth. Not being from Fiore, Ren rarely had tea such as that. The adding of honey and the general flavour seemed to make the Rune Knight very curious.

Taking a sip of his own tea to keep himself from drooling he was then asked about his own tea. Putting it down he looked into it. "My tea is Gyokuro. According to my mother it's one of the higher grade teas in Joya. Its a green tea, but because of it's processing the tea actually has sweet yet mild flavour with a very nice floral aroma. It's hard to find in Fiore as far as I know so I had it sent to me from Joya." Ren explained looking into his cup. "The taste and smell really remind me of home." He added giving a melancholic smile into the cup.

"Would you care for some when you are finished your cup?" He asked quickly realizing he was bringing the atmosphere down. In all honesty Ren was very much enjoying himself. he was positively jubilant to find someone who enjoy tea as much as he did. In fact it was very rare to meet an individual like that in a forest near the river. With an amused look on his face and a spark of curiosity in his eyes he wondered where this conversation would go next.

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] BWhZdfi
#11Sage † 

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] Empty Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:16 pm

Sage †
He listened to Ren's answer passionately. The moment he heard him say 'green tea' his pointed ears flickered abruptly as he had never tasted it before. He had heard stories of green teas countless times before but he never had the chance to actually taste it. The fact that the tea reminded him of his hometown and the expression he gave off was felt by Sage. He had always been empathetic towards everything. He wants to care for everything but that is where he is weak. He gives too much to others that he sometimes forgot about himself.

Ren then offered his tea after Sage had done with his. In an instant Sage grabbed his tea cup and swallowed his tea all the way down, his eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. He had never tasted green tea before so this opportunity excites him to the point he acted so swiftly. He placed his tea cup near Ren so he could pour some of his tea into the cup. Sage warm smile had turned into a wide grin. After awhile he had realize that he could share some of his tea too and without waiting he offered Ren, "Would you like some of my tea too?" his voice filled with enthusiasm that could be compared to that of a child's.

#12Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
As Ren described how his tea tasted, he noticed Sage's ear's perk up. Almost like an animals now that Ren thought about it. He could see that they were pointed, a clear sign that he was an elf. The knight would have considered it a strange coincidence to meet another Elf in Orchidia after such short notice, but then again they were sitting in the middle of nature so it did not seem too strange in hindsight.

"careful, you might burn yourself." Ren said seeing Sage inhale his tea. He must have been very eager to try some of Ren's green tea. It actually made the dark haired man grin. "To be honest I'm surprised an elf has not had green tea before. It's basically all plants, just prepared in a particular way." He would say holding the filter over Sage's cup and pouring some of his out water over it. Ren had very little knowledge of boundaries and what may be considered rude. Due to his upbringing most things were not kept off the table and if someone wanted to say something, they would come out with it. Weather it would be phrased nicely or not was one thing but it was practically a rule in his old home, hence why Ren was so forward when speaking. "Ah yeah. I'd love some of your tea please." Holding out his cup Ren had a small smile on his face, his eyes full of wonder.

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] BWhZdfi
#13Sage † 

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Sage †
He watched as the green liquid poured into his cup, steam came out of it due to its high temperature. He could also feel the high temperature surging along the hand that was holding his cup but it wasn't that hot to make him flinch.

He could only hear Ren's wonder of how come Sage hadn't tasted green tea yet as he would feel guilty if he told him the reason behind it. His mother was expelled for birthing him, a half-elf and stayed with his human father. He grew up in a human environment with a little tweak of elven teachings but his mother didn't had the chance to introduce green tea to him. Plus they were staying in Caelum and imported stuffs were more expensive there.

He placed the green tea gently on the wooden table first as he grab his flask and twisted it open, he then poured some of his tea onto Ren's cup, it leaves a mixture of smell from the delicate smell of lemon to the sweet scent of the honey.

After he filled Ren's cup he closed the flask and grabbed the green tea looking at Ren as he did so and took a sip of it. He could feel the sweetness of the tea but it wasn't to the point of sweet, it was mild and just perfect. As he parted his lips from the cup he could still smell the floral aroma of the tea and the bittersweet aftertaste of it. "Wow this taste amazing!" he exclaimed excitedly at Ren, his smile bright and pure.

#14Ren Liath 

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:37 am

Ren Liath
"Glad to hear you like it. I'll give your compliments to my mother." He said with a bright smile on his face. Green tea was usually an acquired taste from what Ren gathered. Even if this was one of the milder green teas it still had those exclusive tastes that only green tea had to offer. Maybe it was because Sage was an elf. Which reminded him, Sage did not respond to his earlier comment. Did he not hear him or did he chose to ignore those words? Ren was about to ask again, but was soon distracted by the sound of hot water hitting the inside of a cup.

As the liquid filled up Ren looked with extreme curiosity and intrigue at the colour of the tea. It was a slightly darker colour than most tea the dark haired mage had had before. It was like a light brown with an almost bitter aroma. Unable to wait any longer, Ren took a large gulp of the tea. His mouth was now puffed open, similar to a puffer fish's. He began to swirl the tea around his mouth so all his taste buds could have a sample of this new tea. The tea was nothing like Ren had ever tasted before. It had a bitter undertone, one which would be far more prominent if not for the honey and yet a nice spark of flavor thanks to the lemon and it's zest. Swallowing the tea. Ren sighed happily. "Wow, that really is something. I never had any tea quite like it. We rarely add anything to our tea aside from sugar or other herbs, but that honey and lemon makes it so tasty!" Ren complimented, his voice booming with enthusiasm and his eyes gleaming with joy. "You elves really know your tea. But who taught you how to brew such a good cup? I helped my mother for years but even she couldn't get a flavor like yours." Ren said, hoping his new found Tea friend would give him an interesting story.

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] BWhZdfi
#15Sage † 

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:56 am

Sage †
Sage could only grin as Ren praised his tea. He began to blush a little as he couldn't handle the slightest compliment without a single red spot on his face.

It was true that the addition of honey and lemon was kind of peculiar to add to your daily tea and Sage thought so too. Plus it wasn't his elven side thay enabled him to brew such wonder. It was out of curiosity and imagination. He still remembered back in the day when he used to live with his parents in Caelum, he woild add various ingredients into different recipes, one might even say it was a hobby of his.

"Well nobody thought me, it just came to my mind." He said flashing a grin, he didn't like to boast around but at the same time he didn't want to lie either. "The idea of lemon tea was passed down by my parents but sometimes they add sugar. I love to discover different things and I had an idea of replacing the sugar with honey instead. I tried it one day and mixed tea with honey, it felt really weird by the way," he said chuckling at the last part then continued, "But once I tasted it I knew I hit gold. So in the end I decided to mix bitter, sour and sweet together into one cup and here we are!" he said with a smile, it wasn't everyday that someone would listen to stories like this so he felt rather excited.

#16Ren Liath 

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] Empty Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:45 am

Ren Liath
"Wow!" Ren gasped in amazement. "You're quite the culinary master if those ideas just popped into your head!" He said with a bright smile, finishing the tea in his mug. He soon began to wonder if his own parents would try to mix some different flavours into their tea similar to Sage. He quickly dismissed these thoughts. His parents were far too by the book to change things up, not even with something as small as tea. Still, Ren really wished to share these flavours with his family, when he would see them again, however long that may be. The Rune Knight felt a deep pang in his chest. His eyes seemed to shift away from sage for a moment as he looked out into the river, trying to calm himself.

Hoping Sage wouldn't question his odd behavior Ren would meet his Magenta eyes once more. Although looking back Ren only now noticed all the blushing. "Are you feeling alright Sage? You aren't sick I hope." Ren asked seeming a bit concerned. To him it looked as if the Holy knight had a fever with his reddish face. He silently hoped it was not because of his tea that he let Sage try. Some people didn't take too kindly to green tea on the first take. They may enjoy the taste but the after effects may not agree with them.

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] BWhZdfi
#17Sage † 

A Serene Evening [Social|Ren] Empty Wed Jan 16, 2019 6:02 am

Sage †
He blushed even more when Ren praised his cullinary skills but for him it wasn't skills or anything it was just an idea that came into his mind that's all. It was a topic he had rather not be praised too much for as he wasn't that of an expert when it comes to this matter.

Ren asked him if he was okay or not and Sage quickly responded as he didn't like it when someone is worried about him when actually he was just fine. "Oh no I'm feeling absolutely healthy!" he said in a rush tone. "But thanks for asking though" he said with a warm smile.

He hoped his relationships with all the rune knights was like this. He didn't like to have feuds against another group who seemed to also have a good heart. He hoped that the wonderful evening he had with Ren might be experienced by all holy knights and rune knights. It seemed pretty quick but the sun was getting really low and it was going to turn dark soon. Sage then packed his thing and faced Ren, "Thanks for everything, I hope we meet again in the future." he said with the warm smile of his, then walked off with his bag of things.


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