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A New Dawn [Social|Kon]

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#1Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage walked from the Orichidian train station to the Orichidian church, he was wearing his pink shirt with on top of it a light blue jacket with stripes of white and black along the edges. His hair wavy as always and covered his forehead and his pointed ears, it swayed forward and back as he walked the Orichidian streets. His magenta eyes glistened under the morning sun, a warm smile etched across his face.

His hands grabbed the straps of his black backpack. It wasn't heavy at all as he didn't carry much while he travel. When the Orichidian church came into view his smile widen and he walked faster towards the building. His eyes was locked onto it, he saw it a lot of times before but he still thinks that it is magnificent.

He slowed down as he got closer to the church, he noticed the tourists and people that came there to pray. He learnt to respect the church but he just seemed to can't handle his enthusiasm sometimes. He walked into the church slowly and respectfully like everyone else.

Once he was inside he looked around the building, the architecture of it was simply amazing. He too looked out for big figures as he heard most of them stop there to pray and do stuff. He still was a low ranked holy knight and he wants to climb the rank soon. Maybe he could find a mentor while he was there.


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He had received a report some days ago of an aspiring individual whom would be entering Orchidia Town, much more wasn’t known to him outside of being a promising Holy Knight. What this meant for the Supreme Holy Knight was questionable, “Why had the order given me this information, surely they don’t intend for me to look after this kid considering what happened last time…..” He said under his breathe with the report clutched in his hands remembering the last Holy Knight that tried to keep up with him. Suffice it to say it wasn’t pleasant nor was it something that he liked to recall, someone being torn to shreds like that, it almost caused him to lose his lunch remember the event. He just hoped that this time would be different. Rolling up the report he placed the paper onto his desk and heading out into the church he had since become accustomed to having not just stayed here for this week but also having wished it frequently in the past when he still had a home in Orchidia town. The priests were also familiar with the Holy Knight nodding to him as they past each-other as he did so to them. When would the person arrived he didn’t know but it was said that his power was fairly noticeable while his appearance was otherwise mostly normal.

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Sage †
Sage stood inside the hall of the church and prayed to Illumin for his and his parents health. Asked him to forgive any sins he made and to teach him the right path. All this with his eyes closed and hands clenching each other. After making a few more prayers he kissed his clenched hand and dropped it free. It was a ritual not thought by the religion but he found it rather pleasing to do so after praying.

He then walked towards the exit, he passed through a few tourists and a guide, their faces amazed by the beauty of the church. He could only grin at the thought. He turned his head left and right while walking hoping to find any of the high ranked holy knights but to his vain he saw none.

When he was at the exit he then saw a few priests nodding at someone, he shifted his gaze to the figure and he saw one of the Superior Holy Knights. He froze and gasped a little, his eyes then sparkled and he walked slowly towards him.

Being quite shy he gulped at first and when he was standing in front of the high ranked holy knight, he greeted him.
"Umm, Hi. I'm Sage and I just started out as a holy knight. I heard that you are of the higher ranks, it's a pleasure to meet you.", he gave a warm smile at the end of it and he planned to move along as he finished talking as he believed he had other important things to do than talking to him.


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The confidence shown by the new recruit was admirable with him introducing himself upfront as being Sage and referring himself as being the aspiring Holy Knight in question whom the order had called for. Konstantin looked at the boy, both through traditional appearance and with his golden eye immediately identifying several key factors about him. His pointed ears suggested he was not human though it was entirely possible that there was magic involved as was the case with numerous Holy Knights who frequently were the best of the best and as a result would commonly have strange, unusual and even unique alterations as was the case with himself having replaced his regular eye with a golden one and having been granted so much holy grace that he had not just turned into a Nephilim as many of those graced had become but his body had also developed properties that were not of this world being able to move great distances within an instant.

Looking down at the blond haired boy as he viewed him still lacking the facial hair to suggest otherwise. “So sage I heard you’d like to become a Holy Knight or at least a holy knight, proper.” It had been illustrated in the reports he had received that while he was a technically a knight within the order he had not been ordained and thus lacked a title.

#5Sage † 

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Sage †
While he was about to walk away to respect any duties the superior holy knight that stood in front of him had to do, he said something which Sage wouldn't expect in a hundred years. He looked at the eyes of the superior knight and only then he had realized the golden color of it.

He was lost in his words when he said that but after a few moments of holding himself together he replied,
"Umm, yeah that's me,", his voice was rather shaky but his face tried to put on a smile. He wondered about the sentence the superior knight used as he said that he heard about it which could conclude into two things, either he did something so bad or good that his name was spreading through the faction, or the superior knight was assigned with something that had to do with him.

It wasn't always that he could talk even a sentence with big figures like the superior knight before him as he was a measly mage that could barely earn the fame. He also wasn't much of a socializer plus the fact that he was a little bit shy around people he wasn't used to.


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The response the holy knight received was less positive then he had liked with him preferring something a bit more then just a confirmation of his identity. Rather than prompting him for more information on who he was, Kon spoke on and began to question his reasoning for being coming to see him but also why he had joined the Holy Knights in the first place. “So Sage?, May I call you Sage?, You’ve come here to in the hopes to gain some form of wisdom from me I imagine, but what are your hopes and dreams in doing so, What do you want to achieve while in the Holy Knights?” He looked at the blonde haired man more boy than anything else with great interest. “Had there something tragic in his occur that had promoted some drive that pushed him into doing so?” Surely he had not come here like the past apprectines that he had been tasked to look after merely for his power. The ability to have such great power was one thing afterall it was knowing when to use it that would be the more important thing for any aspiring Holy Knight to learn at least in his view.

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Sage †

Sage praised the respect that the superior knight showed, or so he thought, by asking the permission to call him by his first name, "Yes you may," he answered quickly and continued on listening to what the superior knight had to ask him.

It was some sort of true that he did went there in hopes that he could meet one of the higher ranked holy knights to reap knowledge from them especially the way of a holy knight. Even though he knew he could just be reading things he love to make a physical approach to knowledge.

The question asked by the superior knight caught him off guard. He spent a little bit time inside his head, his gaze shifted to the ground and his hand were brought beneath his chin while his other arm supported the other. A little
"Hmm..." escaped his mouth.

After a few moments he looked back at the superior knight, his arms dropped to his sides.
"I want to protect the weak. I want to bring peace to the land, I too want to spread the true teachings of Illumin as it had guided me even in the darkest of days.", he answered with confidence in his voice, his eyes sparkled as he was passionate of his answer. Despite all this he wondered why would the superior knight ask him this. It was clear that the man before him was wiser than him.


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His request had been approved though even if he hadn’t Kon would have still referred to Sage as well Sage lacking something better to call him with him lacking any knowledgeable titles. He looked at Sage for a deep examination as he revealed to him his rather bland reasoning behind joining the Holy Knights in the first place. Protecting the weak, bringing peace, spread the word of Illumin, etc, etc. The regular motifs that the order looked for in aspiring recruits, these in Kon’s opinion rather weak foundations to drive an individual especially when the Holy Knight push members unlike that of the Rune Knights or Guilds. While he had no issues with those goals it was disappointing to see that they were all that interested him in joining the faction. Scratching his chin as he thought of a response taking his time letting the underling sweat a bit tilting his head back and forth as he did so. Finally a response left the Nephilims lips. “Hmm, okay, You seek to help the weak and bring peace to the land in that case why not have just entered the ranks of the Rune Knights surely you must be aware of the outcry that has sparked around this organisation while it is admirable for you to want to spread the word of Illumin could not the same be done within them?” His line of question stemmed from a desire to stop those foolhardy individuals who thought the Holy Knights were the same as the Rune Knights just with a different leader. He had experienced some of the worst that the Holy Knights partook in and these were things that the Rune Knights would never be able to justify without the equivalent of a complete rebellion.

#9Sage † 

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Sage †
The response the superior knight gave him hit him hard. At first he was confused, what other question could he give him? But on the other hand the superior knight made a good point. If his sole motivation was to protect the weak and such he could've been a rune knight instead. He then concluded that the superior knight must've wanted a more personal engage on the question.

His smiled faded and he couldn't look at the man before him in the eye. He swallowed it in and began to speak the real reason he joined the holy knights, "I've traveled the world and seen things that have been done by the dark elves. I couldn't let them have their way and I will stop them at all cost. I didn't become a rune knight because then I'll have to follow what the magic council says and I don't like to be a pawn." he said with a confident tone. He let his defenses down but he was eager to achieve his goals.

He had heard of a secret movement among the holy knights where they 'cleanse' the dark races. He wasn't going all out on it though but if that means fighting off the dark elves he would join the crusade specifically fighting against the dark elves. But of the other creatures of the night, he still has his doubt and he would act on context. If they have a good heart he would let them be but if they are a threat to the world he will fight them.


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Kon’s further probing of the man’s true intentions for being a member of the Holy Knights rather then the Rune Knights interested him significantly with them now sharing the bond of hating the Dark elves. Sage seeing the acts that they had done while Kon have also thought to have experienced the very same acts. Recognizing the honesty that Sage had revealed to him, Kon thought it only appropriate for him to do the same to make himself for more approachable. “Thank you for revealing that information Sage, I must admit I too share disdain towards Dark elves even perhaps to a degree that many would consider unjustifiable, however in my eyes they are nothing but a surge on society just as any creature of the night which all should be purged from existence.” His words were said with pure conviction and sincerity truly believing the idea of committing genocide for the greater good. He wanted to reveal this side of himself to test the man that stood in front of him, Did his beliefs extend to the degree which Kon’s were or was he like many of his peers too naive to think that the corruption of society would not spell its doom.

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Sage †
Sage felt like he was not alone after hearing that the Superior Knight also had a bad side for the dark elves. But he did mention that he would also purge the other creatures of the night. Sage was conflicted on this however. He had been hunted down by demons countless times but he had also met a demon who helped him on his journey. The same goes for vampires and werewolves. He had been attacked by some and aided by some. He had a soft spot for them as he understood that some of them didn’t choose that life but they were forced into it. Forced by their fate.

But the dark elves however, they are ruthless and vile. They all had the same mentality and he couldn’t think of even a single dark elf who was nice. He was intrigued by the Superior Knight, he looked at him and asked, “Say, what was your name again?” only then had he realized he didn’t know the name of the Superior Knight. He remembered it starting with the letter K but he couldn’t figured what the rest of the name was.

It had also made him wonder, “And if you don’t mind me asking, why did you ask these questions to me?” he asked, it wasn’t everyday a higher ranked knight walk up to him and ask these sort of questions, so his curiosity got the best of him and he was quite comfortable being around the other knight, not afraid to ask the question.


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It seemed that in the deep conversation that the duo were having Sage had either forgotten his name entirely or had not known it from the start and merely been too polite to ask previously. With a Casual nod and raise of the sides of his lips Kon replied. “My name is Konstantin, Konstantin Sokolov, I am not originally from Fiore merely a immigrant but I feel that this society has come to welcome my presence.” Noticing looking for more information about the man he continued asking various questions. “You say that you’ve traveled around the world, but where do you hail from?”

His own curiosity brought questions of his own with Sage asking Kon for his reasonings, which was perfectly understandable after all these were incredibly private things that he was probing into. Wanting to reassure the up and coming Knight Kon rose up his hand and wove away the manner at hand. “I’m just trying to get to know the root of you, Sage, What compels you, Whether I see that you’re suitable for my tutionage.” Reinforcing his approval of Sage’s values, Kon continued. “You’ve given me enough to meet what I see are my key views as a Holy Knight and suitable for working under me if you still chose to do so, of course there are other Holy Knights….”

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Sage †
Konstantin, he had heard the name somewhere. The man before him had a big reputation among the holy knights, it was an honor to even meet him. It was true that he had traveled the world, he wasn't equipped by any responsibilities back then and he was travelling alone, meaning that he didn't have to care about anybody except himself, which was what he believed why he could travel so much in just a short amount of time, not having to wait for others or spend money on them, plus he liked it when he had some time to himself. "I was born in Caelum," Sage answered shortly, it wasn't a hard question after all and it wasn't that Sage kept it private.

Sage lighten up when he heard that Kon would take him under his teachings. He felt both shocked and grateful, he immediately responded, "Oh really?! I'll be honored to take the position!," he said enthusiastically. He was about to turn into an adult but he was still acting like a kid. Some doesn't like it while some finds it rather cute. But Sage wasn't aware of this as he wasn't always surrounded by lots of people to tease him or praise him.


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While an otherwise simple question, the origin of a person can tell a lot about them, in this case Sage revealed that he was in fact from Caelum. Not a country which he had been to personally but Kon had heard things from there nothing completely terrible. Wanting to reassure the young man and form a rapport with him, Konstantin replied revealing parts of his own past. “I’m told that I come from Bosco, in case you don’t know, a country to the east of Fiore.” Developing a relationship between his peers was always a good thing even if he would do so reluctantly.

The enthusiasm that was radiating from the blonde haired soon to be apprentice was incredible both in his response and just his sheer attitude towards things. He wondered how long though that would last.... Looking at the boy, it was obvious that he was yet to experience any true horror, that would soon change, of course, given the awful events that he too had been through as a Superior Holy Knight. Wanting to remind Sage of the circumstances that he was about to enter Kon reaffirmed his new position. “Fantastic, just to remind you that being in the Holy Knights is nothing like being in the Rune Knights, you might be doing things that you find morally questionable, but it is for the greater good got it?”

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Sage †
Sage used to hear things about Bosco, how they were brutal and threatening. But at least not until he visited the country. He learnt about their history and their people. They were nice but it’s just that they value strength so much. He had learnt that what they did in the past was only means of survival. Being an empathetic person he could understand well why Bosco was seen as brutal but they were actually just trying to survive. So he didn’t mind that Kon was from Bosco, even when most people from Fiore would, Sage wouldn’t, never.

Sage actually dislike the Rune Knights, not to the point of hating them but being one of them and to serve the current ruler might be too much for him. He had rather serve Illumin under the name of the Divine as he believe that following the teachings of Illumin will make him a better person, and maybe make the world a better place. “If its intentions are pure and righteous, I would gladly do it.” he responded shortly while smiling at Kon. One of his principles are not to decide things based on its rewards and punishments, but rather the purity of its intent. He didn’t know what was the drive behind this feeling but he is always guided by his principle.


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In spite of his words of warning, Sage continued to reassure Kon that he was really committed to cause, which was fantastic to hear as few Holy Knights seemed willing to go the extra mile and do what had to be done. Several thoughts ran through his mind considering all the times that he had been let down by others feeling resentment all the more towards him almost forgetting where he was only to be reminded of Sage’s presence and his own within the church as it’s bell began to rang. They were clear resonating strikes reminding those of the hour most importantly that it was midday made apparent with twelve strikes. Waiting through the bells rather then attempting to continue the conversation he looked at Sage now with a glazed overlooked nodding with each ring raising a single finger as if to tell him to wait.

After the half a minute or so of constant bells Kon finally broke the silence one more between them. “Sorry, I thought it better for us to wait rather than talk over the bells, but they did remind me of something, Have you had lunch yet, Sage?” Reaching out a hand to prompt the would-be Knight, continuing on. “Because there’s a fantastic bakery and they make pretty good pasties.” This would hopefully further the repour, which was critical if he wanted to ensure that the two would get along thereby allowing him to do what needed to be done around Sage.

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Sage †
Sage was shocked by the sound of the bell as it suddenly rang, he jumped a little like a shocked cat. He then stood firm immediately as he didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of the superior knight but his reds were flushed of embarrassment already. Kon hold up his hand to indicate that the conversation must be paused. So Sage waited for the bell to stop ringing. He had been to many churches before so he knew that talking over the ringing is useless as they can’t hear each other. As the bell stopped ringing Kon dropped his hand. Kon then explained his reasons of pausing their conversations but then invited Sage for lunch. “Oh I haven’t had lunch yet and I would love some hot fresh buns right now!” Sage replied with excitement.

He then followed Kon to the bakery and his face lit up at the good smell of the buns and the good looking buns. He walked through the bakery and examined the tasty looking buns, finding the buns that would please his stomach. He enthusiastically picked out a few coffee buns as they smelt really nice and they looked very good. He walked up to the cashier and paid for the buns and sat on one of the tables, waiting for Kon.

After a few moments of talking and exchanging infos they then separate ways.



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The lunch that Kon shared with Sage allowed a more friendly dialogue rather than simply being in the church. Kon relaxed his guard significantly ordering a coffee in the break of the conversation. However not much else was to be gained and as such he shortly resigned himself from Sage’s presence. “Sage, it’s nice to have met you, I’m sure you will make a good Holy Knight, you have great potential within it, I can see it.” Tapping his golden eye as he did so. “In the meantime, Orchidia Town is in a bit of a crisis, more specifically under the eye of the Abyss causing rifts around the area.” He was informing him to ensure that Sage would be ready in case he too was called to arms against the Demonic Rifts. Raising to his feet, Kon shook Sage’s hand and left to return to the church. As he was leaving he swung up his hood covering his distinctive face to conceal it from the public. Leaving the cafe he was immediately struck unintentionally by a citizen who was carrying a large basket of goods which blocked his view. Rebalancing himself, Kon patted himself down and continued towards the church.


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