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Gear up [Private: Keryth Torvan]

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#1Zyra Elroth 

Gear up [Private: Keryth Torvan]  Empty Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:36 am

Zyra Elroth
The market streets were crowded. There was a scent of cooked meat that wafted through the air, it made Zyra just a little uncomfortable, even though she'd made peace with the humans indulging themselves on the creatures of nature. Keryth of course, was more than fine, she rolled her eyes but because he was so precious to her, he was exempt from her usual judgement about bad human habits and desires.

Orchidia was a rather pleasant dwelling spot, it was among the more nature favouring regions within Fiore. It was surrounded by the forest that hosted that lovely spring festival, it had streams and a river run through it. So for the most part, she was glad that it housed the guild she belonged to. She had plenty of places to relax and she had the option to avoid the places that were less in harmony with nature and more infected with the presence of short-sighted humans.

Unfortunately, she couldn't afford the luxury of avoiding the marketplace today. They had been summoned by their guild to protect it from an invasion of some sort. She didn't have the details, or rather the airhead didn't pay attention when they were mentioned, but apparently it involved some demons. That definitely wasn't good news, it sent her into a frenzy and she urged Keryth to accompany her so they could pick a weapon to aid in this venture. 'Did you find anything yet?' she called out and asked, still lurking a little far away from the crowded areas.

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#2Keryth Torvan 

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Keryth Torvan
Keryth couldn’t understand how Zyra could walk around town chirpily after what they had learned that day. There was going to be a demon attack in Orchidia and the two of them were tasked at defending the guild from being invaded. Great idea! Leave the two wood elves who were affected the most by the abyssal darkness to defend the invasion. He couldn’t fathom why they weren’t allowed to just flee the town and let the filthy monsters have the building.

The dark-haired wood elf walked along the market streets with a frown on his face. Even the smell of delicious food wasn’t enticing at that moment. Walking up to the usual weapon smithy where he gets his shitty weapon repaired, he nodded at the hard-working dwarf inside as a greeting. “Don’t tell me you broke the dagger again,” the dwarf said gruffly. Keryth let out a sigh and rolled his eyes. “It’s not a great piece of weapon if it breaks that easily, now is it?” he retaliated. The dwarf felt insulted at that comment and pursed his lips. That meant one thing; no chance of discounts that morning.

It would seem the Knights haven’t warned the public yet. All that thing about not wanting to cause unnecessary panic before it was absolutely certain. According to Keryth, if it was certain enough to send a message to Lamia Scale and ask them to prepare for a fight, it was certain enough to ask the commoners to pack their things and get the hell out of the town. But… he wasn’t the boss and he would rather not jeopardize his position within the guild.

As usual, Zyra was impatient. “I’m looking… Have to find that one diamond among the rough,” he muttered, angering the dwarf even further.

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#3Zyra Elroth 

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Zyra Elroth
Bored out of her wits as she waited, Zyra steeled her heart, pinched her nose shut and daintily skipped to Keryth's side. He definitely had been in a rather foul mood ever since receiving the news. Zyra who was used to being protected and cared for, didn't really fathom the extent of the danger and was more excited about getting to play a part in the process. The naive wood-elf acted as though she was getting a role in a big movie, clearly, the Torvan knew something she didn't, or rather understood something she didn't. There were no wood-elf guards to ensure her safety, she was meant to be that guard, to protect the guild... Little did she know that there was no back up either.

'Don't mind him, he's used to very exotic and grand stuff from home.' she chimed in. It wasn't the right thing for her to say. The dwarf offered her a scowl, then huffed softly and retreated to the back of his shop, ignoring Keryth. 'If you favour the kind of sticks and strings your kind make, I have something for you.' he said with a gruff tone. It almost looked like he just wanted to get rid of the bow, with the way he put on the counter in front of her.

Unlike Keryth, she was instantly enamoured as she recognising the make. It was the sort of thing she saw the lower ranking rangers carry. She'd even managed to butter up one of those young elven officials back when she in Elvenhair and got to try it out. Despite being pretty good, it was taken away from her almost as soon as she'd gotten her hands on it. She couldn't wait to carry something like that herself. She turned to Keryth and instantly began incessantly asking him to get it for her. 'Can we get it? Can we get it? Please please please...?'

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#4Keryth Torvan 

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Keryth Torvan
Zyra wasn’t wrong about him. He was used to that beautiful golden dagger and it pisses him off every waking minute that it was no longer with him. Every other dagger looked bland and boring in front of that ornate one he once held and called his own. Nevertheless, he had to compromise and he needed a weapon if he hoped to at least give this defending the guild thing a chance. Worst case scenario, he would need it to save himself and Zyra and make a getaway.

Keryth was busy browsing the cheap iron daggers on display when the dwarf disappeared into his hole and came back with what seemed to be a weird broken twig that was bent to look like a bow by tying a string around the two ends. There was no way the rogue would have ever picked that weapon, but he had seen enough of his kind with such crude equipment that he at least understood the appeal it had on Zyra. “Alright… How much?” he asked the dwarf. “Two hundred and fifty-” the dwarf began. Keryth cut him off just then and said, “Sounds good,” assuming that’s where the number ended. “-thousand,” the dwarf finished, emphasizing the last word.

Keryth’s eyes widened in shock. “What?! For this garbage?” he blurted out. Obviously, neither of the other two in the room was going to be happy about that comment. So, he had to pedal back and cough up the money. That made his wallet significantly lighter, leaving very little for his weapon. He didn’t have much option after that. “I’ll just take those daggers,” he said, picking up a pair of rusty iron daggers and paying for them as well. “Let’s go, Zyra…” he called out, and muttered under his breath, “…before this guy fleeces us more.”


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#5Zyra Elroth 

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Zyra Elroth
Zyra had entrusted Keryth with her money too. So if push came to shove and he said no, she could always pull that card. At least she had long since forgotten what belonged to him and what belonged to her, but she'd claim her share was enough to cover whatever the little man demanded. His ask seemed to have shocked her dark haired companion quite significantly. It was a little high, but she did think the weapon was rather precious and probably considered exotic in this human infested place. She on the contrary, was rather pleased with the clever design and the properties of the knotted wood.

Philosophies that she balked at accepting as she grew up, now made so much sense, especially in contrast to the wasteful habits of the humans. With the way mankind did things, they wouldn't last the next thousand years... Grudgingly, Keryth met the price that the dwarf demanded. Perhaps he noticed how happy Zyra was, or perhaps he didn't want to deal with the storm of her tantrums if she didn't get what she want. In either case, she was quick to pick the weapon and sling it across her shoulders, puffing out her chest with pride. She was going to be a great protector, like all those elves back home. She'd be able to bask in all that glory...

Keryth's mood had only soured some more as he payed up a little lesser than what he did for her bow, for not one but two daggers. It seemed he was trying to make up in numbers what he lost in quality... and based on his expressions, it wasn't working. She thanked the dwarf and reached to pet him on his balding head, a gesture which was met with an angry swat across the back of her extended hand. She grimaced and retorted sharply with 'You better be grateful and treat me better, little man. If I don't do my job, the demons might just take all you have!' she exclaimed sharply, completely ignoring the fact that the commoners didn't know yet... She didn't wait to witness how he took her warning.


Gear up [Private: Keryth Torvan]  Original

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