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Crooked Smile [Major Demonic Incursion]

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The train driver saw the flickering and the warping ahead of him. He knew what it was and he knew he had to stop the train immediately. But it was too late. The large rift tore open right in front of the screeching train, which crashed straight into the rift that was spewing out countless goblin-sized lesser demons. The crash killed and injured many within the packed train, and those who didn’t die in the crash wished they had, for what they faced was far worse. The demons swarmed the train, massacring anyone who moved a muscle with their jagged, blood-dripping claws and teeth. Amidst the small and weak demons were a few large humanoid ones that wreaked havoc with their huge devastating spells. With the crashed train and the half demolished station, there were barely any survivors. The chaos was not something the two Blue Peagsus members could miss. If they didn’t kill these demons and close the rift, there was no telling what more will make its way through that wide open tear.


  • Faye

  • Snowflake

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Orchidia wasn’t a particularly appealing location for a vagabond’s detour, but there would be little freedom for an argument when the train conductor and his steam-vehicle approached a problem on its road to Hargeon. All manner of transport was to be halted almost immediately within two meters of the city after a chorus of warning sirens alerted the locals of what was at stake, a sound hallowed by the screams and the buzz of foreign enchantment that circled Orchidia’s roads in a foreboding, deep red.

Her spirit would not quiver like it once did as she recognized the threat and the death that it entailed, her hooded figure gently extracting itself from the crowds that ran in the opposite direction of the vehicle. Snowflake didn’t opt to think twice to investigate the situation, pulling herself up to her feet until she was suddenly swept off that her brain waves suddenly reacted with a jolt, her head whipping back as she met a face full of the material of hood. The screeching noise of the metal rails filled her ears as the sudden halt caused her soaring through the air for a brief minute, accompanied by her back slamming hard into one of the poles of the train.

”Ngh,” a groan escaped through her gritted teeth as she struggled to get back on her feet, but to no avail. As it was, she barely had time to do anything before the cushion seats knocked her lungs out with a loud ’oomph’. It was as if she was being tossed back and forth like a ping-pong ball, whilst the train tumbled over and over before coming to an absolute stop. Silence; it scared her more than the pain. Her ears rang like church bells and the vehicle had flipped so many times that Snowflake had become disorientated before she even sustained the concussion that had her drifting in and out of consciousness.

The frothy haired woman was fleetingly aware of the bloody taste in her mouth but she couldn’t figure out what it was. At times, her eyelids fluttered and she could only wonder where the hell she ended up, and darkness was all she could perceive. She tried moving her limbs, but it was of no use for she was pinned by the collapsing roof of the vehicle and the broken poles. Where did her weapon go? ”Help,”—was all she could manage out of her broken, chapped lips.


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Faye sat a good few meters away from Snowflake, leisurely observing the hooded figure she had made acquaintance with just a couple of days ago. Ever since their initial encounter, Faye’s thoughts were almost always filled with the woman. Her icy coldness and aloofness was such a curiosity for the young puppeteer. It affected her well enough that on the very day they met, Faye had already started working on the puppet in her image; a very pale puppet with silver hair and blue eyes. She made a special effort in making the pair of jewels more lifelike as the usual empty eyes of a doll seemed so ill fitting on this person. Even on the train, despite the hoodie and attempt at being inconspicuous, Faye had to note that Snowflake stood out with an incredible aura that Faye found fascinating. At least, those were her thoughts.

When the train jerked and gravity came crashing down on her, Faye felt herself lunge forward along with the numerous other passengers. She heard the warning sirens going off in her ears but before she could figure something was extremely wrong for the train to be stopped so suddenly and violently, was thrown off again. On gaining a grip, her eyes darted towards the silver haired woman at the other side and found her trying to get on her feet. Faye too was having a very hard time controlling her body with all the push and pull. Panic stricken citizens trying to save their lives with little regards to others were not helping much either. The train jerked again and she once more flew backwards into something cold; Faye couldn’t even feel her feet on the train floor. She did, however, see the current person of her interest having her own hard time with the rough movement of the train.

The suddenness of it had left Faye very clueless as to what exactly was going on but her years of experience as a mage sensed the danger enough to swiftly retrieve Hana off her hands and tuck her deep inside her coat. She held her there, making sure the puppet was safe as she got a hold of one of the train poles. The last thing she heard was a bloody scream before one of the train seats flew into her direction, Faye turning just in time for it to collide with her back and push her far into a corner. Then everything went still.

The train lights were off and nothing moved; it had either completely stopped or derailed off and crashed into something. Faye couldn’t think straight for a good while until an airy whisper of help landed on her ears. All the games played with gravity had landed Faye quite close to the silver mage and once her vision settled, she could see Snowflake a few feet away. An incredible pain on her chest made her cough a little blood out but she was still able to move. Thankfully, the seat that flew at her had collided with another mangled seat and Faye was luckily under an interlock of both. She ignored the searing pain of her back and quickly got on her hands and quickly scanned the location, frowning at the littler of injured bodies all around. Some were lucky like her, some were heavily injured, and some were evidently dead. The smell of blood had already spread.

“Ugh,” She groaned, crawling towards the familiar silver hair her eyes caught sight of. She fumbled around with the broken pile of metal and iron, pulling whatever she could off the still alive woman. Her fingers were a bloody mess but Faye almost felt no pain as they worked ceaselessly in getting some of the ruble off; It was likely that adrenaline was running high in her veins.

“Hey, are you alright?” Her chest heaved with pain through every word she spoke. Between the dire situation, she didn’t even notice she had used her own voice either; the soft, clear voice that chimed like the bells. “Hey! Pull yourself together and try to push the heavy stuff off of you,” She tried to instruct, still fumbling with the lighter part of the mess. She was halfway done lifting one of the poles off Snowflake when a loud monstrous sound echoed in another compartment.

It made her pause for a moment while rolls of images passed inside her head. What in the world could make a noise like that? Whatever it was, it wasn’t human, which meant that something really bad is happening inside the train. If the painful screams weren’t proving it, Faye didn’t know what could. It only took her a momentary glance at the silhouette of a monstrous figure until she was forcing herself on her feet, urgently working on the things on top of Snowflake.

“Shit shit shit shit! Get up!”

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

The moment between balance lost and the impact was one Snowflake would be wincing about for weeks to come—reliving that precious second where she was pinned to the ground by a pile of train wreck debris. Skin damp with sweat despite the wintry breeze, knuckles white, her chest heaves as she tried to calm her breathing. If no one were to come get her out of this situation, she might possibly be stuck in the same position for God knows how long until she’d be removed. Seconds plodded by, each separated by an eternity yet under the frail cage of those ribs, her chest rose and fell with each shallow breath. She could only wait for someone to save her now.

’Hey, are you alright?’

The words were a blur to her ears, slowly registering them into her mind after a long moment of recollecting the sentence, causing her distressed eyes to flutter wide open, in hope that it would be her saviour. The unknown yet familiar voice was finally clear to her head, as it requested her to push the rubble off her body. She felt the weight being slowly decreased on top of her, as she would help push the remaining pieces until a dim light seeped through the tiniest cracks between the wreck. The silver haired woman grunted, exerting every last ounce of energy in her hands to force the final piece off her frail and disoriented body. Her chest heaved up and down, almost in relief but little did she knew that this was yet to be over.

A shadow loomed above her, her saviour and even in the dark, there, she noticed the same pink hair and cerulean eyes that she’d encountered in the Orchidia Streets a few days prior. Faye. How did they end up in the same situation? Perhaps it was a coincidence, and perhaps it was simply fate. Greetings among the two females were quickly neglected for it was of no importance compared to what they were about to be involved in. The frost slayer staggered back onto her feet, wrapping her arms across her abdomen slightly, in an attempt to soothe the pain inside. She could be bleeding internally, but for now, she was thankful that none of her bones were broken. Mayhap, the training she had been undergoing and the slight increase in her power were finally paying off now.

The shrilling call of creatures rang her ears as she immediately spun her head to the source, silently questioning what it could be. A chill went down her spine and she had a premonition that this could be anything but good. The slayer’s choice to atone the quelling of the unknown beasts within the grounds stood a firm foundation within her thoughts. Snowflake fixed herself a confidence befitting the task at hand, her fingers clutching onto her trusty weapon that she’d collected from the ground. ”I think something’s about to come. Are you ready?” She tightened her grip onto her Skyrea’s Lance, her pearly white briefly snagging onto her lower lip.


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Her steps faltered a little as she forced herself up, joining Snowflake who was finally on her feet. There was no way to tell in all the haze whether it was the impending signs of danger or the cold sweat over her forehead that made her go numb. Faye’s experience with fights were nothing to brag about. In fact, she naturally stood away from them unless things proved to be fatal. However, none of that so far had been against something that sounded so monstrous, something that –judging by the shadow alone that crept over between the small opening under the compartment door- looked like it could just place on claw on her and snap her in two. Faye was in no way ready to deal with it. Besides, she knew, even if she wasn’t feeling it yet in the urgency of the moment but her body was aching all over. She may have not gotten crushed by the flying seat but it had still made an impact on her back; it would be of no surprise if she was bleeding somewhere other than her hands.

Yet, when Snowflake asked if she was ready, she threw a glance at the other mage and went quiet. Any and all complaints just bubbling in her lips vanished. Yes, she was having a hard time, but the one next to her had it even worse. Faye was one of the few lucky ones to have gotten away with some light injuries while there were people like Snowflake who had the ceiling come down on them. Not all of them had the strength to survive it like the white haired mage either. Standing in the middle of a spread of dead bodies, Faye suddenly realized the real gravity of the situations. All of a sudden, it wasn’t just a simple fight against demons anymore. This was a fight for survival with many people behind her and Snowflake putting their lives on the shoulder of both Blue Pegasus mages.

“This won’t end too well,”
Faye finally spoke. She realized how awfully quiet she has gotten in between. “We need to get the remaining passengers over to the next compartment or the other. I sense the demons’ presence in front of us. I don’t think there are any behind us. We can’t fight with all of them here. If the demons break in, hold them back for me,” She told Snowflake and turned to face the very few people still battling death crowding near the back.

She told them to get over to the compartment at the far end, to be vigilant in case something popped up along the way. Faye broke the door’s lock with one of the poles, opening up the door for them to leave. “Help others if you see them along the way,” she instructed before placing the broken door back on the frame. Of course, it would come off again with one push but that was alright. Having it blocked could be worse if Snowflake and her needed to flee.

“Alright! We are set. Hopefully, there isn’t that many of these creatures”.

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

The demon slayer could only wait for the moment to come—for something to happen and suspend the silence that reigned supreme within the vicinity. She counted the seconds passed, the moments as deadly as the blade of her lancer. The train was a complete wreck, shattered as if it was being crushed by a metal shredder; one could hardly tell which part of the vehicle was the front and the rear. The majority of the passengers were dead, which was to be expected, when there was a crash as horrible as this one. Darkness surrounded them and the air was heavy with the smell of blood and flesh, smoke hung in a haze that partially obscured their vision. From every corner of where she stood came the signs that a catastrophe was upon them.

She could only wonder where they were.

Then, came the footsteps that shook the earth underneath them. Snowflake braced herself for what she was about to get herself involved in the instant she saw movement in the corner of her eyes. It was a flash before her stormy hues; too fast for her eyes. Her lips parted slightly, surprised, her breath steaming before her like a banner in the cold air. The icy mage was considerably fast herself, and to see something that was on par with her speed, she wondered what on earth it could be. More thunderous footsteps followed the first one, each louder and faster than before.

”They’re coming,” she whispered. ”Take the passengers to a safe place first. I’ll try to hold them back.”

Snowflake quickly assisted the injured passengers up onto their trembling feet, quickly urging them towards Faye though her roughness was not her intentions. Most certainly, their well-being was of importance but it wouldn’t matter if the demons successfully intruded their remaining secure place and everyone else’s lives would be on stake, including hers, if they were to not hurry. The other Pegasus mage was the one to lead all of them to the other compartment, while she positioned herself in the furthest of the line, protecting those who were alive in between the two mages.

She wasn’t sure if fleeing was the best decision. Wherever they went, the demons were bound to follow, especially when they could easily track their blood scent trailing all across the vehicle. Snowflake was in the midst of coming up with a strategy to somehow escape this inevitable situation, until the window behind them crashed open as a demon leaped through the opening. The snow haired female spun around on her feet and faced a demon among the many that were within the vicinity.

A low growl resounded the area.  



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Faye wasn’t paying much attention to the strength she used either. Every time Snow urged someone to her direction, she pushed them to the other compartment, telling them to keep moving till the end. Once the last one was out, she quickly placed the door back and made sure it was properly placed before turning back in wait of the evils to come. Her eyes darted towards the cold weapon, shimmering under the dainty light streaming through the windows, and sighed. She hated to do or even admit this but Snowflake was going to have to carry the whole thing forward with her strength. Indeed, Faye was a mage. However, she was a mage that cared nothing for fights or magic in general. The only reason she even decided to join a guild was because she had barely enough money to live, and the expenses covering her hobby was in no way little. In the end, she had placed very little time in developing her magic or spells and made do with the very basics she knew.

When the resounding steps finally appeared visually in front of them, Faye couldn’t help but draw in a cold breath and shudder at the sheer weight of their presence. However, looking around, she could quickly tell that the majority of this daunting presence came from the bigger humanoid looking ones while the smaller beastly ones were probably something she could fend off with her strength and magic. Knowing it wouldn’t be well to stand right in front of the door, Faye moved a few steps forward but left enough space for a battle between Snow and herself. She didn’t want to bother the other mage as she fought and looking at the length of her weapon alone. Faye was pretty sure she needed that much space.

Instead, hoping that Snow could deal with the humanoid demons, Faye quickly attracted the lesser ones towards her. It didn’t take that much of effort either since these creatures, unlike their obviously superior companions, were not even half as smart. All it took was a little bit of taunting, involving nothing more than a smirk and a middle finger, and they came running towards her. She got in position to fight so that the situation right now was that Snow was fighting near the front of the roomy compartment while Faye was around the end. Apart from some scattered seats and broken poles and ceiling, it wasn’t that difficult to move around either. However, Faye could tell not to get cornered into something and decided raw strength was the way to go.

She picked up a metal plate, some broken part of the ruined train, and waved directly towards the first demon that lunged at her. As mindless as it was, it definitely knew how to fight because despite getting hit over the head with it, the demon extended a few clawed fingers and scratched at the top of Faye’s wrist, effectively making her let go of the plate while it fell back.

She hissed and almost even cursed in rainbows. The chance was sadly lost when another one jumped on her with its claws wide open. This time, Faye ducked to the left and ignoring the light grace of a sharp claw on her arm, grabbed the hairy hand with her right and gave a hard punch with the other. It threw the thing back into a wall as the other ones started coming after her. “Shit! This was not the way I planned today”.

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Snowflake stood firmly on her feet, acting as if she was an impenetrable wall to the beasts that stood in front of her, preventing them from chasing Faye and the injured passengers who had now hastened ahead of her. Behind the beasts were merely smaller ones; a carbon copy of the demons that were before her. The smaller demons darted past her, leaving her with the humanoid ones and even if she wanted to stop them from passing through her, she couldn’t. The humanoid demons were far stronger and if she were to let them through, the passengers would surely be dead. The weaker foes appeared to be ones taken down with slight easiness, she made it a note to not underestimate her opponents regardless, of their size for appearances can be highly deceptive. She trusted Faye to handle the weaker ones, because she was also a mage—just like her—and perhaps strong enough to handle combat…right?

It wasn’t a time for her to be worried about others when she, herself wasn’t in the best situation either, especially when she was surrounded by three other larger demons. Humans against the demons; certainly, they were outnumbered but Snowflake was confident of her own abilities. It wasn’t arrogance, but merely, her persistence and the days of harsh training she had counted just to get to where she was. Her senses were sharp, but sure enough, she believed her blade was sharper, so she pointed it in every direction that ushered a different sound. Silence was the only exchange between them, along with a mixture of hideous, ragged breaths.

Her legs take on a slightly more aggressive approach to her pacing as she immediately bolted to the beast at her 12 o’clock, her hand holding onto her weapon with an iron grip. She cocked her arm backwards at a sharp angle, aiming her lance at the eyeball of her target. Whoosh. The blade flew past her hair like a bird, whisking away a few strands of her silver hair, its sharp edges cutting through them like paper. Her aiming may not have been the best, but she could vouch that it was better than before, for it hardly missed the bullseye. She leaped onto the body of the demon, quickly mounting on its back and forced the lance out of its skin. Blood welled around the wound; it steamed in the cold, and the droplets seemed red as fire where they touched the puncture and the snow haired mage mercilessly ended the life of her enemy with another gash through its skull.

There was barely any remorse in her eyes, not that they deserved any yet, the fight was far from over. There were two remaining; each one of their strength unknown to her, albeit after battling against one, her eyes might have possibly adjusted their movements—surely but slowly. Amidst the heated battle, her thoughts quickly wandered off to Faye and the victims. She could only hope they were still alive.



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Faye pulled back a step or two when the attack started to get aggressive. She soon realized; either the demons were beginning to figure she wasn’t easy to deal with or the events up to that point was starting to weaken her. Considering she had good endurance and trained well –even if she says so herself- it was probably the former. Besides, all signals inside her head were in blinding, crimson red. The closer she got to realizing the danger they were in, the deeper her concentration levels rose, to the point she was starting to listen to each sound and observe every movement of the other creatures. She took an offensive stance in front of an inverted, broken train seat, and took a deep breath, waiting for one of the monsters to make the first move.

Just as the breath left her completely, one of them came flying towards her left rib area, sharp claws extending from its deformed hand. Faye reacted in time to make a sharp turn of her body so that while the demon got carried by the momentum in a single direction, Faye stood facing its side. Ignoring the demon’s attempt to bring its claws towards her, Faye swiftly grabbed hold of the back of its head and used its own movement speed to slam its face on to the hard back surface of the overturned seat. As a strangled cry rang under her palm, Faye was able to reflexively feel the presence of another demon at her back. Using the same hand pressing the demon down in for support, Faye shifted weight over to her right foot and made a turning motion by letting her elbow whip out from her upper left to lower right, diagonally, hitting another demon square on its nose with her sharp elbow bone. As that movement played out, she simultaneously dragged the other demon’s head towards the left, emitting another painful cry from it.

Having its head, neck, and face crushed in such a way had taken the said demon off the fight while the other one she had hit on the nose hit a side of the metallic wall and fell down. It wasn’t unconscious, but it had gotten considerably slower in its pace. Her earlier form of savage combat seems to have taken the other demons by surprise as well. They were now more mindful of her strength and kept a safe distance while circling her, a movement Faye followed as she didn’t want to get surrounded by them. They screeched, growled, bared their fangs and claws all in an attempt to throw Faye off. However, the young puppeteer was more into the fight now than she ever was. She had finally gotten hold of her fighting instincts and the adrenaline pumping inside her blood was pushing her alertness and energy at its peak. She was starting to ignore the small ache in her body.

Making a swift movement to push her hair out the way, Faye once again got ready to fight when she saw one of the demons put a foot forward in preparation for another attack. This time, Faye countered the movement with a swipe of her hand, from her right to left, and a blue magic circle appeared in front of her. A stream of water followed her earlier movement and gushed out in an incredible speed at the group of demons within which a couple of them reacted quickly and moved out the way while others crashed into it, creating small cuts and wounds on its body. The ones that got hit joined the other injured demon in a corner, panting and breathing heavily in an attempt to regain some energy for another fight. Faye, on the other hand, was now on full alert at the other two demons.


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Beyond The Sun & Stars

The body of the demon dropped down onto the floor of the vehicle, his life blood flowing out in slow pulses, each weaker than the one before. With a swift movement of her fingers, she re-positioned her lance once again, taking an aggressive stance for another round of combat. Her enemy eyed the action with piqued interest, though the toothy grin she spotted was anything but cordial. A dangerous flame was kindled inside the white-cloaked woman, and it drop her far off the edge of thrill than anticipated. She flecked the remaining blood leaking from her weapon with a swipe of her finger, shoving off her hands in a crude manner before closing the distance between herself and the remaining demons. Their heavy footsteps caused small tremors to resonate through the vehicle that housed the ensuing fight.

A shiny aquamarine blade throws a slash forward, slow, yet deftly intense after being driven from sheer power alone. Snowflake wittingly waits for the last second, just before the tip of the demon’s claws contacts the flesh at her shoulder, her body arching upwards as a counter measure to the downward slide of her enemy’s blow. As if her dodge was anticipated, the enemy drove its claws back, a muscular slice directed to the small space above them, where her body would’ve been suspended into. The swing was less than pristine with how rough and mangled her stance was, but Snowflake were to admit that the large beast had at least a little bit of brain inside his ugly skull.

Tiny pin prickles of light sweep against the stretch of metal that made Skyrea’s Lance, before a gust of wind races through the area, bringing the white-washed figure along with its course, allowing to seamlessly flex her body into an air-borne tumble motion, narrowly escaping the action of severing her torso from her legs as her body indefinitely hovers above her enemy. She landed with a loud thud on both of her feet, spinning back towards her foe, immediately before drawing her arms back, fingers looping over the shaft of her weapon almost too tightly as Snowflake propelled her spear forward. The energy thrusts her body forth, tearing through the distance between her and her sinewy opponent.

The beast who stood parallel to Skyrea’s tip reacted with a jolt, its movements jarred as it instinctively used it talons at the adjacent lancer. Snowflake, claiming the opportunity as it presented itself graciously, tipped her blade to a particular curve as if to parry the incoming attack. With an adroit push from her arms, the frothy haired slayer managed to shove its claws off course, the impact pushing the beast against the walls of the demolished train. It rendered the demon disheveled and Snowflake didn’t hesitate to penetrate her weapon through the heart of the beast.



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Faye’s eyes narrowed dangerously at the remaining demons. She wasn’t sure how long they have been fighting for, but the faint streams of light they had were starting to dwindle and a flickering shadow was starting to curtain the rest of the fight. Faye placed one foot back and brought her hands up in a fighting stance. This time, instead of coming at her one at a time, they were attacking her together. Their pointy ears darting up and down in a meticulous analysis of how they should fight this earthling. Within the span of a second, decidedly, they were leaping towards the taller puppeteer.

Cold, unfeeling, pitiless; the young mage's eyes, at this movement, shifted to the color of a raging ocean reflecting light off a blue magic circle illuminating her steady profile. Not less than half a second later, a lucid stream of shimmering blue blanketed the two demons, pushing them violently away from Faye who, at once, was on the attack. As they got knocked back, Faye jetted forward to grab the both of them over their necks, savagely gripping it tighter and tighter as she brought them violently down upon the cold floor of the wrecked train. They groaned, cried, screeched, and waved their claws haphazardly at Faye.

Her force over their neck only increased when warm blood started trickling down her arm from the claw wounds. Faye quickly bit her bottom lip in a rush to stop a loud hiss from escaping her cherry lips. There was just enough to deal with with all the lesser demons; she didn’t want to attract the attention of one of those huge monsters Snowflake was dealing with. She had already thrown them one inquisitive glance before the fight and had to try so very hard to stop herself from shuddering at their strength and demonic presence.

When the pain proved too difficult to ignore, Faye let go of the half whimpering, half growling demons and thought no further on letting a foot come strongly down on one of their head, hoping to crush it to its last breath. The other one, on noticing her movement, was starting to bring down its teeth over her ankle when she kicked her heel sharply to his side, hitting its chin and throwing it off a few feet away.

From there, it took not so much time for Faye to go after the other alive ones. They were half beaten up but still had enough fight in them to drive Faye into a corner of the large train. She had to battle vigorously without rest for a long time, a long time where Faye kept thanking herself for not being a big enough bum to not train her physical specs up. It had helped her more than her half forgotten magic.

The fight went on for another hour until she was finally facing the very last one of them. There was a rancid smell from all the blood -her own mixed with the disgusting black of the demons’- pooling under the lifeless, monstrous bodies. It ghosted over the entire area, weighing over the sound of panting breath and creaking metal floor. Faye took steps towards the small demon on its last fight, swaying slightly from the sorely aching muscles all over her body. After spending such long hours fighting, the belligerent spirit in her was starting to wane and exhaustion was slowly dawning on her.

A last swing of her arm collecting all her remaining strength connected with the bony nose of the demon and that drew the curtain over her struggle. At the end of it, Faye was sitting in the middle of all the bloody mess looking over to Snowflake as she fought.  One of the passengers they hurried out the door had mentioned something about a large special rift somewhere ahead of them. Faye guessed it was where the monsters streamed in from and wanted to take a look at it to see if they can close it. However, observing Snowflake, she couldn’t help but feel ashamed of her own powerlessness. She had rejected training her magic believing she would never get into fights –she loathed them, after all- yet, when a situation asked for her life and many others’, Faye was powerless to help.


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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Her heart pounded against her ribcage like drums, threatening to leap out of her throat, body covered in sweat and blood—both hers and the demons. All her senses were fully engrossed into the battle that she had almost forgotten that she was gasping for air. Breathing inwardly, Snowflake polishes the angle of her shoulders until a force compelled her from where she was standing, as though someone was moving a checker to another square. Her body slid across the floor of the vehicle before wedging her spear into the ground to collect herself back onto her feet. Her abdomen throbbed in agony, the pain rising through her chest like waves. It was from the incident where the ceiling of the train collapsed on her and the impact of the demon tossing her like a pebble over the lake only made it worse.

The sheen of sweat that lined her temple had become even more pronounced as her thick clothes clung tightly onto her figure, mimicking how several strands of silver stuck to the corners of her face in a grubby fashion. They tangled over her slowly reddening complexion insistently, framing her already irate features with the notion of exhaustion and frustration reaching her bones. The usage of spells would have made her situation much easier, albeit she was in a complicated position where she wasn’t able to fully unlock her potential.

The demolished vehicle shook, as if it feared the approaching steps of the demon while Snowflake hugged the shaft of her weapon, slowly staggering back onto her two fragile feet. With a whisk, her weapon danced around her perfect figure before she settled it right in front of her. The frothy haired mage held the blade even, a perfect, undaunted horizon; always levelled with her ribs, just how she had originally learnt to use the weapon. With her legs forth, she performed a quick dash to ricochet over her form, a specific piece of darkness clouding her like a cloak. Invisible as she was then, it was only ever to the opponent who was within the vicinity. From her vantage point, she could spot a confused face on the features of the demon as she watched its head toss back and forth, frantically searching for the remains of its prey with a tightened expression.

In its haste, the enemy ceased in its steps, its nose flaring to catch the scent and find her whereabouts. She’d edge her heel into the hard floor below, her shoulders angled in a definite measure.

Perhaps if the demon was still within her, to see how far she’d come, he’d be proud of her.

’I hope you’re watching me, from wherever you are.’

Snowflake launched herself into the muscular form of the demon, knocking it off its feet with her sheer power alone. One might think she appeared to be taken down easily due to her petite appearance, but long tireless days and nights of training have proved those who scorned her dead wrong. A sparkle lit within her eyes—and it wasn’t because of the fun as well as the dread she was having, but because of the determination that she could do it, alone.

She let out a final scream of resolution before she punctured her spear through the demon that laid at her feet. Pity left her being: lips slightly parted followed by a bite of her teeth on her lower one and eyes showcasing the emotion which partly clouded her being at the defeated and futile state of the demons. The remorse of her enemies soon evaporated as she walked past the bodies, her cloak billowing behind her as the wind came up, outlined nobly against the starts for all to see.



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Faye found it nearly impossible to keep her head up. Sitting there in the middle of an increasingly cold night, watching the brutal fight fought before her eyes, Faye felt her gaze linger on Snowflake’s pained yet determined countenance, and she fell into a daze of sorts. Everything around her blurred, her focus shifted from the snowy mage towards the pale ray of light, and then it was like she was back there. Back in the dark room, back in that terrible room smelling of sweat and rotting flesh. Her soul stood amidst the burning fire, over the ash of fabric, wood, and thread, below a chilling whisper under the spell of a bony hand on her head.

“Faye, don’t forget.”


Faye jolted awake from her reverie, quickly climbing to her feet and looking around for the source of that noise. Noticing Snowflake over the lifeless body of a demon, Faye released a breath in relief. There was no doubt that this woman was as strong as she was beautiful. Right there in the middle of a mortal carnage, she looked no less majestic than the stars and the illuminant blue moon behind her. It was a praise worthy sight, one Faye felt an urge to look like.

But as it seemed they were done taking care of all the demons for the time being, Faye started moving. “We have to go check the rift all those people were talking about. It appears that’s where all the demons were coming from and we can’t risk it being left open as such,” Faye spoke as she retrieved Hana from between the interlock of two mangled seats, just holding on to the little puppet instead of using her to communicate. There was no point in it when Faye was already speaking for herself. Besides, her muscles ached so badly that she didn’t feel confident in letting her fingers or mouth work for the ventriloquist.

Giving Snowflake a pat of good job on her shoulder, Faye walked past her into the compartment at the front but stopped right on her track with a hand over her mouth feeling the bile rising in her throat. The bloody sight made her almost retch but she held on to the walls and let the moment pass. There was no hope for life between all those corpses. They have died a very painful death.

Swallowing back any words, Faye waded past the bodies of red and black, almost running towards the other door until they were at the very front of the train. It was a total wreck inside. She threw a piece of broken metal strip across the floor and kicked a door leading outside open, and jumped out of the derailed train. It seemed that the vehicle had stopped half outside a tunnel and right in front of her was a strange rift, a diagonal opening that reminded her of a claw mark. “That is definitely where the demons are from”.


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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Blood trickled down her forehead and onto her eye, partly concealing her vision as she smeared the blood off her face. She wasn’t sure if it was hers, or the demons, neither which she cared about, particularly when her entire body was throbbing in torment and the scars were one that was going to cause her wincing in bed for the following weeks. As Faye started heading forth, Snowflake followed, also relieved that they were safe and sound whilst she dealt with the humanoid demons. The smaller ones were larger in numbers, but it seemed that Faye took care of it as she’d expected.


The woman was bewildered. It suddenly all made sense to her as she began putting the puzzles of her memories together. A rift must have torn open on their way to their destination, which made the train crash through it resulting in the death of more than half of the passengers. This explained why a swarm of demons flooded all over the vehicle. Even then, the ice mage still wasn’t sure where they ended up, except for the fact that they needed to get out of this place before reinforcements arrive.

At the very least, she was holding onto the hope that the rift could be opened and all of them could survive the demonic incursion. Luck, in retrospect, wasn’t included among the things she liked to consider her forte albeit, she survived the train crash so, the fortune gods might as well keep her alive and breathing till the end of this. Silently, she prayed to the heavens above, despite the fact that she was not at all religious—in fact, she never did believe in such a thing. But, she trusted in her faith.

Snowflake reciprocated with a light smile to her fellow guild mate, as well as someone who shared the same formidable experience, though it did little to hide her exhaustion and anxiety.

Fingers of dim light seeped through the agape door, and warmth settles over her and soothed her chest. She couldn’t be any more relieved than she already felt, but this was yet to be done. Before her eyes was a rift twice the size of the vehicle, acting as a gate for the demons to enter the human world. The colours of the rift sparkled, rippling over the structure like waves and though it was beautiful, what lied inside the portal was far from how it appeared.

”But, how’re we supposed to close it?”

At this point, Snowflake felt clueless. If she was able to utilize her magic, she would’ve just frozen the entire rift to cease them from entering any further albeit, since she wasn’t able to, they might just have to think of something else other than using their magic.



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Faye just kept her eyes on it for a long time, almost in a daze at the starry ripples rolling off the rift’s surface. It loomed over the two mage menacing yet strangely fascinating. For the young puppeteer especially, the bright lucid light falling over her felt like soft whispers of a forbidden voice egging her closer to it. She felt so strange. She felt as if she should be at the other end of the rift. What a curious yet terrifying thought that was. Yet, such an idea felt so natural that Faye would not realize how peculiar such a thought was until she would be safe under the covers on her bed back at the inn.

At the moment, she took a couple of steps closer as if to inspect it and quizzically raised a hand to the v of her chin. “I am afraid I am not sure. The rift opened up a portal to our world for a swarm of demons –the demons we have already killed- and I’m guessing that it should close by itself soon enough as long as no other demons come pouring out of it,” Faye answered with a lift of her lips, wryly smiling at the very thing that spelled doom to people of Earthland. Lost to her own thoughts, there was a sense of disappointment in herself when Faye smoothened over the thin white shirt over her hips. When fingering a gaping tear at the side of the soft fabric - leaving her smooth, fair skin and the curve of her waist on display- Faye lost her focus for a short moment. She had had so much trouble dealing with just a few lesser ranked demons and she called herself a mage everyday while taking money from others for completing simple, hardly inconvenient tasks. Faye couldn’t believe how foolish she had been.

Then let me help

Faye jumped at the sonorous voice. Reflex willed her to look around for its source until she stumbled startlingly onto the realization that there was no one except herself and Snow in the scene. Even the other passengers have started evacuating one after the other with the help of other mages and services which arrived once the demons were clarified to no longer be a threat. And if heaven wills it, they really will not have to see another demon again as long as the rift closed soon enough.

“Am I the only one who heard it?” Faye would whisper to herself, not intending for anyone to hear it but also hoping for someone to tell her she is wrong. She was so confused and committed to her train of thoughts, the young Blue Pegasus mage will inevitably miss the strange light inside of Hana’s doll eyes.


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Beyond The Sun & Stars

The beauty of the rift before her almost willed her to touch the surface, as her fingers idly graze over the structure that resembled the night sky. But, she knew that this was only to enchant people and lure them inside. As if it was a venus fly trap, they would never know what lies inside the rift except for a swarm of demons that threatened the existence of humans. She felt dubious of the rift closing itself. True enough, they did eliminate the demons but who knows when more might spew out of the breach that tore through thin air. To begin with, how did the rift even open?

It was probably a question where she will never retrieve an answer—perhaps.

The two Pegasus were entranced by the rift, almost causing herself to venture into the trap, curious to see what could possibly lie inside until she heard footsteps approaching. She spun on her feet to the source the instant she came out of her reverie, albeit seeing groups of strangers assisting the evacuation of the injured victims and others surrounding the area with hand-held weapons, she quickly came to realize that they had received assistance from nearby mages and Rune Knights. Snowflake didn’t even have the chance to request for backup whilst she was busy dealing with three of the humanoid demons and Faye couldn’t have done it either, considering how she was fighting tooth and nail for her survival and for the passengers as well.

The townsfolk must’ve noticed the train crash at some point and reported the incident at some point. She simply hoped no other demons escaped into the streets of Orchidia to cause any more harm to the town. Having a backup, she felt more than relieved as she breathed out a long sigh. Her body was at her limit, especially after taking the impact of the train’s roof collapsing onto her, the demons tossing her over the floor of the vehicle—she was simply glad that all her bones were still intact up till this point. Minor injuries existed on her figure, though they weren’t anything that couldn’t be cured.

”What?” she found herself snapping out of her thoughts. ”No, I didn’t hear anything.” she exhaled, her words a breathy sigh. She wasn’t up to deal with anything else, clearly reluctant to share even a few words—that was how fatigued she was. If more demons were to spawn, she’d rather let them take her than get involved in another dreadful battle again.

Her job here was done. Whether or not the rift closes itself, it wasn’t going to be any of her business anymore, she thought. She was going to leave everything to the knights and return home, shutter the windows, let the candle flames extinguish, for the sleepiness has arrived as the most inviting of blankets. Let the clocks move their hands no more, so she may float into her forever dreams and let her rest in such blessed quiet until such a time as the sun is high in the sky.



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