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A Evening Arrvial(Open)

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The ones who knew he was still around and alive would have a feeling that Regis would slowly turn his head back to the world eventually, After all he needed eventually to show up somewhere eventually it just happen to be where all his family members would be, Even if he didn't know they where here.

Regis had a lot of other things on his mind, For the most part he had just been walking around and finding places to stay every once and a while. He even almost had one of many chances again to keep his life in one path forward, But he wanted a different kind of situation then a happy peaceful life now.

He wanted to make this fair and even his way, the only way he viewed fair and even. He sewed over it for much a long time some people wondered if he was even the same person even being cured and freed from what shaped him for so long. He felt the same, He felt normal.

But that normal was a hollow empty feeling of anger, The bitter pill of not feeling like he could have done anything effected him, The desire of what he wanted to just grabbed on to his mind more and more to what he would feel each step.

So it was would be one of the later evening part of the days, Dark out enough that Regis seemed to be the only man who would be a live here, He saw no one else, it seemed the phrase of the dead of night was true currently, Not that it was important to him. Something else was he was just searching to achieve it and had not found what would the missing piece, Until he did he kept looking.


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It was incredibly late and Eryll was surprised that he was still outside at the moment. Typically the elf would have made his way inside by now and have been getting ready for bed, but he had been up on quests recently and he was returning home from running some errands. He held a small paper bag full of food, nothing perishable, mostly dried meat and snacks for himself Incase he went on the road again.

Not many people were out at this time, the road was empty except for the occasional person strolling down the street minding their own business. Eryll made his way home quickly, he recognized everyone on the street, he had likely met them, some a quest for them, or seen them on the street. The only person Eryll did not recognize was the y’all night slowly making his way across town. Eryll was confused, he had not seen this man before so maybe he was looking for a place to stay. Feeling the mood to be a good resident of Orchidia Eryll made his way over to the night, Eryll used his free hand to tap the knight on the shoulder ”Excuse me? Are you looking for a place to stay tonight, you seem a bit confused.” the elf said. Even if the knight knew where he was going, it was better safe than sorry.

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The single tap his mind focused on and slowly Regis would turn around. He was not sure why some one would bug him currently but for once maybe he could consider at least the casual greeting, Maybe even reply but the moment Regis really did not have much to say.

Was he confused? Regis just seemed to be walking and that is about it, Walking and locked into his thoughts but this time in a way different kind of life rather then being a monster."I am not confused." He said bluntly but he did not sound rude, He just gave off the quiet and not type to say much vibe.

But then again he did have manners."I do need a place for the evening, Since I have arrived when i have nothing else was open, So I would have just kept walking." It seemed at least for his bluntness Regis was at least will intended and stuck to his goal."I would not have troubled anyone otherwise."That one Regis almost felt like it was a cover up but had no way to explain it, So it was just him being polite.

"Since You have offered, I will take you up on the place to stay for the evening." He would just add on to it really after all."I only really need a bed or a maybe even a corner, I do not need anything special."It was Regis' way of being greatful in some manner he seemed to have trouble expressing it it was his way of trying.

He then would ask the elf one thing."Where would we go for this offer?" He did not sound like he was rushing him but he was curious still, this was good for him at least. After long he had not gotten use to places that weren't the woods.


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The knight was quiet and regal, he showed little emotion at all. He responded quietly to most of Eryll's questions. The knight was not mean, his words held no anger or ill intent behind the shield of quiet. The knight did, however, need a place to stay the night. Eryll's dorm room was small, but he would be glad to let the man spend the night on the couch if he wanted. "There are a few nice and cheep inns a little ways away from here. But if you;re looking to save money my couch is always open and there is an empty apartment next to my own." Eryll suggested.

Both the inn and his dorm were in the same direction so he began leading the knight down the way Eryll was headed. If he chose the inn, it would not be far, and the same went for the Lamia Scale dorms. The moon had made its way high into the sky by now and only the street lamps provided light from the darkness. Eryll made his way down the street, frost was thickening along the grass and sidewalk, it was going to be a cold night. Eryll was glad he had not let the man freeze tonight.

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So slowly gather his thoughts about it, He was unsure if he even had money to spare nor did he care to check, Regis forgot the last time he looked at how much money he had, But at least since this elf already offered and was nice enough with such offers so far.

"Since you offered your room, I will gladly take offer..I will pay you back some how when I know how to yet."
Maybe it was just the night and him just unsure about anything really to do beyond this point. Regis was not a planner anymore he was more just there and that was it and all he knew was to think in the moment.

How many cold nights does he one remember alone? after so long it feels like it is just about it he didn't remember but it was nothing different at all.

"Where do we go from here?"
He did not sound like he was in a rush but more curious at this point, That and unsure if he was starting to feel tired or just finding it interesting how nice a stranger could be. Third option is he felt kindness was almost strange

Orchidia was odd to him still, since gaining a slightly pieced together mind and memory he was remembering places and is wondering if he would remember when the sun is up, there would still be time for that to happen just until then.

Meeting an elf was a different story to him, this would be the second one he believed he met first one he really did not remember at this point, it was pieces still collecting. He however seemed so far the better off most people being as nice as him  but that could be just Regis assuming things.


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The knight opted to stay in Eryll’s dormitory, which was perfectly fine, even inexpensive inns could cost too much for people who were low on money. Eryll had been low on money recently as well. The groceries he was holding were the first groceries he had bought all month. He had recently been living off of small favors, what he had left over and whatever he found to eat in the winter woods.

Eryll directes the knight down the winding street towards the dormitory. ”I never caught your name. I’m Eryll.” Eryll gave a little smile. ”Im a wizard in lamia scale and that’s about all there is to me. What about you?” Eryll asked. The knight who he hadn’t just met was an interesting man who seemed like he was barely I side his own mind half the time. Eryll found himself dragging information and sentences out of the man. It was late though, so Eryll wasn’t that upset by the knight’s tone. Eryll himself had been preoccupied recently. He had done all those tests and the training with the snakes. Everything he just been quite a big mess recently. Eryll shifted the bag of groceries in his arms and then nodded to the left, directing the knight as he did so.

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Realizing the failure of his manners he seemed to at least show something from it."My humble apologies Eryll."He mentioned more like he seemed to focus on that new things seemed in place."My name is Regis Karlinius." He sounded normal now and like he did not take that he forgot to do that basic of manners."I will work on that a bit more."Was that where his mind was going? he was no longer focusing on the most basic of things. He felt like he generally knew better then to fail like that but he was focusing on dark things in his mind.

Well Regis did not have much to say on this part either."I am guildless currently, I do not really have a lot of thing to mention besides that." He really did not have much else to say beyond that."I am on a search for something but it is too generally i do not know where to look for it." He mentioned it sounded like his mind and thought procress changed it seemed like he searching for something out of bitterness and anger was trying not to show it.

He would turn to follow him if he was not already his mind was thinking otherwise and not facing the right way in his mind either. But so far he felt like he had more of a stroke of a good luck while he was just moving pass a string of horrible events for so long. But trying to move on from so many years of it was a later harder then he assumed, His mind still lingered on so many things his mind was still bothered by so many things now he still lack focused on the clearer things and that fact he was free and maybe hopefully could be happy, but he was working on it.


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The knight was named Regis Karlinus. Eryll found that a regal name, he kind of liked it. As Regis continued to speak he mentioned he was guildless. Eryll had never really been a guildless mage, as soon as he started being a mage he joined a guild. The knight apologized for something, but Eryll wasn’t really bothered by anything the knight had done so far. He mentioned trying to look for something, Eryll was a tiny bit curious. ”If you don’t mind me asking, what are you looking for? I myself have unknown things in my own life as well.” Eryll said. He had not gotten any where with the runes in the past weeks. He had been looking for any kind of clue to of what origins they had been of. But he hadn’t gotten anywhere.

Eryll could see the dorm room in the distance. They still had a little while to go though. They would have to make another turn, but not yet. The night was cold and Eryll hoped that the river would be well frozen over so he could go skating. It was a guilty pleasure of his and it gave him a lot of joy.

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Regis was not shy about what he was after, no reason too after all, It would not change anything so far it would just be him possibly get something out of it."Information, any basic information for the moment for something i do not know how to go about." He told him. So far it was the main thing he wanted to do is get information about something he really wanted information on."On some kind of magic and who would be able to cast it." Or what as well he did not rule out the desire of his revenge could be not human.

It seemed like a large goal and a vast one as well how he would manage would be interesting. But he would not mention how far he would go diving into the deepest of all things for said information."Would you know or happen to know where I could find said information even if basics may lead to a small piece of information i am looking for." He figured it was harmless to him see if he could give him some kind of information for him. It would better then going off of nothing.

A short in the dark was worth it to him, he had nothing to lose and hopefully something to gain it was a very odd kind of magic for him realize it was in the age they lived in now, Then again Regis did not have experience with mages over all he just recent became a mage in some manner he did not realize he did he still felt normal and the same, Maybe it wouldn't until it had to be use he would notice he became a mage himself in some manner but for now he waited to hear what the elf had to say while following.


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Regis was interested in information. Eryll could respect that goal. Information opened keys to so many doors. Regis seemed less lost in his personal quest than Eryll. But, Eryll had no idea what he was after or how long he had been after said information. Eryll had only been on his personal hunt for about two or three weeks. Regis asked if Eryll knew anything that would be of use, especially pertaining to research of magic. Eryll thought for a moment. ”You might find something useful in one of the libraries down town. Some of the older ones have very extensive collections.” Eryll said. He knew that fact very well, as he had spent a multitude of time in those libraries recently, looking for any hints of his own.

Adding on to their conversation Eryll asked a question or two:”so, where have you been traveling recently?” Eryll himself had been all over Fiore on the Lamia tests, but now he was settling down in Orchidia for a short while before he moved on to the next town in. A little while.

They weren’t far off from the apartments where Eryll stayed. Eryll would get around to reaching for his key when they got closer.

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He had a spot to look into later."I was traveling from Marigold just took a long path and time to reflect to myself on a few things, it was a longer travel than I first assume." Regis mentioned which happen to be what happen to him for the moment.

"I had time to reflect on what was bugging me during a funeral." Which that reflection only helped him to built up his anger, things he would slowly repress away sure he broke a few things in the nature while he was out, No one else needed to know about that. He felt better, he felt a relief for the moment after doing that, it helped.

"Some books will help, It is better then nothing." He almost sounded please and satisfied with that thought now. He could also manage to relax even if just on a wall or floor he could rest even if for a while."It has been a long travel I had even gotten lost a few times." He needed a map or a better memory of paths to go on but they were mostly still a blur but he managed some how.

"In winter almost everything looks the same....day or evening." He mentioned almost because he knew day and night where different."Maybe i should consider less traveling if i can." His reflection was more almost like he was piecing together more of a plan towards whatever goal he was trying to figure out."I am glad i did not get snowblind." He also mentioned as a slight relief and seemed to be opening up now that he felt he could relax and unwind to this person who offered him what he did. So since it was not a long wait he would, He would take the moment to at least take off his helmet, He considered it like wearing a hat inside and was rude.

Under the helmet was short blue hair and blue eyes, his face was clean shaven as well. considering his long travels he seemed to take care of himself too. But the travels seem to be taking his toll on him, The noticeable bags under his eyes were proof to it.


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Regis talked about his travels for a short time, mentioning how he had had time to think in depth about something that had bugged him in a funeral. Eryll himself had never been to a funeral, but he expected to be attending one in the soon future if his father fell back on to the alcohol train. Eryll did not wish to see his father sink back into the despair and fantasy he had been in for so long.

Regis removed his helmet, and his face underneath surprised Eryll. Eryll didn’t expect him to look as attractive as he did, but helmets were always like a surprise, you could never really tell. Eryll took in a breath after Regis mentioned the blurring of days, ”I agree with you. It always feels like I’m moving in the winter. And the sun is never out so I can barely remember the fact that I slept.” Eryll said. Upon closer inspection, it could be seen the Regis was beyond exhausted. Eryll was glad that his dorm room was not far away now. It was only a block or so away. There was the coach that Eryll could pull out if need be. But he also had the key to the empty apartment next to him, so anything was okay.

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He wondered what else did he could talk about with this person he was still trying to get to know for the moment, But since he could learn something Regis did ask."Are Elves are not all that different from Humans aside from the aging part? I have always wanted to know." It was a good situation to be to learn anyway. If they were like this he would not mind them as much they seemed rather...polite, well mannered to the point something after Regis' slightly darken heart he could mention in a slightly joking connection.

So considering what else could he learn."I would image it was for the most part different then human's life and how they work." Regis did not intentionally want it to be a series of question about Eleven society but sometimes wonder just got the best of him, But since he was not being rude about it he would try not to bother him too much about it. So he also looked around  every once and while because he seemed to always be watching in some manner around him just in case.

But alas it was still just two of them walking in the even."This area is a lot more quiet and less active in the night time than i first assumed." Maybe Regis was just paranoid slightly about it he could assume as well and he could just be on edge still because he did not trust the area, only just slightly trusting the person he just met now.

"Maybe I am just still a bit too paranoid for my own good as well."
He was not looking for anything words to deal with or assurance either just mentioning it to more of less start trying to relax his thoughts.


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Regis asked about the differences between elven societies as well as the difference in how they aged. ”elven society is weird, we do age slower, but that fact doesn’t really catch up to people until they hit their 60’s or 70’s and they still look like they’re 20. I wasn’t raised in a purely wood elven society as a child but my father lived by stricter wood elven rules then my father so I did experience some of the differences. Wood elves mostly value nature, some over their own lives. Our society is a little less rigid than high elves if that’s what you’re asking. We’re a interesting society to say the least.” Eryll said.

Regis seemed a little nervous about the late night in orchidia and any dangerous people. Eryll gave a little laugh. ”Orchidia is a rather safe place because of Lamia Scale. And we’re also very close to my apartment so there isn’t much to worry about. You probably need some sleep.” Eryll responses. His apartment was about 2 buildings away. Not very far at all. They would be there in a minute. Maybe less.

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It was interesting, to hear even if kind of just a basic explanation."Hmm. A lot stricter then how my mother and father were from maybe i could piece up then."Regis mentioned that, But knew there was space for more information, maybe one day he would learn a bit more but he was happy for now, It did not bother him to just go that far and leave it there.

A part of him wanted to mention more and give a bit of detail but he simply would just mention it."After being in forests for many years a lot with out a stable mind, You can only help but rely such a feeling  for a long time." This would be the moment were the things Regis deal with in his life were now coming to light to how he must of deal with a lot different things he had never mentioned."I wouldn't have a second thought if i did have something possible happen....I wouldn't feel guilty with breaking a few bones."He kept it at that, He did not sound like he was looking for a fight or eager more like he was just use to thinking to that way.

"I have no doubt the safety of this city, I am only going off of my feeling for so long of thing i was use too, Old habits have yet to die hard."But that was an interesting part."So a guild is also here? Interesting, More things to keep in mind." It was becoming a lot more insightful."How do the people feeling about Lamia Scale?"He figured he would ask, ever lands people have different feelings about guilds from what he remembered so he would mention it to him, expressing interesting about learning.


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Regis’ parents had apparently been far stricter than Eryll’s. Eryll scoffed slightly, if his parents had been less focused on fighting each other they would have likely been stricter. Regis grew up in the woods, Eryll had lived in the woods as a young child as well,”when I was little, I lived in the woods. But we moved to Fiore, to marigold specifically and that was far different than woods. “ Eryll said.

Regis said a few off best things, but that didn’t phase Eryll, not after his conversation with the mystery woman from the bath house. Regis then asked about Lamia Scale. ”The townspeople like us. A lot of protection and economic infrastructure relies on the guild. We do have a reputation for being a hardier people. But we’re not nearly as destructive as Fairy Tail.” Eryll said.

They had arrived at his apartment building and in front was a little gate with a key hole. Eryll shifted his weight and pulled the key out of his pocket. He opened the gate and let Regis I’m ahead of him. As they made their way up the stairs Eryll posed a question. ”Are you in a guild?”

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"Marigold huh? I was born and raised there, Same with my younger brother and sister."one of the people he had forgotten about after so long but then again he was kind of leaving that behind, along with a few other things anyway. He also had forgotten how his parents were and did not realize, Regis would not be mentioning because of that forgotten memory.

"Sounds like loose cannons, I wonder why Fairy tail would still be around then." Regis said more of a general statement about, it seemed stupid of such a guild to still exist if they would like that, But Regis did not understand how the guilds work now long time has passed since he knew he had that information in his mind."I will consider it a good thing i am not where near such a guild."He also just seemed to mention plainly like he did not give it much thought as well either.

"I am not in any guilds currently." Which was true. He was just kind of there for the moment and was around."I have never been a part of one."Which was also true but he never worried about. Maybe one day he could realize what a guild was for but in the end for now it would not be the case at all. he had different goal a guild has never been in mind for him at all almost felt like a drag down for him but until he actually experience that as well he would never know either.

Walking ahead of him Regis started taking more of a personal thought and note, the gates were pretty good as well. The protection as he mentioned was true he did not have doubt to start with but once you started getting gates it was a bit more clearer.


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Regis has grown up in Marigold as well, ”I was only in marigold for a few years before I fled the coop and went to a boarding school in Astera.” Eryll added.

Regis seemed glad to have never been a part of a guild that was so destructive. In truth, Eryll had almost joined fairy tail when he was looking st guilds. But that quickly changed when he saw Lamia Scale. Regis had never had a guild to call his own, which seemed a little foreign to Eryll, who had always been in a guild. As they made their way up the stairs they didn’t talk much. Regis seemed to be thinking to himself and Eryll wasn’t doing much thinking at all really. Finally they reached the floor where Eryll’s apartment was. Eryll waves Regis down the hallway and made his way to the end of the hallway. Once at the end he slid his key into the lock and opened up into his apartment. It was small. A kitchen, a bathroom, a bed and a sofa in the main living room. Eryll plopped his bag of groceries down on the counter and then walked to a cabinet and grabbed some blankets. ”you can sleep here on the couch, or you can take my bed and I’ll sleep on the couch. It really doesn’t bother me. “

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He simply said."You take your bed for it is your own." He just kept it to that generally."This will do fine thank you." He seemed a bit more personable now, Maybe he was just having trouble in one of the few varying ways he seemed to be having trouble with in terms of many things.

So it seemed."I thank you for the blankets as well."The moment since he was greatful it seemed the most settled and peaceful he could be in this current situation. It wish he could and would be more then willing to pay for such days as well.

So Regis seemed to slowly start settle in, He left he helmet out of the way. It almost seemed like it haunted him to some manner, Like it would sometimes reflect the same memories that was bugging him so much but he was trying to still no matter not let linger to horrible ways.

Taking off the plated gloves and placed them next to the helmet to, It showed more and more how pale his skin was as well and how his skin was so use to the armor that his skin had imprints of where it all was worn.

"You have done so far more then any other person I would have ever ask help for."
He was unsure if Eryll was still in the room or not when he mentioned it but at this point it was still him trying to show more then just blank empty emotions. It was a struggle for him still he was still trying to, in that he seemed to have some progress. So he seemed to after placing the blanket next to him, He sat in what he would assume quiet for a moment wanted to see if he could allow his mind to drift into sleep.


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Regis said he would take the couch. Eryll nodded and made his way over to the kitchen, putting the groceries away. There weren’t a lot, it was all for him, he never had any guests. Eryll quickly packed it away and said goodnight to Regis. Who had thanked him for giving him a place to stay. ”don’t worry about, I would have been a bad person if I left you out in the cold. Anyay, good night.” Eryll said. He walked down the shirt hallway and into his room. It wasn’t very big, only enough room to fit his head and a table really. He changed into sleep clothes and placed his jacket on the chair. He was a little to tired tonight to deal with searching for the runes, maybe he would just go straight to sleep. Underneath the covers, Eryll fell asleep very quickly. His dreams would be pleasant and he wouldn’t have any bad ones. Eryll trudged Regis, he didn’t think that he would steal anytjing, he seemed to be a viable person.

The night would pass and Eryll would wake, Eryll
Woke up and went to see if Regis was still there.

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His evening would be almost go partly the same way it did when he was what he would call a mindless monster. But it has not happen quite yet it seemed to just start in a route manner, Regis after he had sat down started to feel the need to sleep, He partly dreaded it even if it was good for him, After putting in order the items of his Regis seemed to sit in place and started thinking or reflecting, in general his mind was still active. This is slowly the start of the routine of his sleep cycle.

But finally he would lay down and start to rest, so he would start picturing the image of the mark he stepped on to start what he had been, He remembered how it slowly felt like it was melting his mind and thoughts away. How he did not think it was bad to start with just simply pushing himself

After slowly getting come shut eye, He was waiting quitely just incase after all he did not wish to do anything this man was nice of him or currently his house. So for now he was content while that was all happening

The morning would arrive and Regis seemed to be sitting where he left he had not the building at all, After all no reason to leave the build which was good in his eyes.

So now he would wait to see if anything would happen next as since it was just the peaceful and normal site to be in anyway. His neatly and settled why of waiting for now wondering what would happen next for him life had many intheresting ways to. He was haunted by his thoughts tried to trick him he knew he would fine and able to deal

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