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Blood On The Leaves [Minor Incursion]

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The animals were gone. It was too quiet. Only the rustling leaves could be heard at that moment. The danger that they could sense caused them to flee before it was too late. Everywhere in Orchidia, the same thing was about to happen. A thin black tear in the fabric of space, about five meters tall, could be seen by a band of Knights in the distance. It was pulsating faster with each passing second. It was as if something was trying to claw its way into this world. And then it happened. The tear widened and out of it hordes of demons rushed out. They were small fiends, almost similar to goblins in size, but appeared way more horrific and deformed. It was not strength that would make them fearsome, but numbers. Should they get the opportunity, they will pile upon their targets and gnaw away the flesh off their bones. Their claws and teeth were their weapon of choice. It was up to the band of Knights to vanquish these foes so that the rift would disappear from existence.


  • Amenra

  • Theo

  • Kazimir

  • Jolyne

  • LeeAnn

#2Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
The young kitsune showed up upon calling of her duty. As a Rune Knight, she was called here to locate the other disturbances of mana in the area. There was a lot of disturbance in the area. She could sense it. The area was quiet, too quiet. As if there was something bad going on. LeeAnn removed her eye patch so she could see. Her mix matched eyes darted from place to place. Up in the sky, she noticed there was a tear in the color of black that was 5 meters in length. It reminded her of something from a different dimension coming into this world.

The band of knights were in front of her as she stood 15 meters back, readying herself for what was to come. It was pulsating faster and faster. LeeAnn got out her sword, Sting. Holding it in one hand, she was looking at it ready to see if anything were to come out.

Moments later, she could see small goblin=like creatures. Only they were a lot of them and the numbers were the threat. She knew that she could kill them easily, she was hoping for more back up. They should be here right about now? LeeAnn held her sword in one hand preparing to see if anyone else would come in case.

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#3Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
Once he arrived in the forest the feeling of something sinister crept up his spin like Kon was right behind him or something. The deeper he walked into the forest Whatever is going on here may Illuim watch over me he thought seeing what looked like a portal to nothingness as it stretched just stopping at five meters tall, this was not something that could have been done by any mage. Maybe I should have gotten that sword before heading over here. TK thought pushing some branches out his way while he made his way to the location of the reports, He pulled out the report and read it over once more.

What from the looks of it he wasn't alone as he could see Leeann just a few steppes ahead of him, seeing her was a relief as he didn't think anyone else was called in to deal with this 'Little Problem'. Theo was ready to Leeann in anyway that he could "Ms. Leeann any idea what we're dealing with?" he asked walking through some bushes. The closer he got to the rift the more it felt like he was someone was watching him but he couldn't let his fears get the better of him after all who knows powers that thing.


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Amen'ra had been called to the forest of Orchidia due to being a member of the Holy Knights, an order created to vanquish evil and all that good stuff. So he got himself suited up to do battle should the need arise, red chain mail sitting a layer under his shining black armor set. His helm having a pair of white wings on either side of his cranium and his back draped by a long red cape, held on by a latch at each shoulder.

The armor's gold accents on the trim of each plate helped to keep it from looking like a living armor of monotone obsidian, and the gold emblem of the sun engraved on the front was it's centerpiece. With his trusty sword in hand he was ready for whatever came his way and found himself sprinting through the wood; making it to the rift.

A large, sickly rip in space in the air before them and Amen'ra had to grip his blade tighter to ground himself. He could see some others huddled together and quickly found himself joining them, and answering the mans question all in one motion. "This is a rift to a demonic realm, and we cannot allow these creatures to wreck havoc."

Amen'ra spoke with a stern tone, demanding that all of the people there who had come to fight find themselves the courage to be stronger. To stand and fight against the horde that was beginning to pour out into the physical plain, he was ready to face the demons.


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#5Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir had found himself already near to the forest when it happened. A threat from the sky. A demon's tear dripped to scourge the land. He watched it slowly fall and he was finally met with the realization that it was time to face off against demon's and not lowly thugs anymore.

He rushed to the scene, moving through the foliage and swatting branches from his path. He was one of the last to arrive as three other's were already there and standing ready. He was at ease knowing the LeeAnn had come to this one as well but before he spoke he overhead the words of the holy knight. He proclaimed it to be just as he thought, a demonic opening.

He made his way beside the group, "Hello, LeeAnn." His greeting came with a nod but his focus was on the rift. The other two seemed ready and just as capable if not more so than he. He could tell by the armor and pendant that one was a Holy Knight and the other A Rune Knight.

"I'm Kazimir of the Seiryu clan," He said looking over his shoulder at them still staying ready for the horde of demons but wanting to be as polite as ever. As he spoke he revealed his Rune Knight pendant that was under his scarf to show them who his affiliation without wasting words on it.

"I'm better at fighting from a ranged standpoint and protecting your flank," he cared about their introductions but also wanted to formulate an idea of how they would engage the enemy as soon as possible.

He would hear their words as he prepared his magic and a gentle breeze formed around his legs. It was almost undetected as the winds in the forest began to howl as if the land itself was in fear.

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#6Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

Wow everyone beat me here!” Jolyne chirped as she came upon the group she recognized Amen’ra from their joint quest, and the rest from the Rune Knight roster. This looked like it would be rather interesting rather than stressful like she had first assumed, healing others was possible but she could not heal herself. In fact she only had one spell for her benefit, though she relied on her fists just as much if not more. Jolyne wore a bra and boyshorts today even though it was cold, she wanted as much range of movement as possible and so even though the snow slipped over her sandals she was focused.

I can heal and supplement others strength and speed, I’ll have to stay near you though so I can leave a bean back with the ranged support and jump up front with Shiela and Helga” Jolyne Atreides smirked as she brought up her firsts, the left to Shiela and the right to Helga, with each name she kissed them. “Course I don’t know the rest of your skills cept that Amen’Ra of the Holy Church can keep pace” she nodded towards the man as she spoke his name and then came to a stop one step behind the group.

Jolyne stole a glance at the crack, pouring forth were goblins in ill fitting armor and makeshift weapons. The number was the obvious concern here and Jolyne suddenly imagined civilians trying to defend their town from a hive of goblins, cities could be fine but the farms would be horrifically underfit to defend against something like this. While fear did not grip her, Jolyne still felt anxious as she did not like having to take life Demon or no.


#7Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
More people had arrived thank the stars. It was a relief. She was afraid of doing this alone. The numbers of these demon goblins were the frightening part. Leeann could defeat a few of them at a time, but no wizard of any level could defeat all of them single handedly without dying in the process. The demons kept on pouring out of hte rift like flies. The redhead saw T.K and said waved. Luckily, another person had stepped in and explained since she did not have the answer.

When she heard Kazimir, a warm smile came upon her face as she waves."Hey Kazimir
she greeted with happiness Though, that did not last long as two other shown up. She did not pay attention much, but decided to take charge for a bit.

"There's not much time for talking! So listen up, we are wanting to defeat these monster and close that rift. We must work as a team to keep the people of Orchidia safe! That is our main priority. Stick together as a group, numbers are the treat here. Don't get cocky and don't die" she ordered. Swining her Sting, she back up against Kazimir as she looked back. "You got my back and I got yours! Let's try to not get ourselves killed" she said.

The creatures appeared quickly like some wildfire. LeeAnn sneered at the creatures. They started to pile on her as she swung Sting, her sword, slaying them left and right.

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#8Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
After Theo arrived three more followed two being fellow Rune Knights and the other being a random Knight though it seemed like the one named Kazimir knew Lee that didn't matter as he listened to them explain the situation he felt like this was some sort of test by the gods and if so he had to pass it no what. The eyes of the demons lit up the around them meaning they were ready to make their move This can't be good... he thought as their numbers alone eclipsed their own but then again what could happen if they worked together?

TK turned to the other knights "Okay I'll draw some of them away then." he muttered to himself waving at the other two knights to some rocks and throwing them at the Goblins getting some of their attention leading them deeper into the forest. He didn't go to deep but just enough that he could fight alone, he straightened his left hand creating a magic seal on his wrist and slicing one of the closest Goblins head off and impaling the next one.

Okay, I gotta conserve my mana if I want to clear them out he thought to himself as he backs up into a tree. Theo had to think of improvise a weapon if he wanted to keep them at a distance to conserve mana, given that they are in the Forest he picked up the closet tree branch as a make shift sword.


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More and more people were coming out of the woodwork and Amen'ra didn't mind. The more the merrier, especially when it came to fighting disgusting demons. First their was Kazimir, a member of a clan that had no importance to the Holy Knight and he wouldn't even pretend it did. At least he knew his strong points, fighting from a ranged standpoint and guarding the rear. Perfect. "Sounds good."

The second newcomer being Jolyne, a woman he was familiar with and he would look back at her while smirking. Addressing the healer as modestly as he could despite her outfit being the complete opposite. Sure, he knew things were about to get heated but now he felt over dressed in his black armor.

Chuckling silently to himself at the mention of her Shiela and Helga, a gesture he didn't expect but it was encouraging enough. Amen'ra would offer a brief explanation of his combat prowess in order to better work with the gaggle of heroes. "I work well from a range with my magic. I can also buff myself when getting up close and personal."

Amen'ra stated before looking to the young woman who was giving them a battle plan. She was correct in her assessment, something he had deduced as well, and knew they would be better off if they stuck together against the greater numbers. Though just as quickly as that was explained one of them was running off to draw their fire. Just great.

"Did you not just hear the plan?"

The holy knight spoke before he was running after T.K., sword in hand and doing his best to stay near the man in fear of him losing his life. So He would swing his sword, dicing through one of the demons before lopping another head off and impaling another. Keeping T.K's rear to his own while continuing to hack and slash the demons to bits.


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#10Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The last warrior arrived with fists ready to go, proclaiming. That she was a mage proficient in buffing. She kissed her fists ready to go. They laid out their strengths and LeeAnn gave out the semblance of a battle plan for them to follow. As soon as she stated we should stay together, is when things began to dissolve.

LeeAnn charged headfirst into the enemies and one of the other knights rushed to the woods trying to separate their numbers by chasing him. The team of five had been split but so were the demons. The holy knight reacted by chasing after Theo to ensure his safety.

He shook his head with a sigh, “I guess, this is how things will be today,” They all spread out, so he more said it to himself and Jolyn who was still near him. Since the holy knight went one way for support, Kazimir would go the other. He rushed a bit closer to LeeAnn who was being piled on by demons but made sure to keep a safe distance and the other two in the corner of his eye by the forest.

He starred at the demons that began to surround her and made a circle with his arms before thrusting one hand forward and causing a whirlwind to rip through a few of the demons, creating a small opening for LeeAnn to gain some breathing room.
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#11Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

Yes ma’am” Jolyne shouted as she watched Theo sprint his ass away from the group with a flat expression. She could almost feel the wind passing in front of her face as her lack of shock betrayed the fact that she predicted the plan to go off the rails but not this quickly. This was going to be interesting indeed having the group split up already, it would be wonderful if just goblins poured out but if something large and individualistic came through this would not be the best plan.

Best of luck Amen!” Jolyne yelled as he took off after Theo before turning her attention to Kazimir to reply to him “Yes, it could be worse though I’ll follow you guys, let’s cut our way to the rift hopefully we can find a way to close it

Luckily it seemed at least Kazimir and the leader lady would benefit from from what she did next. First she clapped her hands and then she clapped the fingers on them, with this two puffs of spice came out spraying the area in a red mist, while it was five meters most of the Goblins in said area were taken out by Kazimir’s spell and Lee Ann’s fighting, those that were not were now regarded by the Hierophant with a smile.

Her eyes lost their usual luster and with it the smile rang hollow as she lunged into the first one gripping it by the skull and swinging it, using the now dead weight of it’s body to forcibly snap the necks of the next three goblins before her tool slumped down in a pile of now, too soft to use, flesh and sinew. Most of the bones broken and sticking through the bag of skin that held in dead organs that no longer functioned. It seemed that demons were in fact organic things of some kind, but now Jolyne did not have to worry about Goblins gaining a D rank boost to their strength and speed as Kazimir and Lee Ann now both enjoyed, too bad Amen’Ra and Theo did not receive the benefit as well as Jolyne could hold this buff for a small bit of time.


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#12Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
It was best to fight in numbers and as a team rather than by themselves. Her small speech was just enough for them to understand hte graveness of this situation. If these demons gotten to the people of Orchidia, She would not know what to do. They had to keep these demons at bay the best they could. Failture was not an option.

The small demons were piling on top of her. Luckily, for Kazimir, he blew they off her. She gave a thumbs up. Theo on the other hand ran to drive some of them away. While his plan might of worked, she did clearly say to stay in numbers. The foolish idiot went by himself. Thanks for the Holy Knight, that ensured his safety even more greatly. "That kid is going to die without that other knight's help" she  thought to herself. Theo was an air headed kid in her opinion, nice, but airheaded. A trait like that will get you killed in battle. She learned the hard way one time. She had not time to think about this. Jolyne stay with her and Kazimir give them more of a speed and strength buff. She felt a sense of newly founded energy giving her more fire to kill these bastards.

With the buffs, she now felt stronger and far supierior to these goblin-like creatures they so dared to call demons. At B-rank speed, she sliced the heads off the demons all in a row. Instantly, killed them all together, their bodies went limp. A small smirk appeared on her face seemingly now knowing the adrenaline of battle in her veins. She would keep the goblins away from her and Joylne as possible. "How are you holding up back there, Kazimir? Need any back up you two?" she would ask. Knowing how dangerous these creature were, LeeAnn would simply keep slaying them one-by-one. Her hand started to ache a little from swinging her one handed sword. The blade grew blue instantly when morere were appearing!

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#13Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
As the knight fought back the goblins with his branch the sounds of a sword cutting throw flesh could be heard not too far from him Looks like they never end he thought sending one Goblin flying back into a tree. Maybe I should have stayed with the others and backed up Lee a thought that was way too late to have as he kicked a goblin into another group came running at him. Without a second to even think about the next move he extends his arms to the outward creating a 30 centimeters rings made pure light and sliced their bellies open, their blood stained his armor and sleeves "Does Goblin Blood come out easy?" he asked himself aloud throwing the ring just before it vanished taking the head of one goblin. With all the trees around it was like moving around a maze

Before he realized what had happened two goblins jumped on him taking him to the ground "Get OFF!" TK shouted punching off and stabbing the other with his branch. Okay they are a lot more dangerous than they look, Theo, straightened his left hand creating a magic seal on his wrist creating a blade. Seeing the blade made them hesitant to move closer but like any monster of the dark they moved in allowing him to move in and hit their vital spots dropping a good number of them. "Hey hows it going guys!?" he shouted taking a second to breathe before the next wave moved in. It was a good thing they were surrounded by all the trees or less this plan would have never worked out for the knight but then again the whole sticking together plan would work way better if they had a more open battlefield but that was something he couldn't help. This is why dad said to have more offensive spells he thought to himself.

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Amen'ra had heard Jolyne bid him good luck and while he hadn't had time to say the same he wished the same for her. These demons may of been weaklings but they could deal a ton of damage if they all worked together which was obvious, yes, but it didn't make the situation less frightening. One mistake and the team of would be heroes would just be another legend lost in the stories of grand battles or minute would such as this one.

Swinging his blade down to split a demon in half he found his armor being bitten and his ankle suffering the same fate. His armor was heavy and he manged to perfectly lose his balance to come crashing down allowing a swarm of the creatures to jump on him, biting at his armor and exposed flesh. "Bastards! Luster Swing!"

Amen'ra screamed out, quickly raising a hand to the sky and performing three hand signs. A golden magic seal formed above his fallen form and a prism of multi-colored like would shine over him leaving a beautiful aura of those same colors on his arms. Signifying that his strength was being buffed ever so slightly, but it was enough to get rid of the beats in question. That was if he hurried to free his pinned arm from the demons jowls.

Swinging his left fist down into head of one of the demons, he could feel it's teeth loosen from his armor plates and tossed it's body to the side. Slamming his fist down onto another demon repeatedly to crush it's cranium and allow him to attempt to scurry away, until more demons showed up.

With three demons still chewing on his armor and more on their way he quickly realized he was about to become a causality of war. Releasing his sword, Amen'ra would begin by snapping the neck of one goblin and grabbing another's head to bash it into the ground leaving a bloody mess, and that meant only one of them was still holding him down. With his clunky armor it was still an issue but one he could manage to get over.

Pushing himself with his boosted strength to a standing position, he would begin to sprint to get some distance from the creatures while ripping the goblin off his arm. Holding it's hair in one hand, he would put his hand inside the creatures mouth and quickly move his other hand to it's mouth to pull it's jaw apart. Leaving it's mouth a gaping mess of blood and torn muscles.

"A little rough, but i'm always down for a challenge."

Amen'ra replied to Theo while more of the demons began to jump on him, his fist seeming to be his only weapon now against the swarm while he moved to get away while punching and smacking them off. His sword a small distance away, just out of his reach while he stood against the horde.


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#15Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
A swirl of mist surrounded Kazimir and as he breathed it in, he felt a rush of speed and his muscles becoming reinforced. Jolyne dashed beside him slamming her fists into the demons and tore them apart one by one.

They seemed to all be holding it together but more demons kept pouring out. They had to get to that portal to close it, he thought. Luckily with LeeAnn and Jolyne their combined physical might made light work of them and he could see a pathway beginning to form.

Unlucky for Kazimir, were the demons that slipped by within the horde and pounced on him before he could finish casting his next spell. He realized it would be wise for him to invest in a weapon at some point. He threw a punch into a leaping demon's gut knocking it backward but the horde was ravenous and charged forward.

he was surrounded and one opened its jaw wide and dug its teeth into the mage's leg. It wasn't a deep wound but would prove inconvenient as he grunted in pain. At the same time, another demon dashed forward striking a claw at his side. He narrowly dodged the full impact of it with only a fleeting trail of blood from three claws on his side and minor damage to his Gi. If he stayed here, however, he wouldn't be able to fend them off and would prove useless in supporting his allies.

In the chaos around him, he remained as calm as he could and formed the semblance of an idea. The horde was already split because of the other team and this could be a makeshift opening. More demon's jumped through the air to cover Kazimir but as they were almost within range, the wind mage stomped his foot creating a gust of wind beneath him. The gust propelled him five meters into the air, shaking of the demon's that were latching onto him.

He punched another on his way up, knocking him out of his view and putting Kazimir away from the enclosing circle of demons below him. From this height, he could see more clearly the path to the portal, and hear LeeAnn's words as well. "I'm good but we have to get to that portal and shut it. I'll try and make a path for you two," he said to LeeAnn and Jolyne

He pulled back his arm and shot forth a 10-meter slash of compressed wind. The spell cut through a few of the low ranking demons that were directly in the way of the portal creating a small opening for the two knights to push farther in. If they did he would move in with them blasting the distant ones out of the way.

He was not happy about the reckless way his allies through themselves headfirst into combat but would do everything he could to make sure they were safe.

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#16Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

Deal Kaz, deal” Jolyne said weakly from below him, she had rushed in when she saw that he was surrounded and his jump had did much to shake their attention from him and unto her, which would not have been a big deal had she not also tried to kite some from going to Lee Ann from behind and from reinforcing the group attacking Amen’Ra and Theo. As it was now however her back had new scars upon her and while there were not Goblins crawling on her as they had her comrades one of her legs was near useless and she had not looked at it for fear of what she would see. Jolyne knew she could continue if she did did not glance at the damage caused to her left thigh but it was burning from the blow of a club earlier that had caught her while she was kicking another foe.

That being said in two minutes she would have to look in order to avoid any damage that could be added upon it by not bandaging a wound or worst case, setting a bone.

Jolyne disengaged from the group behind her and began to tear towards the portal with extreme haste the dull pain in her left leg was not increasing, perhaps she could avoid looking for longer. An arrow caused Jolyne to jolt backwards and instead of looking for the archer she spun around and crouched before standing back up with her right fist launching into the gut of the fastest Goblin that had been leaping for her back. Going into the air without control of your movement was not a good idea in a melee fight and Jolyne taught it to her opponent with glee before grabbing the next one and continuing back towards the portal.

While her shield may not have been practical at first the second arrow sunk into it almost as soon as she began running again and caused Jolyne’s flesh shield to sag and stop fighting. While it weighed her down a bit it seemed that most of the Goblins were now trying to scale each other to get at Kazimir(who was too high above for such a tactic to work Jolyne thought) as such the next goblin did not reach her until after three more arrows were shot.

One had gotten through and Jolyne had no choice but to drop the shield at this point as she dealt with the Goblin that had caught up to her. With the black scar of a portal behind her she steeled herself to the large group that was rushing towards her behind the one who had grabbed her focus. Jolyne Atreides still had not found the archer and the archer’s arrow had found her gut just to the left of her belly button.

Take care of the portal ma’am, it’s outside my expertise” Jolyne roared, her voice without malice, the volume was the only way Jolyne could ensure it did not betray how weak she actually felt, she knew she could not defeat all the enemies rushing towards her but if Lee Ann sealed the portal Jolyne would not have to.


[Mana Used 50{160/210}]

Spells are sustained|2 D|Awareness+Uninhibitor Spice|25+25

#17Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn was too focused onto making sure she was covering all the bases. There was just too many for her to count. It was more and more of them that started to make the kitsune feel overwhelmed. Shaking off her own thoughts, she swung her one handed sword about using her strength and speed. The deaths were quick and easy,but the sheer number was what killed her and probably everyone else in the area. She thought about her brother while fighting and bringing honor to her family name. Hikaru was all she thought about as she slay each demon. At least her sword, Sting, was well equipped with dealing with monsters and other creatures that were evil.

These demons were pouring at of the black rift in the sky. As the young Nakamura looked at it for a split second, her eyes narrowed thinking of what to do for a solution. It took a while until her ears perked up hearing Kazimir's voice. She turned her head around in a fast pace. He stated that he would open up a air way or pathway way to clear for her and Jolyne. That sounded good enough. In a quick motion, she whirled around with her tails not far behind her. Sometimes, she felt as if they were always weighing her down, but that was not always the case. With enough momentum, she could easily fool physics or weight. Whatever the case maybe. Leeann and Jolyne dashed in hte 10 meters space. She looked back at Joylne, whom said that she could do it. Putting sting in his sheath, she started to climb up a tree that was tall enough to reach the right or give her a good boast. It took a little bit of strength, but she was able to lift herself onto a higher branch. Unfortunately, the goblins were following her as well. She came up with a  thought.

"Guys, lets aim all of our offensive spells at hte rift to close it. Climb into a tree to reach of you cannot make it within range" she cried out to the rest of them. LeeAnn crouched down into a ball-like position. She unsheathed her sword from its casing. Tenseing all of her muscles, she leaped up into the air and attempted to use her sword to attack the rift, hoping this plan would work. She would wait until all of them would cast their spells though.

When she landed on a clear spot on the ground, she looked up to see if the rift was closing or at least looked damage for a split second.

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12+20+5: 37

Strength: Inital+Magical Phasing Cloak stat boosts+Buff:

11+20+5: 36

Sword: Damage done to each demon: +40

Wood Count: 1240/1200

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#18Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
As Theo watched the goblins fall to the ground he felt like someone was watching him from above but couldn't tell from what angle they had on him. As the next wave charged at him the knight he picked up on of the other fallen demons and used it knock them back until the body flew off into another one Okay not the best idea but worth it, in the end, he thought looking at all the blood that stained his clothes. Even though he knew they were demons he felt sad for them, it wasn't their fault they were born as such evil things they sought to bring harm to those that he held dear "Almost done here then I'll head over" he informed his comrade.

Once the last Goblin was lifeless he could still feel the gaze of someone but this time he could feel something else like a greater evil closing in on them. His chest felt cold with each breath he took while he stood among the bodies he could hear a voice 'You'll be perfect...' the voice sounded calm yet sinister "Hello? For your own safety, I need you to leave the forest right now." He looked around but saw nor heard anyone's footsteps. I gotta get it together, Theo broke off another ranch and bashed the head in of some of the goblins that "looked" alive, after he finished bashing their heads in he sat down next to a tree "When I get back I'm working on some of fathers long-range spells." something that may prove useful later on in life.

'Why do you not give in?' the longer he was in the forest the longer it felt like he was or was it a side effect of being so close to the rift? who/what ever was talking to him it seemed to only be attracted to him for some reason. "Can you hear that voice as well?" he asked his comrade making his way over to them with a confused face as to what was going on.

He could hear Lee saying something closing the rift to put an end to the goblins wave but the only problem was it may make the rift bigger rather than closing it but she he had already failed to follow her plan once before and didn't want to do it again. As he made his way back over to Lee he couldn't think of what would happen if they just made it bigger "What are the chances that we just make it bigger rather than closing it?" he shouted hesitating to attack the rift 'Light versus Dark what will happen if the two mix?' The voice sounded like it was right behind him but their was no one there "But on the off chance we can close it all the fighting will end." he replied to the voice looking at the rift and then back at Leeann. 'Oh come now this is dark magik who knows how it will react to if tampered with?'. The more he thought about it the bigger his fears became even if it was the right thing to do could it somehow have some greater repercussions? Theo looked at his bloodstained hands as in fear.

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Amen'ra hands and feet moved in a blind fury, his enhanced strength nearly tearing the goblins apart with each hit. Bones crunched, skin collapsed and cries of pain echoed around him as he kept swinging; not caring how bad he wanted to stop and catch his breath. Everything was escalating now and he didn't have enough patience for whatever was stopping them from closing the portal. So with his eyes surveying the area while he continued to swing he found his gaze on that of Jolyne.

She found herself rushing toward the portal before being hit in the stomach with an arrow and he gasped before groaning under his breath. What little breath he did have was pushed out by a moderate yell of annoyance. "Give me some damned breathing room!"

Lunging backward to dodge an assault from one of the goblins, his red cape lashed in the breeze of his movements while he tucked, rolled, and found himself back on his feet. Now rushing to grab his sword from the earth and turn on his heel to swiftly decapitate one of the few remaining horde, impaling another and throwing his body into the remaining cluster; knocking them onto their asses. Taking advantage, Amen'ra pinned the creatures under his stance; swinging the blade until only viscera and gore remained.

Huffing deeply the young knight only slightly turned his head at the question from Theo. A voice? His face showed only confusion while his body language regained it's strength and allowed the oxygen to wipe away his fatigue.

"Ummm, no?"

A tone equally as confused as it was inquisitive, but it didn't last long. Sprinting full speed to be at the side of the young woman he'd met before, Amen'ra reached her and glared at the horde rushing toward her back. Stabbing his sword into the ground and crossing his arms in front of him while performing a hand sign with each limb, he would raise a hand above his head; summoning a multicolored orb of mystical light.

"Photon Bomb!"

Amen'ra quickly launched the attack at the goblins in the front of the charge, hitting the creatures in the leg before it exploded. The outcome was brutal, sending limbs and screams flying in each direction but those who weren't killed found themselves tripping over their allies corpses.

"Jol, are you okay?"

He asked, examining her wound quickly before seeing it wasn't anything fatal. It would probably hurt like hell for a while but he wasn't too worried about her losing her life here and with that he would turn to listen to the words of their other companions. Standing tall now and crouching down low.

"Only one way to find out!"

The Holy Knight retorted before leaping into the air, both hands extended before him toward the rift of sheer darkness. Three hands signs formed at light speed before silver energy encased his both hands, forming a gold magic circle in front of them which bore a chromatic beam that ripped through the air; hitting the rift directly.


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Kazimir Seiryu
The battlefield change in an instant. LeeAnn was upfront ready to slash into the portal, but Jolyn encountered a problem. She pushed through the pain as blood streaked down her leg but a horde of goblins arrived to pray upon her.

Kazimir landed in the open path, they created and landed somewhere between Jolyne and Theo. "You okay?" He asked concerned and ready to help Jolyne as the Holy Knight charged forward with resolve radiating from him and brought down a spell that sent the horde scattering.

Theo stood before the rift and LeeAnn yelled out from a treetop to all attack the rift. Kazimir circled his arms once more, wanting to destroy the menace that came at the base of LeeAnn's tree but knowing the greater threat was the portal for now.

When Theo made his way over he asked an odd question about a voice or hearing something. He seemed confused but the situation escalated with the call to arms from LeeAnn to strike the portal.

Kazimir moved closer to Theo, standing side by side. "I don't know about any voice, but we're in this together. This is the plan we have, so let's blow up that portal and try to put an end to this," he said with a sense of resolve in his voice. He was worried about the rift not closing too but he kept it inside. This was their only plan and they would make it happen.  

He circled his arms and with a thrust of his hand, a torrent of wind whirled around the portal as LeeAnn finished her slash. His eyes resolute while making sure LeeAnn was safe from the area attack. As Their attacks hit it in unison, he waited to see if the threat ended.

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Jolyne Atreides

"Yeah nah I got a while before I start disassociating from the pain, thanks for the concern guys” Jolyne smiled as she reflected on how the actions of her fellow Mages allowed her to clean up relatively few goblins. Though she had lied to the others, she was already disassociating controlling her body from just outside of it through an awkward view and the pain keeping that view from tunneling as the focus kept her consciousness attached to her body and kept her awake.  

The spells hitting the rift looked really pretty but the thing that allowed her to think she had begun to slip besides the out of body perception was the fact that she swore she saw something peering back at her from the void. Jolyne was unsure if it had one eye or more eyes than she could count, it seemed to morph rapidly which helped fuel her assumption about this.

Well only one thing to do, bring the self back into the self Jolyne thought to herself as she stomped her left foot onto the ground at a slow but increasing tempo allowing herself to grab her focus even more and brace herself for anything that would happen next. Truthfully she had about thirty minutes of usefulness and about two hours of being able to move left.


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