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DAHLIA---> ORCHIDIA [WALKING] Empty on Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:35 pm

Well that was a fun night. But there was a time for fun and time for work. Right now it was time to work. Caius had gotten a letter from one of his many contacts in the underworld that he was set to go to Orchida for his next business venture. This was going to be fun. Caius first headed out and he would go to the store. He was hoofing it the whole way so he needed some energy if you know what I mean. IT was time to get some snacks. Caius walked into the store and started getting some supplies. He got some snack mix, some water, some beer, some chips, some hot dogs, more beer, some energy drinks, some bread, some more beer, vodka, and whiskey. He said it was going to be a fun trip not a healthy one. Caius decided he would play nice today and would bring it all up to the counter. He would then reach in his pants and then he would reach into his wallet and then he would take that wallet and then he would pull out the money in that wallet and then he would hand that money from the wallet and then the cashier would take the money from the wallet and then Caius would get his receipt and then he would take the groceries to his bag and then he would put all the supplies in his dufflebag and then he would zip it up and then he would throw the dufflebag over his shoulder and then he would start to walk to the exit of the town and then he would set off for his destination which was going to be Orchidia for his business ventures.

Caius was humming the song that he heard at the coffee shop the other day where he met another member of Red Hades. That woman he captuered would sell for a high price for sure. That's one of the contact's he was meeting over in Orchidia. Though he owned most of the streets in Dahila, he had a small footprint in the world right now. He needed to expand. Caius drank a bottle of a sports drink as he reached the half way point of the journey. Man it sucked. He was regretting going on foot and he should have got a cab or a horse or a train or something. Dahila was just a beat down trash city so there wasn't much of an option. I mean being a drug dealer in slaver probably helped with the cities declined but he wasn't giving that up. That was his hobby. But man next time he was goign to steal some horeses along with the people for his collection. It was a few days and a few nights that passed but he finally made it. once he arrived in Orchidia he would go to the most fancy hotel they had and kick open the doors. It was time to relax after that trip from hell. he walked up to the receptionist and would toss a wad of jewels on the counter and demanded the top suite. He gave her a wink as she would get some lackys to pick up his bags and then they would take the bags and take them to the eleveator and then take them to hsi room. Caius started talking to the receptionist to get to know her better before she had to take the next customers. She was primt target material. Caius was too exahusted to try anythign so he would and he would then sleep in his room until the next day. He felt some strange shit was a bout to go down.


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