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Dahlia to Orchidia [Walking]

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Dahlia to Orchidia [Walking] Empty on Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:23 pm

Ianthe packed a few things as she got herself ready to travel to Orchidia. Dahlia was fun and all but she needed to gain some new customers for her ringmaster and perhaps dabble into the slavery trade in order to maybe get on Caius's better side. She had become numb to the act of it all and last night's carnal adventure with him was starting to have a lasting effect, because she wanted more. Pulling on a pair of blue jeans, a white tube top, and a pair of white sneakers she was cute and ready to go. Pinning her hair up in a cute bun and throwing her items in a backpack, Ianthe took off from the town at the crack of dawn to at least have some sunlight guide her.

The next town over was Magnolia. It was a town not as shady as Dahlia but because most of it's economy relies on outsiders brining in money, some shady things tend to happen there frequently.  This didn't bother Ianthe as she would be passing on through. Most of the time she would stop at each town to restock and rest but she didn't have time for that, she needed to get to orchidia and quick. More information trickled in about the ruckus in Orchidia, Ianthe could overhear people talking about it, even in Magnolia.

Era was next on the list of towns on her way to orchidia. Ianthe had gotten a heads up about something potentially worth investing her time in. She wouldn't stop in this town either, especially not in this town. Era was council territory and it was asking for trouble if she stuck around. She wouldn't even stop to restock but she knew she would have to do so in the next town of Crocus, which was no better than Era seeing as it was the capital of fiore.

By the time she made it to Crocus she was beyond exhausted. She knew she wouldn't be able to rest again until she got to orchidia which was just past seighart mountians. She had run out of food, water, and needed a good bath. Checking out the amount of jewels she had, Ianthe was satisfied that it was enough to stay for at least a day before moving along. Apparently many people were making their way to Orchidia, as news of demons and the like were spreading fear in the people. It seemed like it was going to take more than Rune Knights and the Holy Knights to get this thing under control.

At this rate she knew wide spread panic would take over the country. Renting out a small room with what she had, Ianthe began to take inventory of her items. She was running low on her medicine but that was fine, she could make it until she got to her destination where more awaited her. She needed more food and possibly some medical supplies. Frowning to herself slightly she wished she had someone to go on this little trip with. Flopping on the bed and pulling out a vile of that good, good she quickly went to work snorting the stuff up both her nose. In an instant she went from " ugh " to " ahh " the world was so much better now and then she was sleep. She didn't know how long she was out for but as soon as she woke up she continued on her journey, restocking as she went. It didn't take too much longer to reach her destination but once she did she set up shop in a nicer little inn with a plan to find out what in the world was actually going on in Orchidia.


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