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Hargeon to Magnolia [Foot Travel - Adriano/Idran]

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#1Adriano Knightingale 

Hargeon to Magnolia [Foot Travel - Adriano/Idran] Empty Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:31 pm

Adriano Knightingale
Demons, huh? Just where exactly did they come from?

The brunette was following behind his short companion, walking through the streets of Hargeon and moving very quickly towards the outskirts. News of Orchidia getting attacked was certainly unexpected, as sudden as anything could be. Therefore the decision to join in on the battle, well, it was last minute and quite frankly very rash. Idran would be the type do such things. That was just part of the man’s character. Adriano though? He almost couldn’t believe it himself.

But memories of the past never ceased to keep appearing. Fire, bodies, fire, bodies, cloaks, his mother dead on the—

No. Stop the thoughts. There was no need to go that deep, no need.

He wasn’t sure of the cause, wasn’t sure if there would be cultists behind it or not. He highly doubted that would be the case, but one could never be too sure in this beautifully terrifying world. A small part of Adriano hoped that the demons and the figures of his nightmares (the cultists) were unrelated, especially when he could already feel his blood boiling, red and hot. He took in a deep breath and then slowly released it. Calm down.

Ah, now they were finally getting close to Dahlia. That was good, there was still plenty of daylight and that would be enough to pass through and get to Magnolia, hopefully. He’s never tried being in Dahlia when the moon was high, and based on the stories he’s heard in the past, he would not try just yet anyhow. But yet was the keyword, for there was a curiosity within him that he knew would have to be sated eventually. Maybe once he became stronger, he would return and witness the ghosts and vampires with his own two eyes.

Regardless, the danger didn’t stop him from admiring the city’s architecture in broad daylight. He kept his walking pace brisk, but his eyes were hungry, soaking everything in around him. Unfortunately, they had somewhere to be, so they did not stay long.

Not much time passed until Magnolia came into view, causing Adriano’s stomach to do flips from all the stress. Fighting. Killing? Would he have to? The mage’s jaw locked and his green eyes narrowed. No, he refused, he’d only subdue them, force the demons to a point where they had no other options. Idran could deal with anything that resulted in death.

Speaking of his companion, perhaps Adriano should stop occupying himself with his own thoughts so often. He was positive that if Idran were to be speaking to him during the entirety of their journey, he wouldn’t have heard a word. Oops.




Hargeon to Magnolia [Foot Travel - Adriano/Idran] JPCoz4O
#2Idran Alfius 

Hargeon to Magnolia [Foot Travel - Adriano/Idran] Empty Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:31 pm

Idran Alfius
Demons. That's all Idran could think about. For as long as he had been traveling he wished to encounter enemies, who could help Idran move forwards in his quest to become stronger. Not as if Idran would ask the demons for help, he never spoke demonese or whatever language the demons spoke. No, he planned to only crush any demon that appeared before him. Into the ground. With his fist. Like his father taught him.

Idran's eyes soften at the thought of his father. He missed him, wondering where he was. Maybe he would find him at Orchidia, Idran would show the old man how much he had grown. He knew exactly what to do, He would find the old man at Orchidia, challenge him to a game of Demon Destroyers (Trademarked by Idran in the last 3 seconds), and win. Idran chuckled to himself, Idran knew he would win against the old man, then the old man would have to teach Idran everything he knew. His mind replayed the memories they had together just before they went off to live with the rest of Idran's family.

"Eh? What do you mean no?!?!" The 6-year-old Idran pouted with his biggest puppy eyes he had attempted it yet. "I'm your heir papa! Please teach me so I can carry on your legacy!"

Idran was proud of himself, he had come up with these big words all by himself...and his mother of course. There was no way his father could say no "No." Darn.

How could his father resist Idran's special move, the angel-puppy eyes?! No one could ever resist it, not even his mother! Of course! Idran realized that this must be the power of his father! Idran stared at his father with his eyes showing pride and awe, much to his parent's confusion. Idran's awe turned to fire as he made his first challenge to his father "If I win you have to teach me everything!" Idran stood atop his chair and pointed, declaring his very first challenge.

His father laughed.


Idran snapped out of it before the entrance to Magnolia. He was shocked by what a fast walk that was. Of course, it makes sense, only his parents were able to make time fly like that.


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