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❈Sage Elm❈

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Sage Elm

10/17/X769 (19)



✧Ethnicity, Father✧

✧Ethnicity, Mother✧




Holy Knights

Left Chest, Above the Heart, Gold

Nagisa Hazuki -Free!


1.65 meters

60 kg



Sage is a teenager growing into an adult but he still has a baby face which often comes along with a warm smile. His eyes are uniquely magenta in color which isn't found among the common, his hair is wavy and its color is honey-blonde. His hair is thick and long enough to cover his forehead and his pointed ears. His body is lean and his soleus muscle is highlighted but little scars from cut wounds can be found on different part of his body except for his face due to his sword training. He can be found wearing anything that's comfortable unless he is forced into it.

Scars all over his body. Ears are pointed.


Sage is often warm and kind to his surroundings but he change completely in a battle. He accepts losing but he will try everything in his will to win in some sort of way. He is quite shy but puts a smile on almost everyday. He face his problems by thinking about it first before acting on impulse but if things gets out of hand and needs quick thinking he will usually trust his heart rather than his brain. He talks with a calm tone and likes serene things. He would be uncomfortable sitting in the same room as people arguing with each other but a mature professional debates is different.

He treats people he is comfortable with on another level, wanting the best for them. He is quick-witted and can see through tricks easily. He can solve puzzle and memorize faster than the average human. He likes to study and will often spend his extra time in the library absorbing as much knowledge as he could. He is rather curious of the world around him. He respects others even though they don't, he doesn't look at one from a personal view rather a wide branch of perspectives often resulting into daydreaming. He likes to drink tea as it makes the body feel tranquil. He also enjoys a quiet environment but music is different. He loves to blast his earphone with music, the harmony in it is something he cannot close his eyes to, often sometimes dancing to it when he is comfortable with the environment.

Amidst all the nice traits he has, there is always two sides to a coin. He can be cunning at will and sweet talk or charm others to get what he wants, which might result in the person doubting his real feelings. He can use at times intellect to spar with others and avoid responsibilities. He can analyze and adapt to a situation with ease, again winning others is an easy task for him, he can be quite manipulative too.

Overall, he is very kind and nice to people. His intellect is one of his greatest weapon and he can socialize in very easily even though he is a little bit shy at first. He loves serenity but will never turn down a duel.

Duels: The adrenaline rush he gains from it is a form of pleasure to him.
Sweetness: It is either the sugar or the affections of others, he can't stop his blushing even to a single wink.

Discord: He have a hard time thinking in discord and so his stress level will increase.
Crowds:He doesn't like to be touch by a complete stranger and the loud noises.

Loved Ones: He has nothing in his life but the people he love, might even give his life just to protect them.
Righteousness: He would fight with all his might to fight for what's right, but not as in what's right according to law, but the intent's purity of rightness.

Alone: He is afraid that one day he will be all alone with no one to go to and no one who understand and cares for him.
Chaos: It is his nightmare for everything to be treated unequally and everything to be out of order, it is his final wish ever.


✧Magic Name✧
The Enlightened

✧Magic Element✧

✧Magic Description✧
The Enlightened Magic allows the user to manifest light energy inside them and boost their attributes. This magic is another variant of light magic but focuses solely on buffing oneself. The user is capable of using only self-buff spells.

The user chants a few words or move his arms in a way and a golden magic circle will form beneath him, glowing in a bright shade of yellow, his body will then have a bright yellow aura around it indicating that his attributes has been boosted.


Sage is a half-elf born in Caelum. His father is Dexter, a human borned also on Caelum but his mother, Elaine, is a wood elf from Fiore. Their love for each other was considered as forbidden by the other wood elves and she was cast out of Athalran for her whole life when she returned with a baby half-elf in carriage.

She then lived with Dexter in Caelum where then Sage is born. He was named after the sage plant that grows lavishly around their house. Also with the intent for their child to be a wise person and can make the right decisions. He was raised by them for a few years in Caelum happily. They didn't send him to school though as his ears was pointed and they were afraid for his social issues. Instead they thought him the way of the farmland and his father thought him on using the swords, starting off by using sticks.

When he grew older he visited the library once as he started to like to read books. While he was searching for a good novel to bring back home he saw a group of people sitting on a table, papers and books were everywhere and they were whispering at each other as if they were discussing something. He peeked in a little as he was curious of what they were doing. He tried to read the content and make out the image as he hadn't seen anything like it before. The group started to notice him and suddenly all of them were looking at him. Sage noticed this and looked back at all of them, his face innocent as always. He then asked of what they were doing. The group grew interest on him and started to introduce to him about math, physics, literature and many more. They became close friends and when they are off at school Sage will go to the library and started off his own studying, keeping up with the lessons and the knowledge he missed out from his childhood. During the evening he will meet them at the library and simply hang out. At one point Sage started to teach them instead of the concepts they don't understand even though he was younger than all of them.

After his friends graduated he met them less and less until at one point he had no contact with them at all. But he kept studying as he was very passionate of the knowledge there was waiting for him to discover them. When he reached 16 he asked his parents permission for him to travel the world as he wants to know what other knowledge there is out there. Their parents warmly approved and he left the next day. He sailed to Fiore and started to learn magic and religions, cultures and histories. At the age of 18 he had traveled all 13 countries, be it legally or illegally, he had experience of seeing its people and cultures, also the knowledge exclusively found there. He then returned to Fiore and realized that most of the countries served the God Illumin. He became instantly curious and started his study on the religion. He visited the church often and asked many questions about the religion. Months after months he knows every single priest there was in Fiore. He started his rituals and began to practice the teachings of Illumin. One day he was offered to be a holy knight.

He instantly accepted the offer, knowing their history and the great things the holy knights have done. He simultaneously learnt magic. He learnt light magic and began to train with it. He also kept training with his sword, dueling here and there.


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❈Refunds & Reclaims❈

Refunding Woodland Queen Magic (1 000 000 Jewels)
Refunding Woodland Wyvern's Armor (500 000 Jewels)
Reclaiming Half-Elf

❈Attribute Reallocation❈

✧Total Points✧
160 + 15 (Character Race Perk)

Strength: 31
Speed: 31
Endurance: 21
Constitution: 61
Intelligence: 31

❈Other Changes❈


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This character application has been approved.

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