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Xandra Queen

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Xandra Queen


Name: Xandra Queen

Age: 21 | 15th June, X766

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi-curious

Ethnicity, Father: Bellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Bellan

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Rank: A-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: On the side of her right thigh in emerald green.

Face: Ruby Zhao - Age Matters


Height: 5"7/170 cm

Weight: 58 kgs/127 lbs

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Emerald Green

Overall: Xandra has an apparent thin and slender physique which complements her height but underneath her clothing are her visibly toned muscles. Her long legs and hourglass figure are often an eye-catcher. She has long pink hair that extend till her waist, often let loose, with shorter strands that hug her heart-shaped face. Her lilac eyes are small and end with a slit which make her long, thick dark eyelashes quite visible. Her eyebrows are usually covered by the hair that falls over her forehead in the form of bangs. Her rather light skin tone also has the tendency to make her plump pink lips stand out quite a bit.

Extra: 3 ear piercings on each ear, a small rose tattoo right below her right collarbone and two scars forming an 'X' on the left side of her abdomen.


Personality: Xandra is a rather interesting person who stays cooped up inside her own little world which is sheltered by her silence. Her face is often expressionless and her words sometimes seem domineering. To her, silence is perhaps the only form of communication that she had once mastered. Xandra was not someone who expresses her emotions or opinions, or rather, it is more appropriate to say that she simply doesn't know how to. She doesn't know how to smile because she's never found a reason to and she doesn't know how to cry as because she's been taught not to. However, her life failed to stay safe enough to being intruded upon by others which influenced her to change. Who she once was felt like a different person altogether. She is now more capable of expressing her feelings, especially rage. She is still quite awkward when having to display any form of affection but the most drastic change that befell her as she grew was the will to speak out. She now speaks out whenever she wishes and says what she wants. No longer does she answer with a low voice, but now holds herself with the confidence of a woman she wishes to become. Her once monotonous voice is now capable of carrying emotions which also helps her in battle. Strategies and instincts are what she relies on in order to win battles.

Her habit of displaying minor emotions through slight muscle contractions from her body refused to die. When frustrated, her left pinky finger tends to twitch uncontrollably and her eyes narrow further. When happy, she plays with her hands and when sad, she cracks her fingers. Xandra is more or less like a child who doesn't know how to ask for the things she wants, rather she works towards getting them herself. It is because of crude perosnality and occasional blunt remarks that she sometimes doesn't get along with people. However, she also believes that not everyone is worthy of friendship; real friends will come along the way. She was always someone who was good at reading people and does notice that her remarks do often hurt people, but she just doesn't know how to apologize when she feels like she should. She would never lie unless she felt necessary and she always prefers to be straightforward. Faking complements and buttering up people was never her thing.

On the inside, however, Xandra is a very shy person. She doesn't want to be loved by everyone but she also doesn't want to be hated. She tends to feel insecure and lonely sometimes and does wish that she had someone who she was close enough to and could be more expressive towards. Although she can't put it in words, she is someone who admires those who are strong and righteous. She silently observes them and learns from them. The entire concept of justice is beautiful to her and she fights hard to see it come into light one day. One day, she wishes to be someone who can face all her problems head on without fearing anything at all, she wishes to become someone who can fight for what she believes is right and stand proud and that's what she's working towards becoming. She is also very confident in her actions; hesitation has never hit her. Hence, she also makes mistakes with confidence and later feels embarrassed on the inside, but shows her impenetrable rock-hard cover on the outside.

More than relying on her magic, Xandra is someone who relies on her physical capabilities in battles and only tends to use her magic when she deems someone worthy enough to be fought with using her complete focus. As her dependence on her physical strength is quite a lot, she trains hard, alone everyday, even if it's for a little, to improve her skills. Moreover, she actually likes to exercise and train her body as she finds it to be a good way to relieve her stress and frustration. She feels that people should be able to push their limits for what they want because she knows that you can't obtain something you want if you don't work hard for it which is also why when she sees someone fighting, she just observes and only intrudes when she thinks it might be necessary.


  • Training: Xandra enjoys training and improving her physical skills as she often uses her fists.
  • Food: As someone who regularly spends time doing physically exhausting tasks, she has a habit of eating a lot, not only for the energy gained, but also because she adores delicious food.
  • Nature: She is a lover of nature. Xandra feels oddly calm when alone in nature, which could be something as simple as watching the sunset above the ocean.


  • Ignorance: Arrogance is still something which she can bear with, but ignorance is not. She dislikes ignorant people with a passion, especially those who choose to act ignorant.
  • Feigned Expressions: Xandra absolutely hates it when people feign their expression, especially expressions of happiness or sadness. She believes that if someone were to show expressions, they shouldn't be fake.
  • Overreactions: To her, overreactions are considered downright irritating.


  • Justice: She works hard everyday in order to bring justice and equality to those living.
  • Being Appreciated: Xandra isn't desperate to be loved, she does however, want to be appreciated for her hard work.


  • Cowardice: Xandra fears becoming a coward in midst of battle. The thought of having worked hard in order to overcome obstacles and then being afraid to fight is rather daunting.
  • Temptation: She fears that she may be tempted to give into her negative emotions and forget all the reasons she made her strive to work hard.


Magic Name: Neptune's Ardor

Magic Element: Water

Magic Description: Neptune's Ardor is a magic that allows the user to manipulate water in order to use buffing spells. The user is able to manipulate the water within their body without any side-effects and may concentrate in limbs in order to enhance their physical capabilities. When the magic is being used, the veins in the limbs protrude and are tinted with a pink hue, making them very evident to the eye. The magic originated from the belief that Neptune's rage makes him more powerful physical hence it allows the user to intensify their attributes.



Year X763 was when a series of robberies started occurring among the rich. Many people hid their possessions and required mage protections during the extravagant balls that they hosted, in order to protect their precious belongings from "The Night Hunter", a group of thieves who stole and then disappeared off the face of the earth as if they didn't exist. Finding them, or even tracing their whereabouts had become difficult as they were small in number, but had attained very high skills. They were led by a beautiful woman named Adrienna García  who deceived people with her looks. Her long raven hair and emerald eyes were an absolute eye-catcher; nobody could escape her charm. She robbed the rich and distributed half of the stolen good to the poor and kept the rest for herself and her subordinates. Adrienna, often called García  by her followers, hated the rich with passion. She hated the fact that they stayed rich and stingy and looked down upon the poor. She hated the fact that they used the poor to attain money. She believed that all who were rich were arrogant and miserly when it was about anything but themselves.

On the other hand, born with a diamond spoon in his mouth was Leonardo Queen. He was looked upon as perfection by young maidens and older ladies who wished for him to become their son-in-law. It was as if he had no flaw; he was talented in languages, music, arts and combat. With unique pink hair, a tall figure and a gentle smile, indeed he was a perfect man. However, underneath all that exterior lay a young man who wanted nothing but freedom. A young man who knew about the overworked slaves that were used as a source of income for his family, and detested it. Although he was rich, it was unfortunate that he could not do anything to help those who had suffered because of the greed of his family. He just wanted to get out of there and live a happy and a free life; a life where he would not have to flash fake smiles at women who looked at him as if he was a delicious piece of meat, a life where he could do what he liked instead of having to learn about business and economics, a life where he would not be obliged to listen to anyone or follow anyone's offer.

It was one fateful day that García  and her crew slipped into the large castle which was bustling with people who danced and chatted away, drowning the sounds of gold chains and coins clashing against each other as they were being stolen. They moved their bags of gold and cash towards the nearest window near which unconscious guards lay after being knocked down by the thieves. Yet another robbery which was a success or so they thought. Being the leader, García  took it upon herself to ensure the safe escape of her comrades and the goods but it was unfortunate that as she was about to jump out, a hand grabbed her forearm; she was caught by none other than Leonardo Queen. All she could do now was push him and make a run for it, but for some reason, he didn't resist. He didn't call for help and just stood there staring at her as she was about to escape.

It was at that moment when guards began gathering around them, sounding the alarm and yelling at her to surrender. It was at the spur of the moment that she grabbed his hand and jumped out of the window. He was surprised but followed through with her as they both escaped on her black stallion. This was his chance to escape. He felt a sense of thrill and joy at that moment and grabbed onto her as they rode away from the guards and escaped into the woods. He could finally see the light he had been hoping to see. That was the start of their story. Leonardo Queen, the rich boy of the town, joined a bunch of thieves and eventually married the woman whom he came to love, the woman who saved him from his misery. It was three years after their fated encounter that Adrienna gave birth to a young girl who was born with bright pink hair and emerald green eyes.

However, misfortune seemed to follow the couple soon. Before they even named their child, their den was attacked by knights who caught them for the sake of 'justice' believing that this group were the ones who were bad. Considered criminals, every member of the crew present there was massacred and killed on the spot. It was Adrienna's quick thinking and trust on one of her subordinated that saved the life of the young girl as her comrade took her child and ran away into hiding while she and her husband, died holding hands and wishing that they could have lived long enough to see their daughter grow up into a woman.

X766 - X785

The young girl, given the name Xandra Queen grew up in a small cottage towards the outskirts of Fiore where she had moved from Bellan and lived in disguise as the daughter of Alexander Dreier, who was a loyal and trustworthy friend and comrade of her parents, but now, was a simple woodcutter who sold wood in town. Of course she knew he wasn't her real father, but she treated him as her parents nonetheless. She was always quiet yet confident and never complained about her situation. Even though she loved Alexander as a father, after being told the story of her parents, she became distant and less expressive of her emotions. She harbored hatred towards the rich and towards Knights who were wrapped around the fingers of the government.

Alexander trained Xandra every day, he taught her how to rely on herself and her physical strength in situations and how to not trust anyone. Unintentionally, he managed to make her lose trust in anyone she encountered. When she turned twelve, he passed away from sickness. The young girl now had nowhere to go so she ventured into the town which was brimming with people. As she grew older in the midst of these people, she realized that not all who are rich and that not all Knights are bad people. In fact, after an occurrence where a knight saved her from starvation and provided her shelter, she found herself wanting to become one of them. She found herself wanting to reveal the unfair death of her parents and she found herself wanting to fight for what she truly believed justice was. Hence, she worked her way up the ladder in the Knights. She struggled, with social interactions, with jobs, with following orders but she somehow pulled through. However, after the assassination of the King of Fiore, changes were brought that she wished to implement. It felt as if she lost her reason to stay with the Rune Knights but still realized, that it was somehow fun. During her time, she was so pre-occupied with her own thoughts and feelings to know that she was having fun and slowly, but surely changing. She was becoming more open, more expressive and somehow, happier.

X785 - X787

After changes were brought within Fiore, or rather while they were being brought, Xandra had decided to accomplish the task she longed for. Yes, being around people had provided a feeling of happiness. However, she needed some time alone, some time to find a new goal, some time to become stronger and some time to fix herself as a person. She wanted to explore and that's what she did. The female travelled around towns and met new people during the first six months but things soon began to take a turn and that too, for the worse when she landed in her country of origin: Bellum.

In the beginning, it fascinated her as she looked at the people. They were different but similar, it was like a unique experience of belonging. However, as her curiosity about her parents and their lives strengthened, she discovered things that she was probably better off not knowing, things that changed her feelings about the place and of course, about her parents. In her attempts to dig deep such as asking people around or making acquaintances with connections so that they would help her get her hands on files that she wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

As she read about her parents, things began to seem strange. It felt like there were holes in the story she had grown up to believe, in the story that she was told. So she did what she never thought she would do, she began to doubt Alexander, she began to doubt her own parents. Xandra wanted to know more so she dug deeper and found clues leading to other clues until the entire puzzle pieced together perfectly and she realized: everything she believed was a lie.

It turned out that the love story she believed was all a lie. Her father, despite having loved her mother, was secretly trying to catch her and get her thrown behind bars. Similarly, her mother was not as nice as she Xandra had expected. She was after all, a thief, and not one who distributed to the poor. She was a selfish thief. Adrianna was after his money and even went as far as to give birth to an unwanted child simply for that purpose and in the end, she killed him. She killed her own husband, the man she claimed to love and was later shot down by the Knights.

She then realized that the only reason she was still alive was because of Alexander who took pity on her and escaped with her. To give her, what he assumed would be a peace of mind, he lied about her parents and made it appear to be a tragically beautiful story when it was in fact, a tale of two horrible humans who were willing to take lives and play with hearts to get what they wanted.

Disgusted with herself and the magic she possessed, which was close to what her mother had, she felt the urge to abandon it, to get rid of it. But she didn't know how. So she returned to the only place she remembered as home; a tiny cottage at the outskirt of the country where Alexander used to live. Unexpectedly, she met an old man there who claimed to be Alexander's friend, who claimed that her non-biological father knew she would return and she would need his help.

After a while, she gave in. She couldn't handle the disgust any longer and wanted to purify herself, and start by getting rid of the magic, getting rid of Raijin. It was tough, but the elderly man appeared to be wise and knowledgeable in magic. He brought it out, he made her powerless, he brought her days of pain and agony and yet, managed to bring her peace. Then, he did what she never expected him to do, he taught her a new magic. A magic that originated from the beliefs of Bellan people. The next one and a half years passed by so quick as she trained every day, rigorously, without a break. It was a hard magic to master and in fact, she still hadn't completely mastered it but she knew she could. However, it seemed that her days of misfortune hadn't ended yet as the elder man soon passed away due to his old age and she could only thank him in his grave, for giving her peace and giving her hope.

Reference: N/A.

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Xandra Queen
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: God Soul Magic: Raijin | Refund
  • Weapon: Hidan's Scythe | Refund
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: Human
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 286 (including Human Perk and AP from ranking up to A)

  • Strength: 80
  • Speed: 64
  • Endurance: 70
  • Constitution: 61
  • Intelligence: 11

Other Changes

  • Aura: Seated's Might
  • Faction Title: Seated
  • Faction Level: 2

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Akira Shimada
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