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Training between Knights [Training/Kon/Private]

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#1Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
Ren felt he had only come to Orchidia but had managed to find a hotel to stay in. He had grown bored of the barracks in Orchidia. It was fairly lucky he thought. It was relatively clean and had a comfy bed. Ren was still in bed having a dream, well nightmare.

Ren was running, running, but he was not sure from what. he knew something was following his, something demonic. he knew he could not look back because if he did he would be screwed. The temptation was compelling his to but he could not make himself. Instead he kept running. Now he was getting tired it felt as if he was running forever. But still he had to keep going, despite the burning in his legs, his thighs calves all his legs. The road in front of his was getting darker and he could not see anything any more, but he kept running. Now his upper body was tiring. His arms throbbing his chest on fire, his head beginning to go dizzy from the lack of oxygen. It was impossible to keep running but he had to try. What ever was behind his was not going to stop so he had to, just a little bit longer. Or so he thought. Suddenly Ren felt his ankle connect with something and he fell head first into the abyss. Meanwhile in the real world Ren was struggling in his bead, casting random spells to try and escape from his nightmare.

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Hot sweat steamed off his body as he exercised in the cold room shirtless with each push up a loud exhale could be heard as muscles strained from the constant effort he put them under as he trained his body daily from the crack of dawn all while he released his holy abilities allowing those to blossom just the same. He knew it would soon be time for breakfast with the sun turning the sky a deep red as it rose while its light seeped into the window exposing the holy knight to the outside. Leaving the cold, hard sandstone floor, he reached for a cloth on the wooden table at the far side of the room. Using the white cotton rag he wiped off the excess sweat before moving to an open barrel filled with water freshly draw from an overhanging tap. This near freezing point liquid was promptly thrown onto him purposefully drawing it on top of himself using his free hand. The change in temperature was a sharp contrast sending shivers down his spine. Now rid of most of his sweat Konstantin wiped down the excess water then began to dress to meet with the priests. The priest had become increasingly alarmed about events that were taking place around Orchidia and with good reason having already performed an exorcism here himself just only a few days ago.


#3Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
For a brief moment his body stopped throbbing in pain, but only for a moment. Instead of being sore fear now struck his to his very soul. from the darkness he seen two eyes of the brightest red glimmer in the darkness. It was huffing too from all the running. From the two big eyes that was in front of his two smaller eyes opened on top of it. "Finally you stopped. It was about time" The smaller of the two eyes said. he sounded as if he was from brooklyn. The larger eyes now coming closer to Ren. he could feel his moist breath against Renk whole body as it came closer. Ren scurried away trying to get away but it was no use, it was as if he was being held to the ground by something. he wanted to wake up so badly "No this is a dream!" he shouted to the figure. The figure only laughed in his demonic brooklyn ish tone. "HAHAHA. Like i will let that happen. Now Red-Eyes Black dragon, Burn this mortal in heaven's Flame! FLAMING BLACK METEOR BLAST" The figure roared as the huffing of the dragon stopped and opened up its mouth. Ren Tried to use his magic to stop but nothing worked. A hot humid heat could be felt as the dragon did this. A Burning ball then appeared in the mouth of the dragon. Its eyes and the smaller eyes of the figure shined red as the ball came and fired at Ren. Ren felt the ball collide with his as it burned and singed every part of his in a dark burning flame. The heat was unbearable, boiling and unrelenting. Back in the real world Ren was breaking out in a sweat while trying to cast more spells in the hope of retaliating whatever he was dreaming.

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Training between Knights [Training/Kon/Private] BWhZdfi

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Still being rather cold and a man of formality, he donned his entire knight attire along with his coat given to him by the Holy Knights who had blessed it for him boosting his abilities against those that would otherwise hurt society primarily races of the night such as vampires, lycan and even the occasional Daemon if needed. Fortunately outside of the occasional mission in the outskirts he hadn’t needed it however he sensed that would be able to change. Putting on the thick furry coat, he left the room and moved through the corridor into the main chamber of the church. It was humble in appearance which though it had the walls covered in painted glass depicting conflicts between angels and demons, the churches other decorations were nowhere near the scale of the Crocus Cathedral which was heavily adorned with difficult to find minerals and jewels. He much preferred spending time in these churches rather than those of larger towns and cities finding the use to be wasteful and a disgrace when it could be used to help the poor. Holding his tongue about the matter as he past one of the priests whom he nodded to as he was consoling a grieving elderly woman. “Who had she lost?” Konstantin thought to himself. “Perhaps her husband or child?” It was none of his business but it was something he always thought about.

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#5Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
All Ren could hear was the laugh of the man as he burned up. he could not see anything but the flaming red eyes of the dragon and his. But was that a tear he could see in the larger dragon's eye? And what a mundane name, Red-eyes black dragon, i mean that was just stating the obvious. Soon Ren realised he was no longer burning up in fact he was fine, but he knew he was still not awake yet.

Ren opened his soft azure eyes and was almost blinded by the light. It was the opposite to wise he had been. Instead of a complete dark and unknowing area he was in an area that looked like old musty ruins. It was extremely bright with the sun. Ren could see a few old yellowish pillars that were dusty and beginning to crumble. he noticed that he was standing in the middle of the area. the ground below his was paved in rocks that were all cracked crumbling and like gravel. Ren wondered why the hell he was and if he was even sleeping any more. he did a quick survey of the area. This was nothing but these ruiny looking place covered in a dusty sand like dust. Ren began to walk forward on the crumbled stone path. It seemed like it was leading somewhere. Ren continued to cast spells in his sleep.

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It was not just the elderly woman that seem preoccupied with their grieve it seemed that with each passing day that more and more individuals were entering the church in the hopes that the priests could comfort them and protect them from took their family members. While the increase in popularity for Illumin was a good thing, the idea that evil had forced them to find solace in the churches was not what he was hoping for. He wanted people to be entering the church and believing in Illumin through their own free will rather than using it as a final measure. His hopes were somewhat ironic given that he wasn’t the most religious person in his own right sure he had been blessed, even graced with Illumin but he still had a firm stance towards science and viewing it as the more influencing thing as while these gods could bend things to their will they couldn’t change fixed fundamentals that regulated Earthland such as it’s overall gravity, what it meant to be hot or cold, wet and dry. These were things that could be changed their definitions were set. Leaving the church, he looked around him seeing the bustling street around him it seemed in spite of the ever-worsening rumors that the everyday community still wanted to go about their business as if nothing was happening.


#7Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
After walking on the crumbled stone path for about what felt like an hour he met some stairs. he wondered if his legs could take it from all the running he did from that Red eyed black dragon but then he noticed that they were no longer throbbing and burning, but perfect. And so was his upper body no throbbing or burning or nausea. Ren began to walk up the steps. As he did he noticed some chips and cracks in them. It was weird these ruins must be really old. as Ren reaches the top of the stairs these was a temple. Not really sure what to do Ren Entered. The second he entered the door shut behind his sealing his in. Ren was now scared again. The ruins were musty and humid, but worst of all bitch black, and he could not use his magic still. The darkness did not last as torches on the wall lit up leading to a room at the end. hesitant at first Ren began walking towards the said room in hopes of an exit. As he walked he noticed strange inscriptions on the wall. Some of animals and other of people or a mixture of both. Those were even some weird symbols of bowls and cups and other various things. Ren reached the end of the tunnel to the room which did not have an exit. Instead it had stone tablets with other symbols on them. Ren went closer to examine them. The one in the middle had two people who looked important, They had monsters and people flying overhead, they looked strong and fearsome. Ren was growing increasingly agitated in bed, still casting spells, turning his room into a small storm hoping to break free of this nightmare.

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The greatest difficulty about things still being so normal was being able to get around anywhere with the new year having ended and the community starting up again to organize the start of this years showing that would be taking place in the coming months. Rather than pushing through the crowds of people while having dozens of eyes hovering over him as he walked, Konstantin demonstrating his heavenly abilities tapped his forehead and immediately was transported far from the church and strangely inside an inn much to the surprise of those inside the building. Apparently, his abilities with longer range teleportation were still lacking, previous efforts had mixed result but it was most likely due to him not having concentrated on a clear location with his stomach seemingly deciding to take him to the inn for him. Clear that he wouldn’t be able to get things done with this rumbling stomach he called for the still startled barkeep for some mead and somewhat hearty from the roster of meals. It appeared that the food was everchanging without a set menu having a chalkboard rather than a list. Today's meals weren’t too appealing but he ate what he was given paying handsomely as he did so before leaving with his drink half full and meal barely touched.


#9Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
The one on the left had some dragon while the one on the right had a man with a wand, probably a wizard of some description. Ren was about to study the others until he heard something behind him. the tunnel behind his had now disappeared as he had turned around and he was now outside again. Ren quickly turned to face the stone tablets again but they had disappeared too. What in the hell was going on?

Ren turned around again but instead of being met by noting, instead he was met by a person coated in blue armor with a sheathed sword standing beside a Pure white dragon with eyes of blue. Suddenly the man spoke "What Business do you have with the Pharaoh's Crypt!" he demanded. Pharaoh? Fiore did not have a pharaoh. Who's the hell am I, the young mage thought. But he knew this guy was a guard, he probably brought his out again. The dragon he had looked familiar too, almost like the dragon with eyes of red but more majestic and way stronger. "I see your silence speaks it all. You are nothing more than a filthy Grave robber! But how you managed to get here, not many can pass the seal." the man said. Ren still tried speaking and casting spells but it only seemed to work in the real world

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His appearance and method of entry in spite of his friendly attitude towards the barkeep had caught the attention of a few of the men in the tavern. These were not the ordinary drunkard that lingered around a simple tavern. No these men were dressed in strange garbs some with noticeable facial scars while others wore their hair in unusual and foreign styles unknown to the Holy Knight. He had sense nothing but spite and hatred from the men as he turned his attention to them. As he wished to avoid any damage to the establishment and avoid any casualties, he motioned to the men in the corner as he made his way outside of the building. His hopes would have whatever grievances that they with Konstantin would not be so great that they’d just ignore common decency and attack him in the tavern. Fortunately, that would be the case with them leaving their seats with noticeable scratches being formed on the stone floor. Leaving the establishment, Konstantin continued his way into the middle of the street while the men too left the tavern. Turning back towards the mysterious men, Kon began to speak first in Fiorian given their location. “What is it that you want?”


#11Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
He almost seemed impressed with Ren. Ren wondered what seal he passed though. he Thought this was all a dream. It was was it not? Ren was about to explain all that had happened, from the dragoon with red eyes to how he was hunted and, killed? he was still unsure himself. But before that the man in blue armour said "Well as impressive as that may be, rats still need to be exterminated especially when they plague us so. Blue Eyes White dragon." he said lifting his hand. As he did the dragon flew into the air. It now took a similar pose to the one inscribed on the stone tablet. And now that he seen it the man in blue armour look a lot like the man underneath. Ren knew he could not run or else it would end like last time, with his running into darkness falling and getting killed, kinda. Ren tried to use magic but all that happened was his eyes were glowing. The man in blue armor then laughed at Ren "HAHAHA, I see you have some skill with magic, but as long as I am sure you are useless!" he said. "Now let me put you out of your Misery! Blue Eyes White Dragon, Finish this pathetic maggot. WHITE LIGHTNING" The man in blue armor commanded the dragon. Ren just sighed at the terrible name. The Dragon's Eyes then shone a brilliant blue along with the man in blue armor. The dragon's mouth then opened and formed an orb of white light. It was fired at Ren. Ren Tried moving but was petrified. The attack came closer and closer , until it his cause an explosion of dust from the ground upon contact. Ren was still trashing about in his bed, casting spells in the hope of waking up.

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Fiorian seemed to have little sway with them saying nothing in return, was this due to their seething hatred towards them or was the language barrier that significant? Rather then continuing on with the futile effort of speaking to them in his non-native language he tried a different approach speaking a more familiar tongue albeit with a cruel past. And so in Boscoi he asked the men what they wanted with Konstantin. “State your business before I cut you down where you stand.” His tone was harsh and cut the men as if the words impacted them directly. It was clear that they had heard of the Holy Knight before and it seemed that his reputation preceded him. The acts he had done throughout his lifetime could be seen as brutal even barbic at times and this is likely the reasoning for this encounter, all the same he was interested to know why they were after him. Evident that there was some leadership in the group, one of the men drew further towards Konstantin by himself speaking in response with a familiar accent and yet one he had not heard for many a year. “Brother, is that really you?” These words resonated with great sorrow, excitement and even happiness. The tone that was used and language clashed significantly with what he felt from the other men. Wanting to probe further Kon questioned the man who claimed to be his brother. “I’m sorry do I know you?”


#13Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
Ren grunted as the lightning hit his frying all his nerves and causing his to be paralyzed within his dream. he lay those on the ground still conscious as the man in blue armor drew closer. "Hmm, why did Blue eyes white dragon hold back...." the man said aloud. he did not know Ren was still conscious. His eyes were closed which concealed it he also stopped his breathing. "This person still needs to be taken care of though. OK Blue eyes white dragon to make sure you do not fail me this time you know what to do." he said to the dragon. It was weird Ren could feel the sadness coming from the dragon, just like the red eyed and black dragon. Ren's thought was just interrupted by The man in blue armor saying "Polymerisation!" As he did Ren could not help but open his eyes. This time he seen three blue eyed white dragons. But they all glowed and merged together. With a flash of white light they had merged together. The dragon now had three heads all as white as the others with eyes a deep blue. "Oh you have awoken, excellent" The man in blue armor said. "Very few get to see my Blue eyes ultimate dragon, i only bring it out in extreme cases but for you I'll make an exception. See my dragon too alike to you so he held back, but even now if he used his minimum power he could easily wipe you out." The man said with a devilish smile. Ren was now immobile in his bed, but still casting spells in his sleep, gusts of wind whirling around the room knocking over and destroying everything in the room.

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Confusion fell upon the unknown individual who answered Kon’s question while drawing closer to him raising a hand as if to touch the Holy Knight. “Konstantin, it’s Robert.., Your Brother, How could you forget?” A scowl now grew on Kon’s face as he looked at the man scanning for traces of whom he thought was his brother from his twisted past. Shaking his head he replied revealing the ignorance of his identity. “I’m sorry but my brother last I saw of him was back in Bosco or at least I think?” Drawing his hand back into himself, the man claiming to be his brother pulled up the very same hand to conceal the lower portion of his face partially hiding the various expressions that Kon so thoroughly examined. Talking through his fingers, the man nodded and apologized for his blunt introduction and even offered a token of peace to the Holy Knight. “Forgive me, Kon, it’s been too long and I know things have been tense between the two of us but here take this.” A simple coin possessing an enchantment was withdrawn from “Robert’s” pocket and handed to the Holy Knight. “once you’ve thought things out a bit more come back to the tavern and show this to one of my men, just know I’ll be around observing things to come.”


#15Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
Ren was now almost wetting himself, he was going to die now for sure. "Now blue eyes ultimate dragon destroy this fool. TRIPLE WHITE LIGHTNING" the man in blue armor bellowed. As he did the three dragons opened their mouths and a ball of white light entered. It targeted at Ren and shot beams at his simultaneously. Ren felt the enormous beams hitting his and pulverizing his. . The demonic laugh of the man in blue armor could still be heard. As Ren was being pulverized. Suddenly the laugh just stopped as Ren opened his eyes once more. This time he was at an entirely different place. But whose. It was his hotel room! What the hell kind of dream was that! Ren got out of his bed and noticed he was completely drenched in sweat as if he had been, running. As he got out of the bed he felt his nerves go for a split second. It was enough to make his fall to the ground very hard. groaning he picked himself up and made his way to the shower. he stripped down and got in. As he did he noticed a mark on his face. It was almost like a burn mark, like from the blast from the black dragon with eyes of red. Seriously what the hell. It was a dream but he still felt the pain from the white dragon with eyes of blue and black dragon with eyes of red and their masters. Around the room it was totally destroyed. He had been casting spells all the time until he had woken up.

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Training between Knights [Training/Kon/Private] BWhZdfi

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Kon shook his head at the idea of mulling over the possibility that his brother was not only here in Fiore but also being surprisingly civil towards him. “What had sparked this change behind Robert’s behaviour?” He thought to himself as he pushed back the offered coin. “No Robert, I think it’s time we discussed things, I must know what has happened.” His desire to learn more about his past was strong but he still feared the potentially of what might occur should something spark resulting in serious injuries for the seemingly open brother of his. Preferring not to risk any possible damages to the people or buildings around him as a result of his internal struggles which were otherwise preventing him from finding out the truth, he requested that Robert and the men came to the church where he would be less likely to become hostile. “If you don’t mind could we continue this conversation in the Orchidia Church?, Somewhere where both of us will be able to remain peaceful.” Robert nodded and motioned for Kon to lead the way, acknowledging the preference for the Holy site rather then the local tavern where anyone and everyone would be able to overhear them.


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#17Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
Ren hopped into the shower and scrubbed himself and with that it was as if nothing had happened to his at all. he then hopped out and use his wind magic to dry himself, but this time he could use it. he then put on his blue t-shirt and top with black pants. maybe he could do some training to take his mind off things, but who's to go, he thought. First and foremost he would need to clean up the place around him. The bedsheets were blow around the room, the curtains blown off the walls and anything not nailled to the ground was toppled over or broken. So taking a few hours eventually Ren had the place in decent shape. All the while he was thinking of his dream

Deciding to think about those ideas on the back burners he went into the elevator and headed down. he began to softly hum to the music in the elevator as it pinned closed. Ren began to wonder why he had that dream of dragons destroying his. But the weird thing they were sad. One cried and the other came back to save his. Ren's thoughts were interrupted as the door pinged open. he would have to think more on that later. Ren then went outside, where to go.

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Training between Knights [Training/Kon/Private] BWhZdfi

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Ultimately his desires to hear about his true past were not to be when a squadron of Rune Knights from around the corner flocked towards Kon and his brother’s group prompting them to flee. With the Knights pressing for them to stop in the name of the King, pushing Kon aside as they did so. Words such as traitor and spy were shouted out at the men as they made haste to leave the area. Kon was simply taken aback that a knight would push him away clearly they didn’t know who he was. While he could have intervened in the capture of his “brother” and his group however it was not time to make enemies of the Rune Knights nor to sour his reputation within the Holy Knights. Ultimately if he did have something to say to the Holy Knight that was of worth, Kon hoped that he would be able to escape from the Rune Knights.


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