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Intercept The Package [Quest: Tengu and Akuma]

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A nightly stroll with Akuma, something Tengu was accustomed to and happily so. If there was one person she could stand being around for more than 10 minutes it was definitely the behemoth of a man and she had no shame in it. At least one could say she had good taste, given the weaklings other people seemed to be enamored with. It was pathetic.

That was when she was looking over to two men arguing in the middle of the road, prompting her to stop her walking and raise a brow. Tengu did love a good conflict and so she would simply lean against a light post and watch the scene play out until eventually he was walking away and motioning for the duo to meet him down the road.

It was shady, sure, but if he was trying to do something funny Tengu and Akuma could definitely handle themselves. More than enough to curb stomp any would be creep into a bloody mess with time to spare for a late night ice cream date. So with her eyes moving to the man she seemingly clung to now, she would speak in a low tone as Ferdinand walked past.

"This seems suspicious, but then again i'm not too worried about things taking a turn."

A small shrug and she was slowly following after the individual, her body covered in a pair of calf high black boots, form fitting jeans, a black sweater and a long red coat covering most of her attire. Keeping a good distance from the man, at least 5 foot print behind him as a typical precaution to strange men leading her out of sight. Sure she was an assassin and a sadistic bitch, but she was no fool; that was for sure.

Tengu and Akuma would eventually get to the spot he'd motioned toward and Tengu would stop in front of the man, a short distance between them. Hand on her hip and her eyes saying all they needed to, a stern look demanding to know the meaning of the meeting and he quickly obliged.

It was like word vomit, he was telling the two of them about some expensive item that he'd heard the merchant was selling that his employer would of been interested in. So since the man wasn't going to sell it to him he wanted the two of them to trick the man into giving them the item for a handsome reward. Something Tengu had no problem with, despite it not aligning with her usual work.

"What do you think? Seems like easy money to me."

Tengu would ask, clearly looking up to Akuma over her shoulder, the shorter woman interested in her partners opinion. Was it worth the hassle form the two killers? Maybe not but at the end of the day it was the easiest money they were going to get in this town and she wasn't opposed to making some quick cash. Turning back to the man after hearing Akuma out she would say only three words.

"It's a deal."


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Akuma let out a yawn into the night air. Today had been another long day for him and Tengu. It consisted mostly of training, killing, and eating. There were times when Akuma wondered if this type of life was fulfilling for Tengu. For him, it was a must. He absolutely had to get stronger to avenge the injustice that happened to him. But, for her... What was her reason?

The temperature wasn't all that cold tonight. Darkness fell over the sky, but there was moonlight that lit up half the city of Orchidia. Akuma walked with Tengu attached firmly to him. Sometimes, he didn't understand why she was this way. It seemed almost unreal. Yet, Akuma didn't really mind it at all. After a while, he'd come to enjoy the time he spent with Tengu. They'd known each other for... Well, sometime now. Enough for them to become close to one another (and even have intimate moments together). It was why Akuma allowed her to be so near him in the first place. Had it been anyone else, he would've shoved them away by now.

As Akuma moved, he noticed that Tengu had stopped walking. He stopped too to watch her. She was looking at something that had piqued her interest. He followed her eyes to where she was looking and saw two men arguing.

"I didn't know you were entertained by stuff like this," Akuma said lazily. The men looked absolutely weak. More than likely, it was just two drunk guys having at it. The most entertainment that Tengu would probably get out of this was both of them trying their damndest to hit each other and not fall at the same time. Which, by the way, didn't interest Akuma at all.

Surprisingly enough, the men didn't start fighting. Instead, the arguing stopped with one of them giving up. The man that seemingly lost the argument turned his head and noticed Akuma and Tengu. A mischevious smile appeared on his face as he signaled them to follow him.

Akuma's brow furrowed at that. It seemed a bit fishy for a random man to just motion for Akuma and Tengu to tail him. Apparently, Tengu thought the same.

"I don't trust it..." Akuma said to her. "But I suppose if anything happens, it'll just be one more body for the Rune Knights to bury."

The behemoth allowed for Tengu to lead the way. She was better at talking to people than he was, thus he stayed quiet and watched as she spoke to the mysterious person.

To make the long story short, that person who this strange man was arguing with was a merchant. He tried to strike a deal with the merchant to buy an item that the merchant was going to pick up. The merchant didn't want to accept the deal. Now, the man wanted Akuma and Tengu to steal the item before the merchant could get a chance to obtain it.

Akuma leaned his back against a wall and folded his arms. A hefty sigh left him when Tengu turned to him and spoke. It was pretty visible that Akuma didn't like any of this at all.

"Another petty crime," Akuma said with a snarl. "Fine. He's going to be paying for our dinner tonight. Accept it."

After Tengu accepted the task, they were off to intercept the caravan. The merchant was going to meet the package deliverer in the spot they left, which meant that Akuma and Tengu could cut the Caravan off at the gate and get the item before it reached its destination.

While they walked, Akuma called out to his partner. "Tengu," he said. "It might be better if you handle this. Men are always weak to you." Sometimes women too. "I'll sit back and watch."

Tengu was really the perfect person for this. Whether it be her personality, her charms, or her sensual body, she had everything a woman needed to deceive a witless man. Akuma had nothing on her when it came to dealing with people. It was much better for her to do all the talking.

As they came upon the gate, Akuma spotted the caravan that they were supposed to trick.

"There it is," Akuma said while pointing at it. The caravan was stationed at the gate while a man was watering his horses. Akuma could assume that the man was the merchant. "You're up."

Akuma stayed back, far enough away that the merchant wouldn't be suspicious, and allowed Tengu to do her Tengu-thing.


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And with Akuma's confirmation the duo were off to score some points in the underworld, something which she didn't much care about. Granted Tengu did want power and to rule, she had no intention of becoming ruler of just the underground; she would take all grounds. With her beautiful executioner by her side, ready to lead the world into an age of darkness.

Leading the way to the gates of Orchidia, she would firmly place herself in the earth while waiting for the caravan to show. Akuma staying off in the distance and away from the more up close and personal when it came to talking. Tengu had a way with words that Akuma just hadn't had time to figure out, or didn't much care about.Take your pick.

With the appearance of the targets she approached the men on their horses and in a manner that demanded their attention. Red silhouette against the powered white landscape, her striking features popping in the moonlight.

"I'm here for the package."

Tengu spoke sternly, not offering any sort of background information and leaving the men with a puzzled look.

"Who sent you? You don't look like who we're supposed to give this to."

Her hands slowly moved from her hip to in front of her face as if she was checking her nails, undermining the man in question. He was of no interest to her and easily expendable and yet he persisted on raising her irritation levels. It was a foolish endeavor.

"I wasn't paid to answer questions, I was paid to bring my employer the package personally. I could get there faster on my griffin so they wanted me to bring it."

A bold faced lie but the man seemed to believe it, with Tengu's seductive body language and innocent features fooling the poor simp. It was as simple as taking the item from the man and waving him farewell, watching as they left through the gate and then walking back to Akuma. "Easiest jewel i've ever gotten."

Moving to walk back to Ferdinand, Tengu would have a small smirk on her features; bemused at nothing in particular. Her features simply used to such a sly implication, and ready to exchange the object--whatever it was-- to the man in question.

Tengu could see his expression as they approached, beaming with joy and it brought her smirk back down to a simple expressionless gander. Holding her hand out and motioning for the man to give her he jewel she was looking for he handed her the sack of money and she promptly handed it off to Akuma. After which she placed the item into his hands and turned to leave, she didn't exactly have words for him.

"Now what, my dear Executioner? A round of shots at the bar?"

She asked, that clever expression returning once again, her stride being side by side with the much larger man. Both equally as ruthless and frightful and loose on a town that would soon know pain.


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Akuma watched Tengu work her magic. It was amazing how she could be so sensual and sassy, yet so sweet looking at the same time. She was really a woman to marvel at.

Sometimes he figured that he was lucky to have her in his life. She made everything easier for him. Had he been here alone, Akuma would've probably buried the man into the dirt then stolen his material. That definitely would've gotten him in a bad state with the authorities.

As Akuma expected, Tengu had the merchant give her the package. Without any further questioning, he went on with his day. Akuma was a little bit pissed that the man gave in so easily. He either didn't care much for his job or couldn't bring himself to go against Tengu. Either way, this was just another lowlife not worth Akuma's time.

After Tengu masterfully fooled the merchant, they both walked back to the man that they spoke to earlier. Tengu received the money rewards while she also gave the item that the guy so desperately wanted. When she gave Akuma the bag of money, he measured it in his hand to feel its weight.

The money seemed hefty. This probably wasn't worth the same as the item that they stole, but it would at least allow him and Tengu to have a bit of fun tonight.

As they walked away, Akuma listened to what Tengu said to him. He tossed the coin bag into the air and caught it before it hit the ground.

"Maybe," he said with a slight grin. Getting a bit bold, Akuma wrapped one arm around Tengu's waist and pulled her to him so that they could walk together. "And maybe a meal too. I've been kinda hungry all day."

With that, they walked off into the night.


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