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Riverside Spirit [Quest]

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#1Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
A glorious evening was being enjoyed by the people of orchidia. It was mid evening and Ren was enjoying another walk in Orchidia. At the moment he was walking through it’s grassy streets, looking curiously at the residents and what they were doing. Passing by houses some men were cutting their gardens while the women were hanging out clothes to dry. Walking by Ren thought he was in rather traditional part of the community seemingly anyway. Seeing this reminded him of home. His father doing the more physical tasks such as chopping down trees for wood or ploughing the fields while his mother would remain inside to do the laundry or cook up a feast for Ren and his many siblings. It was times like this that made Ren the most homesick. Thinking about his home in Joya brought back the fondest memories making the young knight very nostalgic albeit a little sad too. It was why he went on his walks, to try and clear his head. Clearly this method was not working as well for him any more. Even though he was in Fiore a few months he figured he would have gotten over it by now but evidently as he sighed heavily looking at the happy families enjoying their evening his mind wandered back to his own home, of his many siblings running around or coming home from work and his parents toiling away at home while his grandparents sat around and did nothing. Ever since that day the only bad thoughts whirling around in Ren’s head were those of his grandparents. He bawled his hands into fists and counted to ten. “One, two, three, four, five…” “You’re a disgrace to the name-” “Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten.” Letting out a deep sigh he moved on again hoping to avoid any more of those thoughts.

Luckily for Ren there were a group of kids on a nearby path of grass playing soccer. The dark haired mage only noticed them because they were making such a racket. “Hey! You have to be the goalkeeper! I’m the oldest so what I say goes!” One child said. “Well I’m the tallest and I say you have to be the goalkeeper! So what I say goes!” The other retorted. It seemed that the two boys had the same amount of people on their team backing them up. Wanting to drown out any negative thoughts Ren decided to walk up to the kids, standing in their makeshift goals. He recalled his father joining in his sons and daughters games should there ever be a dispute. It was simply two jumpers thrown down lazily a certain width apart. “How about I be the goalkeeper and you can all get along?” Ren said, now catching the attention of the other kids. The two who were arguing looked at each other confused before looking back at Ren. “Our mommys said we shouldn’t play with strangers.” The taller of the two said looking bashful.
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Riverside Spirit [Quest] BWhZdfi
#2Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
Ren could not help but smirk at them. He was reminded of his own mother scolding him and his siblings about the same matter. “You are definitely right. But I am no ordinary stranger. I am actually an undercover knight!” He said pulling out his relic, the Rune Knight Pendant from under his clothes. From previous experiences on quests Ren knew not to keep his relic out in the open. The Rune Knight pendant, or rather the power that came with it was a little much for the people of Orchidia to handle. Since the town was so secluded it made for a good place to partake in shady dealings and for those residents seeing an unfamiliar knight on constant patrol may make the young Ren a target. Being raised in such a high strong family Ren picked this up rather quickly so he kept his pendant underneath his clothes. He did not want to be without the relic entirely though. He knew that if trouble broke out he would need to show his relic to prove that he was in fact a Rune Knight. But in this case he thought it might make the children trust him more and let him play a game of soccer with them. And indeed it worked. Many of the kids looked extremely interested in what Ren was saying and ran up to get a closer look at the relic. Then began to bombardment of questions. “Why are you undercover? Are you going to get the bad guys? Are you gonna bring people to jail in the capital!” Ren put out his hands to signal them to stop. “I cannot tell you, it is too secret. But first things first.” He said picking up the football beside the goals. The kids all knew what Ren meant and got into position.

After the game Dacol approached Ren and asked him to come to the river with him. Another weird sighting had occurred near the River. He seemed shook by what he saw, but still discussed the plan with Ren. Apparently the light now took a human form and Dacol wanted Ren to investigate it. As they reached the River night fell and a similar blue light appeared over the river. It took the shape of a small child, no older than seven years although who could say how long his soul had been adrift. It’s body was totally cyan coloured and as Ren approached, feeling a warm voice in his head beckon it closer. Ren told Dacol that it was the spirit doing so. The entity explained that it was the mana of someone who passed away and took in the mana from the river and forest itself. The spirit then asked Ren to do two things, which he told Dacol about so he could take notes. The spirit said goodbye, but mentioned that they would meet again. As it left Ren felt light headed and as he took his reward from Dacol he wondered what the spirit meant...
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Riverside Spirit [Quest] BWhZdfi

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