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Something Blue [Quest]

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#1Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
As the sun began to set over Orchidia Ren made his way to the River for a nice moonlit walk. On the way he met a man named Dex Miller. How Ren met Dex was very strange. He had thought he heard a rattling and whimpering in the bushes, as if there was a wounded animal in distress. Ren went to go investigate but before he could get too close, out popped Dex, looking as though he had just broken out of a mental institution. Upon asking who he was and why he was out so late at night by the river, he claimed to be a detective but when Ren asked to see his relic that said so the man went, even more deranged. The sun began to set as he spoke. “O-Oh that! I-I left it at home! Yes I am such a well recognised detective in this city that I, Dex Miller need no identification or simple relic! How dare you ask for such a trivial thing! Why do you even ask the great Dex Miller this? Huh? Are you meant to be a Knight or something? Surely you heard of my great accomplishments! Oh that’s besides the point! Tell me who you are!” Dex shouted pointing at Ren trying to be threatening. Ren simply looked bored. “My name is Ren and I am a Rune Knight. I am from Joya but came to live in Fiore for a while.” The man looked shocked and a little taken aback before he got up the courage to one up his previously insane behaviour. “Where is your proof that you are a knight as you say you are! You asked me for mine so It’s only fair that you show me yours! If you even have any! I bet your ly-” So Ren showed him his relic. He pulled it out from under his clothes, ignoring what he was saying before this as it was mainly pointless drivel. “How rude of you to interrupt such an accomplished Detective such as myself, Dex Miller!” Although Dex seemed offended, he smiled widely. “Although is is perfect. Absolutely Perfect! You can help me with this request! That is what a Rune Knight does correct? Help the people with requests. And you should definitely help me, a respected detective, Dex Miller!” Ren nodded his head in agreement although seemed very tired of the man’s rantings. “Well basically last night I was investigating a crime scene I had made in the forest after I saw a carcass of a deer being ripped open and being devoured by wolves. I followed the wolves to the river, where the went to drink, but before they even got their the ran away crying! Can you believe it?! So naturally being the detective I am I went to investigate this too. That’s when I saw it.” He said in awe. “Saw what? A bigger animal?” Ren Suggested to keep the conversation moving. “Don’t interrupt you rude little page!” He snapped.

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Something Blue [Quest] BWhZdfi
#2Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
“But no! It was a large ball of ethereal light!. Now before I could investigate it, the light vanished. So now I need a guinea pig to investigate it for me in case I get hurt. A lowly page such as yourself is not as held in such high a value as a great detective like me Dex Miller! So I order you to come with me to help!” The Knight saw it as Dex asking Ren to come along with him and investigate the light with him. Surprisingly Dex calling it an order made this an easy decision for Ren. “Alright.” He said, hoping Dex would stop with the insults . Ren thought nothing of it until darkness covered Orchidia and by the river, sure enough there was a ball of blue light. “See I told you! I the great detective Dex Miller have found something beyond this world! Now go you lowly page! Investigate it for me!”. Ren sighed as he sheepishly approached the ball. Touching the floating apparition lightly Ren saw an image of his grandparents smiling at him. Looking around he felt as though he was in a dream, or remembering something before he could think too deeply he was launched backwards. After a second of flying through the air Ren landed on his arse. Ren looked over to Dex who was unconscious, on the ground, looking confused. At least he was not talking any more. Ren looked back to the river but The ball of blue light was gone at this stage which only left Ren to do the noble thing and bring Dex back to Orchidia to get some medical help. On the way there Ren bumped into Dacol. “Ren!? What happened to the two of you- Wait is that Dex Miller?” Dacol sounded panicked. Both Ren and Dex seemed to have been in a fight and looking at them Dacol figured they had been in a fight. “Dex hired me to investigate a ball of light with him at the Riverside. I thought it was made up considering.” Ren said which Dacol nodded at looking concerned for Dex. “I mainly went with Dex so he would not hurt himself against the wolves, but it was real... “ Ren said trailing off, thinking back to the smiling faces of his grandparents. A stark contrast. “I-I-It was real?! A real blue ball of light?! Like a will’o wisp?!” Dacol seemed very concerned about hearing this. “Yes exactly. I touched it and it showed me a memory, or at least I think it was.” Dacol looked lost in thought for a moment until Ren spoke again. “Oh I see I see. Well then, here…” Dacol then came closer to Ren and offered to help carry Dex. Ren thanked him as they both made their way to the medical facility in Orchidia. After a few hours of check ups and waiting, Dex finally woke up and rewarded Ren. Dacol offered to spend the night with him and suggested Ren go get some rest himself. Ren agreed and made his way back to the barracks in Orchidia, still wondering what it was that he saw.

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Something Blue [Quest] BWhZdfi

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