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The First Freeze (social/open)

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The First Freeze (social/open) Empty Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:33 pm

Eryll walked down the shirt path to the river, he had hear whisperings of it finally freezing over for the first time this winter. He hoped the ice would be thick enough to walk on, he always found that exhilarating. Though, it should be noted that he always made sure to walk on the parts of the river that were more of a cove, walking in the open water was dangerous. If the ice were to break the current would pull you away from where you had fallen in and you could easily drown.

The day was cloudy, like it might snow, but it was not cold enough, not yet. The ground was crunchy from the frost so every step alertes any non-hibernating animals to your presence. Even though a tiny bit of the sun beat down, it was not nearly enough to warm anyone. Luckily, there was not much of a breeze on this winter day, but the cold was still extremely unbearable.

Eryll approaches the river to find that it had frozen over, smiling, Eryll went to go test the ice. He found a little spot where the water had found a cove and he slid onto it. There were tiny echoes of the ice creaking underneath his weight, but it didn’t crack. Eryll wondered if anyone else had decided to go ice-skating, it was winter after all.

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